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Previously available only on select Android devices like Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus, starting today the official Google Calendar app for Android is available for download on Google Play for devices running Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0.3+) or Jellybean:
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Finally I can have a decent calendar on my S3
That's really cool. Useful for skinned devices because their calendars are usually god-awful ugly (looking at you Samsung). Stock all the way
Excellent!  No good for my current phone, but expect to upgrade in December  so this is great news.
Is there any difference between this and the stock calendar on the Nexus devices, except for the icon?
Would be great if Motor had upgraded my Atrix! 
Wow! Just like the one on AOSP-based ROMs!
I use chrome, Google+ and thus automatically logged into the calendar.  My events go in there, so it will be good to have that on the phone.  I imagine the Nexus calendar is a separate one, as most phones have their own versions anyway.
+Mark Barrios If you change the color of the calendar on the web version, it'll change on your phone
Nice, that has always been a BIG drawback of skinned phones. Thanks!!
Never used but sounds good!
Perhaps the stock messaging app as well.  So I can undo all of this touch wiz garbage!
Already had it thanks to AOKP/CyanogenMod, but sidegraded anyways for the new icon.  Me and my wife use google calendar to share a calendar between us, so I know when the kids have things after school, or doctors appointments coming up, etc.  Truly wonderful to have :)
A step in the right direction!  Honestly, I feel like every app bundled with Android should be on the Play Store (barring the obvious "phone" applications like Dialer and Messaging).
I think Google will release more and more stand alone apps. This way, apps can geht updates and fixes without the need for an Android update. And it brings more vanilla experiance to the masses. Awesome!
Like the widget but the day and week views don't show any of my events, which is annoying
Awesome addition for people like me who wants to have their student life and work life on track.
I like the CalWidget for android--displays a resizeable agenda from Calendar right on the home screen of my pohone.
would love if it was for gingerbread.. Guess ill have to wait for the ICS update for the LG Lucid sometime! 
Just started to use it on Chrome 15 mins ago, always thought it was on the Play store, well I'm grateful it is now.
Cool.  The more official software the better.
How many calendar do I need ? What's wrong with the stock one's ? >'< 
Why hasn't this taken the place of the stock app?
+Nazim Amin It's nearly identical to the stock one, but will get more updates I would imagine. This version fixes some bugs that have been driving me crazy in stock version.
I agree with you, +Brandon Stecklein. We need a stock messaging app. I'm currently using go SMS pro with an ICS skin, but it's too slow, and it's not even close to the real stock app. :-( 
Unfortunately, you can't update the recurrence settings of an entry.
AWESOME. I dislike Samsung's faux-Apple calendar app, so this is perfect for my Galaxy SIII.
Gene T
Can Google fix the color of events? The things aren't matched between mobile and Web version. 
I'm kinda confused here... What's the difference between this and the one I've been using on my TF300, aside from a new icon?
I don't know why Chinese can't download this App ??????
What is the difference between this and the Calendar widget on Nexus?
Amen for Samsung owners...  Samsung's S Planner is so bad!!!
How well does it work with S voice? Or should it be used only with Goggle Now?
It should replace S Planner, not S Voice.  Nothing to do with Google Now per-se... 
Thought everyone had this.. Didn't know I was privileged as a Nexus S user :)
Finally in the Play Store! The icon looks really bad though, doesn't look like made by Google at all.
Cool! Though my Nexus S does not claim it's installed already...?
Awesome ! I just wish the new widget didn't have this ugly cheapo-blue header. I much preferred the grey one on my GNex. Maybe an option so we can choose the header color so everybody would be happy.
Overly-blue widget is overly blue. Sense-skinned version of this has semi-opaque charcoal headers, with exactly the same functionality. For once HTC Sense actually improves something!
My RAZRi has a decent calendar. Probably not skinned too much as Google now own Motorola. 
+Hugo Beaulieu I have a hard time setting an appointment with S voice that will sync with my Google Calendar...I'm hoping the app will be compatible with S Voice
I have an Atrix HD, I can't tell what the difference is in this app and the stock calender app
DARN YOU SAMSUNG, why you no give me the ICS update?!?
As someone that has only ever owned Nexus devices, my mind was just blown. You mean to tell me other phones/tablets didn't have Calendar??? It's a good 40% of all I use my phone for.
+Antonio Tannas , Both of my Moto's have had similar calenders.  I'm confused by this app.  It's the same as my stock app.  Maybe we're just spoiled with good calender apps.
So far I prefer the stock calendar on my GS3, it shows the label names and looks more professional. 
Now we just need a separate app for Contacts.
it looks simple and easy-to-use.
+Antonio Tannas they have Calendar but sometimes it's modified by the OEM. Google probably released this app to make sure all devices get the latest version without waiting for the OEM to update the OS... and for people who want the default unmodified calendar app.
Rex Wu
the only complaint on this stock calendar app is: event name is not showing in month view on my Gnexus, it is fine on my Nexus7.  using business calendar on my phone right now. hope this can be improve in the next update
Next app is what? The original launcher for the rest of us...let's hope!
AOSP based ROMs already have this app (since AOSP is based on the Nexus). 
I wish it was available for earlier versions of android...oh well Business Calendar is amazing.
The changelog claims that event-specific colors are supported, yet they're not showing up on the new app. That's disappointing.
cool! too bad my only devices are either my galaxy nexus or my gingerbread devices haha
Where's the official Google Task app? 
This still does not have Google tasks, Disappointing! Why should I chose another app over a stock app if it has the same features?
why don't you release that for older android versions? not everyone has enough cash at hand to buy a new smartphone every two years
Excellent, a google tasks app would do nicely ;)
+Jatin Kapadia This is the stock calendar app.  They've just moved it to the play store now so they can update it independent of the OS just like they did to Gmail a while back.
Too bad I can't run this since Motorola banished my Photon 4G to gingerbread.... #motofail
But only for ICS and above please google come on
When will +Google integrate tasks into the calendar mobile app?  That would be a very useful update.
Finally it syncs all the birthdays. Even the new ones
+Kevin Slade Exactly! The tasks, chat and the Google online bookmarks (not the Chrome bookmarks!) are very improvable!
Just installed Google Calendar and to be honest ... I'm disappointed. What's cool in this app? aCalendar doesn't look as nice but it's much better. You can use swipe gestures to change between month, week an day view. In Google calendar you have to use a menu. In aCalendar you see appointment titles even in monthly view. In Google calendar you just see coloured boxes. So ... no reason to use it.
Jot Sat
The widget is great, but Business Calendar is sooo much better! 
I hope that they fixed/improve several things like the periodic events. Right now, it is imposible to fix the end of a periodic event.

Another improvement should be independent widgets, in order to specify different calendars for each one.
Thank your great effort!!! My Meizu can use the original Google Calendar
This is just great, I can finally get rid of my HTC calendar app and use the pure Android one.
Chrome, Calendar and GAcc, best App to Organize so far. No Ads, fast and good looking. I use this since over 1 year and its getting better and better... Thanks Google! 
I prefer the Jelly Bean stock Calendar app on my Nexus S. Because I prefer the black/transparent widget than the blue one.
This is great news and the app has a very clean interface. It's a big app that's been missing from Android.

My only issue is there is no widget control for it, why not?
Strangely, the "Contacts' birthdays and events" calendar I've chosen to display shows up on my Nexus 7, but not my SGS2 running 4.0.4 (Touchwiz). Other calendars sync and display without issue.

Any ideas why?
straight to my s2...using it on the nexus 7 already and its really nice!
Works great on my Xperia s, can even go back months to check previous, I could not do this on HTC or Xperia version would only let you do 2 month

I have the S Planner on my note and I kind prefer it to Google Calendar have more options and do more things on the same space...What do you thing note owners ?
+Paul W Where? I want a monthly view full size on one of my home screen tabs
Any chance it's coming to pre-ICS devices as well?
Sweet, as I didn't like the calendar in my Xperia S!
No different than stock calendar. What's the buzz about?
Lets me have more colourful calendars compared to stock... that makes me happy
I think this is a right step to a more modular and updatable android OS.
Stock android is now so good I will be deliberately avoiding skinned androids like HTC Sense for my next phon upgrade in February, probably a nexus or something similar 
Although installed as a new app/widget , it seems that my galaxy-nexus running aokp-jellybean already had a version of this calendar running.    It would be nice to be able to have multiple cal widgets pointing to different cals as its a pain to open the the settings and change the filter every time I want to check an individual cal.
Ana Ceu
Come one get it available for smartphones!
Confused as to why the widget wouldn't change to the updated app. Had to go into apps, disable old stock calendar (can't delete) and then re-add the widget, which failed because it was the stock widget (now disabled), which then caused the new widget to show up, which I could then add and resize.

And it pretty much looks the same...

(Moto Razr)
Well another insult to the ATRIX 4G owners, first Motorola takes away the promised ICS update and now a Google calendar app  that works only with ICS an JB.  Ugggh.
Maybe AT&T will get around to upgrading the SII to ICS.
Muy buena aplicación. Lo único que le faltaría para ser perfecta es que también incluya las "tareas" para no usar más aplicaciones de terceros como gtask.
I have been waiting for this for a long time! Yay!
It would be great being able to select the period of time for the widget, not just one week. But anyway, excelent.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but it doesn't seem to give me traffic information on Google Now if I put a location in
And has no widget, and that is complety useless... Add nothing to the normal samsung calendars (and the samsung calendar has 3 widget....)
It's just like Calendar app in CM10 or am I missing something?
its good because the s-planner widget isn't transparent and looks out of place amongst other transparent widgets
A setting for changing the colour would be appreciated. I feel like I've installed Windows 2000
My current phone contract can't come up quick enough.  Six more months until I get to dump the Droid 3 and get something up-to-date.
Nice, but why changing icon or widget color :/ I liked how old gray-styled-header looked like... give at least an option for color... Well I can survive the icon but I want old widget. For now returned to stock calendar on my Nexus S @ Android 4.1.2
Any way to change the new blue header on the widget back to the charcoal grey from before? Looked slick before with the grey holo themed widget... The new blue one just clashes unless you have a wallpaper that compliments your widgets... Which is silly.
Apps are supposed to work on any Android version, right? Whats the purpose of writing guidelines and don't following them?
The ability to create events with an custom repeat (2 or 3 weeks for instance) would have been nice... 
A dynamic icon displaying the current day would have been much much better 
+Chris Auton, you can do that on the Chrome calendar add-on, and that will auto-synch with this app.
Google Calendar is awesome but would be soooo much better if there was integration with Google Tasks and also the ability to modify the theme. The plain white is pretty boring.
+Clyde Frog +1 for integration with tasks. but i've found tasks from team tasks works pretty well as an alternative.
when will we get tasks ?
This is better than the S planner on my Samsung G S3
I installed on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and it's working like a charm! I like it very much.
I love everything about it except for Month view.  The Business Calendar app actually crams the text in there.  Sure the result looks a bit messy, but it gets the job done.
Translate this meant to be updated on Nexus devices too? I've searched, but can't find a perfectly clear answer. It's prompting me to update on the Nexus 7 on 4.1.2 stock. No prompt for the Toroplus; but it is running CM10..
I used to love Android. I guess and I can even prove, that I made at least 15 articles about Android in my Country, specially about Sony Phones. I have a Xperia Neo here in Brazil. But today I received the sad news that my phone will not get the update. Sadly I try to figure out why my phone will not receive JB. I know that IOS upgrades are more cosmetic changes, than big jumps like Android updates. But, my phone was released in 2011. Iphone 3GS was released in 2009. Other thing in my favor, for example Chrome works in 3GS, but for us android users, it needs at least ICS. Snapseed works with 3GS too, but for us will be only released for tegra 2. This two applications are from Google. Facing this paradox, I decided, after 3 years, using android to move to Apple. I can't bear anymore change my phone every year to no loose the newest apps. Yes, my friends, as a writer in my country, I have to Say, Apple is my next choice. It is hard to stay in this wild jungle, called Android.  
Dave Z
but why such a drastic switch for the icon! eek. 
No. Some manufactures (like samsung) put there own calendars on there.
Awww man. Shafted again by having a year old phone that isn't getting ICS or Jelly Bean. 
i like this overview more than the Samsung Splaner, altough in Splaner it's a lot easier to see what settings to fill in, this official Google calendar app is a bit messy to create a new appointment, if you ask me.
Gab Der
On me dit que mon téléphone n'est pas compatible. Dommage!
Yipeee! Have my Google calendar back after upgrade from Nexus to S3. Still a pity you can't set fortnightly recurrence on mobile devices.
I just got new Nexus right from store with newest Android is is cool ;-)
Addresses for appointments open in Maps or other apps that hook into the Calendar on my Nexus 7. This is good. 
Still can't view and manage tasks within the calendar app. Other than that, congrats on the release.
I'm hoping that Google makes this more standard with Android. It would be nice to get individual system app updates. This way, software update are less necessary.
Got the update 4.1.2 over the night from 17th to 18th this month. First of all I was very glad the VPN connection was fixed after it did not work on 4.1.1
But now it's not working again just after 3 day happiness here in China, please fix this bug again. I was surprised anyway as it worked on 4.0.4 but not on 4.1.1
vov zen
Google nexus 10 would on android 4.2? Or this is only gossip?
vov zen
Sry for my English.
Okay, anyone know where I can go to suggest a new Android Hardware Product to Google?  Never understood why tech companies don't have a simple suggestion system where individuals can suggest products and improvements.  Anyway... if anyone knows where I can do that, please respond.  Thanks
Mir fehlt in der Monatsansicht, dass die Termin Bezeichnungen nicht angezeigt werden.... habe gesucht ob das nur Einstellungssache ist leider nicht der Fall

Wenn das noch nach gereicht wird löst es meinen S Planner ab
+Android I'm sure this has been brought up but can you please add a feature to the widget to display the month view as well as the agenda view? 
Having only owned G1 and Nexus phones, the first time I used a Galaxy Tab 2 a few months ago I got confused as to why I only get Samsung's calendar app (though at least it synced with Google Calendar acceptably). Got the official calendar as soon as I saw it a few days ago.
I actually prefer the calender on the S3. 
Very usefull, like it very much 
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