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Science - It's not what you think it is
Science - It's not what you think it is

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Resource questions

In a setting where your day to day needs (shelter, food, clothes, water) are all taken care off. But seasonally you fork over 80% to your clan house, what does the resource test look like?

Under the Resources Basic the Ob1 stuff is pretty much taken care of. When you need things above and beyond that it's largely based on your reputation within a clan. Really odd stuff would require a Resource roll (Ob 3 or higher) ?

What do the Lifestyle Maintenance Obs look like?

My inclination is to not hack at anything but change the fictional setup.

Then for Lifepaths I think I would have to adjust the Res for each path taken to reflect the clan taken on the bulk of the payments.

Hex map and crawl procedural

Watching +Paul Baldowski working remind me that I started laying a hex grid over the map for Symbaroum. The goal was to create a hex crawl procedural similar to MY0/One Ring for exploring the woods. I'll share out the rough draft for the procedural once I clean it up. Not sure about the map since it's copyright and all.

Library Card

Does someone have a picture of the library checkout card that came with special edition of the book?


A peculiar book and time of year

That odd, dreamlike book is still beckoning me. It's that time of year where we dive back into trying to decode Stealing Cthulhu.

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Climbing circle

Hard rocks, hard bodies (well maybe not)

Mostly focused on climbing around New Mexico. Some cave climbing stuff too.

If you want in let me know!
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My thing for today.

Hey hey folks hanging out in the public space. I don't post public except for ones like these. If you checked out my profile first that will save us a lot of time and trouble.

Anarcho-scientist, left socialist, and a Zen priest.

I have circles if you want in. 

Science - Science stuff. I mainly look at bacteria in weird places, trying to understand them. This takes me all over the world and down in some deep caves as well. My PhD is  looking at the compounds that bacteria produce that help to kill fungal and bacterial infections, act as anti-cancer agents, and yes that CRISPRs thing. If you have trouble handling our best current state of knowledge on: GMOs, vaccines, homeopathy, gluten intolerance, this probably isn't the place for you.  

Roleplaying games - Yeah, like D&D but all types. AW powered, BW, Golden Sky Stories, 1000 and 1 Nights, Kagematsu, Shock, oh yeah. All of them. 

Cooking - I cook everyday! Recipes are sometimes posted. And historical cooking too! All original recipes are CC-BY 4.0.

Zen stuff - mainly a holding place for folks before the Sitting community invites go out

Photography - I take lots of pictures! Mostly landscape, mostly New Mexico. Digital and 120 film. All CC-BY 4.0
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Graham's clue

So in the halcyon days of 2013 +Graham Charles gave us a clue.  We needed both codebreaking and Mythos knowledge to solve his dreamlike, non-Euclidean puzzle. He showed us four arrows.

If they are numbers then it's 3788 which is the listing for Cthulhu Britannica

This includes Avalon: The County of Somerset which is where our location is from the maps. 

Anyone have a copy of  Avalon: The County of Somerset?

A year, some SAN loss, some SAN gain

Well, well. It's closing in on a year from when we all dove into this. 

Shall we take a new look with fresh eyes and minds to +Graham Charles's riddle? 

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O rogues, you have arrived late at the entrance to the Library. In the pale blue dawn’s light atop an unending tower of stone you spy the lone tree marking the entrance. 

Strange cyan shapes twist and flow in the shadows of the rocks. 

A fallen champion of Shadow and Ash stalks the halls bringing a bitter taste to outside air and a rain of ash.

From within you can hear the maddening chitter of skin sacks filled with insects. Incantations, lost worlds, and defiled treasures are hidden in the voices of the ten thousand. 

The tree guarding the entrance demands payment to part it’s gnarled roots. 
Do you make an offering? Do you enter? 
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