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America is waging war in the shadows _ with the U.S. public largely in the dark.
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President Kennedy called it all those years ago. The future of U.S. warfare would be conducted as more of a guerilla style and less as full out combat. Looks like he was right.
Yeah yeah yeah we're in the dark even though every time a drone takes out a group of militants it's all over the news from several outlets.
Lets drum up a conspiracy
Hey AP, why don't you pull your nose out from your TeaPublican Master's butt. Shadow Wars...public in dark. Yeah nice copy for a drama queen. How about your slanted "Ultimate Arbiter[s]" out of context editing of the president. Who hasn't heard of predator drones? How about we return to carpet bombing of WWII or Vietnam? Aim is only as good as military intel for War Bush got us into. Oh, he used drone strikes too.
There is  far-left liberal outrage, but it seems to be unheard with a Democrat in office.  Meanwhile, the voice of far-right nuts seems to be amplified.  It would be wonderful if our country could be less extremist on both sides and have civil discussion.  
Yeah, I know!  "it would be wonderful" is a dream.  The media makes money off of sensationalism and extreme points of view.  It also seems to perpetuate and fuel these extreme points of view.  I do find it strange that with a Democrat in office, we don't seem to hear much from the far-left in the media.  The right wants to decry Obama as a Socialist or radical, but we don't see many actual Socialists or left-wing radicals in the media these days.  It seems like it would be to Obama's advantage to have these folks heard so that a real comparison could be made.  The corporate masters must have some bigger strategy in mind.  I like some of what Libertarians have to say, but am not entirely sold.  Maybe I've met too many Libertarian extremists too :)!   
If you voted for Obama, is this the change you voted for?
It would be pretty foolish to vote for anyone based on their campaign slogan. Just for fun, look up the campaign slogan of every politician in office right now, see how they all stack up. 
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