Today, I did my annual "How much did I spend on apps?" tally for 2012... $79.13. You're welcome, Android app developers! :)

Five paid apps that I totally don't regret spending money on this year:

1) Torque Pro - data porn for car geeks, requires a Bluetooth OBD-II connection to really be useful.

2) GPS Status PRO - data overload for GPS geeks, I'd been using the free version for so long that it only seemed fair that I drop the dev a few bucks.

3) GrooVe IP - lets you use Google Voice over IP, paid version works over 3G/4G. Paid for itself during the first week of my new prepaid T-Mobile plan.

4) HaxSync - Adds proper Facebook sync back into vanilla Android devices. Like.

5) Astrid Power Pack - makes my annoying task management app easier to use. It's still annoying, but that's the only way I get anything done.
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