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I cannot, never! Because the hype is over 9000! But it should be pretty decent :)
New dual cores have the same performance as quads.
+Omar O'Hara Why not? The Krait architecture is way more advanced than the ARM A9 Core technology, no A15 though.
Not everything is just GHZ and and amount of cores ;)

The problem with the S4 is the GPU, Adreno 225 sucks fucking balls :(
I don't care if it's the quad-core or dual-core for us in the US. I really want to see something revolutionary like the wireless charging that was rumored to be included. Give me something that changes the market.
Rule of thumb never buy first gen cpus. I'm sure next generation quads will be great, but stick to the new improved duals for now.
+Vernon R The 4412 is so no first gen CPU^^
You can make a point about the 5250 though, but I dont think it will be a problem :D
I sure hope so because if the next Galaxy does, this and the Pebble watch will be my B-Day gift. If not, when/if the +HTC One X comes to T-Mobile i will be buying that.
I think it's impossible to live up to all the hype this device has received ahead of the launch today.
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