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This would sell pretty well, right?
Recently there’s been rumblings that Google will release a 7-inch “Nexus tablet” in the first half of 2012, but many have doubted that Google would actually enter the hardware business. Several people...
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If they're selling a 10 inch quad core Google Experience tablet, I will be wherever I need to be on launch day to get one.
Wrong size? 7" and 10"? What size should it be? 22"? ;)
Yes. 7" is perfect for portability. A perfect complement to my Xoom.
I think 7in is too small. It needs to be 9-10in if it's competing against the iPad.
Isn't it competing with the kindle?
I have a Galaxy Tab 10.1 but I think I would prefer the 7 inch. I think the 10.1 is a little too big.
+Jeff Leger Have you had a look at the Samsung 8.9? I think it's a good compromise size if you want something more easily portable than a "full" 10in tablet, but find the 7in models too cramped.
it will a stupid move by google to enter the hardware market,,,
What makes this an entry to the hardware market?
7 inch is perfect for portability ..bigger isnt always better ..if this is true then android is gonna hit an all time high when this realeses :)-
+Antonio Conner Agreed ... just as MSFT provides the operating system and foundation apps to a PC, GOOG can license the software and valuable brand, and contract with a solid mobile device manufacturer to assemble it efficiently offshore. They don't have the capital cost of the fab, and their investment in software and branding is leveraged in a new way.

I've been wanting a new, smarter device with a bigger screen than my mobile phone, yet with longer battery life and portability, and that will fit into a jacket pocket. If this does not require a data plan (WiFi is everywhere I go), I'd definitely be interested.
I would get one for that price!
As much as I love Google, I just can't get exciting about a Google Play tablet with how their past big launches (Xoom, Galaxy Tab) have turned out.
MONEY (Throwing) + SCREEN = Y U NO WORKY?!
I don't think it would. The market is crowded with tablets all with similar specs. The only difference between this and my xoom would be the tegra 3. That doesn't translate to a lot of real world change on the tablet. Faster yes but the xoom is by no means slow to begin with. It would make a lot more sense if they released it with jelly bean which is rumored to be more tablet focused. Now the padphone brings something new and I could honestly see that selling

Tl;dr No this wouldn't sell because it would just be another android tablet...
Yeah. I'd definitely buy it.
"Pretty well" is an understatement! The entire stock will be preordered.
ill take one! I was actually waiting for the 7inch transformer prime, and if it ends up being the nexus tablet, that's even better
One Question. If they can do this tablet for $200, why is the Galaxy Nexus phone at $590? For the modem and the sim-card reader?
Sounds so good. Just needs NFC too so I can beam stuff from my Nexus.
Ari R
That's the piece of pie Amazon took over. Now its time +Google provides it with NFC or micro SD card capability as the latter can also double as NFC readers...Asus and Nvidia will be of awesome advantage too
Its great they went with Asus, makers of the Transformer and Padfone.
As long as it's contract-free, I would definitely buy one at that price.
i prefer laptops,but a nexus tablet at $200 may be too hard to pass up... and yes must be contract free. eff that.
That would be amazing. I've been wanting a Kindle but a quad core ICS tablet for the same price would pretty much do it for me.
I will have ita s soon as it is released :)
I just understand how they would make money on this.... Asus I mean.
Sounds like they might be giving out a Chromebook and a 7" tablet at I/O.
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