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Arch Linux

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Xorg .1.15 has hit our testing repository. Happy testing and bug reporting!
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port L4? just askn
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Arch Linux

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#KDE  4.10 beta1 is out!

#ArchLinux  users can add the [kde-unstable] repo and -Syu!

Also, follow the thread at your BBS:
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my works:
Arch Linux Honeycomb Wallpapers
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Arch Linux

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End of initscripts support

As systemd is now the default init system, Arch Linux is receiving minimal testing on initscripts systems. Due to a lack of resources and interest, we are unlikely to work on fixing initscripts-specific bugs, and may close them as WONTFIX.

We therefore strongly encourage all users to migrate to systemd as soon as possible. See the systemd migration guide.

To ease the transition, initscripts support will remain in the official repositories for the time being, unless otherwise stated. As of January 2013, we will start removing initscripts support (e.g., rc scripts) from individual packages without further notice.

+Tom Gundersen 
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Espen U
Hehe, I will settle for systemd booting my Arch system and stopping right there. Like, do not start an ssh agent, or do not start consolekit daemon, i say do not mess with my syslog – any day of the week ;- )
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Arch Linux

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Hi all,
the new #KDE major release[1] has been moved to [extra].
Read the upstream changelog for the new features/bug fixes.

The KDE Multimedia development has been moved to git. As consequence of this, 
the kdemultimedia-kioslave package has been removed and split into:
* kdemultimedia-audiocd-kio
* libkcddb
* libkcompactdisc

Every maintainer of the packages depending on the -kioslave package should 
check the dependencies.

Also libkipi, libkexiv2 and libdcraw packages have a soname bump, 
respectively: -> -> ->
The packages in the official repos have been rebuilt.

The kdesdk-kdeaccounts-plugin, kdesdk-kdepalettes and kdeutils-ksecrets 
packages have been removed.

Have a nice update!

+Andrea Scarpino 
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ooh +Andrea Scarpino  thank you
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Arch Linux

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Install media 2012.07.15 released

New iso images containing a current Arch Linux snapshot have been released and can be found on our Download page.

Most notable change is that AIF (the Arch Installation Framework) is no longer included but instead some simple install scripts are provided to aid in the installation process. This means a menu driven installer is no longer available and we rely more on documentation to guide new users. We would like to encourage our community to fill in the remaining gaps in our wiki.

From now on our install images are signed and it is highly recommend to verify their signature before use. On Arch Linux this can be done by using pacman-key -v <iso-file>.sig.

The pacman keyring is automatically initialized on bootup. Therefore signature verification is available on the live media and will work out of the box on the installed system.
Instead of six different images we only provide a single one which can be booted into an i686 and x86_64 live system to install Arch Linux over the network. Media containing the [core] repository are no longer provided.
Regular iso snapshots are planned on a monthly basis.
The install media can also be booted directly via PXE. Note that its PGP signature cannot be verified this way!
More archiso related options and new features can be found in its README file.
AIF had to be dropped due to lack of maintenance and contributions. Of course we would appreciate it if people would start hacking on it to bring it up to par.
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I love the new installation media. It now doubles as a recovery cd too. Soooo sick
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Arch Linux

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In the interest of not dividing the Arch Linux community on Google+, we've decided to select the "Arch Linux" community as the official one.

The "Arch Linux Users" community will be deleted shortly.
Arch Linux
A Lightweight and Flexible Linux Distribution
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Arch Linux

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#archlinux   #Enlightenment #e17 New E17 Release: ALPHA4 available in Arch Linux [extra] repository

The enlightenment 17 svn snapshot packages from [community] have been removed to prepare for the stable e17 release next month. New stable and alpha packages for the upcoming enlightenment 17 release have been uploaded to [extra].

To remove the old svn-packages:
pacman -Rcs e17-svn e17-libs-svn

To install the new 'stable' version from [extra]:
pacman -S enlightenment17
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Never thought e17 will be released this lifetime, I thought it was going to take two lifetimes more to be stable.
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Arch Linux

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Arch will move to systemd boot process...
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+Kjell Thomas Pedersen you are right! it was so much easy write on rc.conf what we want running  instead we use systemctl. The simple things are over
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Arch Linux

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Cups 1.6.1 hits extra repository. Check our cups wiki page and upstream announcements for changes. Some configuration setting (mainly printer browsing related) may need to be fixed.
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+Marcus Strube there's cupsd.conf.default ...anyway, these settings no longer apply, just remove them and you're fine (except for the inconvenience i've described above)
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Arch Linux

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All Arch Linux packages have had their files in the /lib directory moved to /usr/lib and now /lib is a symlink to usr/lib. When performing this update, pacman will likely identify a conflict in the /lib directory. In the simplest case, this is worked around by doing:

pacman -Syu --ignore glibc
pacman -Su

Never use --force during this update.

If either of this steps does not work (e.g. due to dependency version issues, file conflicts in /lib), refer to this guide[1] for more detailed instructions on performing this upgrade.

Allan McRae

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I meet with the same problem when upgrading glibc-2.16-2.  I just realised that it is impossible for pacman —Syu ——ignore glibc && pacman —S glibc to work.  The only way I can get it to work is to boot into another Linux distro (in my case, Debian 6), mount -t auto /dev/[arch] /mnt/arch; cd /mnt/arch; mv lib lib—; xz —dc /var/.../glibc-2.16.2* |tar xf —.  Then reboot into Linux and pacman —S glibc again.
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