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Not too shabby, T-Mobile. Definitely slower than my old Verizon LTE, but for what I'm paying, that'll do.
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Way to go. I can't wait for my contract to expire so I can join you. So did you go contract or month-to-month? 
Sometimes I get 10 Mbps. Tmobile is fast indeed. I can't wait to see how fast it will be with the nexus 4! How are you liking the galaxy nexus?
+Charles Eye I got the monthly $30 Unlimited plan with a 5GB soft cap on the 4G/HSPA+. It's a web-only deal that only offers 100 minutes of talk time, but I hardly ever make voice calls anyway.

+Eben Ossy It's probably not fair to compare the Nexus to my busted up Thunderbolt, but this new phone is amazing. The performance is night and day, it's also much lighter despite having a larger screen. I have run into initial issues with GPS accuracy, but I've only run one test so far...
What app do you use for VoIP? I use groove IP. I loved galaxy nexus, and I literally only had it for 6 months. I'm also digging the nexus 10 so far. 
+Eben Ossy I don't consistently use a VoIP app either. I almost never make voice calls! It's all text messages and emails unless the person is directly in front of me. When I do need to make longer phone calls from my desk, I use Google Voice through Google Talk in Gmail.
Oh OK. That's exactly what groove does. Google voice is tight. Dont know what i would do without it. I remember the old days where I had to get a sip account and all that stuff, just to use VoIP. Much easier through Google talk. What'd you do with your thunderbolt?
Nothing, yet. But the screen's shattered, the software's been hacked within an inch of non-functionality, and it's pretty seriously outdated, so I guess it's going into a shoebox in my closet...
Eh, you'd be surprised what people will buy on eBay. I had an LG G2x that was hacked to hell, had a crack in the screen, and had only functioned as a game device on an Afghan deployment. I put a buy it now price of $50 on there, and somebody bought it. They were even really happy with it. I actually felt bad for selling it. Wish I could have just found that person and given them the phone. They got use out of it when I was considering just throwing it away.
Haha until I had kids I just accumulated phones. In fact, I still have my side kick, g1 (rooted, unrooted, rooted again, still serves as my portable NES, SNES, AND GENESIS), nexus one, and HTC sensation. When the nexus 4 was announced I had to finally sell one. The casualty was my G nexus. Now I'm patiently waiting for my back ordered N4. But at least my sensation is rooted running jelly bean. 
Yeah, I do wish I hung on to my N1 for its historical significance. Still the single greatest device ever, in my opinion. 
Still rocking my N1 for everyday use haha. Hasn't let me down once.
I've still got my Droid 1 on display in its cradle as a glorified nightstand clock.
+antuan goodwin Sounds like you and I are cut from similar molds. I only ever use the phone when someone calls me.I swear, if I could get a 5" tablet with a data-only plan, I'd give up having a phone. I also still have my original (tired) Droid living out its days as an alarm clock (and it makes a handy mp3 player when doing yard work so I don't get my Nexus grungy.)

Anyway, I'll have to check out that plan. Sounds like it's right up my alley. Thanks for the heads up.
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