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Nokia says that it's got no plans to manufacture a new phone.
Last week, a rumor suggested that Nokia might release a new smartphone in 2016, once its deal with Microsoft allows it to launch phones with the Nokia name once again. Fast-forward to today and Nok...
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That's bologna.
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You can once again buy a Sony Xperia Z3 from T-Mobile, and at a lower price to boot.
After quietly disappearing from T-Mobile’s online store earlier this month, the Sony Xperia Z3 has reappeared in the shop just as quietly. You can once again buy a Sony Xperia Z3 from T-Mobile’s on...
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The Luxottica CEO says a new Google Glass is on the way "soon"
In mid-January, it was announced that Tony Fadell had been put in charge of the Google Glass initiative and that the program had moved out of the Google X exploratory labs and given a full lease on...
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The Google search box has gained another neat Android trick.
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Working for me!
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Google Keep's latest update adds Android Wear support
Google Keep has become a popular note-taking app on Android, and now its usefulness has gone up quite a bit with its latest update. Keep now supports Android Wear, which means that Android users th...
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Samsung has a new Gear wearable on the way, and it's probably going to be round...
While Samsung wasn't technically the first company to launch a smartwatch, it was one of the first to jump on the fancy wearable bandwagon. The company has been rather quiet ever since Apple has ta...
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Chris C
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Android and Me

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After nearly two years, the Nexus 7 (2013) has been retired by Google.
The Nexus 7 (2013) is one of the better tablets we’ve seen in recent memory, offering a high-res screen, a small size that’s super-portable, and speedy Android OS updates. After being around for ne...
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Not in the store does not equal dead. No more updates equals dead. ☺ 
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T-Mobile's Galaxy Note 4 will get its Android 5.0 update next week.
Are you a T-Mobile Galaxy Note 4 owner wondering when your Lollipop update will arrive? Well, wonder no more, friend. T-Mobile Senior Product Manager Des Smith says that the Note 4’s Android 5.0 up...
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Everyone is getting their lollipop update....and im just here waiting a kitkat rom on my nokia xl
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A humorous little Easter egg to help you start your Friday.
In case your day got started on the wrong foot, here's a bit of tech humor to lighten things up. A humorously odd Easter egg has been found in Google Maps, one that includes a picture of the Androi...
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What was the urinating mean? Did mean under rating?
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Android and Me

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If you never want to think about storage with your NVIDA SHIELD this new option is for you.

Update: NVIDIA has clarified that this was a developer edition that was not intended for the consumer site.
We still don't have a definite launch date for the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV that was announced last month, but NVIDIA quietly added a new option to their site today that bumps the internal storage ...
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Twitter has unveiled its new Highlights feature for Android...
Twitter wants to make sure that you don't miss anything from your stream, even if that means showing it all to you a couple of times a day. Today Twitter officially announced that it is bringing it...
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The OnePlus One's Cyanogen OS 12 update is back.
After pausing the OnePlus One's Cyanogen OS 12 update earlier this week, the company has resumed pushing it out, albeit with some new bug fixes included. After beginning a staged rollout of Cyanoge...
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I got it, thanks onePlus!!
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