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Trend // Roll-Ups.

Check out 3 different sellers, styling out 3 different ways to wear rolled up hems with socks. The old adage says that two’s a coincidence, but three is a trend, so looks like it's time to give your ankles a little breathing room. Want in? Read the whole blog here:
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I use too do this in the late 50'S and early 60'S with my button fly Levi's this is old school
I used to do this in the late 80s early 90s and wear them with argylle diamond socks and wallabees (also trendy again too!) - this was a kinda hip-hop rude gal look. . .
I also had the Mohawk hair cut duck tail hair cut and flat top when I wore my Levi's like this wore penny loafers or Beatle shoes with white sox those where the day candy bars nickel soda dime movie fifty cents regular gas twenty five cents gallon and on Saturdays got in the movies for dime popcorn ten cents and the cigarettes were twenty five cents beer fifty cents 
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