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Penetration Tester at Amrita Center for Cybersecurity
Penetration Tester at Amrita Center for Cybersecurity

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Junior InCTF - Cyber Security contest for school students in India

Amrita Center for Cybersecurity Systems and Networks proudly kicks off registration for our massive online competition for any school student in India! - Junior InCTF

A one of a kind competition where students will solve problems in a game like format, which requires no previous knowledge in Cyber Security! At the end of the two months competition which will start on October 4th, top students will be given amazing prizes like Laptops, Tablets, Drones, Raspberry Pi's, etc and a select few given a free scholarship for Cyber Gurukulam camp, conducted by Amrita University in December!

We know it's going to be awesome! So what are you waiting for?

Register Now at

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22 Little Reminders For Every 22-Year-Old

1. Those who matter will make an effort to stay in your life after graduation.

2. Know what you want to do in your life. Once you know, focus hard and follow your dreams.

3. Make a difference — volunteer!

4. Have enough respect for yourself to walk away from the bad ones and never chase after anyone.

5. Do not judge a book by its cover. Nobody’s perfect.

6. Family always comes first. Appreciate the moments you spend with them and remember to say “I love you.”

7. Think before you speak — everyone has feelings.

8. Keep smiling and realise how blessed you are for what you have.

9. Some lessons are learned best through pain. Learn from your mistakes but never forget them.

10. People will stare so make it worth their while.

11. Quality over quantity. A few best friends is much better than 100 acquaintances.

12. Explore and travel around while you are young.

13. You don’t HAVE to be in a relationship. Have fun and when the time comes, you’ll find someone.

14. Confidence makes you beautiful.

15. Read books and expand your mind.

16. Be a leader.

17. Work out and eat healthy now so you don’t have to worry about your weight in the future.

18. Learn how to say NO.

19. Keep yourself busy — knit, paint, cook, play a sport, read, etc…

20. Don’t be a slob. Dress nicely and keep your apartment/house tidy.

21. Be polite to everyone, even when they don’t deserve it.

22. Love your life.


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Just found out that one of my favourite actors and the most brilliant standup/comedian ever, Robin Williams is dead :-(
Had watched all his movies, just for the sake of him, and not one of those had ever disappointed me. One of my favourite movies ever is that of him, Dead Poets Society.
Even sadder that the man who taught Carpe Diem, if only through a movie, actually went out by killing himself.
#RIP oh captain, my captain. 

Why couldn't life be this simple? :-)

The Science Behind Unicorns - 

My respect for #LVG has reached new heights now.

Being honest enough to state that their legend, in #fergie, is just as responsible for the team handed down to him and its quality, rather than dump it all on Mr. Fall Guy #moyes, like most manu fans, is something you have to accept as a sign of great character. That's something manu is direly in need of, after years of glory hunting, in buying players without keeping an eye on future.

Also a lot of players who were sucking onto the team in hope of medals, without showing any worthiness in the last couple of years for them, has left the club, thereby making it easier to sign players on those positions without making it awkward for the club and all parties involved. Good thing for them coz LVG would have asked them to leave anyways.

Even if the team fails to succeed, which it won't, one cannot simply shrink manu off as a failure, rather a club undergoing the process of a team being made out of a lot of players. 

Welcome back home #DD :-D

It's official!!!! Chelsea have the best strike force in whole of Europe. AGAIN!!!! :-D

He's not here to remember the history he made the last time around, he's here to make more history!! :D

#dogba #chelsea 

If LVG is gonna play 3-4-1-2 with his current team, he's gonna be in serious trouble against a counter attacking team. For once this also means that unlike Moyes or Fergie, ManU can possibly beat a defensive minded team like Chelsea with total offence, but severely susceptible to loosing to lower end teams.
Rafael and Luke Shaw would be glad to play in 3-4-3, but fellani and Herrera midfield will struggle with neither able to carry the ball through crowded midfields and depend upon wingbacks to get the ball forward. Mata would soon find himself unable to receive a ball against teams with good defensive midfielder. And there they'll fail coz while Shaw and Rafael can get the ball to the wings, they'll struggle to get the ball anywhere but close to posts and the AM would soon have to run incessantly with no significant impact on productivity. So cue departure of kagawa by next January. Again, once Carrick returns fellaini would be left out. And there, unless the ability Carrick showed two seasons back is shown instead of last season's poorer performance, the midfield will be totally dead.

And from there a good counter attacking team could snatch the ball for quick free goals. Then there's the spearhead, Rvp. Apart from that gravity denying header, he has been pretty much useless in the whole WC, if you ask me. The best football came when he was subbed out. And apart from taking cool headed penalties, which also means it's not the pressure that's the problem, Rvp is Rip. Obviously if anyone can undo what playing poor football for a year and injuries did to a Dutch player, it's gotta be LVG, so fingers crossed on that one.
Then there's the backup. Welbeck is not known for playing well in two consecutive games, and the way things are going, they're to gonna loose their best striker after Rooney, in chicharito by not giving him enough play time.

And above all, while it might look like manu has made early purchases, that's not the case. David Moyes had bid on Herrera, Luke Shaw, and Fabregas, last season. But thanks to upper cabinet members, Woodward among them, who obviously didn't try hard enough to get them, ManU got the players at very high prices and lost one of them to rival, in Chelsea getting Cesc. This directly resulted in the poor performance which is pointed to Moyes sadly despite what he has managed to do with the kind of squad he had.

By the time Van Gaal determine the squad and decide who to get, and actually get the players, it'd be too late to actually gel the team together, causing poor momentum in early games. Of course that wouldn't really be helped by having to fly around thousands of miles in preseason games, which are forced on them to keep the revenue they are loosing out by not playing in Europe.

So the result of poor decisions by behind the scene players like Woodward, they had whatever last season was. And now the symptom has been treated by firing and appointing managers, but the cause remains where they are.
By the time they figure it out and Woodward goes southwards, manu will be left with a few more sad memories to forget.

If anyone can keep the politics out and make sure the best team is out on the field, and not kept in bench, and make fast decisions in transfer market soon enough, it's LVG and then they just might have a good chance, to finish in top 4 and play in Europe atleast two seasons from now.

but the way things are, they're gonna win 7-0 or loose 7-0, which is pretty much the same as things were when SAF left it, 5-5 in West Brom in his last match.

#manu #lvg #rvp #saf #epl #soccer #chelsea 

Come on #belgium... Hazard10 to win it for us......... 
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