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I keep getting notices that so-and-so has added me on Google+. It makes me feel guilty because I have nothing original to say here. The entire workings of my mind are laid out for everyone on Twitter. What's left for me to blabber about on G+? (and no, I'm not telling you about my sex life ;) )
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Are you thanking me for not talking about my sex life? You're very welcome.
I'm sure it's all very interesting, but... Grin.
You can shut off the email notifications. ;-)
I think it will be awhile before Google+ becomes the chatty social hub of Facebook. Besides, it's hard to not to repeat info, between twitter and FB and blogging.
Debra, I think you skipped my point entirely, which wasn't the notifications at all!
No, I got what you were saying. I was just trying to be helpful.
I'm having the same issue... What to say when all of my pontificating is all on Twitter! LOL
Then maybe reconsider the decision to not talk about your sex life here?

*patiently watches my stream*
I was just looking into how to connect Google+ with Facebook and Twitter. Perhaps too early... (not that we wouldn't be interested in special Google+ only updates on your sex life.)
I'm thinking this will be something I connect to Twitter also. I actually like the interface better than FB for looking at people's pictures, etc
or maybe we need some other form of social network that puts our word on every network we want, U C i like circles in G+ but it would be nice to have my public text be on twitter too ....
Still trying to figure out what to do with G+ myself. Sadly, my Twitter is pretty much neglected. Obviously, Google hopes that everyone will migrate from Twitter, FB, etc. to here - and if they make it possible so everything crossposts all over the place? That would be a big plus.
I currently have my tweets set to link with FB, by blog set to link with FB, etc. I'd like to have them link here, mostly because I have different friends/followers/likes/etc at each place. Unique content, however? I haven't figured that out for here either. More than likely, anything unique to G+ will end up cross-posting to FB as well. That site is so neglected! :)
Twitter feeds directly to my Google+, that's how you got added. Don't feel guilty. Keep blabbering on twitter, it's all good. :-)
No celebrity sex tape anywhere then? ... Damn!
I just joined too and dont see whats great about google+
I think you need to give it a little time Kathy and see how it can work for you.
I just signed up because I kept getting invites and wanted to see what it's about. But there is no way I can keep up with Google + and FB.
I'm on Twitter/ facebook/ Google+ and many other sites. Many of them I only joined the last few months and it hard work keeping but with all the internet sites and my writing but we are living in a world that is flying faster then birds and we can't afford to be left behind!
Hilarious, I feel the same way. I am still getting use to this google plus. So I figure I better just run with it. Who knows. It might trump twitter and facebook.
without a little bit of sex - made some time ago - we wouldn't be here :)
you are looking such a angel
Just because someone adds you doesn't make you want to circle them. Pick & Choose who I want to hear from is what I do:) +Angela James 
Me myself hates Facebook because it's always on the news with negative connotations, people are always spying on one another, arguing back and forth, but to each his own. I prefer G+ I've had pretty good experiences with most and it doesn't have the notariety of facebook
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