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Today, I did my annual "How much did I spend on apps?" tally for 2012... $79.13. You're welcome, Android app developers! :)

Five paid apps that I totally don't regret spending money on this year:

1) Torque Pro - data porn for car geeks, requires a Bluetooth OBD-II connection to really be useful.

2) GPS Status PRO - data overload for GPS geeks, I'd been using the free version for so long that it only seemed fair that I drop the dev a few bucks.

3) GrooVe IP - lets you use Google Voice over IP, paid version works over 3G/4G. Paid for itself during the first week of my new prepaid T-Mobile plan.

4) HaxSync - Adds proper Facebook sync back into vanilla Android devices. Like.

5) Astrid Power Pack - makes my annoying task management app easier to use. It's still annoying, but that's the only way I get anything done.
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would having a data only prepaid plan on T-mobile allow you to use Google Voice for phone calls?  
+Adonis francisco No, the standard Google Voice app doesn't use VoIP for calls, it uses call forwarding, so you'd still need voice minutes or some sort of VoIP app to bridge the gap--which is where Groove IP comes in.
Anyone know if GrooVe IP would let me use Google Voice from the UK?  One of the comments says he calls home to the US from Europe using it, so it sounds like I could.
Yeah, I hadn't realised there was a free version. Thanks.
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