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"The First of it's Kind" - Samsung Galaxy Gear

I think I'd like to offer a different perspective...

Galaxy Gear is the "First of it's Kind"...let that sink in for just a moment.  For my tech friends here at Google+ you instantly say "What about..." and Pebble, Sony, WIMM...come to mind - the list goes on and on.  These are all great proofs of concepts, they are great start to a new market...but they are just the seeds that spark the interest of the big companies that will change the future.  I have been wearing Sony Ericsson watches for years - and they've barely been able to do more than tell me caller ID and forward through a song.  Pebble proved that a lot of you want more from a watch...arguably a piece of technology that should be gone since you have multiple devices telling you the time of day.

Here at T-Mobile I have done a lot of firsts - the first WiFi call, the first 3G phone, the first Android phone ever, the first Video Call over our network, the first Dual Core, the first Quad Core, the first 4G phone, the first LTE phone on our network.  In each case, the "First of it's Kind" always had maybe didn't quite live up to expectations (G1 battery life anyone), sometimes it even disappointed (G2x stability issues) - but that's how the story goes with these things.  

The difference is Samsung built Gear.  Samsung is putting a ridiculous amount of marketing behind it.  Samsung is tugging at your heart-strings showing you  how all these watches from Dick Tracy, to the Jetsons, to Knight Rider to Start Trek - I'm old enough to remember almost all of these - and more than anything when I was a kid I wanted to call my friends, call mom, heck I wish I was old enough to drive so I could call my car to come and get me...(skateboard had to do).  

Because of Samsung, because of this...the "First of it's Kind" from a major company, people will talk, they will review, they will love, they will hate, they will buy - and more and more companies like Google, Apple and others will make the "next one" and so on...  We'll have amazing experiences shared over video, we'll have voice communications with loved ones even when we cannot reach our phone, and we'll share pictures with the world because the camera is within reach - just a single click away.

So for this "First of it's Kind" I'll give it a little slack.  It's expensive, it's only got a few functions - but I'd argue it's quite comfortable (I've been wearing mine for a few weeks now) and it's bound to get hacked and made better.  It's got an SDK if you like that kind of thing to help improve it and if it's not your cup 'o tea, don't buy it.  But because of it, we're in for a pretty exciting ride.

I will never forget the moment I called my mom from my Gear and said "Mom, I'm calling you from my watch" and after a few seconds wows and holy cows, she said "It's just like Dick Tracy!" and I said "Yep...and this is just the beginning"



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This is just the tip of the iceberg of what is to come. I'm excited to see. I remember supporting the Wi-Fi calling when it just came out and the G1, we all wanted one.
Great write-up Des, I think gear will work for some people but not others, however it's definitely breaking into new ground. Personally I'm looking forward to using the camera features during my active outdoor activities, sometimes grabbing a phone from your pocket to take a quick picture or video isn't practical, with the camera lens perfectly placed on Gear, I can see myself using that over and over, while skiing or biking for instance.

Can't wait to get my hands on one...
Nice post! I like the oatmeal one. Not to dark. And not orange its classy 
I absolutely LOVE IT! I think I need one of these!!!! Question is what color!!!
I'm waiting to see what the Google Gem brings.
I was at Best Buy today and almost bought one. It was smooth as butter. Screen looked good. Wasn't overly big or small. My Verzon Note 3 shipped today. After reading your well written post I will go back tomorrow and purchase a black one +Des Smith . And yes, what kid didn't want to be Dick Tracy!!!
So tell me where I can walk in a store and but one or get that discount price for it.
Anybody else find the idea silly?
I like it how u can use it with the.note 3
Nice little toy for the wealthy people, for what it does the price is ridiculous......
First of its kind, maybe? Not first of it is kind, unless the watch is kind, and it might be kind. I hope it's not mean.
Regardless, nice writeup, and it's definitely a cool device!
Great perspective Des. I'm with T-Mobile Chicago market and have been a proud employee since we built the voicestreem market in 1999. Those "firsts" were truly remarkable and groundbreaking events especially when you consider our size compared to the competition. These are very exciting times for technology advances. From Google glass to the Galaxy gear, makes me feel we all will bodly go where no man has gone before. It seems like yesterday when I was with Illinois Bell raving over voicemail being introduced to the public. 
MBW-100... feature complete, good looking, and as far as I can tell does everything I expect a watch to do.

Not sure why I should care about the new breed of overpriced smart watches coming out.
Des is buying me one, thanks des 
Nice balanced perspective to a dialogue that's been mostly lambasting the device! 
Just remember to charge it every night or its worthless! 
I just cant get into it. I believe a watch is a watch and a phone is a phone. I use my phone for everything dont get me wrong. I just see it as another device to suck money out of the buyer that they dont really need to complete your average day. The released limited support for devices is discouraging. But hopefully it will grow. I see both sides. I can see how it is useful. Maybe its just not for me. 
The first of its kind? I thought Apple innovated that iWatch idea last year. I guess anxious companies wanna always be first. I'll stick to my Guess watch. 
It really doesn't have to be useful to sell. It just needs to be really REALLY cool. However, it's not there yet. It's just bland. It borrowed just a small sample of features from a phone and fit them on a screen they can attach straps to. That's not really innovation, and it certainly isn't worth paying $300 for to take my hands off a device I paid much more for that will do more.
I can crush the internal heart with my programme , I also can change your formular , if I want ,,,,,, samsung

Do you know samsung now I install my self programme and off the lightning block and stop some running andriod ,, do you now how I know the intruder go trough my fone now or yesterday
My phone is always in my hand as it is...hmm
Apple is more inteligent , they think first if they wants to follow somebody idea ,,,,, if I use apple andriod you will be crazy in goat cell. Samsung
Well At Least U Can Use It
While In A School Zone ........Before It Becomes A Law Not 2 ! ! Maybe ??

+Sharul Halis , you have now been denied speaking the English language. You may speak it again one day when you learn how. Until then, please speak in your native language only.
In my country the user and the wearer is negeria, africa, arab indian , malay, chinise and blind chick
Samsung can I know , if weather is bad from morning till ????? How can I know the time if I dont have any clock or hand watch
The itch from the ape,,,,, things
I bought one today. It's great so far and I have the S4 which is not fully supported. I can see a lot of potential in this product. With the power under the hood a few updates can make it incredible. 
But one would still ask what's the point of such Device? You've got Bluetooth in your car, so for me this is all about look what I've got. Techcred nothing more. It's a nice thing you have but in all practicality pointless. 
OoooOoh, I want the white one. I love how our technology is going through the roof. Phones and televisions like the Jetson's, Watches like Knight Rider and James Bond plus a black president like The Fifth Element, Deep Impact and Head Of State. So glad I got a chance to witness it #Samsung #beastmode #thingsthatmakeyougohmmm #PhillyThoroTaz
Look up Omate watch on kickstarter it's gonna kick galaxy gear in the balls
Samsung will never, ever, ever beat Apple at Innovation. This yet again proves it. Without anyone to copy they come up with that useless hunk of trash. Monkey see, monkey do. 
Heather McCabe add me as google friend
Lol cooler than a phone that adds finger print lock and slow motion camera... how are those so much more innovative?
Btw pretty sure Apple is taking a page from android with the 5c... monkey see money do perhaps??
+Ryan B. Craig please explain what's so innovative about the iPhone 5s, 5c, 5, 4s, or even the 4? 5 rows of icons? Finger scan? Hell, siri wasn't even an Apple creation. No need to really answer because I know the answer... Nothing.
Call me nostalgic, I'm one of the few people I know who still wears a wrist watch in this smartphone world that we live in, so too combine the two makes my everyday just a little more awsome ;-)
+D. Matias If you take a look smart watches have been out for years. Google it. 
I would like to be able to use this on my S4.I realize it makes more sense for the Note 3, but in my mind I just purchased this not too long ago :) 
I don't get the point of your waffling drivel. You have no coherent argument nor made any real points. "here in my house I have done as lot of firsts... " sorry what's the subject again? 
I don't get the point of your waffling drivel. You have no coherent argument nor made any real points. "here in my house I have done as lot of firsts... " sorry what's the subject again? 
very well said. We are too focused on its cons that we failed to recognize its strengths. The gear is just the beginning. I'm excited to see what Samsung and other companies will offer after 2-3 years. 
Ah yes. Now the data terminal is almost permanently attached to your body for closer monitoring and surveillance.
Who is checking your pulse now?
I am the new guy here, but I have been around enough to know that if we put principles before personalities, we can make the best out of everything! We have been taught to compete, to put each other down, to be harsh with one another so we remain separate and weak. Lets break free from that mentality and empower each other. We have this badass resources so lets use them to help one another! 
Sounds like lots of firsts, I always enjoy those. Enjoy the watch.
Pebble rocks, its half the price, supports tasker, 7 days of battery, works across platforms... Should I keep going? This guy has no info tell me what it can do not what you think it might do in the future. Wtf
those are so stupid. its just a cheap rip-off of the ipod nanos.. (6th gen)
In 1996 I had a watch that was also a pager...and now I could use it to find a nearby pay phone to respond to the pages...SWEET!
This is a camera and a non-standard charger added to a lesser speced Motoactv. 

And the Motoactv not only did all of the core features better, it handled the phone pass through to wired and wireless headsets a good deal better. 

Samsung didn't learn many lessons from a Fall 2011 product. And many commenters don't know their recent mobile/wearable history to notice either.
Ya +Martin Reinders? Well for a dead company how come the new iPhone sold 9million in three days and the Galaxy shit4 hasn't even come close? Further more dumbass, I'm Canadian. Get your facts straight before you mouth off.
Nice pitch from Des aimed squarely at all the Techno-Bill types out there
FYI Techno-Bill was Dilbert's nemesis, and was always FIRST with the latest Dilbert-crushing technology.
It's interesting to see just how big and lucrative  the First With The Bleeding Edge market has become.
I'll wait for the cheap chinese clone I think.
Well it is a fact that americans love everything Apple does and what other companies do is useless. But hey that is my opinion.
5s and 5 c are pathetic phones .... No innovation whatsoever the only thing is fingerprint scanner ...
The whole 9 million were sold in America that says enough... European market from Apple is declining .. #fact
This will be perfect for my about to be 13 year old son who lays his phone down to play and looses it or gets it stolen. If the screen is shatter proof I am getting this for my son!
Do they have any feminine styles? They all look so manly...
I have a Gear. I love it. Just the simple ability to turn your wrist to see who emailed, is calling etc is amazing. My wife is happy since I do not sit with my phone out as much. I can answer a call on the Gear in a pinch without dragging my phone out (which allows me to store my phone in different locations ... for example when I am wearing clothes without pockets etc) I can set a pass code but only swipe to unlock when the Gear is within range. I can snap a quick pick of a funny face or something without taking my phone out. I can take a voice note on Evernote. And this all in 2 full days of ownership. I am sure I will find more to like in the days to come. 
You may be OK +Frans de Wet but I believe most of the market for the Gear will be chronic masturbators who will shake them to pieces in no time looking at the porn on their wrist.
I hope someone can answer this for me. 1. does it come with the note 3 or seperate? 2. Does it have to be used with the same line as the phone or alone on with it's own line or both ways? Because the way I am understanding it is it is the same line as your phone.
How inventive Samsung is, taking someone's product and making your own version. Balls, anybody else does that it's called copying. But hey Samsung is been doing that for years and with just about everything they make. 
Thank you Dru ville! Well that leaves out getting one for my son. I hope they bring one out that is actually a phone itself without connecting to another device.
Yes I am sure it will be quite some time. And when they do that will be awesome for a lot of active people.
J Mac
1 called your mom from your watch.  Why should that impress anyone?  You can perform the more near-impossible feat of calling her from thin air by simply voice calling her with your phone in your shirt pocket.  "Look Ma, no hands."  And you could still drive, push a stroller, or ride a racing tortoise and keep both hands on the reigns.  
Meh.  Dick Tracey and Maxwell Smart represent antiquated tech that were surpassed long ago.  Gear represents a niche' market for people with plenty f disposable income.  There simply isn't a problem that Gear is solving.
+Peter Barrett those chronic masturbators would sure rack up a crazy step count on the pedometer :-) 
Chris M
+Ryan B. Craig
Apples lies about its sales are well known. Claims its sales are to end users is simply not true since resellers dont even report sales, how do i know? Because I worked for a reseller in marketing and purchasing, NO major reseller is able to report end user sales that quickly. Apple reported shipped units, always have.
You're right. They've sold no new iPhones. It's a disaster. 
Chris M
I didn't say that, I just said it's not what it seems. Also remember that it's 2 models not one, and it was released in more markets simultaneously than ever before.
Lol no mainstream media are questioning Apples numbers. Samsung on the other hand routinely lies about their phone specs. Pathetic. At least Apple and Google don't. 
Jist hope it does what jt does ..haha..heheh
Chris M
+Ryan B. Craig mainstream media is so reliable of course. The info is out there if your care to look. 
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