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+Google Play gift cards are here, and starting today, will be available at Target, +GameStop and +RadioShack in the US.
What do Swampy the Alligator, Katniss Everdeen and +Busta Rhymes 
all have in common? You can now use Google Play gift cards to purchase entertainment starring each of them.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be rolling out Google Play gift cards in stores across the U.S. We’ve teamed up with Target, +GameStop 
and +RadioShack to offer $10, $25 and $50 Google Play gift cards, and will start offering them later this month. You can use them to purchase your favorite music, movies, books, apps, games and more. You can even use them to purchase in-app goods in your favorite games. Or buy one for someone special.

Learn more here:
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There is still a lot that has to come to the rest of the planet. Play music, books and movies, for example? But it'll get there.
And probably only in US to test and make sure everything goes smoothly with the system.  Small testing beats system failures on a broader spectrum.
can i add gwall balance with this?
phux vos
We want this in Europe too! Come on big G, introduce it with the Nexus 7, pls!
What about at my local grocery. Gas points, baby!
+Nils De Clerck I do not think it will come - at least not to my country (Denmark) - a lot of small countries and markets seem insignificant to Google, why bother with all their diverse and difficult laws for a wee little profit. I won't hold my breath. Even the Nexus 7 launch here has been postponed indefinitely - at least until late next year, which is the same as saying it won't happen. I had to order mine in the UK and pay a premium for getting it shipped to Denmark...
You forgot us Canadians again..
Please +Android bring Gift Cards and your Music store to the UK. There are consumers who are ready to part with their cash for such services. Thanks.
Hopefully we can grab one these for Christmas in overseas. Please.
would love to see some more content in the austrian play store before thinking about gift cards
Wherecan Ivey from in south Africa
You know what'd be nice, merging Google Play Movies with Youtube Movies.
hope you have gift card in asia....esp hong kong
MS and Sony are getting rid of their points cards, and Google is bringing them to the market.  I refuse to give my Credit or Debit Card to these services, they've proven there's a risk.  I will buy point cards though, and so will all the kids who don't have a bank account or credit card....  Smart move Google!
Nice. Thank you for making this happen, and for providing us a way to give out "stocking stuffers" and gifts to friends and family.
Credit cards are not that common in Europe, so I would have exected this move for Europe first. Sales from the Play Store must be significantly less here...
What kind of product launch is this? Had it been the fruit company we would have been hearing all about the rainbows, the magic unicorns coming to you bearing wondrous presents of happiness. Google you have to market your product properly! Kids in the street won't get to know that they should get one of these over an iTunes card.
Why only USA?  What about the rest of the world...America isnt the only place that uses Android...c'mon guys.....
Probably a money exchange issue as well as regulations about trade and export of technology and such.
+Flavio Zanda Yeah Google don't advertise/market the cool stuff in their products and services enough. Apple on the other hand... advertised old stuff as new and for some reason it worked +_+ It's a problem for Google though. Most consumers are ignorant so they will mostly rely on advertising instead of personally researching the products they want.
Dumb people get fleeced.  Always the same.
+Mario Andhika absolutely right. For example it saddens me that many people will never hear about the nexus 7. I can tell you it really is an amazing device at an amazing price. They could sell them like there's no tomorrow if they tried even a bit. Yes people are ignorant because not everybody can be a tech geek... people have different interests and that's okay. This is why you need to educate the buyers or other companies will do it for you. I genuinely believe Google has the best product with Android, and they should get the recognition they deserve.
Dealing with technically inept people all day is draining. It's no wonder I'm losing my hair!  I post help wanted ads that specifically say that computer literacy is required and get responses from people who are still using AOL, have no idea what browser they are using and are afraid to give me contact info so I can help them. <bang head on wall>
+Oliver Naumann Credit cards are very common in the UK, so not all of Europe doesn't have them
Why not roll out gift cards in countries where Credit Cards are not popular, eg. The Netherlands. Most people can't buy there because Credit Card is the only option.
Careful now Google+, don't want Apple Inc. to think your copying them and put out a lawsuit against you like they did Samsung :D
Rob K
Lets get them in Canada before X-Mas. Makes a great gift.
This is great news, thinking about getting a few cards for my relatives & friends for Christmas. To my Android pals overseas, relax you'll be getting them soon. It's Google, they're not going to drag their feet on this one.
Yeah cos Apple invented not only the GIFTCARD but the plastic that went into it too.
I love being American. It's so awesome :)
What about offering podcast on Google Play similar to what apple does with itunes.
Why stop at podcast? Let's go ahead and create a Google version of the iPod. Or better yet... team up with Linux or something and create your own Laptop!!! Android Powered Laptop with the Android logo on the back of it instead of a Apple. Yeah... and the new OS system shall be called Taffy... or (trying to think of a sweet that hasn't been used) Fudge, CreamPuff, Sugar, Gummy.. I give up <_<
Smart move. You'll see some serious money at Christmas. Not to mention birthdays. My family alone will probably fund the R&D for the next Nexus!
+Benjamin Jones  why don't you just use some normal Linux distro of some sort, weirdo... by the way im an arch user
Damn.... I live in a third world country :(
What's an Android laptop? Did they stop making Chromebooks already?
The entire point is to force Apple to create another lame lawsuit for Copying them. Why hasn't Android drop a lawsuit on them for iOS6 yet? lol
Google is in court with Apple.. they went after Apple with the newly acquired patents from Motorola 
YAY, I can buy music and no wait I like in the UK - dammit :(
Great ideas +Benjamin Jones . Sony had an Ipod competitor called the Walkman Z that was buggy, light on specs & sold poorly. Give it some time, someone else will make one that's fully loaded with specs, runs great & will have Apple in panic mode. Android OS on PCs, that will probably take a few years not more than a decade. Microsoft would be very concerned.
+Vic Gundotra  Introducing Google Play gift cards is a huge step forward! It was a long time due though. That "other platform" has had that for years and has proven to be a big boost for their sales. Now parents can add gift cards to their Google Wallet accounts instead of their credit cards, give their phones or tablets to their kids and not be afraid that they will be faced with exorbitant bills.
This should hopefully give a boost to the Android app sales and benefit the developers. At the end everyone will be a winner from this move, as the developers will have more incentive to develop for Android and the consumer will benefit from more and better quality applications.
How about the ability to give items on Google play as gifts to someone else? Buy someone a movie or album you think they'd like, or an app they would find useful... seriously. Time to play catch-up.
I know what I want for Christmas now.
If Google don't want to sell content to the rest of the world, it's maybe time to switch to Apple. :-/
FYI: I accept gifts of this variety.
"You can now use Google Play gift cards to purchase entertainment starring each of them" Ahahahahahaha, great joke guys! Maybe i'ts time to split Google Play profile to "Google Play US" and "Google Play in the Third World that still don't have many of our services because of reasons" I think that would prevent me from spitting coffee all over screen...
esto es genial espero que pronto se puedan húsar en México sería un gran beneficio para evitar la pirateria
These things are the same shape as iTunes gift cards. I smell a lawsuit.
At least it should be $24 or $26 denominations... Blatant copying of Apple.
$25 gift card denominations are ubiquitous. What does Apple have to do with that?
Jetzt muss es das ganze Zeug nur noch im AT Store geben...
My 40th year birthday is coming and I'd like to get these.
Unfortunately they dont seem available in Denmark
And of course all other countries are again left out... Getting tired of this Google. Why don't you add the possibility to gift apps through Play Store?
Oh, who am I to complain. At least we got search in Sweden the other day... After several years. Better make something revolutionary soon about your "only in the US and all other countries can wait" bulls*it soon. iPhone 5 is actually starting to sound interesting. At least they know other countries exist outside the US.
when will they be available in europe??
Good info for US and really bad for rest of the world ;)
really bad for for non US countries
Wow, I was just talking about this the other day to someone.  Are you guys listening to me?
Thanks. Sympathy towards the rest of the world is appreciated.
Really, for once, I'm not being sarcastic.
I've been waiting for this for such a long time!
Humanity goes one step closer to the cliff. ;-)
Esperemos que algun día este disponible en Venezuela!!
i can finally stop purchasing the prepaid debits. alas.
I love how Music and Books are bolded. Google knows where it's at.
Jon P
They need to be available in major supermarkets at the checkout. 
Only US!? When announced for other countries?
What about Europe!?!? I'm looking forward to getting it! ^^
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Ben Lim
When will Asia ever get google play?
This is great news, as I really do not wish to link my credit card to google, or any other website for that matter. Hooray!
Jon P
Why only the U.S,Is Google a big enough player to roll the cards out world wide like Apple did with the iTunes card?
I want to see the other side of the card :)
Allow us to buy content in Egypt. -_-
Very good except a lot of people have a problem..... We don't all live in America .

Dear Google, 
I have recently decide to buy a new android phone and I took Galaxy Nexus. The main reason that I choose this phone is that because the Nexus series is supported by Google in order of software update. But I´m waiting for some time now and no Jelly Bean for my Phone. After some search I discover that some Nexus devices are not supported by Google but are supported by the manufacturer. Tell me please when I´m gonna get the update for my phone ((yakjuxw) and why my next phone should´t be an iPhone.
Ben Lim
Dude, flash it it to yakju. Mine was yakjuxw before as well. Then I got fed up waiting so I flash to yakju and instant update to JB. Seeing how my yakkuxw got 4.0.3 at June three months after other got their. I suspect JB will only available to yakjuxw at November earliest
Android, you gotta add these giftcards to canada!
Be careful google those are black rectangle with rounded corners. Apple might sue you it looks to much like an iPad.
LOL the sad thing is you might be right Chucky Riggs
When is the jelly bean update to galaxy nexus comming out? i have heard mid-july but now its almost september.
We want Music and Movies also in Italy!!!
we want Diamond Dash application for Android
Jose A.
which doors are going to have these gift cards?
I went to Target, called 2 others and 2 Radio Shacks and they told me they weren't in stock. Oh well, I had to buy other gift cards. 
Question: If I ask a friend from the US to buy me a Google Play gift card, will I be able to purchase apps that are normally only available in the US (like Pandora)?
T-T still not in oz~~~~cant wait
Expand them to more stores these places are not where people buy giftcards
I need them in the grocery store, specifically Kroger.  I do the shopping, I can easily slip a $10 card into the grocery bill w/o the wife noticing!
HALLELUJAH!!! Finally a chance to boost android and the play store into HYPERSPACE!!! Gift cards: the only reason iTunes is popular with the masses (no credit card hassle, more customers). GO ANDRO!!!
Awesome! I hate giving out my credit card details, so these will be the only way for me to buy apps on the Play store.
James p
Google music only in the US for now fine (as long as it escapes soon). But gift cards? What stops them being distributed world wide?
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