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Off page SEO is one of the most important things if you want to get more visitors from search engines to your sites.

What is off page SEO?

Off page SEO can be referred as anything that you do outside of your website to improve its search rankings such as link building, increasing website speed and performance etc.

Most bloggers always think that SEO is REALLY hard and often ignore doing it. So let me make it easy for you. SEO is basically of two types;

On page SEO

Off page SEO

On page SEO involves in keyword research and optimizing your blog’s content around those keywords to get better rankings.

Off page SEO involves in building links, getting more social shares and increasing user experience (which are all done outside of your website) to increase your website’s search rankings and traffic.

So how to do off page SEO to get better rankings?

It’s a long explanation. That’s why we’ve written a detailed guide on off page SEO that you can read from here.

Off page SEO has so many benefits;

You can increase your search rankings

Increase your social shares and backlink profile

Get more sales etc

So what are you waiting for?

Stop ignoring SEO and start learning it in simple steps.

Click here to find out the PROVEN off page SEO strategies for 2018

Quick note: We’ve spent so much time in creating this detailed post so if you find it useful, please share it with others so they can also benefit from it.

If you’ve any questions, hit reply and ask me.
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There are millions of websites in the world and thousands of sites are going live every single day. That’s a lot of competition, right?

It’s really hard to find a way to build a profitable blog that makes profits if you’re in a competitive niche. Here’s where you need more website traffic and not just any traffic, it has to be search engine traffic.

Search engine traffic is the only traffic sources that sends;

Targeted visitors
High quality leads and sales
Better website conversion rates
That’s the reason why brands, agencies and marketers all over the world are spending billions of dollars on Google AdWords to get visitors from Google to their sites and landing pages. Because they know that ROI from search engine is really great.

So how do you get more search engine traffic to your sites?

To get more organic traffic from Google, you can do a ton of things ranging from keyword research to link building to competitor analysis but none of them works if you don’t have the right strategy.

Here’s where we’ve come up with an idea to create a detailed post on few of the PROVEN best SEO practices you can use to skyrocket your search traffic.

Click here to read the best SEO practices in 2018

What will you discover in the post?

In the above post, you’ll find out all the best SEO practices such as linkless mentions, LSI keywords importance, site audits, the 10x content (which is considered as the holy grail of SEO) and many more.

You’ll also find all the relevant information such as;

Practical SEO tips
Tools that you can use for better SEO
Lots of examples with screenshots and many more
So make sure to read the post and implement the best SEO practices one by one to get better results.

“Take action, go slowly and track your results” - that’s the success mantra of SEO.

So what are you waiting for?

Find out the best SEO practices used by SEO experts

If you still have any questions, do reply here and make sure to comment on the post if you find the tips useful.

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Do you want to test your SEO skills and earn lots of exciting gifts? Here is what you can earn by answering the 10 questions from top SEO & Blogging experts in India.

Free SEMrush Guru subscription for one month worth $200
Free ticket to AdTech event
And Chance to meet SEMrush Global team in person in Delhi

Click the below link to test your SEO skills now.
SEMrush Holi Game
SEMrush Holi Game
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I’m using SEO Tools for the following reasons:

To keep track of my target keywords rankings on and Google India (Desktop & Mobile)
To do my Site SEO Audit
To keep track of backlinks of my own or competitor websites.
Find best performing keywords for my competitors
To do keyword research to find the less competitive keywords.

I’m able to do all of these activities with SEMrush with ease. You can also do all of these activities by using SEMrush free for the next 30 days from this post (worth $99):

Please let me know in case you have any doubt or question while using this SEO premium tool.

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Hi friends, I've a great news for all of the people who're curious about Bloggers Passion earning report and traffic report for the year 2017.

We've written a DETAILED post around it sharing all the details like;

-Income report for 2017 (along with average monthly income)
-Traffic report for 2017
-Screenshots, images and all

Apart from the above, you'll also find a ton of tips that helped us to triple Bloggers Passion traffic and income in 2017. You'll also find what we're going to do on Bloggers Passion in this year so what are you waiting for?

Click on the below link to find all the details and do share the post so others can find it useful too.
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This week we published a post about best affiliate programs here . With this post, we are aiming at sharing the popular affiliate programs from most niches. So this post will be useful for most of bloggers who want to make money while selling affiliate products.

Here is the list niches that we covered via this massive post (Around 16k words long):

Travel | General Shopping | Programs with recurring commission | Pay Per Lead programs | Health & Fitness | Finance | SEO | Web Hosting | Pets | Music | Education | Fashion | Sports | Outdoor | Email Marketing | Wordpress Themes
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So the wait is over for the most awaiting case study about how I made over $13,000 within a week during Black Friday week.

Here's the link:

I talked about almost everything including the traffic stats, income stats and clicks in this case study so you'll get a better idea about how we actually achieved it.

You'll also discover a ton of useful tips and strategies we've used to make that huge money within a week so you too can do the same thing.

Please leave comments below in case you have any questions or want to share your Black Friday success with us.

#BlackFriday #CyberMonday #AffiliateMarketing #CaseStudy
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Guys, we started working on a case study around Black Friday & Cyber Monday. With this case study, you will know how we end up making more than $13000 during Black Friday & Cyber Monday week.

We are writing this case study to help you earn more money from your blogs and websites while selling products through affiliate marketing.

Sharing you a screenshot showing the amount of traffic we received this time this time on Black Friday & Cyber Monday deal posts compared to Last year.
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Looking for HUGE discounts on web hosting, SEO Tools, Wordpress Themes & Domain names etc this Cyber Monday?

You’re in the right place. I’ve a good news for you where you’ll get up to 99% discount on blogging & SEO related products.

The Cyber Monday sale will expire in next 4 hours for most of products that are mentioned here. So make sure to visit the following page to get instant discount:

These deals will be live only for next 4 hours. So make sure to grab them before the sale ends. If you miss these deals now, you will be able to grab them next year on Cyber Monday. Decide if you want to claim them now or want to wait for next 365 days.

Here are few tools that are covered in the deals.

Bluehost (OVER 60% OFF)
Hostgator (65% to 80% OFF during flash sales)
WPX Hosting (Get First Month for $1)
SEMrush (Access to SEMrush Pro Version worth $99 free for 30 days)
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Namecheap (Upto 99% OFF on Domains, Hosting & SSL)
WPEngine (FLAT 35% OFF (5 1/2 months FREE))
iPage Hosting (Get 75% OFF)
Elegant Themes (Flat 25% OFF)
Studiopress themes (Flat 50% OFF for existing people, 25% OFF for new people)
JustHost (Get 60% OFF)
HostMonster (UPTO 60% OFF)
Long Tail Pro (50% OFF)
Mangools SEO Tools (GET 30% Discount for LIFETIME!)
SERPed Tools (GET 80% Discount on the First Month)

So what are you waiting for?

Grab the BEST deals (to save up to 99%)

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[Live NOW] Black Friday Web Hosting, Domains, SEO Deals: Save Up to 99%

If you are looking for a new web hosting or a new domain name or SEO tool, this is the RIGHT time. You can save up to 99% on your purchase.

Here are mind blowing deals that you shouldn't miss out.

Hosting: Here are the web hosting deals if you are thinking to launch a new blog.

Hostgator (65% to 80% OFF during flash sales): Grab offer
Bluehost (Save 70%): Grab offer
WPX Hosting (Get it for $1 ONLY for First Month): Grab offer ( is hosted here)
iPage Hosting (FLAT 75% OFF): Grab offer

Essentials: Here are 3 tools and services I absolutely recommend to EVERY blogger.

1. SEMrush: This is my #1 SEO tool. You can get a 30 Days of FREE SEMrush Pro account worth $99 (Grab the DEAL from Here)

2. Elegant Themes: Flat 25% OFF: Grab deal

3. Namecheap: Up to 99% OFF on Domains, Hosting, SSL Etc: Grab offer

So what are you waiting for? Go and grab the deals that you like during this black Friday to save up to 99%
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