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Hyundai wants to replace your car keys with your NFC-enabled smartphone by 2015. There are some good ideas here.
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I agree, it seems silly to replace the longer range key fobs with something as short range as NFC...but then again, something tells me WiFi or Bluetooth would be a terrible idea >_<

I thought MirrorLink was just a dumb recreation of what was on the smartphone screen (obviously with touch feedback)  but I guess they had to go make it more complicated....
D Woods
The remote access that most (at lot) car are now coming out with is more than enough. Better battery life than any phone. Push button start, remote start and so on. Happy New Year to you Antuan Goodwin. 
+D Woods i haven't dug too deeply into how the romote access works, but my understanding is that they use 3G (or 4G or WiMax, you know what I mean) and therefore actually have a monthly fee.
D Woods
I should have stated the remote key folb that comes with some cars that open the doors, are getting more advance. For now I don't see NFC being a big hit 
D Woods
That remote is just a replacement for the metal type key 
+D Woods oh, totally misunderstood. So the big problem with those is that it's an extra thing to carry. Why not integrate it to the smart phone if you can? That said, not sure NFC is the best solution cause of the limited range
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