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"A Nexus tablet without 3G/4G is doomed to the niche market." Is it really?
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...journalists these days
But...tablets with data plans and having to deal with US carriers are stupid...

No one wants the carriers in EVERY aspect of their lives. :|

+Google doesn't want a stupid tablet, I'm sure.
Shared plans and MIFI' issue
im going to say this ... most people dont care about 3g of 4g data....... you can find wifi in a pinch....... my only concern is 7 inches small for me ... 8.9 is the best size
That article is so misguided, I don't know anyone with a 3G iPad or any other tablet... I have a wifi only Xoom and any tablet I buy will likely be wifi only; I can't justify or afford two separate contracts when I can just tether... it also mentions the Nexus tab being Honeycomb. Do some god damn research!
Carriers will just delay updates to a Nexus device. My present phone and all future Android devices will be Nexus just for this reason...
I think the next big trend in the 3g/4g arena would be in the personal hotspot idea, one data plan and hook up the family wifi devices while out.
I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 with a sim slot for 3g and am yet to put a sim in it (apart from a quick test with my phone sim)...
p.s. I got it for same price as the Wifi only version and thought, "I might use that, some day..".
I would purchase the WiFi-only version regardless if there was a 3G/4G version. That's what my phone + WiFi tethering is for. I waited for the Xoom WiFi version to be released.
Scott M
oh yeah because the wifi only iPad has been a complete failure
I have a wifi Galaxy Tab 10.1 and tether to my cellphones when I'm out. I have a prepaid portable 3g/wifi hotspot I top up very rarely but keep in my laptop bag for those "just in case" moments.

Why do I need 3G in my tablet when it has wifi and I have multiple ways of accessing the internet when I'm out and about?

As to the 7" form factor... I actually really like my 7" kobo ereader for size. I also have a brandless Chinese 7" Android 2.2 tablet I use primarily for reading RSS feeds and email. Its a convenient size. It fits into the inside pocket of my jacket and its light enough to be barely noticed. 7" is a good size to read on. The original 7" Galaxy Tab was also comfortable to use.

I wouldn't replace my 10.1" tablet with a 7" for all things, but don't rule out getting another one if the device is good enough.
When will people learn... Any Android News coming from Seigler TechCrunch is irrelevant...
Do you think it's possible to start a petition to ban TC from the internet? I find no reason for them to still be allowed to publish anything
Personally, I am looking forward to what Motorola invented, one of the big reasons I think Google bought Motorola, and one of the ways I think Google will cut in on the iPad's success: webtop--the unification of smartphone, tablet, and laptop--only imagine it as the merger of Android and Chrome OS. One data plan, continuous client, tons of battery life, fewer devices to buy.

Nexus Android + Chrome OS (a la Webtop) = major win
I was going to write a post about how much this article was wrong, but I just decided to tweet at that guy and tell him that his article was just plain wrong. I don't know which rock he lives under or if he just reads TC, but it is pretty terrible.
Who said the spec is dead? Apple? Oh, if they said it its got to be true right??? No.

Ask Windows Phone users who can't use this that or the other app because of insufficient RAM if the spec is dead... Bet they wish they paid more attention to specs now... Hehehe...
+Stephen Cropp
Yes, exactly. Asus sees the writing on the wall. The convergence of smartphone and tablet is extremely compelling, and will be wildly popular with Android and Chrome OS, once Chrome OS is fully baked.

Of course, Google Glass will replace tablets entirely once it doesn't look so geeky and they get the UX and interfacing issues nailed down.
Well, Google now owns Motorola, they are also rumored to have a Nexus consortium... I'm thinking phones with standardized ports to make building docking solutions more universal... Webtop functionality built into Android core as well...

Webtop into Android core plus standardized docks = Evolution of the smart"device"
I really don't know since when I use the tethering but welcome in 2012 TechCrunch.
+James Pakele webtop into android core is already there as of ICS, but I don't know about docking stations. I could see using Bluetooth though, as long as there was enough I/O. Just pull out a screen and keyboard combo and use your phone through it. Probably a dream though.
+A.J. Klein really, how do I access webtop from ICS? I have an Epic Touch running CM9... Did I miss something somewhere?

Anywho, not so much a dream, Motorola has a multimedia dock that can have wired keyboard and mouse hookups... I think it runs about $75
oh Motorola has tried it, but a universal connector is more of the dream I think (although the G-Nex does have those pins...).

the software is there because the Padfone uses stock ICS software for the webtop environment, however I do not know how to force it without a special docking device being made for the phone. I don't know if it would work on cm9 as well, I think they might only be keeping that a part of the device if it actually has the hardware sold extra (ie: Atrix)
+A.J. Klein If the rumored Nexus consortium works well standardized port placement could / should be part of it... Well, hoping... It would be a strong selling point for the Nexus brand if 3rd party accessory makers could standardize around something... One of the very few benefits the iDevices still have...
well, they are to some extent. Power button on right (top), volume on left, microUSB and headphone on bottom, and camera (if it is there) on the right (bottom). unless everyone adopts the gnex pins though, I don't see it happening
I guess if you are using your tablet in the middle of nowhere but in that case you'll be lucky to get any kind of cell network. Wifi is everywhere these days. 
lol the guy who wrote that is an idiot. Tether if you need data, but I know tons of people who will buy this who dont want to drop 500 dollars for a tablet. This will be perfect for couch surfing, changing music at home and surfing the net. 3g is pointless in a tablet and that is the Niche market IMO
The author is a fuckn dumb ass I want a tablet for when I get home an use my wifi what's the point of having wifi at home? I have a 4g phone but when I get home I throw the wifi on simple as that no one wants 10 data plan bills come on get this author out of here the nexus tablet is going to be a huge success an he's Hanna be the one talking about jelly bean isn't as smooth as iOS with its wanna be quad core lol
Well it is TechCrunch after all lol.
I dont care even a little about 3G/4G connectivity i use WiFi connection waayyyyy more like 90% of the time im on WiFi
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