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ariana Cherry
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ariana Cherry

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ariana Cherry

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What is your meaning of "Saved?"
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ariana Cherry

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Nice review....:)
The ex-soldier Jonah Hook is on the warpath. His family torn from him by Mormon fanatics, Jonah continues his quest for vengeance and to rescue his two sons and wife. Thankfully he has rescued his ...
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ariana Cherry

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Is there an eternity where the wicked writhe in pain? A dark place down under with hot burning flames With no love to gain? Those who have made their wrongful mark, And stand no chance to repent- D...
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ariana Cherry

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If you are looking to prove that something higher exists, just look up in the sky. Beauty and love surround us all in the skies... Nature is magnificent. 
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ariana Cherry

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A poem I wrote...
Behind the Glass As one looks through the looking glass, They see a world that seems familiar and safe. Perhaps a place that reality hasn't touched. But what we see through That glass, Really isn't...
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Freelance Writer, Artist & Church Administrative Aide
poetry, content writer, SEO, illustration, blogging, online marketing, social networking, secretarial and reception, customer service, record keeping, appointment making, government non-profit programs
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Arthur, IL
Arcola, IL - Arcola - Mattoon - Arthur
An artist and writer looking to inspire people in the world around her.
Ariana R. Cherry-Shearer is freelance writer, artist and church administrative aide. She is a reporter for the Sullivan News Progress and works in the office at the Arthur United Methodist Church. 

Ariana resides in a small little rural town in Illinois where she hears the clacking of horse hooves on a daily basis. She enjoys the charm of a small town and has no intention of ever living in a big city-although she does like to visit them...

Ariana also designs her own jewelry Sentimental Jewelry Creations , enjoys reading, riding her bike and taking walks with her friends and family. She also does other artwork such as cartoons, Zentangle and about anything else that can inspire her to draw.  

You can read more of Ariana's poetry, find her latest books and see her artwork at: 

Purchase books on Amazon by Ariana R. Cherry at:

Bragging rights
I am a published poet and a content writer. Currently I have 4 collections of poetry available. "The Real Me, Extended", "Through Her Eyes," "The Eyes of Reality" and "Twisted Paths Poetry." I am also the illustrator of a new children's book about bullying titled, "Bullying Ben."
  • Arcola Elementary & High School
  • Lake Land Community College
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Well, I can't say anymore that I've never ice skated! I'm still buzzing from the adrenaline high. I got to the Anaheim ICE rink quite a bit

Swing Stars™

☆ Welcome!!! ☆Just tap on screen to make our shinny little star pilots, turn their helicopter. Pass trough the columns to level up, avoiding

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When the silence Has become anything but golden, And the laughs forced, Listen beyond the sound... Somewhere in those giggles, A tear could

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Faith is not just who we are, But a part of who we will become. The answers are found within our hearts, But it is up to us if we choose to

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Rage Risen Sometimes,the pain is too much. Anger and hurt, turn into rage, as another type of evil, lurks from its unlocked cage… People all

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SURREAL In a realm of a surreal reality, she steps out on uncharted territory. Her eyes, somewhat blind to the visions before her, but her s

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THE JOURNEY Her soul leaped inside of her in a rage, as she felt trapped in her skin, like a cage. She saw the heart of her spirit. All the

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Lost Angel Goddess In the nighttime foggy mist, she kneels to the damp ground, under the glow of the full midnight moon. Her red glowing eye


SWEET SURRENDER Under the glorious rays of sunlight beams, her eyes closed as a white warmth enveloped her body. There was no stopping the s

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This is part 3 to a narrative poem collection that I am writing titled, " I AM THE ONE." If you haven't read the other two poems, then you m

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What if eternity could feel? or hear our secrets---what if eternity was an "it?"... or perhaps something is there, listening to our every th

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(by Susan Duclos) -- In the video below, captured by camera from Fox Sports, in Spanish, and titled “El Fantasma,” which translates to “the

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