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Holy cow! Did I really use 10GB+ of data this month? Even with a week of no access to 3G/4G!? Looks like no Nexus 4 for me; I'm never getting rid of this old unlimited VZW data plan...
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Until they tell us that "unlimited" isn't really "unlimited".. :(
Just get the nexus and use your Verizon phone as a mi-fi
So, you'll pay $500-$700 for your next phone so you can keep Big Dread's plan? As much as I love worry-free LTE gobbling, I just can't justify spending that kind of money on a phone that can't be used on any other network. Not when the Nexus 4 costs half that, will get updates early and often AND won't have official Google Services blocked (Wallet anyone?). I know these issues can be solved with rooting but no good will come from people continuing to support systems that force customers to step outside the realm of normal use just to get updates and services that should be easily accessed.

I understand that some people don't really have a choice in carriers and some can't afford a $350 one-time payment but if every Android user who CAN do so was to choose an unlocked Nexus 4 on a prepaid/month-to-month plan, it would make companies like Big Dread very nervous. They'd be much more likely to allow a REAL Nexus experience on their network (not an unfair request considering they do it for the iPhone.) If we can get them to waiver on the Nexus line, a company as big as, say, Samsung could push them to include them too. Over time, we could have immediate updates on every phone....but it all has to start with strategic buying.

Sorry. That was more of a rant than I was planning on making. Stepping down off the soapbox. 
+Charles Eye I am definitely not paying $500-700 for a phone. If anything, I'm looking at the oft-overlooked used/refurbished phone market that will be much less expensive and still yield acceptable results.

My options are as follows: a) buy a used Galaxy Nexus for $200-250 and stick with my loose data usage on VZW. b) keep my HTC Thunderbolt until it absolutely stops working or c) Step over to T-Mobile when my VZW contract ends and grab a 5GB capped plans and an off-contract LG Nexus 4.

After a bit of consideration, I've decided to go with option C for financial reasons. For those interested, here's my breakdown:

My current VZW plan is unlimited, but it also costs me about $115 per month. T-Mobile has a web special right now that offers 5GB data, unlimited text, and 100 minutes for $30/month sans contract. So if I buy my phone off-contract (let's assume $350 for the 16GB N4), I stand to save $670 in the first year versus even just keeping my busted up HTC Thunderbolt 4G on my current LTE plan. Of course, these numbers apply only to my personal situation, YMMV.

So, by switching carriers and going off-contract, I'd get a better phone, I'd save money, but I'd also have a slightly slower connection and to be more careful with my data use. To be fair, I've been rather cavalier with my 4G LTE connection, so it shouldn't be hard to halve my 10GB/mo usage.

Related reading: CNET's +Jessica Dolcourt happens to have just published an article about the contracted vs. no-contract conundrum.
+Peter Lau Ebay is probably your best bet. It's full of listings from reputable resellers like Gazelle. There's also the Amazon marketplace (which I've used to sell my lightly used electronics), Craigslist (which can be shady), friends looking to offload their used phones (it's always good to have an early adopter buddy), and the carriers themselves who sometimes have refurb deals.
+antuan goodwin Depending on you're T-Mobile plan you really may not need to be careful with you're data plan, yes your speed will be slowed, but they do not charge overage fees unlike Verizon and AT&T's capped data plans.its not perfect, but it works pretty well, I switched from Verizon to T-Mobile recently and when I look at mobile and wifi totals monthly I'm at about 30GB per month
And just think, with all the money you're saving, you can buy extra data if you hit your cap and not break the bank.

I have to say, my LTE usage is obscene lately but mostly as a way to make Big Dread pay for slow updates and blocking apps. As soon as my contract EOLs, I'm out and never looking back. 
TMo has a genuinely unlimited 4G option! It's real; I've tested the shit out of it. Went a little over 10 gigs the other month and my bill was still $55!
I understand that T-Mo's data is unlimited, I also understand that they throttle your use when you pass the predetermined soft cap. I know how frustrated I get over slow data connections, so I'll probably want to keep my usage below the 5GB ceiling just for my own sanity.
Nope! There is that plan, but, as a new customer, there is a straight up, completely legit, 100% unlimited 4G plan for like $30 a month.
I think that it technically caps at a 1000 (THOUSAND) gigs because they have to put a number there, but yeah, that's a thing.
I'm in the same situation as you +antuan goodwin. I have a Droid RAZR on Verizon unlimited $120/mo on a family plan. I could.cut that in half by going to the 100 min T-Mobile plan and a Nexus 4. I'd get Google Wallet but lose unlimited/unthrottled data. But T-mo's HSPA+ is actually faster than LTE here in my house. But the coverage around town is much worse. Decisions decisions. 
How does your 10GB breakdown? music, videos, what in the world do you do? 
Jorge P
+antuan goodwin i had unlimited Verizon service until i saw that paying over $100 for phone service WS insane. Went over to T-Mobile prepaid $30 plan with 5GB of data....have never looked back! I'm a heavy data user and I still don't pass 5GB plus on my GNEX I can do free tethering within the settings. Zero regrets. LTE not worth the $100+ a month! 
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