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Android hits the ski slopes:
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ha! It's what Apple can not do.
Когда уже научатся камеру держать горизонтально
Looks like Squaw Valley's mountain run?
Awesome! Where was this? No geotag or location data on the youtube video page.
Will +YouTube and/or +Android fix that video resolution altering problem soon? I'm sure the video looked normal on his phone before uploading. I've seen this happen with some of mine using the video editing app that came on my GSII.
Thanks for the LOUD yelling! Almost no one noticed.
hahaha very funny y would u dress up like an android though it just humiliates urself!!!!!
wiiiiii... oops, i mean weeeee!!!!
Whoever came up with the Android mascot deserves a promotion for sticking arms and legs onto R2D2, it just plain works.
I need to go watch this video once I get off of my school's network.
Kunal S
It would be hilarious if he falls
or got wiped out by a small child
+Clifford Miemban They sell these in tablet and smartphone forms. Check your local Radio Shack or Best Buy (or Wal-Mart, if you're desperate)
Android... the power is the same equivalent to the crazed lumber jack on speed ._.
Improving on the user experience I see. I bet Siri cant do that.
Matt C
Turn your phone sideways next time.
watch ur language,young man
Pokemon telling a grown man to watch his language? Classic! This is the interwebs where crudeness and profanity rules, child.
my computer was on full volume... almost died when i heard the first 4 seconds. O___________________________O
sweet thanks!
trying to use G+, but it is pointless when i have to wade through the SPAM
Richard Regnier: if you would learn how to use G+ before spamming every post with your complaints, we would all enjoy our time here better, including you.
oh and for the record - based on the +1s on every post i've clicked that on - many people agree. hell half of these people added me to circles since we share this absurd complaint. I figured it out by the way - but this shouldn't be an issue. It's just google trying to make money off this since no one uses it,
Lol. I wonder if he made it all the way without falling.
you guys should make a jump and jump him
Tim W.
eric said he was a stalker
meet... stalker kid
look below to find stalker kid
So you looked down
He is still looking at you
You are stupid for trusting me
where is that supposed to be?
I'm paranoid enuf to double bag it if I'm gonna be somewhere wet.
lol yea...........dont know what you just said spell come on now grammer
He has gone to the snow base
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Woohoo! Man, skiing sounds like a lot of fun right now. Not gonna happen out here in Fort Worth though!
Nicely done, Android. Is there an app for that?
Jenna C
kinda? it is fully weird
lol. reminds me of the time i took my phone and recorded my snowboarding XD
weird and stop screaming u made me deaf
I hope ICS for Nexus S 4G will roll out soon
Yet another reason why Android is better than Apple. They can't have a guy in an Apple suit skiing.
YouTube really needs some kind of 'audio normalization' options for uploaders. I turn my speakers up for soft videos, then I get blasted by a video like this one. Good God. I think I woke up my neighbors.
+Eric Mei STOP BEING STRANGE!!!!!!!!!!!
boo Jay
I cannot for the life of me understand why Google has not sued Apple yet for the blatant usage of the Android pull down notification bar. Considering all the minor patents Apple keeps trolling about, this seems like such an obvious one--unless Google enjoys taking it in the A.

Makes very little sense to me and as an Android supporter, I find it very disturbing how it appears we're taking this lying down.

Let's not forget SIRI is basically a rip off of Google Voice Actions as well.
Dear Help team
I really like your new operating systems developed by google and I need to install android OS on my samsung jet S8003
So I am seeking your help to do this
Is that true Google will release Android 5.0 Jelly Bean on this summer?
If so, plz don't do that
Even ICS devices would be few on that time, and then manufacturers, developers, users must have felt like shit
Is there any way to prevent apps from starting up in back ground. I am in ICS
No, you will not get over the wire updates. But you can download it manually and install it yourself. Depending on how someone went about unlocking it that may require a re-unlock.
Are we ever still even sure the Nexus S will get an Ice Cream update. Too sad Google is not even saying anything concerning the matter
im using an sony erricson w8 but cannot update once my phone got bricked tried to use some custom roms
please if you guys can just release an update for all 2.1 users at least to move apps from phone memory!
i love android but cannot update coz SE has stopped manufacturing updates :(
Why Android is not providing an update for 2.3.4 Galaxy S2 in Saudi Region. And also lots of best applications are not available to download in this region. It is just not fare to customers.
Update Galaxy Nexus in the Russian Federation.

Dear Google Inc. Good afternoon.

I would like to ask you:

Why do updates on the Russian version of the Galaxy Nexus comes with a big delay? During that such discrimination Russian users??

People buy machines from Google, because they want to have the full support of Google, and because they want to have a current version of the Android OS, with the result that a large number of European vehicles have Android 4.0.3 or 4.0.4 in Russia and the Android 4.0.2 it is not on all devices! Why Google is inactive, you must also keep track of the update to Android devices, and in Russia too?

Why is the Russian division of Samsung does not provide adequate speed software updates and firmware for the Russian apparatus Google Galaxy Nexus.

A large number of foreign and Russian sites have already reported a new version of OS Android, and the Russian division of Samsung do not know and did not even know when will the system update for the Russian version of the device.

Where is the support of Google, why not control the process of device updates the Russian divisions Samsung??

I beg you to take the necessary measures to ensure proper support and upgrade equipment and services for Google Russia

Sincerely, Alexander (VasAlexVas2).
Oh wow.. ski-slopes! I hope he has great fun! Letting a riot of errors and bugs loose on my Nexus S after the ICS 4.0.3 upgrade was probably not adventurous enough for the goddamn android bot. Yes, let it now have fun on the ski slopes.
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