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android + viber = wow
Looks great! I want it already. 
I just bought a galaxy nexus but wow.... I'll buy this ASAP if it's on the gplay store unlocked!
16GB & I'll definitely get one. 
Hey +Bill Ramseyer you should have patented the color logo, they went with what you did with your nexus 7 logo lol JK. But I guess great minds thing a like. (FYI that site made a mock up, wish they made it clear in the head line)
Looks like it has the same solid build quality as a nexus 7 but better. I'm liking this much more than previous leaks. $350. sweet spot for a phone? 
The LG logo could use some improvement. A little darker/lower opacity would be nice. Also, I'd rather just have the circle thing instead of the blocky LG letters.
So Beautifuuuuuuuuul ... I'd definitely sell my Galaxy Nexus and buy new LG Nexus :)
I'm waiting for the HTC Nexus 5 32 gig of storage 2 gig of ram 12 megapixel camera 5 inch 1080 p LCD 2 display. Nexus 5 look it up or google it that will be my next device currently using the HTC One s and Nexus 7
Something's wrong with this photo.
I can't tell if it's a problem from photoshop or if the back is not well adjusted...
On the left and on the top, back is always under the border
On thebottom right, back is over the border...
+Nima Azimzadeh I agree fourth generation. It's been said that Google is going to use 5 different companies to release 5 different Nexus devices I'm pretty sure it'll be Nexus 4 Nexus 5 and a couple of other ones alongside Nexus 10 from Samsung Apps the device I'm going after will be Nexus 5 from HTC
don't like this thing around the photo lens. Looks cheap. And this back also cheap
+david cassoday well duh, read about the internals it will convince you to want it. This is just icing on the cake since it's good looking
People have been giving this phone so much crap on some other sites and its kinda crazy to me. It's got one of the best (if not the best processor) 2 gigs of ram, a higher build quality (even for being a prototype) and a larger battery.

Personally, I think my gnex is still one of the best phones out and its a year old. This nexus 4 is heading down the right path IMO. It'll probably be my next phone. I'll let it come out and see what the reviews look like on it first.
I want the Nokia camera!!!  
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