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Watch Google Play Movies right on your Galaxy Nexus and enjoy your favorite new releases in HD even when you're on the go. Get your popcorn ready:
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And when is this available outside of the US? :P
Unfortunately not available in my country. ;(
Would be awesome if it worked when my Galaxy Nexus is rooted!
lol "Mr. Rubin's Android Pops" but seriously, I want to BUY movies not RENT them. I want to stream them any time and over and over...
This seems to be the blockbuster movie of your store
"We're sorry, the document you requested is not available in your country."
I don't want a Slingbox... I want Google to SELL movies like they SELL music
LOL! I started reading: "Watch Google Play Movies right on your Galaxy News" oh wait.. "Galaxy Nexus". Too much #Fallout3 I guess.
there are better options than slingbox. (company is terrible. When they changed the software and crashed the boxes, they told customers to buy the new box). As for the galaxy nexus, mine still randomly reboots. Still no update past 4.0.1. Google, quite making me look like an idiot to all the people I turn away from Iphones.
# Get the Galaxy Nexus: check!
# Get a Google Account: check!
# Be willing to spend money on cool movies: check!
# Have access to Google Play movies and music: NOPE!

Cool video, but it would be sooo much better if Google made a huge effort in giving us poor Europeans access to all the stuff.
Like the battery life isn't bad enough. I wonder if it would last through an entire HD movie.
I hadn't done any movies via Play/iTunes/Amazon. Ran Immortals via my Galaxy Nexus, and it was great!
I'm throwing money at the screen but nothing happens since I'm in Europe!
Android devices are severely lacking in battery life. That is the single biggest complaint I hear for Android.
Too many people to reply to ...

1) Yes, OWN not rent. I have zero interest in any option without real, honest to gosh ownership where I know in 10 years, I can still watch it.

2) Root issues? Try Voodoo OTA Rootkeeper. Temp unroot goes a LONG way :)

3) Stream your own video and audio content for free with Subsonic. Watching my own shows anywhere for free with no goofy hardware in between makes good sense to me.

4) Battery life. You get more power and option, you have to pay the price. iOS users got a taste of this when they FINALLY got some sort of notifications. Besides ... BIG GIANT beautiful screens? They take power :)
+Johan Bové VOD in France is awfully expensive. I could spend some money on PPV but I won't spend 5 or 6 euros (8 USD) on something I can watch only once. A brand new DVD can be found for twice the price and there is more to watch.
us only, again. sigh
Cool video tough :)
Download 13 Assassins and watched it on my tv which was awesome
+Richard Hay Just bought my Nexus from Google yesterday. Gets here tomorrow. Im pumped. Not sure if I keep my iPhone 4 or sell it. Might serve as an iTouch.
DO NOT get the US Verizon version, pure crap!
i just bought mine says it has not shipped yet...
Nope. Not for us rooted users. You know... because there's no easy way to download movies for free... people resorting to pirating them on their cell phones... ;)
bought mine and shipped last night, super excited for this!
If you root your phone do you have ALL access as a non-rooted phone does? I'd hate to root my new Nexus without full access to EVERYTHING.
I must admit my iPhone4 plays video really well. No hiccups and smooth replay. I hope my Nexus is just as good..... and I can't wait to be fully integrated with my Google features like Gtalk, G+, etc.
i mean it's pure ICS so if there are other things you want to do you may have to root it, it's supposed to be very easy to do...xda good source
+Rob Aymett because they're getting a huge cut of the profit for themselves hosting the content.
Apple probably throw money here and there just to get it.
thanks that we cant use it in Europe...
Samsung Galaxy Nexus + Steroids = Samsung G S3
+Kevin Nguyễn That was going to be my next phone, but and unlocked G. Nexus from Google was too good to pass up. I heard the GSM version would come out a few months after announcement with some minor differences. I just didnt want to sit around and see what kind of idiotic changes would be made to it by AT&T.
I agree bro. I couldnt let it slip through my fingers either! when the GS3 comes Ill get that too! lol
It would be great if this comercial could mean something outside USA...
NO SD Card add-on... NO WAY! Wait for the Sammy S3
no sd card? hummm thats weird...
Super Amoled without "Plus" is pentile display, I think.
Once again, holding out for SGSIII.
I was nervous about the pentile display, but honestly it's so flawless I have no complaints whatsoever. I have my nexus in "tablet mode" with tiny text and I have no issues reading it.
why dont we start a hangout in regards to this post?
never tried it...Im new to this Interface. anyone up for a try?
Probs "not available in your country", gave up trying it happens that often. Can you restrict your posts to the countries where they actually matter please.
Galaxy Nexus is awesome! If you want to wait for SGIII go for it, but using this reason, why don't you wait for the next SG? I can tell you that the phone is outstanding and yes, I asume that next phones will be better, its nature.
+Chris Heerschap I can verify about 3 hours of Flash video @ 720p over WiFi w/ 15% battery to spare. I have to assume Google Movies use less battery than in-browser Flash.

+Beto Aguirre If you root, you will lose access to Google Movies. Otherwise, you're good.
+Charles Eye speaking of that, do u know of any good alternative media players that support lots of video formats? or convert many types to/from many types?

im waiting for VLC media player to come out for android but until then... :/
I would love to watch them in my Google TV...
Would be great if Verizon got their act together and updated to 4.04 already... and Google Wallet support couldn't hurt either...
I have love for my android .fuck the rest The droid is best mwwaahahahaaaa
+Brian S. True, but doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of the nexus brand?
+Chris Roberts you can sideload wallet and it works. I get that Verizon is working on their own thing, but it doesn't exist and it seems a rip they don't support what does. I don't know what their deal is with updates. Seems like Verizon is just trying to lose customers.
Why would anyone want to watch a movie on a phone or a 4" tablet?
I have SGS2 and there's a HUGE difference between Super AMOLED and Super AMOLED Plus.
Pentile is bad. Still MUCH better than SLCD screens, but yeah.. Plus is the best.
+Andrew Primakov Did I understand correctly that you believe Pentile (like that found on the Moto-crap phones) to be better than SLCD (like that on my TRUE 720p Rezound) or am I confused on one of the terms perhaps?
+Serguei Popovski Let's see...traveling, I have a long work commute in a company van, there are lots of scenarios. I do it often on my GNex and its great.
When will google play movies be available in the middle east?
Have to take my wife shopping,,, I just wait in car watching movies on my GNEX,,,, before you dis it, you should try it. It's called convenience. And the huge screen on this phone is just fantastic !!
+Steve Peter I guess tastes differ. IMHO, this is one of those situation where the size does matter (why would cinemas still survive otherwise?)
+Ron Norgaard Ever considered teaching her how to drive instead? That way you could stay home and watch it the way a director meant it to be watched. That's called common sense.
+Serguei Popovski you are correct. I still go see movies. I just use my GNEX to stream Netflix when I'm in a bind like waiting for the wife to shop, waiting for an appointment, waiting to board a plane, ect.
I wish Google would sell one for the Verizon network without having to go through Verizon or an upgrade.
Gary Ng
If only we can have Play Movies in Malaysia
I wish I hadn't spend the big bucks to buy it imported with no warranty. But, I like the phone anyway
Milty C
+James England I also bought my Gnexus outright. Its a great phone, but it doesnt pay to be an early adopter. The Galaxy nexus is nearly half the price of what i paid for it only 5 months ago.
I don't get it google, why can't i buy the movies instead of just renting ?
It would be more awesome if we could pay for a movie and own it like we do with music. Some movies I could see myself paying more for to add to a collection that I could watch whenever I wanted.
Yeah... If only the rest of the world could have access to Google Music and Movies...
Mike C
Not if your device is rooted...............
what Android should do is to tighten up the system, encouraging every manufacturers to adopt the latest version of the latest version - since it has 1/2 of smartphone market, it has the market power to do so.
Dont be fooled. I have this phone and it is barely functional. Random reboots all the time, freezes, loss of signal for 20 minutes at a time, dropped calls. These are all common and known issues. I used to be a huge android fan, but I feel like google no longer cares about user experience, just about pushing out as many phones as possible. 5 months without a software fix tells me a lot about a company. It's really too bad
US only... :( why? why? why???
Tell me about it I have this phone as well and it is one of the worst phones ever. Signal issues every day, I miss about two to three calls because of this.
Love my phone, but super annoyed that it retailed at 700 dollars out of contract, 300 with, but now is 400 out of contract on Google Play? And I still don't get updates straight from Google. -.-
+Serguei Popovski It seems by your comments, that you are somehow offended by others enjoying movies on their phones. Obviously, this post is for those of us who find it useful to have entertainment on-the-go. If that's not you, then fine but why post passive aggressive comments about others' media consumption choices. Frankly, if the director wants me to watch his movies on a bigger screen, he can walk around in front of me with a TV strapped to his back.
+Hugo Paz even wi-fi signal !! I use my ipod in the same place but I cant use my nexus that's really shame
Dear Google and Android Developers: I really love your work. I enjoy my Galaxy Nexus and all you services like Google Drive recently. But when will we be able to access to the whole Play Market in Austria? I thought you would fix that but sadly you didn't yet...
ICS has a neat movie feature. When a big action scene comes on and you turn down the volume, a GIANT slider blocks out most of the image. It really helps keep me calm during the high stress moments!
Why is is that all the complains stay on G+ and there are onl 3 people who ever gave the video a bad rating or commented about it on YouTube?
Now if only i could pay to download movies from the Play Store. There is more to the world than just the USA.
a HD movie on a tiny screen???? wtf is wrong with your PR team noone with a brain wants to watcha movie on a screen as smalll as their palm.......
The Galaxy Nexus is one of the best smartphones there is, but watching a movie on any smartphone is not very comfortable and not likely used for it.
Perhaps you should try a galaxy note, 5.3 inch and 1280x800.... I watched a movie on it the other night with it sitting on my bedside table.. was quite comfortable to watch.
Rooted in Germany - I'm fucked....
Come on Android!

Do you want great sales? Then sell movies and music out of the U.S! Making things only available to certain places is just dumb. Seriously, you can make a bigger profit!
EUROP, pleas...
yes, Some People lifes outside the USA
Please offer non-dubbed films in France; some of us like being able to watch in "VO" (Version Originale) English, with or without subtitles...
The super bad availability of the google stuff in europe is a bit of a bummer. Want it, but can t use it.
I get it! Since Europe already prefer +Google more than Apple then there is no need to invest in Europe!

After all Europe is so small that +Google Play doesn't need our money! We are not worth their time!
from where i can upgrade my samsung android mobile to version 4 (Ice-cream sandwich)????
You should think in Europe too, and, of course, with a fair USD -> EUR rate conversion, not the usual 1 USD -> 1 EUR.
Two things I am looking forward to see in android.

Unlike iphone, Android syncs everything on cloud. Why not sync SMS and Call log. (system default)

Secondly, Want to be able to play youtube videos offline. Add an option avail offline on youtube app. This would be cool!
+surya rao chowdary koduri The problem with your second suggestion is the fact that Google need to make money by advertising to you on YouTube videos. It is a bit hard to advertise to you while you are offline (which is what i assume you want to be while watching a pre-downloaded video)
Meh,google won't even release the purchase of musics,movies and books internationally until today...Don't concern me at all
"Watch Google Play Movies" if you are in the only part of the world that matters, the United States of America
Not in Sweden - gets error 400 in app. zz worke while in US on vacation though.
irish d
still not working on google tv. boooo
Please: merge Google+ foto/video with YouTube/Picasa and merge Google+ Messenger with Google Talk (text audio and video)!! the same products with different names are creating confusion..
please merge +1s on Google Play apps, with +1s on Google+ Pages!!
ps:integration between Gmail and Google+ is the way!!
integration! one account...the world in my hand! and add italy to country that can rent movies.. and buy music.. and read books!! :D
.. in the meantime download +Phorganizer on +Google Play! :D
Does not work in Brazil... Waiting...
Update system is still a horrible process,...I Love Android but I'm giving others some serious thought esp when updates are needed to fix some serious issues with a phone...
Rami S.
I wish you could make Netflix content available for download. Some people dont have unlimited data, ya know.
I just want my nexus to stay connected to the damn towers first! can we accomplish that?
it's awesome and when it is in samsung soooo goooooooooood i can't tell u
wait one week 2 buy, S3 is coming out
Guys, any idea when ICS will be available for Nexus S 3G phone bought through best buy? You guys dont even have a common contact center to ask questions/queries. I cant post comments on the post below for Andriod ICS release.
+Sid Khot I have a 3G Nexus S (or the i9020a to be more precise) and I have had ICS for 2 weeks now. If you have that same version, you might have to manually download it like I did.
Woot! You released Movies to Google Play here in Australia! I hope others see it too!
This phone is about five months old now (which is ages in smartphone time) and it's STILL the sh*t!!!
Unfortunately either my battery will die or the phone will get to hot to handle before the end of the movie. Sorry Google. Also, would like to know when you start rolling out Android 4.0.4 for the GNexus It has been 5 months you know. P.S. (I think it is Verizon's fault, not yours)
William Delaire, where can I download it from?
+Austin Mutschler download GNOfficialUpdate from the Play store and you will know who's to blame for you not getting the update. This app lets you know if you can do a google update... In the fortunate event that you can, head over to Android authority and do a search for updating ICS. Cheers
why cant you watch if rooted? Im rooted and stock 4.0.2. and seem to be able to watch in HD...

does anyone know if the HD 1080p quality is maintained via MHL output?
Please bring all of these features to India, movies, music, books....we're waiting
+Tudor Antonio-Debivar, why would the official page know? Go ask Samsung. Ice Cream Sandwich for the Note will be available any time between now and June.
In reply to this post by Android, let's face it, watching HD movies is better on the Galaxy Note than the Galaxy Nexus. The screen is bigger and it's higher resolution.
To my fellow Kenyans, there is a downside though. The widely popular low end smartphone, the Huawei U8150 IDEOS is not supported. Most of my friends have this phone and it is very sad that they have been locked out of the party. I hope a future update should make the app accessible to these users even though the Ideot (yes we call it that way) camera is very whacky.
+Jon Sheckler Well, it's a good job I live in the UK then, where I bought the Note unlocked and SIM free.
Damn Americans and their inherent ignorance.
@Android when will movies be available to watch through the Google TV? That seems like the most likely place for them to be watched!!!
hi android team
i have a android 2.1 , with micromax andro a60, but some important android application like atm, bank, are not download from android market please solve this issue
When are you launching Google Play Device in New Zealand. You have released Google Nexus Unlocked for US$399 in device. Any luck for us at New Zealand.
Unless you are rooted...
请修正GT-i9020 ics4.0.4
That's if my nexus battery ALLOWS me to.
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