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Could a droptop Scion FR-S be in the future? Could it challenge the Mazda Miata? #genevaiscoming  
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The concept is good. But 4 seater convertibles are always ugly.
I think Felix is thinking about the Eclipse or the the Sebring.

But on the other hand, the new Porsche Boxster (2-seats) does look better than the current 911 Cabriolet (4-seats). 4-seat convertibles may not all be ugly, but 2-seat roadsters always look better. :)

On the other-other hand, neither the 911's or the FR-S' rear seats are "really" rear seats. They're more like small parcel shelves with seat belts.
+Leon Venton you got me. haha. OK, 1 exception in the world. But the convertible 911 would STILL look better as a 2 seater.
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