I'm about to introduce you to your new favourite artists: @wobblyrockbooks

Prepare yourselves – that sentence above was no word of a lie. You're about to be blown away... And, on this one, you're not on your own.

This weekend, in the Comics Clocktower exhibition space of the #LICAF Lakes International Art Festival in Kendal, two creatives sat behind their table and welcomed praise after praise after praise from both attendees and fellow artists and writers as they caught a glimpse of the work they had on display.

They are writer Amy Murrell and artist Oliver Murrell who, between them, conjure slight, delicate, complex, hypnotic, and truly spellbinding short stories, rendered in the most detailed and exquisite fashion. It got to the point where fellow attendee +Alex Paknadel pretty much stopped trying to sell his book on his table opposite and pointed everyone in the direction of the Murrells - he was absolutely gobsmacked.

It says a lot that I spotted Special Guest +Kieron Gillen forever loitering around their table - I agree with Alex when he says that nobody else in the room will be able to get close to the Murrells in 6 to 12 months time: they're just going to be superstars and out of everybody's league.

And yet, surprisingly, the Lakes Festival was in actual fact their coming out party - their first book, 'Egg', has only been out for a short while and their new release, 'Trumpet', was getting its debut at the event. I was struck by how self-effusive and modest Amy and Oliver were - they were so modest, they had no idea of the impression they were making.

So, watch this space and note carefully: +Wobbly Rock Books - they're going to be superstars. And, if they're not, you only have yourselves to blame.

Head to www.wobblyrock.com for more...
Wobbly Rock Books
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