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It's not the newest phone on the block, but I'm SO ready to give up my busted up Thunderbolt and the expensive contract that came with it. #galaxyNexus 
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Q: What version? 4G LTE?
A: It's an unlocked GSM version.

Q: What carrier?
A: I went with T-Mobile as my carrier with a pretty cheap $30 5GB soft-capped 4G plan.

Q: Why not just get the Google Nexus 4?
A: The 16GB N4 looks like its gonna be sold out for some time now and my Thunderbolt has HAD IT! I figured that picking up a used Galaxy Nexus and staying away from a contract frees me up to grab the N4 (or something better) when the heat dies down and availability goes up.

Q: Rooted yet? Are you gonna?
A: Nope and I'm probably not going to. This is an inbetweener phone for me and I'm hoping to keep it in good/stock condition for reselling in a month or two.
+antuan goodwin great choice man...I been on this inbetweener GNex running $30 Tmo plan for a while until I get a Nexus 4. You will not regret going prepaid! I haven't yet. 
Man. . And you have held onto that thunderbolt for a while. ... this is an epic for you. ...I am impressed with your work. .... what about finding a used thunderbolt? 
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