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Yep, our upcoming release will be named Android KitKat! 

KitKat has been a favorite candy on the team for some time, so for the K release, we asked if they’d be willing to lend their iconic candy bar to its name. Be on the lookout for limited edition Android KitKat bars coming soon to a candy aisle near you. For a lucky few, your KitKat bar might contain a winning ticket for a new Nexus 7 tablet or Google Play credits. Check it out
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Better name than Key lime pie. Awesome.
Surely "KitKat" is trademarked and this is a joke.
How did they keep this under wraps for so long?
Gonna be on the lookout for my golden ticket!
Sing...Give me a break! Give me a break!
So much for speculators and KLP. Looks like a bunch of themes need to be renamed. 
On behalf of the Florida Keys agriculture industry: dangit!
Ian Laird
can we have the nexus 5 now? :)
I mean just the names of our operating systems for android.....Smh....were just cool. End of story.

Apple.... If you bow out now....

Android won't make u say UNCLE.

Heading in that direction fast...
Wonka would be proud!! I've got a golden ticket!!
People are going to call this release "KK", which is quite hilarious if you know Swedish. :-D
Licorice will likely be next -_- Bring the deserts back plz
Oh great. There goes my teeth...
+Christopher Cook did you read where they got permission to use the name and will be having a marketing tie in with the chocolate bar. Seems like a lot of info for a joke.
...and it's 4.4, not 5.0.  Interesting...
In case you don't know Swedish and can't be bothered to look it up: +Patrik Hanson is saying that kk means fuckbuddy.
That's how you make a good joke though, with hints of plausibility.
Wow! Didn't see that one coming.
+Chris Weber yeah, I saw his post but I'm still wondering why they chose to use a trademarked candy-bar name.
+Christopher Cook because they all like Kit Kats and they can do a tie in with Kit Kat for a contest.  As the post indicates.
Thank you for trolling us all Android team. 
+Chris Weber eh! Don't worry about that Google's cheque book is on standby...they can make frowns go upside down 
Wonder how big of a check Nestle wrote for this one?
I don't care if it's called Kiki. Just give us Canadians Google play music to buy music. 
Cool news as I wait for my recently purchased Nexus 7 to arrive.
I'm sure Coca-Cola would love to sponsor the next name :) 
+Christopher Cook Seems pretty clear that they have organised this with Nestlé, Maybe we'll get some Android themed chocolate bars too!
just a little question... how much did you have to pay Nestlé for the use of the name? Or how much did they pay for giving their product name to an Android version?
Coming.. only in the states I would guess, again!! :(
But... but... Keylime pie!!!!
Makes sense. Google is an advertising company after all. Why not make a few extra bucks from name branding. 
I feel like I'm in the Willy Wanka movie. I want the golden ticket! free nexus! free stuff! :D I'm going to be on the look out for kit kats now. 
+Daniel Perkins Odd choice? Nah this is a brilliant choice. Think of all the potential for advertising and exposure of the Android brand to a wider audience.

This is a great idea!
Damn it please say you will do this for the UK as well
This is the stupidest thing I've seen in a long time.
Rose L.
Give me a break!
Give me a break!
Give me a break with Kitkat Droid! :D
April Fools isn't for another several months!
Wonder how much money flew around to use that name?
+Alexander Etzold
1.5 cupcake
1.6 donut

2.1 eclaire
2.2 froyo
2.3 gingerbread

3.0 honeycomb

4.0 Ice cream sandwich
4.1/2/3 Jelly bean
4.4 kitkat

my guess is first digit changes every time they revolution the GUI
+Alex Masters well, not Android updates, but a lot of other Google stuff tends to be US only ( sometimes they include a small handful of European countries plus Japan).
It may not be a big deal if you live in the US, but we use the same intarwebtubes here in euroland and read about new products and services on the same blogs and news sites that you do. It can be frustrating, because we want to try all the new cool stuff too.
I think that's what he's referencing. 
Kinda like Charlie & the Chocolate factory... Looking for a golden ticket now!  lol...
+Android Is the KitKat ticket promotion worldwide or just US? Specifically will it be open to the UK?
I can't wait to get the 4.6 LifeSavers by Wrigley©
Nice bit of advertising for both brands. Much prefer this to Key Lime Pie
I'm guessing Android had to acquire permission from both Nestle, and Hershey, since Hershey has exclusive rights to the Kit-Kat brand in the USA.
Forget the name... 4.4???
sweat, so key  never se the word 
I like kit kat's, so it's not too bad. 
Aaaaand just to chime in here with my smartass comment, but what does +General Mills  have to say about that???

Who is trolling us?
Awesomeness. Time to get another picture at MountainView Android office ;-)
+Tore Julø I know this, I'm English :) I was referring to the Android OS updates, I didn't mention other products.
That is one epic move made by android/Google! Can't wait to break me off a piece of that KitKat bar.
+Daniele Pantaleo +Eric Labelle Seems like it's hitting a good few countries, from what the BBC has confirmed: 

Nestle now plans to deliver more than 50 million chocolate bars featuring the Android mascot to shops in 19 markets, including the UK, US, Brazil, India, Japan and Russia.

Dark chocolate KitKat is better than the normal one. There I said it. 
White chocolate KitKat is better than both actually. :P
Whhhaaaaaatt? Is it Key Lemon Pie or Kitkat?
Who is really trolling us? O.o
Stop that Trademark Bullshit.... You can win a Nexus 7 by finding a ticket in a kitkat but google wasn't able to make a contract with nestle?

PS: Nestle is one of the worst companys on earth... Google shouldn't work with them#
Actually, this is a better name. Key Lime Pie would have been very USA centric. Kit kats are eaten all over the potential market, not just the 4% who Google usually targets.

I would laugh if Google is actually going to do this. O.o
See, android is so awesome that just the NAME of the release already hypes things up......... unlike..... 7....yeah...7...... lol...peace!
If I got a winning ticket I would dance like the Grandpa from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
How much kitkat paid to Google for the global campaign? :D
I'm more interested in when my gs3 is getting a 4.2 or 4.3 update. 
In spanish KK means poop
Google trolled a million Android Fans. Biggest troll ever?
You named an operating system version after a brand name?
So, what it'll still be 2 or 3 years before the majority of people ever see it. 
Can we get 4.3 for the GN2
+Edward Schultz Or you can buy a nexus or GE phone. By now its established carriers and OEMs will never provide regular update. If you care for it, buy Nexus. If you care for OEM exclusive feature, don't expect regular updates. Nexus line emulates Apple's product lineup. Its all about trade offs. Atleast in Android ecosystem you have choice
Nestlé presents New Android.

KK in spanish sounds (and is used sometimes) as an abbreviation of "shit". Good color choice lol.
nice. call next release Löwenbräu please... 
Me Be
Why will it be called kit kat?
why have you not updated the galaxy nexus?
David T
Females love chocolate.. Hoping to see more female faces next release 
I thought that wasn't serious when I first heard that!
Now I can't decide if I want to write code or go down to the ending machine to get a KitKat. FML
"It's our goal with Android KitKat to make an amazing Android experience available for everybody." - is this a hint as to the primary push for this release?  Perhaps an end to update delays?
Awesome name. Imagine telling your friend did you see Android Kitkat? It's awesome. 
supposedly, no money changed hands in this deal. that makes me feel a lot better about it. 
sweet and crisp desert  vs. very tart and soft desert.  Great choice going with KitKat! 
Kitkat will be Android 4.4 and Key Lime Pie is 5.0.
I don't like where this could be heading... An OS named after a trademarked choco treat, android giveaways under the wrapper - willy wonka meets big brother... Should've kept it generic, Google..
Just wonder how long it will be before it's rolled out. 
+Andre Santos that won't happen. Android updates go by the alphabet. The next letter is L. Key lime pie is dead. 
I hope the international community get a chance to win some prizes in a special edition kit kat bar. 
Seems cute now, but this name will be in the source code forever...
I hope they bring something more than under the hood changes. 
It should because it has new name, +Praveen K . Android 4.2 and 4.3 brought "under the hood" improvements. ;-) 
One this is for sure: Google and Android just got major news publicity. The news about #AndroidKitKat  is already drowning out the news about Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia and Apple's September 10th event, and I expect it will continue to do so for the next few days!
Can't wait, my Nexus 4 will be ready! 
Can you provide a list of devices which will support Android 4.4?
Hehe how did the key lime pie name came about anyway? Anyway, there is no guarantee 5.0 will be the next release after 4.4. If it's only incremental, Google will go with 4.5.
Key lime pie stock going down....
Can one actually buy stock in "key lime pie?"
Nestle?  Really?  Did you even bother to look at their background?  They make Halliburton look positively cuddly.  I'll be switching to another phone OS if you insist on keeping this partnership, and I suspect many others will too.
huh, so by naming it "KitKat" (a candy made to be broken in to parallel pieces) are they finally acknowledging that they've passed the point of no return, Android fragmentation is unavoidable, and they've failed at cohesive platform management?
I'm going to gain 50 pounds. I can't resist the little green guy on the packaging. OK its an excuse to eat candy. Way to go Google, love that its not what everyone thought.
Android 4.4, Kit Kat has 4 bars... 4 is the key. The 4th category of Android Device (after Smartphone, tablet and watch) is coming out.
Very cool idea! Great marketing splash!
What happened to KIWIfruit !!! :-)  KIWIfruit KIWIfruit KIWIfruit...
Let's not forget that Rowntree created KitKat in 1935, long before Nestlé bought them. As a Brit I never think of KitKat as belonging to Nestlé. 
At first I was shocked by the name since they had everyone thinking it was key lime pie, but when you think about it with the cross licensing deal it makes perfect sense, just take some time to get use to it, but all I want is features and I'm sure that will be a hit out of the park. Good job google!
Andy L.
I wonder what the easter egg will look like...
Dim B
Erm, shouldn't this be Android 5 if this is your "K" release? 
+Andy Luna Maybe a Kitkat Android and after press and holding something to do with kit kat will appear.
I like it now break me off piece of that kitkat bar
+Dim B If you think about it will be a large incremental which will take a long time to create so Google have to get the fixes in ASAP.
This is an obvious troll. They wouldn't use a proprietary trademark to name their OS.
So will there now be an Android-shaped Kit Kat bar?  Mmmmm
Is anyone else bothered that kit kat is using the version naming for marketing?  I was a bit bothered by google even using a brand name for a version number, this makes it worse.
Is this going to be a real OS? Or just lameass sweepstakes... 
mmmm kit kat 
is it taking from android engineers because they like taking break? :D
You guys dont get a break, get back to work! :p
I guess Im the only one who likes eating Key Lime Pie over eating Kit Kat bars.... and think KitKat for android name is kind of childish... meh. :|
Smart way to get the Android brand name more globally recognised.
You aint gone see software with 4.4. Read website again, not a word. This campaign will end soon and 5.0 will be released in okt. Just my 10 dollars...
Still waiting for JB update to Samsung Galaxy Ace 2!!!
Android best. I love KitKat
Anna N
There is KitKat Club next to Google HQ that served alot of Google's employee.
mfw kitkat isn't even good... Try it after real chocolate, it taste so bad...
Waiting for the real announcement. 
Hidden Nexus 5 Specs found on that I just came across
1. Tri-Core CPU
2. Unibody form
3. Edge to Edge Display
4. 10MM Thick
5. Adjustable orientation in Home Mode
6. Global Phone - will work for any carrier
7. Will have many accessories
8. Cloud Based ?
9. 1 finger long and 4 fingers wide ?
10. Refined Software - smoother ?
11. Unlimited Stand-by time (this is something new)
Nestle thinks safe drinking water is a product they can profit from, not a human right. Why does +Android think it's a good idea to advertise Nestle's products in its version name?
Does nobody check the link? It's a promotion from KitKat where you might get the chance to get a Nexus7 from buying KitKat
it doesn't even appear in teaser :( no date !! can't wait SGS4 + Android 4.4 :D
Very disappointing.. wouldn't expect that from Google :(

Have a break?

I don't think Google should be involved with a brand like that.. a brand Greenpeace is clearly against. It's not environmental friendly of Google.
a brand name from a large ( and not very nice) corporation? Did they pay Google a truckload of money for this ( not that google should need it). Strange. I can only hope the software is good enough to make up.
una pregunta esta vercion estara disponible para celulares de gama media yo tengo un xperia ION espero que si por que soy fan de android desde sus inicios tengo una colecion de celulares con android
Can we have Ingress passcodes on some of those please?
Я бы хотел видеть "голый" андроид. Без всяких дополнений типа облака, friend stream, reader, Play фильмы. Ну т.д. Я думаю это сэкономит место, повысить производительность. Можно как вариант сделать дополнителтную вкладку в Маркете и накидать туда все свои почти все никчемные приложения. Или как другой вариант при первом запуске дать людям выбора приложения с подробным описанием что может делать то или инное приложение (даже можно в картмнках).
Android's confectionary!
Так же хотелось добавить чтоб это обновление распространялось и на все модели телефонов и планшеты. В частности на HTC Sensation и Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 3100.
Perfect match for Card UI
I wish it were Klondike bar ... kitkat is ok
+Andre Santos it won't work like that. The releases are in ascending alphabetical order. If 5.0 comes after 4.4 then it will start with an L. Liquorice perhaps...
+Tobias Bunyan Really? You are taking this far too seriously. I couldn't care less what they call the latest Android version, it's just a name. It's all about what the OS does, not what it is called. The name has no bearing whatsoever on my daily usage of the software
+Tobias Bunyan if you refused to do business with any company that partnered with another company that did evil you'd be boycotting everyone.
My Suggestion for next Android should be "Lemper"...It is Delicious, it..
so the golden ticket is just for a Nexus 7 or do we also get a tour around Google's Chocolate Factory?
What next M&M's, than snickers, than twix? Seriously I just lost a little respect for Google. That being said its just a name I guess.
Am I the only one who noticed the mistake on this website's description of Android 2.0? Live Wallpapers were made available since Android 2.2.
Freaking awesome. Love Android branding wish that the kit kat could be shaped like android but it's on the label, latest android name, and now I actually want a kit kat bar. Commercials next?
+Praveen K Sorry -- I misunderstood my Google-employee partner's use of the phrase "cross marketing."
No need for sorry. Could happen to anyone. :-) 
KITKAT? Well, that's fine.. Next naman would be LECHE FLAN harhar, tapos ang M is Meringue, N for Nibbler .. Issh hahaha..
Android Kit Kat; it breaks down every so often so you can "have a break".
Kk is my fav :) yum cant wait to taste this new flav

Around here in New England, all I see are Hershey's made KitKats (licensed from Nestle, but in a different looking package).  Will we still see those possible tickets and limited edition bars?
Oh give me a break! (Literally) I hate it when companies name their products after others! This is lower than renaming, this is merchandising!
...brought to you by Carl's Jr.
Do yourself a favor get some non Hershey kitkats. Never been a fan of Hershey chocolate out tastes like puke (literally)
Where?  I've only ever seen the Hershey's version almost all my life.
Somehow when I look at the Android Kitkat I can smell Kitkat. :O
Does this include the UK? Not interested in buying kitkats if not :P
Many Japanese meet the korean version of Android Kitkat page. Many of us can't understand korean. Please fix this. Japanese should meet English version or Japanese version.
I love Android, I have a phone and tablet, but my tablet can't take flashplayer. Pease tell me KitKat will be able to support flashplayer - there are so many games that require this. Thanks
So the project butter is now project Nutella? 
KitKat = Nestle? Where the heck are your sense of ethics, Google?
Really kitkat are there no more good names available?
What about key lime pie 5?or kit kat will be the v5
Que MONSTERS!!! estos "fulanitos" de Google...para aumentar nuestros niveles de oxitocina(libido, deseo,ganas...Amorrr) nada mejor q una barra de lo que quieren es vernos felices y fieles esperamos q tu nueva combinación Android-Chocolate nos de esa dicha...ummm q ricooo!
My money is on Lion Bar for 4.5 :-)
DISLIKE on multiple levels. Going with a marketing co-branding scheme is low and unworthy of Google/Android!! Is this the beginning of the end for Android?


A hardcore Android fan
Yeah? Good. When will it be released and which phones will get the upgrade? That's all I wanna know. Btw, I like Kit Kat bars. Nice choice.
I want to know if this update will allow me to move my apps to my sd card on my motorola atrix hd lte... Also anothe feature lost when I updated to the current software.. I can't put my phone into sleep mode. I can tun off the screen, and I can turn off my phone, but sleep mode hasn't been an option for sometime and I really miss using it. But biggest issue is moving apps to the sd card, as my phones internal storage isn't that large..
Disappointing choice - Nestle re: water rights is a nightmare. 
Mike L
Why stop there? Google Play could become Google Airbus Play, Google Maps becomes Google Geico Maps, Google Now becomes Google Taco Time Now and so on. I just can't get enough advertising.
Damn im going to be buying alot of KitKat bars again haha
Marketing the OS name is not classy.  You don't see Windows, or Mac selling out.  
As a long term Nestle boycotter, I will have to think long and hard about whether I can continue to use Android/google. Thought your moto was 'don't be evil' yet you get into bed with Nestle. Not impressed Google
I think a lot of people, though their concerns have a legitimate basis, are reading a bit too much into this. 
I thought this was a joke when I first heard it... kit kat is one of my favorite candy bars
:D, just hurry up and release the next nexus. I'm sitting here waiting to launch some money at my computer lol 
when will you give us more info? will it be a major release? or just a minor? when will it be released? the galaxy nexus will receive this kitkat update? there are too many questions!
Awww Shucks, I was hoping for Skittlz.
This is unfair my only sin is living in iran
And I can't publish applications on appstore . There is no atomic bomb that works with android phone . Is it ????
I'd have prefered Käsekuchen, Karidato, Kaiserschmarren, or whatever. If you don't use the letter "K" a lot in the English language you might even have skipped to "L". (Nestlé is a pain in the ...)
This is very stupid, and I'm much less inclined to get anything with this operating system name. Unfortunate that Google is paying tribute to Nestle, a company that wants essentially to privatize all water everywhere.
Another surprise in every KitKat bar sold the US -- Genetically Modified ingredients.
Andy L.
One feature I would love for this release to have is changing fonts*cough (nexus).
Love the name! Far better than Key Lime Pie!!!
This name is genius! Not only was it unexpected but it has people talking about it. Remember that their naming scheme was always a bit of fun and we should allow Android itself to carry the brand and not dwell too much on a name. That and I love KitKats.
Wow! I understand name some operating systems, but to join with kitkat and call it taht too is quit different. I wonder if Kitkat's sales will boom from this?
id like my android with less nestle marketing please
Kit Kat......the breakfast of champions....Love it
Way to go Google, partnering with a company that is only slightly less evil than Monsanto.  Does Google agree with the CEO of Nestle that WATER...H2O...should not be a public resource and should only come from corporations (like Nestle?)  So what's the next version of Android going to be called...Roundup Ready?
Well r isn't the next letter in the alphabet. I'm guessing no. And Google is a publicly traded company. They are going to act with their interests in mind. I doubt they care about your holier than thou opinion.
I guess if you're a moron that's what you would get out that post.
Michel I think it's going to be October release
Will it make a difference what your current operating system is? Or will it matter what kind of processors you have? For instance if you only have dual core or four core, or if you have 4.2.2 like I uust downloaded 2 weeks ago.
Well the last upgrade screwed up my phone..hope this one fixes it
Must be one heck of an expensive naming rights contract
When can we expect to see the Android branded Kit Kat's on shelves (in the U.S.)? 
I thought it was already named "Key Lime Pie"? o_O
Has anyone, who signed up for release date, received any mail/update?
seriously? kitkat? does that mean you have formed any sort of partnership with nestle? would you be able to enlighten me as to how deep this runs?
don't get me wrong, i used to love kitkats....but they are now manufactured by nestle, whom i have been boycotting for over 20 before i commit to another product on the android platform (btw, i'm about to buy a new laptop or tablet  and new phone - probably to a galaxy note - in the next 2 weeks...), i'll now have to evaluate whether i can live with your business ethics.....sigh
you might want to think carefully about what you name the L-release....
+Cosima Doerfel Hill Chances are with your Android device, you won't even receive Kit Kat from the get go. I applaud your stance against Nestle, but it shouldn't be something to lose sleep over.
I guess the next update will be Lifesavers
Will. The phantom pauses be fixed in 5.0?

Ten Ten
Can't wait for android oreo -.- 
Kit Kat = FAT,,, The way Android is getting! Every upgrade = more problems.
Dear Android, since you are naming your updates after food, can I eat a tablet?
What are all you people talking about it mike be better ?
Could you please fix Bluetooth keyboards in your next release, since they seem to have broken in 4.3?
Kit Kat is one of my favourite chocolate bars!   On the subject of Kit Kats has anyone noticed that the wafer is now softer since they changed the packaging to this "sealed for freshness foil"...or is it just me?  As for Android Kit Kat - I just hope its available for my tablet.  Stuck with Android 4.0.3 ICS.  No system updates AT all so far.  So I would like Kit Kat to be available to all us Android users who couldn't afford to buy a branded product. And why couldn't us older users have Google Now when Apple users can. That was so a bit like a kick in the teeth!
should be android 5.0 
Cool now iOS is going to be way behind of it isn't already
I'm proud of my nexus7 because of it!
What are the accent colors going to be? Like how jellybean is cyan
Thats a great concept.cant wait to see how it goes.all will be good.thats my thoughts.
my ayu
You soo hundsome

You guys could call it Apple Pie
when will be release date??? I read everywhere , that it will be tomorrow.
What will be the features for Kit Kat?
Stew, I think your reading into this a just little to much. Get a hold of yourself.
The same thing ice cream & jelly beans did.
I forgot my password on my android tablet and cant use the factory reset someone help me please please please thank you all
My tablet is blocked. I put my user name and pssword for google, but I can't unblocked the tablet. How I can unblocked my tablet. Please, help me if you can! TThank you in advance!
google android device mannager u can remotely lock?wipe?locate ur android device from the online consloe

{only if the devive is connected to internet} this happened to my ph and it was not connected to wifi so i had to take it to a shop at my local mall and get it unlocked 4  75 nz dollars.
but only took 2 hrs so fine now
+Android +Google India +Google  is no Hindi UI option on the Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.3 even though it is mentioned on JellyBean page as well as on Google India's Blog.
I have raised a request here.!topic/nexus/uvMcr9QGzmw
Can you please check the issue in future releases at least? Hopefully we get additional Indian UI languages.  +Samsung Mobile  Samsung has already started supporting 9 major Indian Languages.
Please stop rearranging my phone on me. What have you done to the ring tones,aaaagh. They're so irritating now. Please don't let your 6yo daughter pick the sounds in future. Please restore old sounds. Please stop adding and taking away widgets. I don't like this phone you've left me with. Please return my phone the way it was. Really don't like what your doing. I hope someone you don't know, that you can't get in touch with, gets the authority to rearrange you home while your not there, maybe then you'll start to consider how forceful, violating and unfair what you do is. Stop changing the interface. It takes me too long to get familiar with something this advanced fir you to be completely changing the look, sound and functionality of a device. Please restore old sounds. I don't like the pokies, which ALL the new and irritating sounds sound like. Who actually thinks they are pleasing sounds. Chimney,generated, tacky, synthetic sounds that replace natural, real, diverse bank of sounds. What happened to teal. Was a beautiful sound...but now...just check it out and tell me if I'm wrong. Please fix or review who's working for you. Spose you've got all the power, I'm sure you don't give a flying fuck what people who have no choice in the matter think. Please restore old sounds if nothing else. 
can we upgrade to it from a ematic tablet, running 4.1, and if so how?
Hey you Android wizards, after KitKat, why don't you name your next major build as FireBall. What do you think? I like it very much I must say! LOL
Its just cross promotion!! Android gets to promote their products to KitKats most loyal customers!!!!
it's not - Android has named their releases after edibles since the days of CupCake
Wish I could find the Android themed Kit-Kat bars in stores.
In HTC One GPe, there is an issue on data (4G LTE/ 4G/ 3G/ H)  service provided by service provider. I am currently with metroPCS for 3 months and struggling to get data service from them after I update into Android 4.4. I already communicated with metroPCS and HTC manufacturer, and tried several methods like manual APN setting, factory reset, reset power-cycle and so on. 
What is the solution that will fix it like Android 4.3 had no problem at all in HTC One GPe? Is there any update coming soon to resolve? If not how can go back to previous Android without breaking warranty or flashing my ROM. I need data service on the road for my work.     #androidkitkat   #google   #android  
Just got 4. 3 update. It sucks . Why would I want my incoming messaged displayed on the lock screen? Turn it off and u turn it off on the display bar. What a poor design. And why can't I turn on/off data on dropdown . Poor poor design. I wish I could go back to old OSCAR for samsung s3
need "kitkat" for asus memo hd 7
when will it get to the asus memo hd 7 tablet?
Kitkat is really nice, but drains more battery for sure. I hope it could be reverted.
what i REALLY LOVE is how phone numbers are now spoken. instead of hearing the correctly spoken area code "three six zero" i now get to enjoy "three six oh." this is fantastic because i previously thought phone numbers WERE COMPOSED OF NUMBERS, but now it seems they've  correctly identified, for the masses, that numbers are actually composed of numbers and letters! thanks for making my smart phone ever more stupid!!
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