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Most car guys are guilty of rolling our eyes at the "cutesy" Porsche Boxster, despite its amazing mid-engined chassis. Now, the 2013 Boxster has muscular looks to go with its performance. Check my review of what I think is the best value in Porsche's lineup at
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Perfect balance. Best porsche you can get for handling imho 
+Will Park The Cayman is based on the Boxster, so the pros of one car should, for the most part, overlap with the other. (With the obvious exception of the power cloth top, which I love.)
+Will Park In theory, yes.

In practice, the Boxster/Cayman were designed from the ground up as a Roadster (it's why we're seeing a 2013 Boxster before the next-gen Cayman is even announced), so the roof probably only adds a bit of stiffness to the already rigid chassis.

This is different from a vehicle like the Nissan Z, which was designed as a coupe and the roof is an integral part of the vehicle's structure. Removing the Z's roof causes a loss in stiffness and bracing must be added to the convertible version to compensate for its loss, increasing weight.
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