#AutoAwesome storytelling

This time of year we reconnect with loved ones, and we reflect on the moments that really matter. Photos and videos help preserve these moments, and when you save them to Google+, #AutoAwesome can bring your story to life in meaningful, magical ways. #AutoAwesome can, for example:

- Transform a game of dress-up into a delightful animation (http://goo.gl/aJzYUj), or
- Create a highlight reel for a recent family wedding (http://goo.gl/Th3wE0), or
- Display an entire cliff diving sequence in a single image (http://goo.gl/b6weQ6), or
- Add falling snow to your favorite winter photograph (http://goo.gl/9gdPrC)

In all cases these gifted items appear in your account automatically, so as long as you’re backing things up to Google+, you’ll get notified whenever an awesome (and private) version is ready to share.

Of course: many people have been saving and sharing their photos and videos on Google+ all year long. And for those select users we’ve got one more holiday gift: an #AutoAwesome year in review (I've attached mine as an example). You’ll get notified in the next week or so if you have one of these movies waiting for you.

Most importantly we want to say thank you. It’s your support and enthusiasm that make Google+ so special. And we’ll keep working to help you tell your story. #googleplusupdate #year2013
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+Anil Sabharwal This is really cool! The updates keep getting more and more impressive.

Will the movie retrospective collect a variety of images from our posts also, or only build the retrospective from backups shot and saved on our mobile devices?
Thank you for all your hard work. Happy Holidays!
Yeah.  That's a neat trick.  Keep up the great work.
I definitely plan to start a collage for my husband and children which I plan to have very soon!
Excellent video!  Happy Holidays!  Cheers!
i had one of these appear in G+ on my phone about a month or so ago.
Awesome! I wonder if Ill get one? 
Fabulous idea ! I love it ! Thanks for sharing !!
Tom Ho
Happ happ!
Does it use music from your library or some of googles?
It's awesome! Congratulations to Google! =)
Vania C
Thanks Google+, you're awesome!!!
How can I view it again? It was beautiful! 
I love my year2013 autoawesome...when i first saw it i was so surprised...i thought...who did this?  Then my jaw hit the ground when i realized autoawesome did it all by itself!
If I haven't been alerted yet, does that mean I won't be getting one of the EOY videos? I was really excited, I've backed up every photo all year!
This may be a dumb question but is there anyway to recreate a new one? Mine was amazing and almost made a grown man cry after seeing my son's birth pictures again since July, but there were some random photos in there that I didn't get around to deleting, like pictures of steaks and misc. items. Any idea?
Jeff R
Still waiting for mine
i got mine, and now can't figure out how to get back to it. its not in an email. its not in my notifications. how do i get back to it? 
+russ sweetser click photos then you will see three bars in upper left hand corner. Click that and a menu will drop down. Autoawesome will be in the menu. Click on that and see all your autoawesome photos and videos. 
Love mine! But can we create one ourselves or edit?
i  waiting for mine
And it doesnt let me share it to anywhere except on Google's feed: /
What a wonderful video! Thank you :-) 
Happy new year! My autoawesome movie would be awesome too if it wasn't for the picture of the dead bird. Note to self: Take no pictures of dead animals in 2014. 
Ouuu que google mas legau eu nuca tia visto o google mas rocheda kkkkkkkkkkkkkk"!
hi, I have a lot of pictures and awesome gif created ... why I haven't yet the auto awesome video resume 2013 ?
I also auto backup all my photos to Google+, and don't have this. What the heck?
Nice nice nice just. Nice I like it😊😊😊😊😊💘💜💙❤💝💚💖💓💞💗💕💟💛
And I still don't have it. I assume I never will. It's a big mistake on Google's part to make a big deal about this and not explain why some people get it and some don't.
I got mine I saw yours how come we can't upload it to Facebook or are email
It is now March 13th of 2014.....how come i havent seen mine yet or cannot access it?
I got one for 2014 and chose different music in the editing options and it was "stuck on processing" for a few hours and then disappeared from photos. :( 
for those who are still waiting on theirs ill just say this.. im still waiting on my 2013 one..as you can see in my post above i still have not gotten the one for last year and i dont expect one this year either. Yes ive backed up everything.
 On Facebook EVERY USER gets one...just saying. 
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