In the search of the best bluetooth headset i recently bought these. The Samsung Level U Pro.

The requirements for my use are

1. All day battery life
2. Multipoint connectivity
3. Good microphones for calls
4. Decent audio output

Having use a lot of different Headsets, i find these neckband style to be the best, as they usually carry bigger batteries. However in the past I've used some with retractable earbuds which they always broke after 6 months of use.

These Samsung ones follow a different route. The earbuds don't hide away, instead they come together with magnets when not in your ears. This allow them to have some special features. Separate them to answer a call and put them back together to hang up. Same with music play/pause.

The battery lasts all day no problem. They are comfortable and lightweight. They stay connected with both my phones (android and windows) and so far i didn't hear any complaints from the other end in phone calls.

Samsung advertises something called UHQ audio, which stands for Ultra High Quality, but you only get this if you have a Samsung phone of late (s6, s7). I don't have any complaints though. The sound is loud with punchy bass out of the box. However there is an app for them from Samsung that offers equalizer settings, battery status and more. I haven't installed it because i didn't mind the out of the box experience.

So, so far so good. If anyone has any experience with these or other similar ones to recommend I'll be glad to hear!

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