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Only been using Arch since 2 years or so but that has been 2 years of awesomeness. Thanks!
I have been using Arch as my sole OS for one year now and my only regret is not to have use it before! :) As I'm still relatively young, I hope I can compensate this fact by using it until I'm 90! Thanks for all your work!
Happy anniversary Arch Linux! As a +Frugalware dev I'm historically happy about your great work! Keep it up! :)
Happy birthday arch. I've use arch since 2005.
I just installed Arch Linux on my primary computer. First time ive ever tried using it... and im loving it so far! Happy Birthday Arch!
Happy Birthday Arch Linux. Been using since mid 2004.
hope more 10 to come, happy birthday
Happy aniversary. I've been using Arch Linux for half a year now. And I will never switch distros again. Arch is the best. I love it. Hail Arch. Arch for world domination. Arch rocks!!!
I have been using it for about three months now... I love it :D slap i3 on there with a few terminals :)
I've tried a few distros and decided Arch is my favourite flavour !
happy birthday! I really love Archlinux and thanks all efforts from Devs.
I’ve been using it for about 6 months, at home and at work, with gnome, xfce, xmonad, kde… I never had to reinstall it (except when I f-ed up…
Can’t tell you how happy and impressed I am…
Thanks! ArchLinhx changed my life. I never got back to any * popular * distribution.
ArchLinux is the best ever Linux distribution I have ever tried. Powerfull & responsiveness.
Thanks and Kudos for all the Developers behind scenes working every day in providing the best possible up-to-date rolling Linux BSD init style.
After starting with Arch I realized that my knowledge about linux is next to zero because all the other distros, I tried, was hiding a lot of things from the end user... Thanks to Arch documents/wikis (they are superb) which helped me through out the Arch installation and further... Arch is one of the greatest linux distros around, it gives me "What I WANT" not "What THEY GIVE"
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