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Today we're releasing Chrome for Android Beta to bring the speed and simplicity of Chrome to Android 4.0, #ICS phones and tablets. Chrome for Android Beta lets you take the the things you love about the +Google Chrome browsing experience with you:

Speed: Top search results are loaded in the background to let you fly through webpages as quickly as you can flick your finger.
Simplicity: Access an unlimited number of tabs and flip or swipe between them using intuitive gestures.
Sign in: Access your bookmarks and the tabs you left open on your computer from your mobile device, picking up exactly where you left off.

Learn more about Chrome for Android Beta in the full blog post here: This release is available on Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich devices in select countries in the following languages: English, Français, Deutsch, Español, Português, 日本語 and 한국어. Download Chrome for Android Beta in Android Market:
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I love you man I love chrome
So is this just some new bits of ui around the already existing webkit browser
Only 1% of android users can use it :-(
Now if you could just get the manufacturers to keep up with updates it would be great. I have waited a long time to have chrome and my bookmarks on my phone. It is rediculous how long it takes to get updates on non nexus phones!!
That's nice, now release a ICS phone for t-mobile.
#cantwait to use this once its available for me. until then dolphin browser stays
Yay Chrome for my tablet!
And here the app disabling function comes handy! Finally I can replace the built-in browser with Chrome!
Damn... Now I just need an ICS device...
It's only for ICS? How lame. #chrome #android #fragmentation #Fail
wtf? the link in the description is broken. I live in the US it should work?

404. That’s an error.

The requested URL /intl/en/chrome/android was not found on this server. That’s all we know.
I thought the browser that came with Android was Chrome based?
Well...won't be able to use this till my #GalaxyS2 is updated to ICS..I won't go out buying another phone just for this...
Can't wait until my Xoom gets ICS so I can get this!
Ooh! I'm looking forward to this on my SGS2.
The week after my android gets messed up. Just my luck. -_-
Good news ! Lookin' forward to trying it :-)
Great job guys !
peter tam
Where's ICS for my Nexus S 9020a?
Why not aviable in Switerland? I have a galaxy nexus with ICS and speak german...
AWESOME!!!! I Cant WAIT to give it a try!! :) FINALLY!!
#ICS #FUN #Google #Chrome
BOOOOOOOOO! Incompatible with Nexus One!!!
Any chance of building Google Bookmarks into Chrome natively any time soon? Synced tabs are great but I'd rather have my store of favourite websites integrated first.
Now, get ready for browser fragmentation on Android!
Wish I had a Galaxy Nexus to try this out on.
I may need to put ICS on my Nexus S 4G....I'm sick and tired of waiting for it to be commercially available and I WANT Crome.
I love the Microsoft Arc Keyboard on the video, the coolest keyboard ever!
only for ICS :((( and the nexus one with 2.3.6??? I hope that the final release support 2.3.* device...
Chrome for Android! Long time coming and I can't wait to try it tonight (or sooner)!
Yea it not being available in several countries is not cool! Someone share the apk!!
there is an error on the page. Can not open:(
everyone wants to beta test , share the .apk in true linux community style :D
+Thomas Loncar You can try downloading it from a non-market source and installing it by transferring it to the phone and clicking on allow installation of non-market applications, ignore the security warning and if your running 4.0 it should work fine. Firefox 10 does not work on Gingerbread 2.3 and probably this wont either so I'll stick to private browsing with Orweb as I know that works even if I had to go about installing it off market because the market says my device is incompatible. Nice going @ google, you sent me a welcome to the Samsung Nexus S and I don't even have a Samsung Phone.
Not available in my country. Thanks for discriminating Google.
Why it isn't available on my XOOM?? I've bought it in US and upgrade to ICS :-(
I can't wait to get off iOS.
Only 6 more months...
Tim KH
Gonna have to flash my ICS rom
Android 4.0 and higher...oh no, not for my htc :(((
Finally !! Can't wait to give it a try!
Sucks, my phone isn't even a year old and it's incompatible! DAMN!
It's damn nice. Loving it on my Transformer Prime!
Great! Now if only #Samsung would port #ICS to my #Skyrocket.
Bummer about the country restrictions, but aside from that I can't wait to try it out ... when it's available in New Zealand that is :(
Not for Poland. Google why do you hate us so much?
I am sure you can find an .apk floating around the interwebs soon enough.
oooh, want ... now Acer just needs to get the update out.
i have a ICS port on my galaxy s but i dont see chrome in the market :S
People we are Android. Just flash an unofficial ICS rom. Thats the beauty of Android.
+eDDi Hughes Maybe it's time to force Companys to push out some updates? And not for the last 2 devices with a waiting time > 4 months? And: If I root my S2 and put a costum rom on it, I'm going to loose 1.5 years of waranty...
Google finally releases Chrome for Android, and it's ICS only... *sigh*

What a shame....
Not available in Israel? Why?
I guess this calls for MarketEnabler again
It's a beta guys. Calm down. It's much slower than the stock ICS browser on xoom. You're not missing much.

Edit: actually web page rendering might be faster, but scrolling definitely isn't as smooth.
Really Google? Only Android 4.0+ and only in few countries. You don't want users or what?
Tried it and it is blazing. Can't wait to give it a full workout! (Verizon Gnex, stock 4.0.2)
the market link works fine, chrome for android is installing on my samsung galaxy s i9000 :) thank you +AJ Stang ! :)
Who has Gingerbread? o/
Who wants Chrome? o/
sadly, this is useless to me - coincidentally, so is HTC, since there's no 4.0 for my EVO.
+Patrick Kohn Heh, I rooted my 2.1 Froyo and upgraded to 2.3 Gingerbread running the CM7 Mod and now it even sports Google's Honeycomb 3.0 Official startup animation. One word: Cyanogen Mod.. Not for the faint of heart though an yeah it can turn your device into a brick if you flash the wrong ROM to the device.
Chrome on Android leaves a lot to be desired. I hate to say it, but it does. It doesn't have extensions and it falls flat when you want to set the UAString permanently. Hey, on my tablet I don't want to have to keep telling this Android Chrome browser to load the full site. I don't want to be irritated by having to make that choice for each page (if they even provide it). Listen, all the other browsers pretty much (except the horrible Firefox--and then you can download an extension to do it) gives me the ability to set in preference the UAString so I can get the *real* page every time.

Not only that but Google's pages often won't listen to my choice in the Google Chrome browser. It will keep delivering the crippled pages regardless of what I tell it.

This is the case with the newer browser from ICS as well. Can anyone tell me who the person is that made this "mistake" on our behalf?

So, please, though I'm sure you have a point with your video, could you fix the darned thing to give me a place in preferences to indicate I want to be seen as a desktop browser instead of a mobile browser?
It seems a little slower at completely loading the page. Everything else seems really nice. My one complaint about the android stock browsers is no simple close button on the app. I love that with dolphin, I can just close out of the browser. Over all, this seems nearly perfect, and the sync with chrome on your desktop is sweet.
Now that is awesome! +Gina Trapani had posted an article at the start of the year (Almost feels like years!) on what she wanted Google to do this year. I had commented that they need to get Chrome on Google. Sync between the browser on on ICS and Chrome was the first step...this is even better!
Next up - the G Drive where everything from docs to photos to videos to even music just syncs seamlessly across any platform!
+Jim Blaich "except the horrible Firefox" eh Firefox is far from horrible, it's been my choice for many a year, I even went with it over Chrome as I prefer it by far to Google Chrome or MS IE. FF10.0 is out on Mobile platforms and it allows the loading of extensions but I cant help but get the feeling that it's much better when geared towards PC use. Chrome's extensions like NotScripts when compared to Firefox NoScript - theres no competition in my mind. But each to their own, rather the devil you know than the devil you don't!
Awesome! But why +Android it is not available for Poland. Make it available for all #ICS devices
And what about the rest of us? how do we get it?
so what about the existing one... should i remove it... or will this replace it...
Once again, I say the same as when you gave the tips for android 4.0 . It's all very nice and all but you said Nexus S would get an update to ICS on the 16 November (or December... can't remember well) and most of your costumers are still on the 2.3.6 version... We are at the 7 Feb and still no news or feedback from Google! What's the point on advertising stuff only for a minority users to use? ... sigh
Woah, this one is cool. It only syncs the open tab for me, but hey, it's a beta.
Would love to see support for browser extensions. I.e. Lastpass
so that finally marks the end of chrome os.... and the chrome books
Just Beta :( For me not showing anything from webpage content, but I can touch that "invisible" hyperlinks etc. (CyanogenMod 9 on Motorola Defy)
Thanks Google to let to Nexus S users have ICS... oh wait! We don't have ICS months ago after you promised that we would have it. Oh, fantastic.

Fuck Google ¬¬
No way, why Google is not supporting more countries? I love Google and I wish I would live in California ..
So sad, that my Motorola Atrix will never ever get ICS. It's just 3 weeks old and, as I read all your notes, way too old. I guess that many users may be a little bit "disappointed" by this android-experience...
People get a grip this is still a beta so they are not going to release it to every corner of the planet or every build of Android. Relax and have some patience.
Damn ... why it's not available in Czech Republic? That hurts ... :(
Can i get on a honeycomb device?!
Doesn't support copying out of read only text fields like the stock browser does.
Why is there no quick way to load the desktop version of a site like the stock ics browser? This is a huge oversight.
is there a possibility to load the desktop site at all? i hate mobile pages... Could someone help?
Very disappointing its giving me the error message This item cannot be installed in your device's country. I think the browser is nothing to do with country. I am on Galaxy nexus(India).
Yeah... so... this isn't entirely true, because Chrome isn't available for Android phones not running Ice Cream Sandwich (aka Android +4.0, aka "ICS"). The headline should read, "Google releases Chrome for Ice Cream Sandwich Android Users." It's a little longer, but much more accurate.
<i>This item cannot be installed in your device's country.</i> WHY? It's a browser.
Only downside I see...I would like the option to show desktop versions of websites. Other than that, looks great.
can't install it on Sandavolds ICS Rom on the Desire... "package error". (But that's a v3 ICS right?)
Does bookmark/desktop take a bit to sync? Not working for me.
This. Is. Incredible. Seamless transition from desktop to phone. I love it.
ahhhh was so excited to download only to find that on my transformer prime with keyboard dock, none of the keyboard shortcuts that work with the stock browser work with chrome :( no ctrl+t, ctrl+tab, etc
T_T isn't compatible with my Samsung Galaxy S5570
Now, if Google can only persuade (force) Motorola Mobility to update the Firmware on all their handsets...
+Sebastian Rus Dude get the my Fake GPS location off the android market and set your GPS location to USA, the Kremlin, Bogata or wherever the hell you want and see if that fixes it! Current forging my headers as Seol North Korea via Geo Location on both Android & Linux, when I bounce out of a Tor exit, sure you can reverse lookup my geographical info for all the good it'll do!
There needs to be an option to have the non-mobile version of websites come up by default. Kind of a PITA to deal with on a tablet. Makes sense for smaller screens not big ones.
Oh for crying out loud! Why is this US only??
I have Nexus S with ICS. Yet I can't install it. How come? Stop being racist, I thought you were better than that, Google...
When is it going to be available for Gingerbread?
Got all excited at the thought of getting Chrome on my phone and then very disappointed when I saw that it was only available for Android 4.0. :o(
Chris L
Gingerbread. That is all.
My favorite little feature: tilt phone to shift between tabs
Not available in Russia... Both devices have ICS (Nexus S, Prime). And what about standard browser after Chrome for Android launch?
Anybody got a link for download from somewhere else than Market? If Google decides to be stingy, we apparently have to find another way... Thanks
Works great on galaxy nexus hope after the beta my galaxy tab running honey comb 3.2 will get
not supported Arabic characters. there is no even character code option to change
1% ICS of all Android Devices minus selected countres = at about 0%. Why only selected countries?!
Lets get ICS out to Droid Razr/Razr Maxx users! My Razr Maxx it waiting! :-)
I agree with some comments above. ICS is still on a few devices so what about Android 2.3? Damn, I want ICS :)
how about you get ICS out to your nexus s users in canada. that would mean a lot instead being stuck with android 2.3. I was promised my phone would be the first to update but i guess i was wrong
Can I get this on Nexus S ICS? i think it would be really cool if all my bookmarks from my desktop showed up on my phone.
+Clancy Anderson make sure open tabs is selected to be shared in your chrome preferences on your computer. It was not selected in my case!
Just downloaded on my phone. Works great so far.
Need to be able to request full site or change client. Love it so far. 
I would love to try this but my stinkin Xoom has yet to receive the ICS upgrade. Didn't that roll out a month ago? C'mon already!
Just downloaded in my nexus s, its awesome.. ;) 
Doesn't work in my ICS. Can't charge webpages and does force close when i try to go to settings.
Matt S
Guys its better to have beta tested on those 1% of devices and have accurate feedback than 99% of devices running different roms etc and keep it on beta for linger
What if your running CM9? hahah....j/k
Why are you pimping this stuff when nobody has ICS. I have a GalaxyS2 and if I need to buy a new phone to get ICS you will lose a customer. You need to spend time implementing a better update system, the existing system creates fragmentation.
wow~ ICS is so cool, and so hot :)
I managed to get sync to work.. and synced bookmarks (looks perfect!) but I can't see opened tabs from my desktop :S I tried everything. EDIT: removing and adding account again made it work!
Loved it!! About time thank you Google and thank you Android guys
For those who want to test the new Google Chrome for Android Beta on ICS but have their countries blocked can use this QR Code to download the APK. -
Only for Android 4.0
Matt S
+Android you need to add desktop view or even better different user agents. Pages like +Armor Games show only mobile version and redirect to iTunes and its an epic fail
Please open the download to all countries. I'm in the Netherlands but use English on my Galaxy Nexus.
If Google run android, and Google have flagship mobile phones, and Google make chrome... why isn't the web browser on android chrome based to begin with?
What about for Gingerbread? My phone doesn't support ICS (or at least not yet). I don't want to wait for HTC to decide to update my phone to be able to use Chrome.
Perfect! Now i only need Samsung to release the ICS update for my #galaxys2 I hope syncing it to my Chrome will be a breeze, as it will instantly make my (online) life better.
+Ronnel Hugo Yes, Chrome for Android beta works on any ICS device including a Nexus S running 4.0.
Not available in Malaysia come on google. I'm kinda lazy to install market enabler on my transformer prime and my SGSII is still on gingerbread +Samsung Mobile USA guess it's time to head to xda
I LOVE IT on my phone but now I want it for my tablet since I'm running honeycomb
We will be waiting for our SonyEricsson family
You could make the font bold.
will google finally start releasing stuff in europe? i'm still waiting for google voice, music, currents .... add chrome for android to this list... seriously guys, hurry up!!!
Matt S
+Rik Taylor you're going to tell me that millions of iPhone users upgraded from iPhone 4 to 4s not for siri and camera and icloud ? This is beta its supposed to be tried on smaller amount of devices ....
Stupid Orange Mobile in the UK still haven't updated the LG P500 from Android 2.2.1, suspect my phone wouldn't be capable of running Chrome any way.
I would simply like to say that today I am a very happy Android user because I have been waiting for this moment for awhile! :-)
downside- Wheres the force desktop site button?
i'm testing it with my Android 4 HP Touchpad tablet.
No flash support (for now i suppose)
No request for desktop version (for now i suppose)

And i would open a bookmark without leave my page. So i can load JAVASCRIPT bookmarks like Lastpass Login.
This is kinda bullshit. I'm sitting on a Galaxy Nexus (straight from google) and I can't get chrome beta due to location? That's pathetic google.
I removed it 5 minutes after installation because it does NOT support Arabic unlike the default browser on my Nexus S. Arabic words appear disconnected!!
I still got Android 4.0.2 - why don't you update all devices; there is Android 4.0.5 already!!?? #galaxynexus - Do I think getting this answered? lol
Figures. Folks that will not be getting ICS are stuck with the stock browser. 2+ more years on GB since my 10 month old phone won't be getting ICS. Really regretting getting that phone now...
To all the people crying about not having ICS on your phone do something about it. I have downloaded this to my HTC Sensation 4g w/ android 4.0.3 and so far so good. Needs a lot of updates though.
A lot of comments! Another good reason to get a Nexus devices... You get the goodies before the others! ;)

Seriously, maybe Google made this choice to push Android 4 a little more... Or they are working on a "scaled-down" version for Pre-ICS devices... Will see.
Finally something to beat the Dolphin browser. It is a pity there is no gingerbread version. :-\
Takes more than 50MB on my phone! And requires full hwa :(
+Android Chrome beta Crushes to death on my SGS2 ICS 4.0.3
Any help or advice is appreciated.
I'm surprised nobody has mentioned anything about the new "card" feature, not appearing on tablets :(
it needs a desktop mode, hide address bar, set home page and clear personal data when exiting. and does it support flash?
Heiko S
nice. good i got one of those nexus s devices which will have gotten ics right after it's been released. sigh
Welcome honeychrome!!! we've been waiting for you since we knew the earth is round!!!!!
Hope it is eventually made available for Android 2.3 and Honeycomb 3.2. Wish there was some way for all of us to encourage the hardware vendors to speed up their adoption of ICS for at least those android devices manufactured within the last year. On the outside looking in :-(
Awesome, but before that we need ICS OTA for Nexus S?
What a fail! Boooooo! it sucks without flash just waisted your time....
ICS is awesome. How do you improve "awesome"? Inject Chrome.
I disabled my stock 4.0 Browser and made the Chrome browser my default!
I'll take about a year for most Android people to use it on there Android 4.0 or higher phone.
Ahh, refreshing. The tab close animation is beautiful. Great work.
Unfortunately I have HTC Desire HD with Gingerbread 2.3.5...
Installed, looks good!
YES! hot donkey! downloading now!
Love it. I have it on my HP TouchPad (running CM9 Alpha 0.5) and it's GLORIOUS. I am glad there is functionality for Chromium, as well, since I am an Ubuntu user.
Why isn't this beta available in the Netherlands? Like so many new Google products...nice reward for a Nexus owner like myself.
I have 4.0 on my Nexus S, how do I get it?
Interesting...I just installed, and am playing with it....I noticed that the chrome beta does not show up in the "recent apps" list...does that mean that it is part of the OS and not an App?
I hate the fact that I have to wait for it to be released in my own country. I love the fact that google finally introduced it to android!
It's fantastic so far. Very impressed. Maybe I've missed it (or it may be due on the final release) but a full screen browsing option without the notification bar would be great!
this browser is not really good..... it's over 56 mb, it's very slow, tested on my nexus s... please get BIG improvements!!!!!!
FML - not available in my country -.-
Looks great, can wait till I can get ICS on my SGSII and try it myself.
I kind of still prefer ICS' stock browser's colour scheme to the new Chrome. The UI looks disjointed compared to the rest of ICS.
Looks great, if only I wasn't stuck on an "old" Droid Charge that has no hope of ever getting updated to ICS. Oh wait its only 7 months old.
Pretty lame that I can't use it on HTC sensation.
Why don't you guys work on updated your flagship phone (nexus s) before pushing out ICS-only features that no one can even use?
when will it be available in Ireland / Europe?
One more step towards the merge of ChromeOS and Android.
Sweet! Can't wait to check it out (in however many months it will take my Droid Bionic to upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich).
I really need a new phone. I can't wait to have ICS and this new browser looks great and most importantly, fast.
Not available in Ireland .. Google's EU HQ !! :( oh well.. got apk..... few tweaks needed but so far nice beta
Make this available for all android devices! Pleaseee
What about Android 4.0 for nexus S ?! When Will it be released for real ?
Just installed ICS to my Galaxy S2 (I9100), glad I did! Installing now.
Why not in Austria? We have the same Language as Germany, we have nearly the same Operators... I cant't understand that :(
Not available in your country is an obnoxious message. I take it Norwegians are dangerous and can't be trusted with chrome on Android. Will this be the new standard for Android from Google in the future?
Google: Buy a Nexus because you will enjoy the full Android experience and have updates before any other device.

Reality: We're gonna stop updating the Nexus phones and not tell a damn person why or give an ETA and we'll allow ASUS and Motorola to push it on their NON NEXUS know, because we're Google and fuck you that's why.

I will NEVER buy an android phone again...shame too cause I really dislike Win and iOS phones.
Someone from China got installed?Account connection failed to my Nexus S(Android 4.04).
Please make it available on Gingerbread device. And for Indonesia too.
This is a Google product 100%, why not make it available worldwide? This is getting stupid.
Funny how my TouchPad will be compatible with Google Chrome Beta yet my K1 ANDROID Tablet wont lol
So it's available, but only if you buy a couple very select new Android devices. I can understand why an OEM would want to delay updates so that they could sell more hardware instead, but you, +Google, should be trying much harder to support your devices. For the record, I have a Nexus S 4G, which is the latest Nexus device before the Galaxy Nexus. And before this phone, I had a Nexus One, and though it took a long time for that device to upgrade, it wasn't anything like this.

Google, I ask you, please stand up for your customers. Stand up to the OEMs. Stand up to the carriers. Stand up against fragmentation. Thank you.
You guys need to get the fragmentation under control. Android is a mess. I would just scrap it and start over. The Android experience is way too inconsistent.
hurry up with ice cream sandwich for nexus s :)
Either upgrade the HTC Evo 4G to 4.0 or make this available to 2.3. Otherwise this is useless to me...unfortunately.
where is my -1 button..fragmentation issue is over tablet is still on 2.1 and I still totally enjoy it...
Hoooo... android tablet just became THE thing... Adios +Chromebook... once I get +ICS my chromebook will start to acumulate dust I guess!
+Dan McDicken Oh, Lol, oh no you don't. Firefox is awful. Horribly awful. It is so slow and so bug ridden and so ill-conceived that the fact that it doesn't support flash (one of the lasting tenents of the web) can almost be glossed over.

Flash is a necessary thing. Period. How many releases ago did they say that they were going to add flash to Firefox? Many many releases.

Firefox isn't worth even talking about. Just read the reviews in the Google market. It seems nearly no one likes it. To like it makes you an exception.
Nexus s 4g from sprint needs it..... if u bring out the dammm update to ICS... atleast say something shot
Not for Austria? Seriously? Come on ..
Chrome for android... only for ICS... [ironic on] Great!!!!!! the biggest news of the century [ironic off] ¬¬
I got it nothing special but I'll keep it!
All u nexus s 4g on sprint people will get 4.0 after the galaxy nexus is released so stop crying or go buy an unlocked Nexus like I did!
Why is it just for ICS? Billion of phones are stuck in Gingerbread!! Let everybody joins the party!
Ah yes... One more reason to hate my phone and tablet mfgr for dragging their feet with ICS...
Any chance we might get lucky on Gingerbread?
Can someone skilled hack the source and get it to work on earlier versions of Android? At least Honeycomb!
yeah, I saw news in the Fall that the Acer Iconia A500 would get ICS in January, it didn't come yet.
Now if only +HTC would update my Desire S to ICS..
i can't test it, since still in ginger. >.<
Listen this may not be the thread but for those who develop this operating system. Why not add "Amber Alerts" as a built in option. Allowing a default setting for users to receive Amber Alert sms. The distribution system already exists, it just dosnt have the network support to make it effective. Google could change that and increase 1 child's chance of survival by a Google!
I'd also like to note that for the Amber Alerts to work, it dosnt need to ne an option, it dosnt need to be an app, it needs to be a default! Love to see Google step up and make a difference on this.
I'd always wondered why Google hasn't had Chrome for Android, considering it would integrate so well with other devices.
Man why can't they make it available for android gingerbread :(
"This item cannot be installed in your device's country" is really a stupid thing to see for a mobile browser.
When are you going to update my Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket and Tab 10.1?!?!?!?! I would like 4.0 Thanks
Will chrome be available to gingerbread. Or will my photon get ICS ?
Seems okay but I couldn't see a way to tell sites I was using a desktop browser so sites gave me the mobile version. That is easy to do in the stock ICS browser.
I'm still waiting for the ICS on HTC EVO 3D as promised from sprint. No offends anybody but I been thinking of iphone because of Iwork app that all need for work, I'm not an iphone fan at al
That is the best browser I ever had... very quick
It's a pity that the chrome is ICS required...
Please make it available in Singapore and other country... Its not fair...
great, but still missing a few features :
-view like a computer browser
once these 3 points are fixed, regular android browser will be useless
thanks again for that great app!
Ata Akh
still many adds-on are missing specially when playing live streams or surfing homepages offering such a thing. is kind of choppy when scrolling on my Galaxy Nexus.. This is normal right? Can anyone confirm?
Sad because I'm using 2.3.6( Galaxy Note)
Terrible off no flash, it was a power for Android....
Not available in my country, very disappointing. Would love to give it a try.
Come on +Google make it available worldwide. I can kinda understand only releasing it for ICS but limiting it to a very small number of countries...really? Anyway I sideloaded the browser (doesn't mean I no longer want access to it in the android market. I still do, would take to long before I go back to aussie from malaysia) and one very crucial thing is keeping me from using it exetensively on my ASUS Transformer Prime +Asus Transformer Prime running ICS is the inability to force the browser to load desktop sites instead of mobile sites. Fix that.
For you people in other countries that are complaining about not getting Android Chrome,,,,,, IT'S BETA!!! When a beta first comes out, do you really expect a beta to come out everywhere? Really? As the beta gets tested I'm sure more counties will get added. This is the first beta.
I don't see the disadvantage or the technical difficulty in releasing a beta worldwide. If it reaches more users, they can give more feedback.
So I still complain about not getting Android Chrome. Besides I hate to feel that Google thinks the-world-outside-the-US is inferior.
maybe miss translation, i think worldwide beta will come soon
why can't use in China
It's a shame Google. Why the arbitrary country limitations? I understand limitations on apps when there are content licensing issues but limitations on a browser?
Wow! I love it...

(pity though; Dutch fAndroids are excluded for bèta testing. But luckally all roads lead to Rome... ;-)
Why on earth do they limit the beta based on country? The result is that the rest of us get the apk from questionable sources.
Folks, just use Google as you should. It is very easy to find the .apk
Doesn't work, says it won't connect with app based google accounts, not sure what that's about, and the apps on chrome won't work because I have a 64 bit OS. Sorry android usually your great but on this one....FAIL.
add thumb control please!
Huge step in the right direction. Will be even better by a large margin if the web store is included in the future.
Need the apk file for the emulator! Please provide a link for those poor developers that cannot afford a 4.0 device yet or live in discriminated countries like Italy :P
If you are running phone with no ICS and can't run chrome you only missing out on one thing ICS! Chrome sucks balls....sad application! Booooo
Soooo stupid, Thunderbolt is never supported on any release. Are you even supporting this phone anymore Google!!!!!!
Needs support for desktop mode, and a download option in a link's longpress menu.
Not available on my Epic4g :(
Come on...what about littel Denmark. We want it to.
Need some Gingerbread Chrome love... :)
Well it's still in beta, which might be part of the reason it's only for ICS for now. It's nice but it's definitely missing some key features that I hope will be fixed once out of beta. For now I still prefer the stock ICS browser
I tried it, but uninstalled it already. All it did for me was crash when I clicked a link from a google search. Running 4.0.3 on Galaxy S2
I'm a huge fan of Google and Android. Your products are amazing, and business ethics sound.

But this is almost offensive. Your business has visible fractures at every junction but you perpetuate them with a limited release of your proprietary browser to a niche market of bleeding edge consumers.

I have the near top of the line Samsung Galaxy S2 and will be unable to use this application until I'm updated... When they will happen? Noone knows.

And I'm one of the lucky ones! I imagine an overwhelming majority of Android users will not even touch this application in the first 6 months of its existence purely due to development neglect.

This is disappointing, yet I still carry your torch...
Umm No Thanks! Google in my business enough as it is!!! I'll stay with Firefox! Beside the extension I use work way better with FF then their counterparts do in Chrome!

It good to see they finally did this!
worst thing is it only work in android 4.0 ice cream sandwich ,. :( most of android device are running gingerbread .. so it should support gingerbread 2.3
wth chrome beta for android only work in ice cream sandwich???? most android device aren't running android 4.0
Wat about 2.3 ? When we will get ?
I like but tab syncing is not working. Bookmarks synced after signing out and back in again.
There is probably a function or whatnot only in 4.0 that cant be backported. I have on my phone and is my main browser. Would love it on my tab., gotta wait for ics update though. Thanks Google for the hard work. Android is the best.
I'm wondering why Google doesn't allow people from "Not yet supported" countries to use English version of their apps?
All I ever need is Flash Support :)
yey!.... can't wait for it to come out on Gingerbread version....
The Google Cloud Print is a great addition as well!
+Jim B I dont see cloud print in the google chrome beta
why isn't it available in romania!?
Y U don't love Gingerbread users?
chrome for android should support android 2.3
Feedback ahead: Writing this from Chrome on Android. The browser is very nice, I absolutely love the magnifying feature BUT without flash support its next to useless (just like Firefox). Almost every second link I click contains some sort of flash video. I need flash support, regardless if its officially dead.
Can't upgrade to an ICS device till August. Stuck on 2.3.
Not working yet on my HTC EVO w/ ICS. I think HWA is the issue. Hopefully that gets fixed soon...
Why not for other android versions? Wonder why it took google so much time to push chrome onto android.....
Es un gran error de Google que los usuarios de telefonos avanzados como Samsung Galaxy s2 no tengamos acceso a las ultimas actualizaciones del sistema operativo.
Most of the people who complain about it only being on ICS need to understand that the reasoning may lie within the framework needs for the app. 2.3.3 might not support the needed functions that 4.0.3 has. Dont forget that this is also a BETA, so it will not have flash or any other fancy features yet. Give Google some time to get it going. The best thing to do is give Google bug reports.
What good would this device or platform do when you can not get it and you can not get updates?????
i want it in my galaxy ace D:
really this needs to be gingerbread compatable
That is an awsome news for the "old" gingerbread users. But congrats, google. That's not too late at all.
I have an idea, people can buy apps in android market as a gift. Therefore, someone paid for the apps and his friends can download it from the android market.
Does it fail to render some java items like the chrome desktop version does?
Great update - finally seamless integration with my favorite desktop browser. If only there ever was a chance of Chrome coming to iOS... Or perhaps I have to start looking for an ICS powered tablet.
Very frustrated Google, I have a Galaxy Nexus with 4.0 but cannot install this app because of my location?? (I am based in the Netherlands). At least explain why I cannot install this.
km ban
fuck you google!! fuck u android !!! i love u so much.
I luv you to google
Why is this limited to countries? Come on! Apple is doing this and now also here?!?
I'd die to have this but when is there going to be support for Android 2.2+?
Would love to be able to use this but alas I have a nexus s
According to Google it will never work on 2.3 or 2.2. Which sux. I contacted one of their reps in the Chrome forms. So, I guess we will have to keep using what's available. I do love Dolphin Browser, but Chrome would be so much better. I guess Google quit caring about 99% of their users since only about 1% actually have ICS.
Yeah fine now you're forcing me to buy an iPhone because its software and hardware is never obsolete. Only having an android device which you bought for a fortune a year ago you can find yourself with no new official support within a few months. Too many versions and platforms, you hear me, d-bags?
its of no use because most of users have android version 2.2+
So forget it and use Dolphin, opera or maxthon
Add more functionality for HTML5. The iPhone (Safari)is still superior when it comes to HTML5
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