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Looks like +Jelly Belly has released their own tablet optimized jelly bean themed live wallpaper! This Android app is currently in our Staff Picks on +Google Play and lets you choose what jelly bean flavors you want to display then allows you to flick, spin, shake and bounce your jelly beans around the screen with customizable gravity simulation.

Jelly Belly Jelly Beans Jar is available for free on Google Play and is compatible with phones and tablets running Android 2.1 and up:
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Fun for about 5 mins then just gets a little annoying
My Son is Sooooo going to love this, it is easy to amuse a 3 year old :)
That will go great with my JB filled Galexy Nexus... Nooot. since I got a yakjuxw build (the nexus google abandoned) I probably have to wait a couple of long months still. Android: so great and so frustrating.
This is going on my phone (at least for a day or two) because it's mildly amusing and requires no permissions (well done +Jelly Belly ). Honestly it will probably result in a trip to the candy store because, let's face it, Jelly Belly beans are awesome.
i thought this was dumb but ended up enjoying playing around with it.
+Patricio Valderrama Murillo Yea. I read about that. Too bad I have to erase everything though. Do you know if it can get bricked?

You buy a Nexus because you're a bit of a fan and want the updates. You don't expect this hassle. To bad.
Where is my Nexus s 4g upgrade smh I swear these upgrades are slow as fuck!!!! which is sad seeing as we in the digital age
They should make the shading on the beans change when the device is titled, and if the light source is changing direction relative to the beans
Still no fucking jellybean on my nexus
If I don't get my upgrade by The end of August i'm going back to team windows. I'm getting a surface tab and a windows 8 phone.
Neat app, though a background of colorful jelly beans makes it hard to see your icons.
+Amenra Robinson don't let the door hit your rear end on the way out. We will not miss you.
Works great on the Transformer Pad Infinity (TF700).  1080P jelly beans!
Works great on HTC Desire S!!!  Funny...
No more boring than watching blades of green grass sway back and forth.
am waiting for JellyBean to come out on the Nexus Prime in India.. When is dis gonna happen?
Thanks before we taste this we need JB for AT&T Nexus S???
I enjoyed playing with jelly beans on the screen, I wish I could eat them indeed:P
ken lee
I had my for weeks
to bad there not a way around to upgrade our OS seem many enterprise want you to buy a new tablet instead of upgrading OS
Galaxy Nexus S, GSM model got 4.1.  Not the Verizon/cdma version.  That requires rooting the phone.
What you expect they want us to be sheep and buy new devices sad
Google has nothing to do with software updates for the Xoom or CDMA Nexus devices or anything that isn't an official dev device (GSM N1 NS GN N7).
would be nice to talk to google search for score updates during the Olympic games.  (Google who is winning is Playing right now in Olympic women's basketball?)
+J Servin It's not google's fail it's SPRINT and VERIZON.  THEY want you to buy a new Android Sprint EPIC Phone or the new Verizon Xoom Family Edition XYBORG Droid II. If you want an update you have to make sure the phone has no carrier brand attached to it or you have to root it yourself.
I have this wallpaper,and work fine in my tablet szenio 1106,is very fun! :-)
Great now if only bell Canada would upgrade the nexus to jelly bean.
When is the solution to Galaxy Nexus volume bug expected!! It's so very frustrating.
yang jm
Cant wait to upgrade to this version
This is a super fun wall paper, nice work!
How about fixing ICS first? My sensation is so slow after upgrading.
+Jez Hopkins , you should get on XDA, root your sensation and install cyanogenmod.  HTC's Sense is a bloated pig of an overlay that will slow your phone to a crawl.
I love that Jelly Belly is getting in on the fun of Android 4.1 JB!
How can i upgrade my galaxy nexus to 4.1 jelly bean using official way?
Se supone que un nexus es "Pure Google" pues poseo un nexus liberado con ICS 4.0.4 y a la fecha no he recibido el update, cuando llegara la actualización??? Soy de Venezuela!
Its there any posibility that you will sell the nexus 7 in Mexico? It would be great!!
My Nexus died after 6 months new sim card did not help. I got tired of the promised up dates. I bought an Iphone 4s and love it. Apple tells you when the updates are coming and no games. All my apple products just plain work and built to last. Why did Samsung drop the price of the Nexus so fast? I would not rush out and get the galaxy 3 it will probably get down to $99 shortly. Never an Android for me again.
+Dan kommer 
Just root your device back up the OS so you can go back to it and update your own OS. I too got tired of waiting but instead of jumping ship I used my devices ability to work for me. Thank you Android devs you guys rock. Sorry Dan but you downgraded. Not only phones but your ability to peak and tweak your phone to how you like it. I got apps and features on my phone that it didn't come shipped with. Its truly remarkble. Enjoy your Iphone though. 
Is there a way to edit file details (like an mp3's artist/album, etc) data of a file?
So why doesn't my galaxy nexus have jelly bean yet?
because you don't know how to read.  its only for the galaxy nexus S, which is an unlocked phone.  Its also the gsm version that runs on Tmobile's network.  do some reading, its good for you.  Tom, wait for an update.  When i first got the nexus it also had the issues you described.  but, after 4.0.4, its smooth as butter.  Sorry to say, but it takes time.
Jahrid, I guess you need to flash your device manually, possibly your device is updated by Samsung.
Shouldn't require a flash, its just an update.  It also depends on your carrier.  however, if you go to settings, about phone and system.  select update, if no update exists, its blocked by your carrier.  Verizon and others are blocking it because they manipulate the OS.  which should alert Google to never sell another nexus device to them.  I hate that they do this to me. 
which would require an unlocked phone, or flashed rom with third party apps.  
Do we know when approximately?
when does the xperia 2011 going to get the JB
hate ICS it is like windows vista failure
That`s sad to know that motorola don`t support it for my Defy :[
wow i love this page i love the font and colour.julia nkandi and claudia gabbs hahaha
This is a very fun yet almost annoying love wallpaper. The best way I can describe it catches your eye so often you can't get any work done. (grin)

I wish I could afford a new phone for this! Turned down an iPhone for my Droid and you pulled an Apple on me Google. Luckily my brand loyalty will hold me off for another year I guess.
When does the Korean version of Nexus S (M200) getting the jelly bean XD
why jelly bean not yet released for gnex imm76k?
Jose A.
I also own a galaxy Nexis cell phone.sprint  I would like to know when the jellybean operating system will be available for my phone?
I just bought Galaxy Nexus I9250 (4G LTE) a week ago. Why I don't get Jelly Bean? I check system update in the last week, but no roll out.
Please when will be upgrade the brazillian Galaxy Nexus a.k.a X to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean?
+Socheat Ou Yours must be a non YAKJU/TAKJU device. On these devices update is controlled by Samsung and not Google. Mine was a YAKJUJP and still stuck on 4.0.4. I flashed a YAKJU ROM and it instantly got OTA update to 4.1.1 Love JB...
Live wallpapers are awesome... but it drains your battery live. Hence i dont use them. Give me a phone like the motorola razr maxx that can give me great battery... then i will rethink the live wallpapers...
Wen is jelly bean coming out on the galaxy s3 SPH-L710
mimi kh
mmmmmmmmm i loooooooove jelly belly beans 
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