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Ankush Das
Freelance Writer at Ubergizmo | Loving Android & iOS
Freelance Writer at Ubergizmo | Loving Android & iOS


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Finally, Tech Legends - pushing to its next level with our first YouTube video! New logo! :)

7 Best Android Launchers - 2017

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Still using Windows?

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Some random shots along with a great shot of my mum and dad!
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Wanna relive the past and enjoy playing solitaire?

Here's the best of 'em for your Android!

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+Rob Watkins Here you go...😎
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+Kris Carlon Exactly how I feel. It was a very good read and now that I got an excellent write-up to share with my friends how I feel without going for endless discussions :D

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It's kind of an amazing experience when you think your battery will last longer by using the Facebook app less often (but it turns out to be something else).

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Here we present Mr. Tao Li - APUS Group's founder. He successfully established the company, now with a market value of more than 1.5 billion USD. Insane! eh?

You may be aware of APUS launcher, that's the company I'm talking about :) Although, there are a series of popular APUS products for Android now.

In our interview, he also shared a few tips for young Android app developers. So, it might help you if you are (or want to be) an Android developer.

We asked him a couple of interesting questions :) You can check out the complete interview here:

Recently, in India, Reliance JIO network started offering free voice calls and 4G Internet speeds -> 30 - 80 Mbps. And, the company claims that it offers the lowest data rate per GB in the World.

India definitely needed this as we have a very poor Internet connectivity

My question to people living outside India: What's the speed you are getting? And, what's your average monthly bill and Internet usage?

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Ever tried to customize default Google keyboard app? Google keyboard app doesn't allow customization. Check 9 best keyboard apps for Android to type faster.
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