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Got my inner geek going today and installed both Apple TV and Roku ... both were fairly easy to install and work well... but the early verdict is favoring the Roku.....another gadget for the travel bag....

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A Big Congrats to Ke11y Slater for winning his 11th world title... an outstanding achievement that will stand for years to come....definitely #Legend !!

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More fox than usual this year.... driving the dog crazy...

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Tarp Surfing

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I took a look at their website...Very cool stuff ... I am going to give it a further look and may add to our VDI pilot... my Mac Air usage is on the rise...
Macs are getting used more and more in enterprises, here I visit MokaFive who is helping companies to manage them. This is the article and video from, Rackspace's site for talking with startups:

More and more employees of enterprises are using Macs, which poses challenges for CTOs. How do you manage these machines? How do you keep your business data safe and secure? MokaFive has a new technology that combines centralized management with local compute power to integrate Macs into the enterprise.

“MokaFive is a technology that is all about providing an unfair competitive advantage to corporations…” explains Dale Fuller, President and CEO of MokaFive. “How do you let your users bring in their Macintoshes, which they want to use, but at the same time provide security and protection of your corporate assets, of your corporate intellectual property, of your reputation? How do you do that? MokaFive allows that seamless integration into your current, existing environment of Macintoshes. No fuss no muss. Low cost. Very simple. And it works.”

The software creates a virtual desktop that is centrally managed and distributed for local execution, and it can run on any hardware. If there’s ever a problem with the local image, it can be replaced in seconds with the pristine image that resides on the server.

“Windows has been an amazing success in the enterprise,” says Fuller. “It’s pretty much predominant in 99% of all corporations around the world today. So we took a different approach. Instead of replacing everything that’s Windows today, what we did is we actually used the power of virtualization and the power of management in a central server so that we can extend that and make the Mac in a window look just like a corporate PC. As far as the user sees in that window, it has all the policies, all the protection, everything that needs to happen, and actually, it guarantees it to the corporation. So anytime the corporation wants to turn that off, they can turn it off by the flip of a switch, and it’s gone.”

Every Windows application—Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.—runs offline, so constant connectivity is not a requirement, and the speed of the virtual image is the same as it would be if it was running natively. The price of the software is, on average, $150 per user per year, and there’s no need for an enterprise to add servers or take on any additional CAPEX.

MokaFive has also made security a top priority for the software. “Part of the magic that we’ve created within our platform,” explains Fuller, “is that it is absolutely bulletproof from the outside attacking it…If you’re on the inside and you go and do something malicious, you can be attacked that way. But all it takes is just shutting it down and rejuvenating it, and in two seconds, you’re back to the pristine golden image.” The entire image is encrypted, so not even the user can copy it and open it elsewhere.

A corporation’s IT department can also give users permission to extend the image from their Mac to their iPad for use on that device. “What we’ve done at MokaFive,” says Fuller, “is we’ve turned Windows 7 into an app on a Mac.”

More info:

MokaFive web site:
MokaFive blog:
MokaFive profile on CrunchBase:
MokaFive on Twitter:

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A few pics from trip to Lyon earlier this year...
Lyon, 2011 (19 photos)
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Lyon, 2011
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