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AP writers who cover the new U.S. health care law are inviting you to submit questions about how the law affects your care, insurance and pocketbook, whether you’re covered at work, diving into the new insurance exchanges or still without a plan. They plan to answer some of the questions gathered here and elsewhere in upcoming stories, and may reach out to you to discuss your experiences. Feel free to post your questions in the comments below.
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If they would have used , medicare program. It is proven
It works. They work with Ins.Co.
And hospitals. Every thing is set
Up. Obama's people just wanted to pay off a big doner.
The law they got was the best deal they could get at the time , the law should be made better and it could if both parties really wanted ever American to have affordable health care, hard when one party wants to kill the law
THANK GOODNESS for President Obama's healthcare reform legislation, reform that is already helping fellow Americans gain potentially LIFE-SAVING health insurance coverage, including many fellow American children with pre-existing conditions, whose URGENT needs were PREVIOUSLY and CALLOUSLY denied!  As reform continues to strengthen and expand, MORE and MORE Americans in this immense country of 300+ million, people in need of vital coverage or primary care, including Americans young and old who are sick, and Americans young and old in current good health, will benefit!  Numerous benefits of reform include giving free access to preventive care like mammograms, colonoscopies, and birth control, easing prescription drug costs for seniors, and insurers are now required to cover a number of recommended preventive services, such as cancer, diabetes, and blood-pressure screenings, without additional cost sharing, such as copays or deductibles!
However...American demographics, American voters, CAN be RATIONAL, CAN cleanse the toxic, obstructionist environment in Washington, and in certain states!  Let's bring self-serving, widely-detrimental Republican OBSTRUCTION and INACTION at all levels of office to an end during Election 2014 less than ten months from now!
I just checked into getting individual health care.  I will have to pay about per year $6K for individual health insurance coverage and then have another $5K deductible that means out of pocket before insurance kicks in.  So this means I pay about $11K per year before my insurance covers me, then I pay another 30% of the bill.  This is robbery! 

Let's just say to go to my doctor once a year is $200 for a physical and $300 for lab work.  That's only $500.  When I am looking at this, I will not be in the black if I buy insurance.  I will be in the black if I stay uninsured.

I did have insurance and then I was told I have a 50% premium upcharge because, I have pre-existing conditions and that I have to buy most of my drugs over the counter that my insurance won't pay.  It's really cheaper for me to not be insured and just take the penalty at the end of the year.  Do the math, that is why people aren't signing up.  

Not to mention, my insurance company previously couldn't keep my billing straight, now you are asking me to trust that the federal government mixing with my insurance company to pay my premiums is going to work. 

I can't wait until after next March when the Federal Government hasn't been able to keep straight all of the insurance premiums they are supposed to pay.  There will be another round of insurance cancellation letters due to the government not paying their part of the premium!

And the real killer is that the HHS Mandate that requires birth control related drugs to be free.  Why should people who have chronic involuntary ailments such as thyroid and diabetes have to pay their copays for drugs when their diseases are involuntary.  Most people who use birth control drugs do so voluntarily, not because of life threatening medical conditions.  This HHS mandate is discriminatory to those of us who have true medical conditions and are more in need of free drugs. 
I support the law although I am one of the obamacare failures. The $58 a month subsidy does little to soften the blow of $270 a month to my budget. 
Here is my question, my mom is about to get a Green card and she is 68 years old. She will not be qualified for MEdicare since she haven't worked here. So far, what I have seen is, AC doesn't cover over 65. So, is that true? Can I apply for her in AC? Also, what If I quit my employer's plan and enroll my kids, my wife and my mom as a family in AC? Is it possible?
Thanks and Appreciate your response.
what about the birth control issue.  I had a provide that it was free and now we changed insurance companies and it costs $40 a month.  I need it for medical reasons and it keeps me out of the hospital but the new insurance company says its a tier 3 drug and therefore not covered. I thought all that stuff was supposed to be covered.
The question I have is very simple: If one spouse is covered by employer sponsored health cover his/hers premium is tax exempt. However if the spouse yearly premium is less than 7.5% of gross then the tax exemption is not available. Why ?
You can not join HSA,  since the spouse is no earning, Thus he/she can get some tax saving.  If you are in better situation and can join HSA plan then for almost similar coverage the insurance company charges you more than the std nos HSA plan. Was the HSA plan developed so the insurance company can charge higher rate or this is a government program so the family can save money for the future sickness.
Can any one explain?
So my income states that myself and 3 year old son qualify for medicaid HOWEVER; when I applied I personally got denied but approved for my son. I then went to get a plan for myself and was denied cause I had a low income and it advised me I qualify for medicaid. ...yet again I am denied....PLEASE ADVISE HOW TO PROCEED as this is very unfair and do not deserve to be penalized when I have tried! Thank you very concerned
My husband is eligible for insurance coverage through his employer but its such horrible insurance that it's cheaper to not have any and pay out of pocket. The premiums are $250 per month just for insurance for himself and the maximum total payout per year is only $500 after the high deductible is paid. Because he is eligible for insurance and the cost is just a tiny smidge less than 9.5 % of his gross pay we have been told we cannot get a subsidy unless we can prove that the coverage does not meet federal guidelines. We have been told that a letter from my husband's employer is needed stating that their coverage is not within the federal guidelines. His employer is refusing to give us the letter.

We simply cannot afford to pay full price for a policy in the Marketplace which is nearly $600 a month. Do we have any other options toward getting a subsidy?
I would like to know how many people have signed up and paid
How many are renewing Medicaid
How many will be paying and how many won't pay anything
If someone inadvertantly overestimates their 2014 gross income, what are the consequences? For example, say an individual estimates $18,000 and enrolls in a subsidized private health plan, but their actual income turns out to be $15,000, which would have required them to enroll in a State run Medicaid plan?
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