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We've just launched two new devices, the Sony Z Ultra, Google Play edition and LG G Pad 8.3, Google Play edition, available now on Google Play in the US: #androidnews
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TZig Adam
Only in the US?

Dammit I want that Sony phone. No matter, I got a friend in the US who's happy to import it to me anyhow. 
Yet another reason to leave CDMA carriers.
son of a .... +Sharanjeet Sidhu and i would have probably gone for the Sony Ultra if we hadn't just got our Nexus 5's :(
More choices. I like Android power, true democracy. 
Can someone from the US could give us the price please? :-)
All I get is: this device is not available in your country. 
The G Pad GPE looks pretty nice, I wouldn't mind a Nexus 8 so to speak. Sadly, no love for Rest-of-World...
Why are they not available in the UK? 
Oh boy. This is not good for my bank account. 
Is there even such thing as Russian Google play store 
How about launching a Z1, non-2012 Android edition?
Dang! it is only available in Africa!
AT&T and T-Mobile only. Come on Verizon, stop pissing off Google.
Instead of importing phablets that no one wants...why don't you bring out the Nexus 10 2013 Edition Google?
Keep going... where is my Nexus GEM??? lol! 
Come on Google. Let us have these in the UK 
This is amazing. But again, only for the US.
If that LG G Pad is as good as my LG optimus g then am going,right out and get my one! Everyone all.....oh the Galaxy 4 is the one to own but LG optimus g is a much better phone in evey aspect, know I own the LG and my daughter has the Galaxy III
1. Wish I had $650 to drop. 2. Wish I had $350 to buy out of Verizon. Love the idea of the Z Ultra. Oh, well. I love my Note 2 (on CM10.2). :)
+Ivan Botty for the same reason what somes devices are sale in some Europe areas........ Marketing issues!
Nah thanks but no thanks...still want that Nexus 7(2013 edition) for Christmas ^___^
The Z Ultra is an amazing device, but it's far too expensive. The similarly sized Galaxy Mega is only half that price but surely much better than 50% of the Z ultra. If you know what I mean.
I want this so bad. I think I'll give up my LG Optimus G Pro to get this
I can't leave Verizon because I have unlimited 4G data on two phones and a USB modem. Nothing else has that, with the coverage, that I know of.
For a company that wants to connect the whole world you sure miss to target markets outside of the US.
OMG why only in USA?? You know people exists around the world and also want "play edition" of devices!
The G Pad is essentially what I'd be looking for in a Nexus 8. Would love it to be available in Canada! Also, interesting observation: they're supposed to be running 4.4, but some visual elements of the homescreens seem off - white statusbar icons = check, updated camera icon = check, but old-school app drawer icon and non-transparent status and navigation bars?
Smart move Google. Right before the holidays new nexus devices are released. Cool!
Nice.. I like the ultra better than the lg.. 
google must seriously has to do something with the rest of the world. there is online store in us ok i fully understand it. but in Europe ? why only UK,France ,Spain, Germany, Italy why ? we are European union (in case the problem is import.taxes and ctr its the same everywhere inside union so no excuse there) and compare to the size of us it is possible to have online store for the rest of Europe countries as total also ! and for eastern countries they do the same its unfair to pay 150 more for the same product if we find it to buy it cause some products are not even available . and why google accept the stealing behavior of eBay sellers for their products . google is a titan cooperation for not taking that on mind. 
Canada??  :-(  We're freezing up here without googles warm love.
+Android again just for the US refusing innovations (land of iPhones) but embracing surveillance...... the US don't deserve Google editions, EU appreciates you more, don't waste money for the country destroying your business.
Google should definitely move to EU to keep our data in a little more safe and have Google Editions for us (EU). :)

But that's the right way: Google Edition of every high end phone or tablet, amazing dream becoming true :)

But for the God, 16 gb? Are you serious? Sorry, are you serious? But, are you serious? And, are you serious? Just asking, are you kidding? You always find a way how to destroy any perfect moment :)
Launch GPE in Germany pleaaase :(
+Janzen Purvis Are you offering me a place to crash until it gets delivered??  Us Canadians are excellent house guests.  I'll bring you REAL beer too!
Whwn will theese and Nexus devices be available in Slovenia?
Only 16gb of storage in the LG 8.3; not worth it!
I'm a person who enjoy's Sony's version of Android, and enjoy the extra app's such as Walkman and movies, So as someone who prefers that, and with the options to change the launcher on the store, other then getting android updates sooner (arguably since I think Google abandoned the Samsung nexus but I don't think samsungs abandoned the phone) what other advantages/why should anyone get the nexus version of the Xperia?
This is totally great. Unfortunately I don't live in the US. Hope they will eventually make it to Europe. But I understand US is an important battleground.
+Chloe Johnson at least safety, enough for me. Play store has more than 1 million apps so we don't need any crapware from Sony or Samsung :)
It doesn't matter that it has external storage; it is too expensive for a 16gb tablet that is under 10"!
Still no play editions outside the USA?

Any particular reason why? 
Australia is again left out... POS...
+Antony Jackson +Android
because google thinks the USA, the country of the Apple cult, it's the most important and effective for them. But in a long term strategy and profit they are very very wrong.
Wonder if standard Sony Z1 can take that image? 
+Roman Kasal well I guess Google don't agree, and if it wasn't for the US you wouldn't have Android then I guess you'd be stuck with an iphone

Give us a new nexus 10 in the UK!!! My old nexus 10 has been refunded after 4 replacements due to faults and now I'm tablet less. Apple may be calling unless you give at least a rough date soon! 
Why no in all devices of Sony Xperia??
Is Google not a global company? Why do they keep restricting the rest of the world from accessing their best products. You either immigrate, be a Google employee, visit US, or have a friend send one over. I guess this is the reason why Windows Phones are growing more outside the US.
Maybe a Z1 mini with the google edition ?
+Laurent Dinclaux - One possible reason is that LTE bands differ in different parts of the world, meaning that it may require different hardware to operate outside US. Additionally, there can be legalities and agreements to follow.
Why do you guys keep making phones bigger?


Bring out the Z1 s.
Competing with its camera? Against the lumia or galaxy?
+Andrew Nguyen - Because a lot of customers gladly buy "phones", which are really pocket tablets. As a minor side function they can also act like an old-fashioned phone, but thats not the reason to buy useful pocket computers.
I'm sure there are also a lot of customers who want phones to fit inside their pockets and their hands.

Does this make sense?
Google is kicking butt with these Google Play Editions. 😂
Can someone from +Android let me know what the latest software update is in Australia for my Galaxy S4? I keep trying to update from 4.2.2 but the message keeps saying this is the latest update, even though I read there's a later version available on the internet.
fuck this shit..
I am moving to the US
+Anja Cimerman LOL. Are you joking? Most of my non-native relatives tell me English is one of the hardest languages they had to learn. Even today they still struggle with it.
No I'm not +Sorin Lazarescu, English is relatively easy to learn, and that's coming from someone that has tried on English, French, some Spanish and German and speaks one of the hardest Slavic languages in Europe . Try learning a language that has not only singularity and plurality but also duality and that has a different form for each tense , gender and intention combination and then tell me about hard. English is very easy when it comes to putting sentences together and is also why it's so perfect for machine processing. 
The Z ultra is just the big brother from the Z. Does this mean that shortly the XZ users can flash a vanilla android on their devices?
rx atdm
Damned !! We can't buy them here in France -_-
Does Google's Version of the Lg G Pad have that problem where you can't add apps to the microSD card and only the internal storage?
Is LG supporting their devices better?  I have a perfectly good G Slate that's cobbled by a T-Mobile Android 3.1 ROM, and no way to fix it.
I want the Sony phone...
I had the Z ultra a few months ago and loved it. Had better screen than the z1. I think I may have to get the Z ultra again. Its truly a beautiful device! Anyone find confirmation that it has kitkat installed?
The LG pad makes little sense.. It's one of the better not stock android tablets out there, and it's better because of what LG has added to the software. The knock on, the multitasking...
Honestly!!!! Google ships from the US for Canadian orders!! It doesn't take anything more that a click of a button to enable it for Canadian!!!! 
+James Taylor Apple is also an American company if it wasn't for the US we would be stuck with BlackBerrys and Nokias running symbian not WP....
Bring the z1. That z ultra is HUGE HUGE and toooo square
Would love to snag that LG G Pad!
Cool. Needs more Z1 though instead of the Ultra.
I am pretty annoyed I just bought the normal g pad
An lg g2 google play edition would be awesome
If you check the specs on both LG pads, they are identical.
mine runs perfectly and fast
and battery capacity is awesome. You probably had an old unit.?
Other countries are also intrersted. Get u ish together and get ur money.
You know that Huawei is an old IBM manufacturing ?
This is really me don't tell my master i can read and type 
Will these come to Europe? Sadly i expect the answer is: No.
I think Google is slowly building the Play Store up with Devices then they will start putting up stored like apple.
oh, Z Ultra GPE can be so awesome. Nice hardware with (finally) a nice software.
gpad wuth $350?oh,please come Nexus10
Google Play edition G Pad is so awesome!
Is there any chance for Google Play edition devices being available outside of the US? Even the HTC One and Galaxy S4 Google Play editions are not available outside the US, yet. (At least not as far as I can tell from Germany.) 
No hope for GE smartphones or even nexus in India. Sadly going for Sony Z1 or will wait for Samsung S5
jason w
Tom Lou
为何不是xperia z:-(
Nando F
Deberían hacer estas cosas a nivel internacional... Los grandes gadgets solo están disponibles en USA. De seguir así me iré a Apple.
Enough with these, god, make something different
+Johnny Kang yeah like how were missing out on 4.3 OTA update for the S4 again....
+Ben Love unlimited 4g with tether for 2 phones is $138 a month after device insurance and taxes on T-Mobile. LTE is growing and I don't have a contract. Free data roaming in several countries.
Sony z ultra running kitkat,yes please,but no
And the rest of the world google? If needed, check google Earth!
LG is more google company than MOTOROLA .. Its seems soo legit .. 
Galaxy nexus got to update to android 4.4.2 or not in Malaysia
Very cool! Would you guys be interested in donating some to our Open Device Lab #ODL in Atlanta?  We're always looking to add more new devices to our stock. I am sure  our community would be excited to see that we have 2 new awesome devices in the lab.
Noooo, only in USA !!!!. I want it (LG) in europe
Why don't you ever release any of these devices in the UK?!  It's so disappointing, I'd have bought an S4 by now if you'd release them in the UK. 
+P. Warren Brown Micro SD Card Slot for up to 64gb of additional space = an 80gb tablet. Those cards on always on sale somewhere. Totally worth it.
When will these devices be available in UK on Google Play?
Junie B
Really really stupid that you have to have a contract, let alone for two years! Grrr and I really wanted one............
+Junie B I don't see anywhere on the site that says you have to get a contract. On the contrary, The phones are "unlocked and contract free" Taken directly from the Google Play page for the devices.
Sony charging Apple prices but actually delivering quality and innovation... but then again charging Apple prices which is the whole reason Android is dominating. 
Just get those transparent bars done on every android device... Everybody is loving those and I just don't see why people should waste their time doing it manually with installing different launchers, custom roms, etc.
They look even better in reality than in photos. I absolutely love mine - got it last month - but not the Google Play Edition, the stock Sony version of JB 4.2.2.
Would advise anyone interested in the Sony Z Ultra to look at the non-Google Play version.

1. Google Play customer service is non-existent and their shipping charges are absurd.

2. Sony's bloatware is actually useful and slick.

3. Sony already sells these unlocked with no carrier spyware or lockdowns preinstalled.

4. Sony already keeps most of their devices up to date with the latest android version, or at most one major revision back. You won't get updates as fast, but what you get won't take much longer and will probably be more stable and better optimized for the device. Because it's unlocked, Sony doesn't have to wait for carriers to "certify" (i.e. update their spyware).
Hey +Android  , important question, does the Google Play Edition support the universal remote functionality (IR blaster) that the Xperia version has?
How about a new high end 10inch! Or even better. Do the first 11-12inc
How to get the play edition outside of the U.S ?
Go to U.S, buy the play edition, exit U.S ... there you have it.
Kitkat for xperia z ultra puhleeeease....
Süpesinbe hayalimdeki telefon

Yesss I love it especially in camera clear and amazing!!! When will realease here in the philippines

is the lg g pad google 8.3 edition released in Germany?

Would appreciate a response.

Kind regards from Germany
$250 on Black friday at Newegg. Yep, i missed it.
+Preston Thomas Unfortunately, since it is a GPe device, the SDCard is going to be limited. You cannot install apps to the SDCard, & even some of those that you can move PARTIALLY, you still will have the app proper along with some of the data, still on the device. There really is no valid reason to not have a minimum of 32Gb of on-board memory.
Anyone have the GPe LG Gpad? I am curious if +Android & +Google disabled the "expanded view" button in Netflix on those devices like they do on the Nexus line. I am sure on every other dev ice, you have seen those four diagonally opposed arrows that will make letterbox & 4:3 content use the entire screen, stretching it, as it were. That functionality is stripped from Nexus devices, so I am wondering if it is the same for the GPe G-Pad. Anyone?
Nice one..i realy need that phone,,and thanks to android power..
when will andriod operate on nokia
How about doing the whole world a Christmas present by releasing it worldwide? We feel a little bit left out...
Yay! Google play devices are the best!
+Julian Gan it is kitkat. You need to sideload GEL which adds those missing features. Had to do it on my nexus 7 2013. Only nexus 5 has the GEL by default
Hello., I had no time to make money buying such phones Ydvnh gift sent to me ahead. 
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Buy it for me if you want me to have it! 
android, have u released a new update for samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0 gt-p3110   
Why Google don't make phone or tablet that have more memory and RAM inside like Apple.I hope it have memory around 64GB and
RAM 2 GB above :)
Why haven't I seen any comment about behind the Badge Charities? Is it because no one among this group knows about it?
nokia is not good as you r i want nexus 7 quickly
I'd use android tablets. They seem about as sensible and predictable as a psp 
Its nice I like it ya keep it up ok.........................
Hfhfj, fnf m djol fjfi

Ada Rsh
xperience of andrid frm sony.........
به‌رێوه‌به‌رانی ئه‌م سیسته‌مه‌ من سۆنی ئیكسپێریا زێد م هه‌یه‌ هه‌ر كات ده‌مه‌وێ به‌رنامه‌یه‌كی خۆش یان هه‌ر به‌رنامه‌یه‌كی فه‌یسبوك دابه‌زێنم پێم ده‌ڵێ له‌ وڵاته‌كه‌ی تۆدا نییه‌ ئه‌و شته‌ له‌ ئه‌پڵ دا نییه‌ بۆیه‌ ئه‌و باشتره‌ به‌ رای من تكایه‌ ئێوه‌ش وا له‌ سیسته‌مه‌كه‌تان بكه‌ن هه‌موو به‌رنامه‌یه‌ك له‌ هه‌موو وڵاتێك هه‌بێ 
When launch in india
Fuck you all . Apple forever :)

IPhone 6 will totally destroy android devices !
G'day!Trent(aka"STIX"or "CPT STIX/TRENT"!!)
I hope all's well at your end too;wherever&whoever you are!!:-)Take it easy!....
I need this.. whenever launched in india i will be sure get it.
Sorry but who the hell is gonna carry 8.1 that phone is huge.

If it's no wallet size then yes to big, home use only, unless u carey a purse
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