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Apple TV 3 jailbreak status update
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why is it a Surprise? what is the reason no one is working on the Jailbreak? is it that hard? no hacker can do it? like anything else ATV3 is build on rules. 
when did nitoTV say he wasn't working on this jailbreak? 
Well, that just blows. I understand how hard it can be. Apple should just open up the platform a bit more. They would sell even more devices. 
Jailbreak for ATV3 seems to be problematic, but is it possible to just flash it with something else? To be honest, i would rather see xbmc on it (by any means) than apple ios. So far I have no real use for my ATV3.
"So far I have no real use for my ATV3" - I'm wondering why you bought it...
Reason why I bought it was I heard about xbmc on ATV and did not realise it doesn't work with ATV3, so far..
Steve i feel the same way - i have 2 x ATV2 and 1 x ATV3 gathering dust in the cupboard.  If i convert my media library to iTunes (M4V or MP4) then i can use the ATV3 natively to view content, however the time involved is HUGE!  So i am probably going to jump to something like xios to replace all of my ATV's.
Timo - that's a shame :-(. Fingers crossed for you (as soon as it gets jailbroken (if?) I'm running out and getting one.
Not likely to happen at all based on the main hackers not working on ATV3 JB at all.  His tweets say it all - Not working on ATV3.  So i am not waiting any longer… I have just got my Raspberry PI, however it is very SLOW…. so the xios is looking pretty good.  Pitty Google can't get their S**t together and make the orb for around the same price at the ATV (they would blow Apple out of the water if they did!) - that would then be the best bet.  But as much as i dislike Android - it look like the best option moving forward…

PS Ouya is looking like an interesting option as week - specially if you are also into gaming (i'm not) but interesting device and concept and the price point is right.
BTW pretty ticketed off with Firecore - they are misleading the public with ATV3 comments - truly if the main hacker/JB'r is not working on a JB for ATV3 then remove the comments able JB for ATV3 coming or being worked on - it is not!  I have supported Firecore from the first time i found out about them years ago…. but frankly they are full of BS when they make comments about the JB for ATV3 being worked on.

Interesting - look at the prices for ATV1 and ATV2 on ebay and other auction sites - they are sky-high - why because anyone that is following the JB developments knows ATV3 is not likely to ever happen.  Hence the reason you are now seeing Android like clones popping up - that will be open and will be a no-brainer.

If "someone" came up with an alternative O/S that could be loaded onto ATV hardware then what the market go into a frenzy...

OK getting off my soap-box - for now ;-)
I have ATV1 160GB and ATV2 thinking about selling it on eBay.
I would like know a valid reason for not working on ATV3 jailbreak.
Arthur - you will need to speak to the hackers about that, however from what i have ready over many months, it appears that Apple has patched the exploits that had been used previously and one of the hackers actually sold an exploit to an "apple employee".  Plus the ATV3 employes different hardware and boot process and this is why some of the current exploits that still work with ATV2 don't work with ATV3. Google it - you will read it all for yourself. As a result it would appear that it is either impossible or so difficult that the hackers don't see any merit in putting the time in to JB the ATV3.  Just my opinion from what i have read - not to say it is correct...
Thank you Darren. 
Here is the latest from the hacker that was successful with ATV2 JB

About the iOS 6 JB : I'm not working on it ATM, sorry. I'm focusing on my job. Maybe discussions at #WWJC will generate ideas (?).
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