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There is an app on Play Store which was originally developed by me

The developer had the decency to not remove my name from package, or I would have never found out. Thankfully it's Open Source and I don't want him to remove the app from his account or anything.

In fact I'm really happy that he took it up and even fixed some of the bugs. My only grudge is that he didn't mention the source of original app, the link to source code or the page on XDA Forums. I don't even want him to link my name as original author. Just let people know that the work is derived. So that in addition to not getting all the praise unanimously, you don't also get all the curses of users.

I will email the developer to see if we can reach to a common ground.

Just wanted to share this to talk about the essence of open source includes the credibility of the work, no matter how derived or modified it is from original source.

And this app is barely modified
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This is the first time I'm requesting the entire G+ Android community for your help, as this is a very serious issue.

Okay. So I guess at least a few of you remember "GFX Bandits" or at least one or more apps by them like Meteora, Oblique, Cresto ..etc. To those who are not aware, GFX Bandits was a team formed in back in 2012 in XDA which consisted of a group of individuals (including me) who liked designing. A common playstore account was opened under the same name (after previous - gfxdevs, got banned due to some issue), managed by Hemant Shah ( All the information about app sales, refunds, earnings..etc were managed by Hemant Shah alone. Hemant would let us know about our earnings and would pay us the amount which he calculated after deducting refunds This went for around 1 1/2 years (for me) and more than 3 years for others, with none of us doubting him (Since we were all novices in this field). Long story short, there were many issues after our previous account, ie gfxdevs got banned, Hemant claimed that I had to pay him around 26,000 INR (around $387.25) which was deducted from his credit card from refunds of an app which was removed after the ban of previous account. Naturally you would get suspicious since the card didnt show anything about amount deductions related to refunds or such. We all got into a heated argument about the issue and he said later on that he 'filed a case' and mailed google about the issue and after 2-3 days he says that Google sent him this mail (attached below) about the amount which was charged mistakenly (image attached) and that I didn't need to pay him back the $387 anymore ( Please read the email thoroughly, you will understand immediately what he was trying to pull. He clearly faked the email). Stuff happened after that came into light and the team split. Shortly after, one by one, we were removed from the dev console. That happened around a year back but the paid apps by +Subhajit Deb +Lifehacker Ash +Mohammed Musaddiq +Vishal Kashi still remained in the account and are still there as paid app. It bothers me that the people who spent day and night working on their apps, the earnings of those apps going into pocket of Hemant who had nothing to do with those apps. Yes, its been around a year since we were removed from console and none of the guys with the paid apps were notified of sales and were paid since then.
So we asked him kindly to either make the apps free or unpublish them from playstore since we didn't want him to accuse him or shame him in public. He agreed to make the apps free. So we waited for more than a day. He didn't do shit. Then I got to know from one former team member +Areeb Jamal​ that he got access to dev console (after we were removed) when he asked long back. So we got him to unpublish the apps. Not long after he did, the apps were back in playstore again, as paid app ofcourse and Hemant limited his permissions to his own app. When we asked him for the reason, what he said is the reason why I decided to bring this matter to public (Screenshot of conversation attached).

According to him, he's still "paying for refunds" from apps that were removed along with old account more than 1 1/2 years back. God knows how many thousands of dollars he leeched from us and what's more he won't stop and still wants to continue ! His reason ? He wants the 25$ playstore fee back (even when i already paid him from my share of earnings long back).
Is this justice ?
Guys like him shouldn't be allowed in playstore.

Here's the conversation proof between us in hangouts group chat :

So what I request from you guys is that please report the following mentioned apps and get them removed from playstore :

Trim'd Icon pack by +Mohammed Musaddiq​ :

Oblique Icon Pack by +Mohammed Musaddiq​ :

Oras Icon Pack by +Vishal Kashi​:

Cresto Icon Pack by Subhajit Deb :

Spectrum Clocks by +Lifehacker Ash​ :

Rovul Icon Pack by +Vishal Kashi :

Meteora Icon Pack by +Mohammed Musaddiq :

Flume UI by +Vishal Kashi :

Even if this has nothing to do with you, for the sake of my former mates, for the sake of justice, Please take a moment of your time to REPORT those apps and get them removed from playstore and get the play account banned ASAP.

If you don't mind, please RESHARE this post and get as many people you can to report the same.

Thank you for your time.
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Talking about bad attempts at iconography
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Agents @NabsZains +Nabeela Jamal​​​​ (Me (.__.") )
, @iamareebjamal +Areeb Jamal​​​​ and @Ahmad1naim gathered at my and iamareebjamal's HP (as it's our home as well as played a significant role as an portal in ingress because it helped me level up and get engrossed in this beautiful game) .The Portal named "Allah Wali Kothi" , to display this glyph message regarding the recent XM drought to maybe somehow aid +Oliver Lynton-Wolfe​​​​ .

+Pooja Srinivas​​​​ +Ingress​​​​ +Niantic Project​​​​ +NIA Ops​​​​
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Material colors are love <3
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Samsung : What job are you applying for?
Me : Designer
Samdung : What designer? We are tech company! We don't want designer.
Me : But I can help you design your phone!
Shamesung : No No No. Why we pay you? We have very static design philosophy. We take a Relaxo chappal as outline and make our phones out of recycled plastic bags.
Me : But I can help you give premium look to your devices and user interface.
Aamsung : What a joke? You want premium, you go to Nexus. Here, we fire people who want to improve our product.
Me : But users want good design in their user interface.
Crapsung : I agree. That's why we run careful simulation and find out worst contrasting colors so that they stand apart from each other.
Me : ...
Samedung : Like that piss lime color we've been using since Gingerbread days. Put it anywhere, black, poor blue, white. Wherever it looks worst. Now go away, you!
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Used Intellij Idea for building gradle Android Projects (thanks for suggestion Amogh).

So this is the software Android Studio is based on and yet I didn't find any "personalized" changes from Android Studio.

Except for the fact that in Android Studio, it has removed the option to create normal ant Projects, no other Project integration as in Intellij, just some fancy layout options in Project wizard, is dozens of updates behind Intellij itself (offline gradle and git integration arrived too late), is much more heavier in size, gradle builds are too slow and lags like hell.

Intellij was as fast if not faster than Eclipse and is the non-fucked up version of Android Studio in every aspect. Doesn't give you random bullshit errors. So, I can safely assume Android Studio is Intellij-- not Intellij++.

IDE is a software that makes you love Programming, not the one that makes you want to claw your eyes out, snatch your hair, break your high end laptop and cry in a corner wanting never to open it again.

Google, your ability to fuck up a nice software amazes me.
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Spark... For AMU students... Coming soon
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