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Introducing Google Keyboard – smart and easy typing on Android

Starting today, you can get the smart-and-easy Nexus typing experience on your Android phone or tablet, by downloading Google Keyboard on Google Play:

Google Keyboard has Gesture Typing (which lets you glide through letters to form a word, just lift your finger to enter a space), automatic error correction, and word predictions. You can also tap the microphone to compose messages with Voice Typing when you’re on-the-go. Together with dictionaries for 26 languages (plus keyboard layouts for a dozen more), it provides a fast, accurate, and reliable typing experience.

Android is an open platform, so you can customize your device to your liking; choosing your own keyboard is just one example of what’s possible – and there are a lot of great keyboards to choose from on Google Play. (Some of our other favorites are SwiftKey and TouchPal – check them out here:

Google Keyboard is rolling out to Google Play today, for devices running Android 4.0 and above (initially in English-speaking locales but we’ll be adding more countries soon):
Google Keyboard makes text input smart and easy. Glide through letters with...
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Alan Nudi
Nothing Beats Nexus!!
Going to recommend this to all my non-nexus friends immediately!
Guess I don't have to get it on my nexus
Does this smell like an incoming Photosphere for any Android 4.0+ device? :)
I don't get how sliding is supposed to be faster... I still prefer Thumb Keyboard's split layout.
Why is it not available over here in Germany?
Nova Hob
If only it had numbers on the front which you could long press :-( 
I'd always choose Fleksy after using it for a week on my nexus 4! It's bets but it's amazing! 
I wonder how long will this take to get on Phandroid.
really, not available in my country, WTF
Why is it not available over here in Brazil???
Cannot be installed in your devices country. :'(
Not available in Spain .-.
if its the same as on nexus7 dont bother, go for swype or swiftkey instead
I love how they mentioned keyboard alternatives instead of just boasting about theirs.
Not available in English speaking Ireland currently :(
"This item cannot be installed in your device's country." Poland
+Android This app is incompatible with your HTC Sensation Z710e. :( 

The Sensation has ICS so I don't see what's the problem.
This will be awesome news for people running different flavours of Android 4.0 or higher   
Who did not have Swype keyboard if you wanted on? I guess, as mentioned, the only difference now is that some people can have this for free. Pretty much included on most Samsung phones and it's been available for $.99 to most anyone.

Not a fan of Swype keyboards though... can't see what letters my thinb stops on as... it's under my thumb.
Not available in France. guys, it's a keyboard, WHY YOU PUT COUNTRY LIMITATION?
What part of "initially in english speaking locales" do you find hard to understand? :)
So if I have a nexus 4 I already have this keyboard, right?
Can anyone comment on how this compares with Swype?
Would get this in an instant. But the Sense 5 keyboard in the HTC One is brilliant!
Will definitely get this for my One X+ though. 
I'd love it if it had 5 rows for my tablet.
Do people not read the bloody post? English only first, more languages coming soon.
Why this keyboard have regional restrictions to download ? 
Testing the new Google keyboard. I like it.
still not available in Russia, eagerly waiting to try this :)
Nice, love typing on my Nexus 7. Sense 5's isn't bad at all though
This will make it easier for Google to release and distribute updates to the keyboard. Now it doesn't need to be through an os update! 
Is this only available in San Francisco or what?? I find it staggering that a bloody keyboard is only available in selected countries!
Lo tengo instalado en mi Nexus. Pero para mi celular Samsung no está disponible en mi país. 
I can see the Android fragmentation dwindling away :)
Hey, Ireland is an English-speaking locale, why no love here? :(
Not available in your country...wth
Emoticons..... where are they?
Can't all of you guys complaining about it not being available in your country start seeing the positive in all this?
I mean, in the past few weeks we have seen non-nexus devices offered "naked" by Google and... now this, which might lead to other "nexus-only" features coming to us all? 

That's great, and waiting a few weeks for it to be available across the world is worth it... I mean we have been leaving without it so far... right?
hate the keyboard but it's awesome to see Google release all the /system/app stuff to the Play store to make updates dependant on them only, not manufacturers or services.
My white frost s4 owns nexus and every other phone...fact xD
I still prefer my stock Samsung Note 2 keyboard. I love having the number keys above the qwerty keys
Not as quick as Swift in regular predictive mode. Two separate fingers on the keyboard is quicker than one. 
I only got an "Not avaliable for your country" error. I'm very dissapointed Google, very very disappointed. 
How about a nexus hardware keyboard?! 
Any thoughts on how it compares to Swiftkey?
+Chris Griffith OEMs usually change the keyboard. The AOSP keyboard is not available on such devices.
Tried it, switched back to Swype
I'll agree with +Ed Senatore - the Samsung Note 2 keyboard is ideal for me as well - they include an Icelandic layout with the number keys above, and they provide handwriting recognition as well! 

And after checking - it's not supported on my Note2 in my country ( ! )
But it is supported on my Transformer Infinity, so I might take a look anyway..
Missing punctuation and numbers as long press, otherwise, it would be perfect. The AOSP keyboard I'm currently using has those options available.
+Kevin Day preference is a choice but this ability allows you to smoothly keep typing with one hand without having to raise your fingers as much 
I've been hopping that Google would just release their great features as apps in the Play Store, and here we have one of those great features. Hope this is the beginning of a trend. I'd love to see their camera app with photosphere next. 
Not available in South Africa :( WHY?!
Amazing news, I'll advise to all my non nexus friends. To everybody commenting on the country thing: did you even read until the end of the post? It clearly states that is US only for now. What's the point in repeating what was already said? Take a deep breath and wait a few weeks and you'll have it too, let them beta test the thing.
This is awesome but I'm already a loyal swift key user. 
It's not as fluid or accurate as Swype, which is my go to keyboard for fast, single finger typing. Hiding all of the punctuation under a single key really slows me down.
Not available in my country (like book, music...) 
friends i have play store of united states and i live in chile xD but the keyboard is really cool !!
Oh, come on! Don't launch things if they're not available for everyone, it makes people feel left out!
"Not available in your device's country"? Come on!
I'll suppose all the "not available in x country" (not here in Chile either) is because of the "roll out"... HEY, GOOGLE, NOBODY LIKES "ROLL OUTS".
Sorry, why would I replace SwiftKey? 
This seems to be a direct rollout, not the progressive ones like they are using on Hangouts, Gmail, etc...

Hey, Google, nobody likes Progressive Rollouts.
If this means faster updates and improvements to the keyboard, then I'm with it. 
At least no idiots are complaining because they can't get this for their iPhones.

Is it another Google product that won't install to SD?
.apk file link please???
It's interesting how disappointed people can be about something they didn't know existed ten minutes ago.
What's the point in announcing a multi language keyboard and restricting on what countries you can install it? Google, your announcements are getting tiresome, annoying and boring!
You should consider creating a US only communication channel, as clearly most of your users have quite a different "Google experience". If you insist on creating a bubble for some users fine, but don't bother with pointless announcements. 
Please please please add Indonesian dictionary so we can use swype thing easier..
Lol poor google, they want people to use the AOSP experience so badly. Too bad Samsung owns like 92% of the android market.
Interesting! Love the floating preview, super fast! But the easy gestures for punctuation and capitalization on S3 Swype (stock) makes it hard to switch. I'll keep trying it out...
"This item cannot be installed in your device's country." :'(
Test post to see how well it works. Hey! Pretty good!
Arf pas disponible en France actuellement. Allez google on s'impatiente...
Almost every comment is either complaining about something or talking about swiftkey. It even says in the post that they will add more countries soon. This is a great keyboard, and I was very excited to learn I could get it on my HTC One, because I was already so comfortable with my Nexus 7's keyboard. Texting will be a lot easier now. 
+giuseppe lapenta Much of the speed from gliding comes from the predictive suggestions, which are based on language specific data. It is not just a keyboard.
Não dá em portugal é pena
Humm .. Swiftkey vs Google Keyboard? Time will tell 😏
I have a Nexus 4 and installed SwiftKey on the first day I bought it. 
It's too big on nexus 4. Takes up half the screen 
Neither in Brazil..
Now.. I need to find an apk version to test it..
I have been using it since I got my nexus 4 and its awesome. I used to use swiftkey which is great too. but some reason I like stock :)
Nice, hopefully I can get a decent keyboard that doesn't cost a ton or have annoying "Like me to your friends" crap.
Unfortunately, Swiftkey Flow and Swype are still superior.
Word prediction works much faster in accordance to text context.

I'll come back and see Google Keybord after few updates...
Does it have the android emojis built in?
Crap. I don't see the reason for limiting to US only.
Using it right now. It's the same as the ports that came out a while ago. Except this keyboard has the keys spread out correctly so tap typing is still possible with very few errors.
Is this any different from the AOSP keyboard in 4.2.2 JellyBean?
Just downloaded and I have to say this as what I missed from my gnex and it is phenomenal!
26 language and not available in none of them? Lol? Wtf?
So I'm using an aosp ROM but I still get an option to update when I view it on play store? What new or improved features do I get?
Megan V
Thanks +Erick Wright I downloaded it because I didn't like the stock keyboard to much
"This device cannot be installed in your country". WTF? I am in Denmark, but I use English as the locale on the HTC One. Adding this to the long list of Google Play items not available outside the US. Why not just make a Google Play-US and a Google Play?
Not available in Malta either. Don't know the reason to be honest. I use English
Não da pra instalar no meu Motorola XT918, apesar de estar escrito que e disponível com todos os aparelhos android, que chato.
"This app is incompatible with your Motorola MB860."

that is what i get with many google apps ... chrome? ... not for me ... keep? ... not for me ... i find it quite ridiculous that most app developers manage to make apps for GB phones and google is the company that doesn't ... fail! ...
Me Be
This is cool, does it come with an emoji keyboard as well.
Looks cool the only thing that I see missing from the HTC One X Sense is the shortcuts for emotions is there a way to show them as a selection like in Sense.

Not available in Chile with my Galaxy S3 with Jelly Bean 4.1.2 :(
Still sucks SwiftKey will be on top for awhile 
Ries K.
Wil give it a try for a while. Lets see if it can beat Swiftkey...
Google rolls out an international product unavailable in your country. Is that a new type of marketting or what? I'm insulted.
Not available in Brazil...
Don't be evil, Google...
"this app cannot be instaled on your country"
I tought you were cool, google. I'm hurt.
Looking into since my Swype only works when out wants to
It doesn't have correction suggestions for Hebrew..  It also is missing a numeric line.. I will stick with my Samsung keyboard for now.. 
Well Nevermind my phone is not compatable. But my Swype sucks.
How about making one that plugs into the android so u can take a break from using the touch screen
Не доступно в России. Интересно, что же сейчас на моем Nexus стоит? :)
Please Please Please fix Emoji support in stock keyboard!! Please implement it the way it is in the Hangouts app! Please +Android 
This will eventually be available to all. Patience guys! It's not like Google will withold this forever! Am I right or am I right? :-)
Any chance of adding the option to recognize offensive words while gesture typing? It's ducking annoying.
Two days after I purchase Swype I notice this. In the words of Homer Simpson...DOH!
if tomorrow does not work, buy iphone Xd
I bounce between SwiftKey and Stock.. Er.. Google Keyboard. Google Keyboard is definitely smooth and stable, but could use a little more customizability. Just sayin'.
Yes you can disable blocking of offensive words. Under text corrections.
+Simon Nash My thought exactly. Especially when you paid for it and it's been the best rated keyboard app since forever.
Not available for Sony Xperia U :(
... Nexus... experience? through a KEYBOARD?!?!

I rather thought the Nexus Experience involved getting system updates on time without carrier stalling?
+Mark Dalby When I tried the qwerty keys long-pressed to numbers, and the comma long presses to most punctuation. I have it set to English (US) Qwerty.

If you go to Google Keyboard Settings (accessible for me as a long press on the microphone key) Advanced Settings, Custom Input Styles, and Add Style for English (US) you have a choice of Qwerty Qwertz Azerty Dvorak Colemak and PC.

If you love numbers with all the punctuation under them, try PC.
They even recommended some alternative keyboards. Great sportsmanship.
My droid 3 is not compatible with this version
The JB keyboard is a fantastic keyboard. Probably the best stock offering and definitely a great option. That being said, SwiftKey is as good as it gets. 
+Je Saist You can get timely updates to the keyboard, calendar, and anything else that Google decides to distribute separately. It's not the full Nexus experience, but it's better than nothing.
It's great to see +Google  trying to give non-Nexus users the same user experience regardless of the type of phone they own.  More and more independence from OEMs and their slow rollout of system updates is definitely a smart move.  This makes +Android more and more appealing in my opinion.
Xperia z stock keyboard is quite good too, along with their Chinese keyboard, any chance we'll see that in the playstore?
Is this keyboard different than the one that comes on the Droid Razr Maxx. Screen shots look similar,  but kind of confused.
So far so good. The floating word is a little strange. I'm sure I will get used to it.
Why is this not available internationally? Or even just in other english speaking countries? That's pretty stoopid...
This is GREAT! I just got my S4 and was about to install SwiftKey when I saw this. So happy right now :D
Your right it's not supported on my phone yet but I'm not lazy and know how to type 
I love this keyboard but have an issue with the top row not having the long press numbers. Did anyone notice that many of the screenies on the Play Store page have these numbers? Kudos to anyone who finds a way to enable this feature.
It's just the google keyboard founded on Nexus devices?
It's great but I still prefer the Samsung keyboard, because it has more clipboard options, and resizing options.
Was very pleased to see this update on my phone this morning. Excellent idea releasing this awesome keyboard to all Android users! No other default Android keyboard compares.
Not available in my country :'(
Google rocks.
It doesnt support to type Vietnamese by our popular input methods - telex :(
It'd be cool if there was a way to change the value of a key, e.g changing £ to <3 or something :)
Feature request
Syncing personal dictionary on Google account so I don't have to add the same words every time I get a new phone.
Also, add the asterisk to the sliding menu when you hold period, to use for making things bold on G+ as well as the commonly used standard of correcting typos by sending a second massage with the word or phrase you meant preceded by an asterisk. I would put it there in place of the percent or ampersand symbols.
Of course, no support for legacy Android (< 3.0)
am not able to install the app :( "This app is incompatible..., Samsung Note."  Is it country specific right now?
It's not nearly as good as Swype.
I'm from an "English speaking locale" but it is still unavailable. Why? 
Typing this out on my phone and it's alot better than the default keyboard.
Ok I downloaded the apk file and I installed it manually (because is not yet available to download from Play Store in my country).
I have Swype and I love the app BUT I have to say that this Google keyboard is A LOT faster and really nice. So nice, accurate and fast (at least for me) that is my default keyboard now in my S2.
For my Spanish speaking fellows, it works perfectly well in Spanish.
Thanks a lot Google, this is a great app, as usual.
David W
Seems like Google wants to destroy any kinds of competition.
Life is just easier once I sold my soul to Google.   I kick and scream about every choice:  switching to google chrome from firefox, loading my documents into Drive and Google docs instead of relying on Dropbox, rooting my phone and installing pure android instead of HTC Sense.  But in the end every step into Google's camp ends up making my life easier no matter how much kicking and screaming I do beforehand.  They just know how to make stuff work.
+David Wiita Google has been making system apps market dependant for awhile. What this means an update for say the keyboard is tied to the market and not a OS upgrade. Destroy competition not likely
:-(( , not available in my country when do they solve this kind of ......
HAD A GNEX and loved this keyboard jumped to a razr maxx for battery life and cant type anymore cause im so used to this keyboard
I was so close to buy swiftkey again but this one is so much better!!!!
I've been using SwiftKey since day one of it's release and I love it. That being said, I just downloaded the Google Keyboard and it is pretty awesome. Don't see any theme options so if your into that, I would say to stick with SwiftKey. I will say it seems to be smoother than SwiftKey on my GS3.
Shame. Is not available in all countries. What is the problem if have 26 languages? 
This is second best. SwiftKey is top-dog of the keyboards. 
is this the same as the stock jb keyboard?
Already using it as I type

But definitely needs Swype-like gesture-shortcuts for Copy, Cut, Paste, Select all, move to start of word, Select whole word, move to start of sentence, input cursor movement control, Case change, Switch to numeric keypad (Android's numbers-in-a-row layout is dreadful), Disable space before next word, Add/remove words (in personal dictionary) etc...

After years of Swype use, moving to Android Gesture keyboard felt like a step backwards! I still switch back-&-forth between them trying out the Gesture keyboard from time to time, but always end up staying with Swype longer...

#androidKeyboard #swype
I can see what google is trying to do with android. 
Not available in argentina, WHY? if have spanish!
Only two things keep me on Swiftkey: swipe left to erase last word (don't care much for gesture typing) and multiple languages active at once for predictions. 
I don't get why SwiftKey is still the only to offer an option to display arrows on the keyboard. 
Not available in my country :( why? I'm in Mexico
Not available in my country, payah...!!!!!
It's great to see the Google Keyboard as a standalone app. On my Nexus 4, I tried Swype and SwiftKey (with Flow) before deciding that the Google Keyboard worked better than both of those, at least for me. I'm hoping this being a standalone app will mean that Google will continue to improve and tweak the keyboard software.
Is this the famous keyboard with the ridiculous blacklist which doesn't allow you to write normal German sentences like "wir kommen um 8"=" we will arrive at 8"?
Android is am open platform... Etc etc.... This item is not avaliable in your country :-\ 
+Android Item not available in your country. Keyboard Google? :( Please make it available for India.
I'm from chile and my country is not available this application. I want to try and see how it works
not available on my country, :-( why? 
So far so good! The only this I miss are the arrow keys...yes, I like and use the arrow keys!
Just downloaded this..... Nice!
please next time, gingerbread compatible
I download it onto my Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket and then it gives me a message that I already have the application but it is not an option in my settings?!?! Where is it? I am on 4.1.2.
Im having problems installing this keyboard. It downloads but when it tries to install it says I already have the app downloaded. The only keyboard I have is the samsung keyboard. Ive tried installing the apk and it didnt work either. I have a Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket on AT&T. Android 4.1.2. Any suggestions? 
Why is it not there in Singapore. I am going to use the English keyboard only. Makes no sense to region lock it. 

This is great, but please make it available for all locales. Blocking certain regions doesn't make sense in 2013 and it's just an annoyance that forces people to download from non-trusted sources.

Also, thanks for all this unbundling of Nexus apps. Will we see the People contacts app on the Store soon?
"Táto aplikácia nie je kompatibilná s vaším zariadením T-Mobile HUAWEI U8800." hmm isn comtatible, and I have android 4.0.4.. BUT! I dont need it, because I have Swiftkey! :)
Any chance of a Nexus-themed launcher?
Requires android 4.0 and up. Google: I hate you! seriously!!!
i droid
S4 Google edition beats the nexus 4. Ask my why haha +Alan Nudi 
i droid
Because it will out preform it in every way. 
+Thomas Reuß weil es zur zeit nur in englisch verfügbar ist. Andere sprachen sollen noch kommen. Steht oben im beitrag
i droid
Its available by unlocking the bootloader! Noob!
Not available, but I already have it on 4.2 custom ROM.
"Not available in your country" on Samsung GT-P3100... When will this be made available in India...
This app is incompatible with your Samsung GT-I9000.
I have CM 10.1 (Android 4.2)
+jorge ayon And just how did you assume that I'm a noob? I've been on many different roms while using my sgs1 (cm, slimroms). Now I don't feel the need to root my phone.

App can be sideloaded, you noob! I just wrote that it isn't available for every user. Focus on the topic.
not available in Finland either..... :/ But I doubt it would work on my Padfone 2 anyway...
Not available in Slovenia either. Meh...
My android version is 4.0 and when i tried to download this app playstore says it is incompatible with my phone.. why this happening please help me...
Very funny. Why should a simple keyboard not be available anywhere? 
Not available in my country !!!!!!!!!!!! :-(
Showed up as an update on my Nexus 7 so I obliged. I use Swift key anyway becasue its auto correct is far better. Still, this aint bad.
Not available in my country (italy). Btw is it any better than S3 standard keyboard? I love it
Shad X
what is the reason to make it available only in us? it doesn't make any sense, honestly, it's just a keyboard! 
please add a simplified Chinese language dictionary support please, we do like pure google android interface and usability, but it hurts everytime to see new update without native language supported.
In France, only available for Nexus, which already has it.
Italia sempre l'ultima a ricevere aggiornamenti e novità, come al solito. 
I have to share this is an amazing keyboard compared to the standard HTC One keyboard. I can say that I've been impressed in last 10 minutes
What is the reason why the keyboard is not accessible in Israel?
Why is it not available for r India? 
Hopefully they release photosphere also on Google Play!
Can`t install in Germany... But description is in german...
this is nice keyboard, but not accessible in my country. I have it on my Nexus 7, but I can't install it on my smartphone.
Not available in my country but it should be - India. Why anything update or release by google comes in India two or a day later.
That smell #photosphere for ICS :D. Will you bring all android features to the early versions of it? :-)
Tried it, it's pretty awesome, very fast, but lacks of manual for advanced functions (like dictionary manual quick add) or of advanced functions themselves.
Still going with Swype, but hope they'll quickly catch up as G Keyboard is incredibly faster =D
Should incorporate machine learning features for better predictive text. Not that it doesn't outside already, but personalized predictions would be way too awesome.
If this doesn't available in your country, just use #SwiftKey in using it for a long time & it gives you all the features which include here. Plus it learn from your writing style & give predictions very accurately. :-) 
Nice. I like what Google are doing by releasing stock features as independent apps for any device.
First it was the stock calendar. Now the keyboard.

The stock keyboard is among the best typing experience on android I think. Love the swipe features. It's effortless and works very well.
Looks promising. If only it was available in my country...... Seriously Google, dafuq?! 
Not available in Estonia. :(
Testing the keyboard now. Works great so far. Now I just need a stock android launcher abyss lock.
For some reason, it is available in my country of I use one device and not available in my country if I use another.
+Mora Fermi that happens. It is available for my Nexus 4 (already installed though) but not available for my S3 or my Tab
This item isn't available in yiur country....the usuall story..... 
says it does not support my galaxy s4 pathetic :(
Not available in France. I use swype instead. 
"Not available in your country". For your information, +Google , I do speak English, so I can't see the point of making the app country-specific. Is this a new trend or something? 
+Shanaka Silva Think it has something to do with Touchwiz. It does not support S3 either. I have a feeling if we install stock rom it will support
Not available for Galaxy S Duos even when it has Android 4.0.4 !!
Why it isn't compatible with Prestigio 5570c tablet and with the Xperia Miro?
إشمعني الكيبورد العربي مفيهوش سوايبينج :( 
"not available in your country" - you have the language, you have the dictionary, I know because i use cyanogenmod which includes the stock keyboard, and it's not available in my country? Google, are you mental? (fyi, country is Greece)
I had not even heard of TouchPal prior to this post. Curious now if it's any better than SwiftKey Flow, Swype, or Google Keyboard.
Tried it but it's actually slower than SwiftKey on my S3. Might give it another chance in the future 
Not available in italy for 3 italia galaxy s3
FYI, for those worried it's not available outside the US, it worked fine for me here in Canada on my Galaxy Nexus and my Transformer TF300T.
Everyone stop asking about availability in your country! Just read the post: For now it's english speaking countries only, others will follow soon.
It is possible to download the apk in the web.
No root needed.
The language is no problem,
that comes from the system.

Are there any plans to do the same with the camera app?
So many permissions. Why does a keyboard need internet access (among other things)?
Awesome keyboard but I would love for it to have simultaneous language typing like +SwiftKey so for now I'll probably stick with swiftkey. 
Why it is not available for users in Poland ?
And I'm in italy. But I always type in english.. my system language is english.. why the hell I can't install it? Ok warn me that italian isn't supported yet. Who cares
Oscar T
Not avaible in Norway. 
S3 keyboard already had swipe, and in addition has numbers on long press, so I will sick to native on S3
its ironic that it's posted on a social media publicly and yet it's not available on most of the countries. damn it!
Not available in South Africa yet, but I'm keen to try it! 
FWIW, India MUST count as an English-speaking locale, at least the smartphone-carrying crowd must be.
Much better than the stock note 2 keyboard. Much less mistakes. Thanks Google 
 I am trying ADT graphical Layout viewer to render my custom keyboardView but no success. Is it even possible for graphical Layout Viewer to render CustomKeyboardView ? 
I'm speaking English, but it's not available in my country...
Can we have it available worldwide even thou the only supported language will be English? What's the point of the restriction?
I don't see any reason for the restriction either--why not add support for the Philippines?
Still not available in Mexico, one year later : (
Ooh hoO
Thailand not available.
Please Release it.
But I love Swift Key :(
it will have nice tracking features; like a keystroke logger, it will read all of your data entered and upload it up to google servers. this is beter,although no keyboard has this trackless feature on it..
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