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Fair Trade Home Decor & Handmade Jewelry
Fair Trade Home Decor & Handmade Jewelry


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Depression is the most widespread mental illness of our generation. People are often suffered in silence and do not know how to get out of it. I used to take the antidepressant when I was younger. The major reason that I had depression was because of the turbulent circumstance in my family. If I had a chance to go back in time to visit my younger self, I would tell her to establish the sacred space in her house.

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Haitian Outdoor wall art. The simple designs for enhancing your favorite outdoor spot in your compound. These exterior wall arts are designed and crafted by the Haitian artisans. The sheets are cut from steel drums colored by oil and other liquids at one time held. The process of turning sheets of metal into beautiful wall art is all done by hand, from cutting holes to painting or lacquering the final design.

The artists are proud of their work, signing the pieces on the back side, leaving a raised, reversed signature on the front. Raw and heartfelt handcrafts to deliver to any living spaces.

Once you purchase our items, you are automatically changing lives of the underprivileged artisans in Haiti. The small town that is neglected by the radar of the modern world. Your purchase really makes the different by exchanging the heartfelt art into your house and share the well-being to the tough lives that deserve it. This is what you are looking for, the meaningful art that is more than just the exchange of the money. Your purchasing is the way to vote what kind of the world we want to live in.

Products from Croix des Bouquets, the area of town known for Haitian metal art in the capital of Port-Au-Prince.

#changingtheworld #makingthedifferent #changinglives #faithofthehumanityrestored

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Learn to love yourself.
Self-care is the tool to tell your brain that you are happy and life is good.
No, it is not the escapism.
It is the constructive way to store your life force energy and make you the warrior again.
Yes, you have a big fight in life.
That is why you have to take care of yourself.
Self-care is necessary activity but we tend to stop doing it.
We believe that self-care is not important to us.
Believe me, this is important and needed if you want to feel happiness in your life.
Self-care methods have various kinds of activities for you to experience.
Meditation, yoga, massage and home spa etc.
Or just relax with good music with candles.
The best candles in the world is the candles that when you light it up, you light other lives.
I am talking about the candles from the Nobuntu Community.
This community consists of the underprivileged people to gather and make the possible in lives.
You can help them.
Buy the Nobuntu candles and start your self-love activities today.
Your life and people lives won't be the same.
Click here to buy Nobunto candles

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We wish you the good life that you want to live. The happiness, the fulfillment, the joy, the changing paradigms that serve you. Life is full of love if you are willing to seek it. The spirit of joy will be within you the whole year if you allow. Life is full of possibilities. The spiritual journey will never end. Just relax and enjoy the process. Love and light. We wish you have a great one. #happiness #loveandlight #happynewyear #greatestseason #enjoyliving #lifeisbeautiful

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Yoga brings you back to who you really are. The purchase you make today will make the different to lives more than you can imagine.

This designer yoga ball cover fits snugly over your exercise/yoga ball. The cover features a heavyweight zip closure and easy-carry fabric handle. 100% woven cotton, washable. For Size 65 Yoga Ball.

Please visit our website

#sustainable #yoga #workout #health #beauty #fitness #yogaball #fairtrade #sustainableliving #ethicalliving #meditation #shoppingonline #sale #strongwomen #bestseller #giftideas

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Everyday purchases should be an extension of our values. #fairtrade #ethicalconsumerism #ethicalliving #values #socialresponsibility

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A lot of people misunderstood that
fair trade is only about helping the underadvantaged artisans.

The fact is that fair trade movement covers many areas
that involve our lives.

The key principles of fair Trade also involves;

1. "Child labour issue" Fair trade ensures that the participation of children in production processes of fairly traded articles does not adversely affect their well-being, security, educational requirements and need for play.

2. "Discriminate issues" Fair trade does not discriminate in hiring, remuneration, access to training, promotion, termination or retirement based on race, caste, national origin, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, union membership, political affiliation, HIV/Aids status or age.

3. "Women empowerment" Fair Trade means that women's work is properly valued and rewarded. Women are always paid for their contribution to the production process and are empowered in their organisations.

4. "Environmental issues" Fair Trade actively encourages better environmental practices and the application of responsible methods of production. 

To slow down and choose fair trade products in our daily lives
is the easiest way to nurturing ourselves and others.

Please join fair trade movement with us

#fairtrademovement #socialmovement #feminist #feminineenergy #healing #giftsformom #giftideas #handmadegifts #dotherightthings #onlineshopping #artisans #handmadewithlove #handmadejewelry #deals #deal #gifts #enjoyshopping #fairtrade #socialjustice
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