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An update to the Google Search app is rolling out today. If you’re on Android 4.1, there are some goodies in there for Google Now, including: 

Movies - see movie showtimes and more 
Public alerts - receive emergency messages such as storm warnings and earthquake alerts
-Add favorite sports teams  from over 140 soccer, football, hockey and baseball teams to follow in real time, right from Settings
-Support for Korea

Get the latest update from Google Play:
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very cool - especially here in earthquake country! (not that i'm eager to try this out... :)
that update dont seem to work on my phone just Error's :-/
This is why I'm glad I got a Nexus 7, and why I'm mad at Verizon for still not delivering 4.1 on the Galaxy Nexus. Even giving an approximate timeline would be an improvement. And no, I can't root/ROM. (work apps, root checks, blah blah blah)
Translate long you live in the us... -.-
I'm a huge Google Now fan. Keep evolving this service! +android
does it fix the performance issues?
works great here! awesome! GNex
Awesome. Makes sure the folks working on Key Lime know that Now needs to be able to control/toggle things like WiFi, Blue tooth, NFC, etc.
can we have report of Esport event  like Starcraft II tournament please ?
Awesome, waiting on basketball to be added to the sports.
Not compatible, what the hell?
Only .8% of 4.1 is in use....why not update 4.0-4.0.4 which constitutes 15.9% of users?
Not compatible on my Nexus 7 stock rom and not rooted ? :/
What was the criteria used to create the list of 140 sports teams? I can see some teams from a league, but not the others. Certainly if a team from a league is included, the schedules of other teams are available as well, right?
Not compatible on my Nexus S
Finally I can track Eli Manning and the New York Giants
Suport for brazilian portuguese pleaaase!!
Loving Google Now. Please keep developing: college sports teams, top 5 news stories, maybe even integrate it with the notifications drop down? That would be rad.
+Android I know this is only for 4.1 but what about millions of us using Galaxy S3, we don't even have universal search.
We are all waiting for support in ITALY
Rugby starts this weekend, drop Football, no one watches that now the Olympians have shown them up to be overpaid and spoilt...
Awesome, but why can't we still use the "Google" hot word to start a search when voice language is set to UK English? You can for US English...?
Hope you've reduced some of the battery suckage and speeded up the network I/O.
Works on gNex with CodeNameAndroid ROM
So... Does it remove universal search?
Google Now might finally be useful for me ;)

Thanks for the new features!
Need português-br support!! Please.... update for more countries!
This is a very good update. You see improvements and differences right away.
a bit late, I will prove the sports alerts in the next game of Chalsea or Arsenal
Can you turn WiFi, and GPS off and on from Google Now in this version?
What about my damn Galaxy S I9000? +Android
Now a day u can barely say that is still a smartphone o_O
Good update but needs college football.
Sounds great. Only one problem. +Sprint hasn't updated the so called Google Phone to jellybean yet. I'm sorry +Android but this is ridiculous. You guys need to do something about Sprint and Verizon.
I like it. If there was a card for RSS feeds, that could be helpful.
Lovin' this on my GNex and Nexus 7. Great job!
Love this. Would love to see Australian Rules Football and World Cricket on Google Now. Have you looked at adding Fantasy sports stuff as well!
+Steven Mattera I know but I'm saying it in general. That still doesn't fix the fact that the updates for cdma carriers are horrible. The regular consumers don't know how to put in roms and all that's stuff.
not to mention that using a third party rom often voids the warranty. So if you WANT  an updated Phone on say AT&T, you can kiss your product support good by. 
Was really hoping for NCAA football teams on the sports card. The rest of the updates are great though!
Much as I love these pictures of the updates for Android 4.1...  With a Galaxy Nexus from Verizon - I have no idea when, if ever, these updates will arrive.  Jelly Bean is still not available unless I root and flash the phone with a 3rd party ROM.  What gives, where's the pure, Google experience I was promised on a flagship device?   #verizongalaxynexus   #verizonwireless   #verizonwirlesssucks   #android   #google   #fail   
Can't wait to try it on my Nexus 7!
This is why Google Now / Android is better than Siri. Updates on the Fly, instead of waiting of yearly ios updates and you have to buy new hardware just to get it. #FUCKAPPLE  
+Porter Woodward you know I'm with you on that. I got a rooted Motorola razr with Google now flashed on ics. I love it a little trouble from time to time backing out so I just hit home key and it'll back out. It has my schedule learned and keeps me aware I have ** to do. Here's where I get mad. They released this to apple phones and not ours. For crying out loud we come first.
Google needs to get some act right in Verizon. Google if your listening you need to have a talk with Verizon. Don't let them ruin the whole natural Google experience.. keep up the good work. Google now is freakin awesome!
+Dario Craus The warranty on the i9000 has now expired, you should flash to your heart's content. It is not that difficult, but I can assure you the i9000 runs JB amazingly well (it is the same as the nexus s, so excellent drivers support and such). AOKP is a great rom, so is CM10. It is worth a try, and if you read the instructions, well nigh impossible to brick it or have things go wrong. Good luck and have fun!
I only have a Skyrocket with 4.0. :-(
+Android this is great. But in Google Now how can users manage the list of places of interest, such as the places that Google Now gives us navigation/traffic cards for. I've accidentally told Google Now that I no longer care about certain locations before, but now want those reminders back. #googlenow  
+michael villalpando that's a good idea. Does this make that specific card/location appear regularly again if it's part of your routine?
Y cuando sera el día en que responda en español es decir nos de respuestas inteligentes en nuestro idioma?
Where could i find the soccer team list? Just to see if mine is included...
+Tony Chan yes it's the only way I know how. Cool thing is I can search on my HP touchpad and it'll be on my phone instantly
when in french ??????
When will you support Google Hosted Apps accounts?
Unfortunately, I don't find Canadian Football League teams in the sport team list.
New Age
Good for Korea!!!
Para cuando soporte para el español?
A small request. Can the keyboard come up in the really really long list of sports teams that pop up when you try and add your faves?
Would sure love some support for Rugby (hint,hint)
Can you guys add australian rules football to that list and more english soccer teams?
Whats the magic words for showtimes. I tried several combinations and I just get web results (not terrible, as Google Movie showtimes is the first result, but it would be better to just give me the showtimes straight away)
Great on movies.  But you guys have all that TV data due to Google TV.
Given how often couch surfing and tablet/phone surfing overlap - this would be a most logical and wonderful way to extend Google Now.
I hope it's coming up.
Funny. That phone in the screens looks just like my Verizon phone. What's Android 4.1? That must be only for Google's developer phones. Sure would love to have one of those.
College Sports please! I need to keep track of my Miami Hurricanes!
Google Now needs to be ICS compatible, come on you guys
This update is good, but I need college football teams.
I'm not understanding why only when near a theater? I would like to search via voice and have it show up period
Great update! Working good so far on rooted vzw galaxy Nexus. Running AOKP rom.
Not working for the Dallas Cowboys game right now. Also, will you be adding other leagues like the LFL so I can follow the Seattle Mist games?
Tony Ng
Maybe too much to ask but... perhaps the iOS google search app can be updated to incorporate google now??
Need more Turkish soccer teams!
What about brazilian soccer teams? Please support us!
That's great. Too bad Google Now causes the Galaxy Nexus to completely lock up when you open the app and the phone is connected to the 3-pin POGO car dock. Most of the time I want to use it is in the car, and it's completely unusable there.
How about you make it launch quickly now?  Oh, and release a VZW GN Pogo car dock that fits out-of-box :)  DUUURRRR!!!!
why is it for only for higher version???
do we need to keep on upgrading our android to enjoy new features of android??!!! what if our handset is nt capable enough of getting upgraded
Google has been my favorite since it broke the tradition of MS
but Google is heading MS way now it seems
Now for these features will have to wait till I buy new handset with new or higher version of android.
I didnt meant that android shoud get upgraded
I just wish that new features shoud be available for all the flavours of android.
If not all at least such new features which dont seem to be version dependent.. .. Public Notification/warning can be rolled out to all the versions.
Waiting for such feature for my Gingerbread (at present)
You guys google now needs to learn my commute routes!!!... please ;)
Looking for stock market updates if you're looking for requests.  Generic S&P, Dow Jones 30, and Nasdaq would suffice but being linked to your stock list in Google Finance would be even better.
The only people who are on android 4.1 today are folks who have the unlocked galaxy nexus, what is the point, I hope google provides both CDMA and GSM users alike an opportunity to own a truly pure google nexus phone the next time around and not some pseudo pure google carrier branded nexus phone from carriers.
+Android please add polish teams. You dont want to support polish language, ok, but please add polish teams
the problem with Google Now is that it's horribly slow. Great feature but slow as dirt even on my Galaxy Nexus.
I'd love to see rugby results, although obviously the US centric nature of most of Google's services make that unlikely to be a high priority.  
+Nigel Sharp  it seems like that is unique for the JellyBean that is so far away from our SII. Sad~~~~~~
Please consider adding international Rugby and Cricket leagues
Great! Rugby Union and Cricket pls. I need to get updated on how much the Wallabies are losing by to the All Blacks.

"Hockey" implies "Hockey" not Ice Hockey outside the US ? Two different sports.

Lastly, would be good to have a sports category selection before a list of 200 teams appears.
Horey!oh wait .iam HTC g10.
Haha yeah I think your right +Jack zeng maybe we will have to install a custom rom before then?
well, there is alternative solution for that. I got iPod touch where google search app also can act like the google now. The new version of Google Search for iOS is on the way now. +Nigel Sharp 
Be good if it works in Australia
When is Date reminders coming & geo reminders 
I was hoping to see cinema times on Google Now, thanks.
Thanks for the info ... now users of Android Phones like Plaudit will also be able to update their apps of Google Now :-)
Dom Lom
when google now will be in italian?
Great Job and very good idea... hope to see this in Germany soon...
Support for Korea. No doubt moved forward by Samsung's plethora of Jellybean supporting devices (or nearly) - a good thing though
You should add Handball and Rugby to sports teams ...
Great! Now my phone can make an annoying noise when a storm is obviously brewing outside. My coworker received 35 weather warnings in 4 hours of work...I am not even exaggerating 
Is there a full support for german now. In previous release each search resulted in a google websearch using browser.
+Jack zeng man I'm not buying apple for that feature! Lol much rather a nexus 7 8gb if I felt I couldn't wait...
Could you please add motoring sports in your next update? Being constantly updated about who's winning a formula 1 race would be so cool.
+Daniel Panić Thx, here in Germany we have to wait a long time for new stuff. No Google Play Music, Google now is not better then legacy Google Search, no Google Play Magazines :-(
Please add cricket teams to the sports section.. its one of the biggest sports!
no college football teams?!?
Very nice but we need college football teams.
Or drop the sissy sports like soccer and American Football and add rugby...
Why the hype?. There are lots of dedicated apps that do this fairly well. Even better.
So I can add an obscure team like 'FC Erzgebirge Aue' (no offense, Erzgebirge fans), but not Ajax Amsterdam, or in fact any Dutch Eredivisie team?
I would love to see support of the German language and not just Google search results.
Glad you fixed the weather showing where I was in Richmond Hill ON instead of me being in Richmond Hill GA. Thanx googlers!
I am amazed how good Google Now is.  Everyday it tells me how long my commute home will be, it is accurate nearly to the minute.  I am now in the habit of checking it before I leave work to see if I should take a different way home.  Powerful stuff that is only getting better!
Adding the ability to edit teams is fantastic. Failing to add NCAA football teams is not.
the card for movies is no where to be found on my nexus s on jelly bean 
No movies for me in the UK either, Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7
Still missing support for Voice Actions in languages other than English. :-(
Sweet and mental note. Verizon and ATT are notorious at failing to update their devices in a timely manner. Unlocked GN no ties and pure Android love. Updates totally rock.
We really need some NCAA sports on here. 
Google. Get Motorola on the ball with updates. You guys own motorola now, make them update their devices soon. This is the one reason I am thinking about leaving Android all together. 
Android 4.1? it doesn't exist for sony xperia 2011
Where is my Jelly Bean update?! It's been a month and a half since the release and still I haven't got it on my Galaxy Nexus GSM device. It's really disappointing.

I'm almost considering buying an iPhone next time.
You guys really should understand it's not Google's fault you don't have JB.. Either bug your manufacturers, or get a custom ROM.. whining to Google about it won't get you JB.

Without access to Google Now's code, you should assume it is not backward compatible, or they would have released it for ICS/GB as well. =/

Or... Get a Nexus.
Would love to see the nPower Championship, League 1, League 2 and Blue Square Premier leagues, that would make Google Now complete :-)
Looking forward to being able to add college football teams!  Hurry, the season is starting...!
Thanks!  However, still needs to be able to include updates for college sports, especially football.
"If you're on Android 4.1" womp, womp, womp...

Put some pressure on Motorola to release more resources to the 3rd party hackers so my phone (Droid 3) that is no longer supported can get the features Motorola doesn't believe is a good business decision to make available to me.

You can stop reading here, the rest is fluff. I like my phone. Until they make a slider phone with all of the special characters I use regularly as a sysadmin/programmer that are on my Droid 3, I am holding on to this unit. Nerd edition*, it really only needs the special symbols on the keypad visible and active. I would buy it. The consumer edition just needs the keypads without the symbols...
What good is a card when I'm near a theater? I'm never near a theater. I was hoping for direct theater showtimes on request :/
All four English football leagues would be a real +.

I have an idea for a future Now Card, how about Contacts' Birthdays? A few simple options such as 
- on/off
- days before birthday the card should appear
- display contact's photo yes/no
- card notification priority
I think that would be a real Now Card winner!
Δεν έχει την ομάδα μου. Ολυμπιακό Πειραιώς. Μόνιμος πρωταθλητής Ελλάδος.
@Swee Sien Lim - Well, my device is a Google device. Not like the once in USA, where Verizon and Sprint are the carriers. Therefore I should get updates from Google.
I've got Android 4.1.1 on my HTC Incredible (original) lol
+Augustin Boustoure I'm not sure where you are located, but I have the same problem in Canada.  I believe it will only show in the 'card format' in the U.S. ... elsewhere to follow.  I did manage to get some information listed in the web search.
hey +Android how about in the near future adding some sports standings as well.  Its almost playoff time for baseball and I wouldn't mind seeing how my +Pittsburgh Pirates are doing compared to other teams.
Rao Nag
Is Cricket included  in your 140 sport teams?
Why cricket is missing in sports?
140 teams worldwide isnt really that much... No local norwegian teams on there... Yet :)
hey +Android when im gonna get my JB update in my unlocked galaxy nexus? i feel like everybody has it but meeee
Why is there no no USB storage mode support? I have a car radio that takes USB input that no longer recognises my phone. This must be affecting millions of users. Android bring out a patch please!
Thank you, but unfortunately, I don't expect to get 4.1 soon, because I only have a +Nexus S 4G on Sprint. It's not like I have a "*real*" Nexus device.
Sounds good. But I'm standing outside the local cinema in Oxford (UK) and there is no film listing appearing.

Obviously I could just turn around and look at the board behind me, but where's the fun in that?
Please bring this to older andriods.... (Droid X) :) or at least some of the new features.
Need to add NCAA Football teams ASAP!  Season starts tomorrow!
But what with all us in europe stucked with the yakjuxw-version of Galaxy Nexus, when can we run it?
Amazing update! I'm thrilled with what Google Now does. This is truly smart design in software development. All that's missing is Spanish support for full voice.
Love it! One nit pick is when you say "Showtimes for <movie name>" that it would give nice custom display of result rather than send you to Google search results.
Verizon + galaxy nexus = jelly bean update sometime in the year 2025
Please include college football teams now that the season is officially underway. 
Anyone else notice that the last pic for this app is sporting Verizon Wireless?
Is there An update for Jelly Bean for Galaxy Note?!
Is cinema listing US only? Doesn't seem to work for me in the UK.
WOW! What a surprise. Thanks Google. It's great to see updates for existing services on the fly, unlike iPhone releasing it as a 'updated feature' in their iOS6 just so it looks like they added more stuff lol.
It really needs the other 72 teams in England rather than just the 20 that's on there, why only support the minority? Football (soccer) isn't about franchises, it's about teams representing their cities so you don't get people just watching the top/only league like in the USA, you get 10s of thousands at Championship games (2nd tier of English football) and a lot are supported better than those in the premier league
Hi, unfortunately i have galaxy nexus in version yakjuxw when come update TO android 4.1 jelly bean???

I am using 4.1 how&what update should I get
It's really great that we can start following teams outside of America now, but can it be extended to lower leagues? e.g. The Championship (British football). Not everyone follows the big teams!
Why only one portuguese soccer team? And its not even one of the 3 main teams 0_o Aside from that, awesome work guys!
Alessandro - change build to yakju and get jelly bean without waiting
I wish I could enjoy them.  I really do.  However my carrier is keeping your awesome update out of my phone.  I learned my lesson to get an unlocked Nexus.
TF101 update to Jellybean.
Needs college football!!!!!!!!!!!!
Definitely need college football. 
needs UK championship league "soccer" (football) teams
+Android  AC Milan in the soccer teams list... but it doesnt work.
And what about google now answering my questions in Italian?
It's superb!!! Google did a wonderful job by adding Alerts about natural disasters.
android is gpl gnu license. Microsoft or Apple Inc Can not claim copyright.
Marijan, Google released Jelly Bean to OEMs. It is the responsibility of the phone and tablet manufacturers to release it when they customize it to their phones or tablets and then send it to the phone carriers for testing before you can get it.
When will colleges be added to the sports card?
My favourite sports team is missing
Hi wen Will there be a update verson with the play store on Samsung galaxy europa?
That's what I like about this Voice Search. Google can simply update the app OTA rather than the whole system, a la Siri.
i love google now! it is awesome!!!!!
Would be nice if Verizon could communicate some sort of timetable for this update. Looking forward to this on the Nexus.
When is coming the Multi-User Account to Android?
I have a Nexus 7 for all my family!
Hey friends,
As an Android Fans, I thought you would be happy to know about this app that lets you assign Android related animations for your incoming notifications:
When will Samsung Galaxy Nexus holders with Build number : IMM76K.I9250XWLD2 receive the Jelly Bean update?
So happy to have a ROOTED GALAXY NEXUS just BC of this...#TEAMANDROID
I got it. Added 3 of my favorite soccer teams, that all were playing last weekend. Unfortunately I did not get any results-card in Google Now :-(
when you give jelly bean update to galaxy note
When is Jelly Bean coming on Galaxy Nexus in Singapore?
I hate it when Google throw a lot of good feature and didn't specify for which country. Such as in Australia so far Google Now can only use the weather feature. sport, movie showtime, traffic and public transport are not available. They made Google I/O available globally and throw all temptation feature and didn't mention that feature only for US people.
Hola Android puede ser mas poderoso, si se agregan las siguientes funciones:

* Administrador de seguridad (para evitar virus y malware)
* Administrador de elementos eliminador (poder recuperar los archivo o eliminarlos definitivamente)
* Libreria de Codec Audio y video (Aumenta el gusto de los usuarios)
* Integrar Google Navigator a google maps (no todos los paises tienen acceso a navigator)
* Crear App de google docs para incremetar el uso de documentos o adaptar open office a Android
* Seria bueno que google ofreciera el servicio de recuperar el dispositivo Android (como lo hace Apple)
* la funcion mas novedosa de todas crear un  dispositivo que llamo Google Player Center-GPC, es crear un dispositivo que concentre documentos, videos, imagenes, fotos, compartir impresoras por usb y sincronizar datos;  como una consola general en casa. para visualizarlos en las diferentes gamas de Android (telefono, TV, PC chrome y otros).
Entre las cuales tambien GPC pueda entrar al Telefono Android para visualizar los datos, tambien crear una aplicacion para controlar el GPC como un control remoto

*Android seria mas versatil si se pudiera comunicar con Bluray, DVD, Stereo, Car Stereo

*Creas una aplicacion de S.O.S y interactue con sensores que permitan reconocer los signos vitals de una persona en estado critico y llamar a emergencias, tambien el envio de señal inalambricas S.O.S

*Crear Aplicaciones para persona discapacitadas

*Crear una aplicacion y compatilidad para crear un control universal de TV
And when will these sports teams ACTUALLY be able to show up in the google now cards if you don't mind me asking because it kinda defeats the purpose of being able to choose your favorite teams if they don't show up in the cards or the voice doesn't rely any scores or schedules
أحاول تنزيل فيبر ولم انجح لماذا
If you have a chance, for texting can you allow people to have multiple languages in different text messages. Seeing switching between languages constantly is annoying.
My number one interest in Google Now was the sports cards. But without college football, I was disappointed.
I'm +1 on an update to pull cards for NCAA football. I know there's a billion teams but you are Google!
mimi kh
Google is great and something we people take for granted
+Jordan Blue I was really hoping this would have college sports too. Alas it was not to be. On another note, the score updates need to be more timely.
my phone not update to date in jelly beam
Add college football teams PLEASE!
New Android has been based on latest Linux Kernel? 3.5 or 3.6?
What exactly should the Sports do? I have many teams set, but I see no updates/info. I'm watching one of my teams as I type.
Football games don't provide updates
Why I don't get Jelly Bean for my Galaxy Nexus? (Germany)
Looking forward to this on my GIII :).
Based on official announcements it is supposedly being rolled out to Spring Nexus S 4G phones, but I have yet to hear any of them being updated yet. I have been waiting since the 6th for it to show up.
When will we be able to add swedish ice hockey teams?
I love Google Now.  The only annoyance I have is that I cannot follow College sports teams OR National soccer teams.  Come on!!!  I'd love to keep up with games for USA, Peru, and Brasil as well as Arkansas Razorbacks from Google Now .
WTH Google Now??  No summer practice schedule for the Romanian Intramural Women's Curling Team??
are you planning to add support on spanish? i mean card results and speech output
Would be good to add international soccer teams like USA, Argentina, Brazil, Italy, etc. Without this it isn't possible to get updates on international competitions like the currently ongoing World Cup 2014 qualifying.
+Android, curiosly you have one portuguese soccer team. But the most curious thing is that is not a team with that many fans. There's Sport Lisboa e Benfica, Futebol Clube do Porto and Sporting Clube de Portugal. By far more popular teams.

One thing I didn't understood yet is the fact my phone already understands Portugal portuguese and speaks portuguese, but google now doesn't do all those nice voice actions cards (spoken by the way).

Am I doing anything wrong?
How can I remove a team from Google Now?
Android make long--long life---hihi
Custom ringtone is played only once with getting phone call. Many people expect the ringtone play repeatly. 
Wey T
Next up, college teams?
Thank you — and as everyone else said, college teams, please!
Live in UK when can I have jelly bean on galaxy s3 ?
Not fair i never got to use the other update i hate gengerbread
Would love to see rugby union in here.
Needs to have Google Calendar integration on the next update
Missing brazilian soccer teams too...
Please add "Sporting Clube de Portugal" soccer team
Me and millions of fans worldwide are waiting...
Please add college teams, at least basketball and football.
Please add Sporting Clube de Portugal (SCP). It is one of the 3 major teams in Portugal. 
It would be nice if you could change the picture in the background. It only pops up big cities like NY, Austin... etc. Also needs college sports as well
Will it ever be possible to add College Teams?
International Rugby Union, please!
Can we please get college basketball! 
vinay c
cricket scores plzzz... 
vinay c
Add cricket teams please!!
Ow Google please add the Dutch (eredivisie) soccer teams! 
vinay c
Cricket scores please... :(
Want to see Cricket teams added to sports cards please.. Please !!
vinay c
Yes, we need cricket match scores on Google Now.. Please,..
Where are the rugby teams?
+Eduardo Grotteschi So, it looks like they still don't have any Argentine teams. With the World Cup coming around next year, I really hope that they decide to at least add FIFA teams.
vinay c
Cricket! I want to add Cricket teams plz...
Really?? After such long time and so many updates, cricket is still missing?
Need cricket scores. Its the second most popular sport of the world. 
Rol Gar
Alguien sabe de como recuperar fotos eliminadas
Add a comment...