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Taranta Creations is an international architectural practice founded in 2007 by Enrico Taranta. The office is located within the Red Town Sculpture Park in Shanghai China. This melting pot of creative industries, ranging from artworks to libraries, forms the perfect background for the office design process.
The office operates within the fields of architecture, urban planning, art and interior design. With finished projects as the Shanghai Expo Tea pavilions and recent designs commissions like a hotel design in the Beijing bird nest stadium, the office is establishing itself more and more in China. In their designs they combine traditional program and location with avant gard computer produced shapes. In 2010 Juriaan Calis and Giorgio Radojkovic joined the office as principal designers and Max Lai become responsible for managing the office.
Their works have been published by international renowned press and leading design weblogs. Enrico Taranta and his team are regularly invited to participate in public lectures and debates.

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