"The First of it's Kind" - Samsung Galaxy Gear

I think I'd like to offer a different perspective...

Galaxy Gear is the "First of it's Kind"...let that sink in for just a moment.  For my tech friends here at Google+ you instantly say "What about..." and Pebble, Sony, WIMM...come to mind - the list goes on and on.  These are all great proofs of concepts, they are great start to a new market...but they are just the seeds that spark the interest of the big companies that will change the future.  I have been wearing Sony Ericsson watches for years - and they've barely been able to do more than tell me caller ID and forward through a song.  Pebble proved that a lot of you want more from a watch...arguably a piece of technology that should be gone since you have multiple devices telling you the time of day.

Here at T-Mobile I have done a lot of firsts - the first WiFi call, the first 3G phone, the first Android phone ever, the first Video Call over our network, the first Dual Core, the first Quad Core, the first 4G phone, the first LTE phone on our network.  In each case, the "First of it's Kind" always had challenges...it maybe didn't quite live up to expectations (G1 battery life anyone), sometimes it even disappointed (G2x stability issues) - but that's how the story goes with these things.  

The difference is Samsung built Gear.  Samsung is putting a ridiculous amount of marketing behind it.  Samsung is tugging at your heart-strings showing you  how all these watches from Dick Tracy, to the Jetsons, to Knight Rider to Start Trek - I'm old enough to remember almost all of these - and more than anything when I was a kid I wanted to call my friends, call mom, heck I wish I was old enough to drive so I could call my car to come and get me...(skateboard had to do).  

Because of Samsung, because of this...the "First of it's Kind" from a major company, people will talk, they will review, they will love, they will hate, they will buy - and more and more companies like Google, Apple and others will make the "next one" and so on...  We'll have amazing experiences shared over video, we'll have voice communications with loved ones even when we cannot reach our phone, and we'll share pictures with the world because the camera is within reach - just a single click away.

So for this "First of it's Kind" I'll give it a little slack.  It's expensive, it's only got a few functions - but I'd argue it's quite comfortable (I've been wearing mine for a few weeks now) and it's bound to get hacked and made better.  It's got an SDK if you like that kind of thing to help improve it and if it's not your cup 'o tea, don't buy it.  But because of it, we're in for a pretty exciting ride.

I will never forget the moment I called my mom from my Gear and said "Mom, I'm calling you from my watch" and after a few seconds wows and holy cows, she said "It's just like Dick Tracy!" and I said "Yep...and this is just the beginning"



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