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[US Only] Starting today, you can buy Galaxy Nexus on Google Play. This Galaxy Nexus costs $399 and arrives at your door unlocked, without a carrier commitment or contract. Use Galaxy Nexus on the GSM network of your choice, including T-Mobile and AT&T in the US.

Galaxy Nexus is the latest smartphone from Google featuring Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich (with Android Beam and Google+ mobile hangouts), the best Google mobile services and fastest updates directly from Google.

This unlocked Galaxy Nexus also has Google Wallet pre-installed, so you can pay quickly by tapping your Galaxy Nexus wherever MasterCard PayPass is accepted. Get $10 in your account as a Google Prepaid Card after you activate Google Wallet.

Learn more at, and get your unlocked Galaxy Nexus on Google Play:
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But it still is supported (or unsupported) by Samsung so I would not recommend. I bought one that is broken and Samsung is unable to fix.
для россии не надо. сделаем свой. на лампах
We're sorry, the document you requested is not available in your country.
US only ?
Come on, please show us some love :(
I'll happily cover the shipping costs, even pay a little extra over them to get this sweet sweet deal
Its unlocked and HSPA+, no reason it can't ship worldwide

There, you have it, I'm begging you !
When will these phones get the 4.0.4 update? I've been waiting for two weeks?
I have this device and I swear it has been really delightful experience using it! Galaxy Nexus and ICS simply rock!
Why don't you like us in Europe? What did we do? Did we hurt someone's feelings? Tell us, we'll make it right.
Cool but wothless while not avaible in my country.
Is this that big deal to ship it to whole world?
Matt Eden
+Android You have no idea how much I want this but unfortunately you <hyperbolicsnark>hate the rest of the world! </hyperbolicsnark>
Sprint's comes with 4.04, Verizon should push out the update soon.
+Brenton Klik this is because you got a built from samsung (which sucks) instead of the "Yakju" built from google. The ones Google will sell directly will update as soon as the release is out. you can do the same by reinstalling your phone with "yakju" built and bypass your provider and Samsung
you can download the built here
this is how to do it
I did it and it works fine. just make sure to backup your data as it will wipe the phone during the process
+Prasad Bakre Agreed. It is by far the nicest phone I've ever had. the nicest part about it is that my wife hates it and refuses to touch it when she can use her iPhone 4s, so there is no danger of anyone touching it in my house.
The blog post says First available in the U.S., so expect it to come to other places at some point.
That they're doing this also lends a great amount of credence to the rumours of a Google-branded and sold tablet. Especially as the promoted URL ends in /devices
We're sorry, the document you requested is not available in your country :-(
+Gareth Fleming You need only look at the number of Lawsuits Apple has brought against Samsung in EU to know why it's a US only product. The EU has barred the sale of the product.
I hope it will be available in Italy ^_^
+Philippe Bureau Really? I hope they fix it for you. NTT Docomo in Japan has an insurance plan where you pay 5 USD per month and they make sure your phone is replaced in case there is any damage.
Cant actually order it yet...just tried!!
Don't be ridiculous, +Keenan Casey. I can go buy one of these in a store in the UK and have done so. The blog post clearly says that it will first be available in the US.
Am I reading this RIGHT? On T-Mo and AT&T wit no Google Wallet restriction whatsoever?

Does it come with 4.0.4? Because then I might consider getting one, seeing as I STIL have NOT received that update....GSM Gnex here and yes I is updated by Google no carrier involvement whatsoever :S
Awesome! I was just about to resort to a gray import.
+Prasad Bakre you can check my profile for post with video. My problem is the phone is under warranty and I do not like paying extra for something they legally have to provide.
+Keenan Casey - No they have not. The Galaxy nexus is available in the EU and it has not been barred. To my knowledge the only samsung device barred was the old version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1, and that was barred in Germany only. Samsung release the 10.1 N which got around the injunction and is now patterning all it's tablets around that design. WTH are you talking about?
I made my last mistake going CDMA for a Nexus device (having both a Sprint Nexus S 4G and a Verizon Galaxy Nexus). Google, do this immediately for your next Nexus phone and I'll be buying.
+Ritish Oemraw go on Play and download GNofficialupdate and run it
if you see other built then "yakju" you do not get update from Google.
+Philippe Bureau Done that, I got Yakju >.<
Hoping to receive the update soon. Getting updates quick was one of the main reasons for me of getting the Gnex in the first place
it predominantly shows Google wallet but the tap to pay ONLY works if you have Sprint carrier. Google you are being misleading. There is no reason to involve carriers to perform NFC payments. Stop it.
+Gabriel Walsh Lucky you! My wife has got an iPhone 4, but she is slowly getting jealous about my Gal Nex. She is impressed that I don't need iTunes to sync my phone, that the camera is great, etc. Guess she may shift to SGS3 soon :)
YES "Samsung provides a 12 month limited warranty for Galaxy Nexus."
Awesome, but too late for me. I already bought one unlocked for $620 couple of months ago. Very happy withe phone, my second nexus after Nexus One. #GalaxyNexus
Cory M
LTE AT&T version and I'm sold! It's the only reason I have a Skyrocket now but will instantly switch is a Nexus is available
And once again Google overlooks the fact the rest of the world exists.
+Cory M oh come on, this LTE crap again? Qualcomm is a tech hoarder, let it go.

Also, the more LTE is adopted, the less network congestion there will be on HSPA+. Win/win.
+Prasad Bakre waiting for 4.0.4 may take more than half- of year. I am waiting for two months already :-(
+Ritish Oemraw I guess it will come with 4.0.2. Officially my phone is supposed to be on that. But I am already on AOKP Build 33, with LeanKernel. Couldn't resist "complete freedom"!
Cory M
+Renaud Lepage u do realize there is a LTE Nexus on Verizon and Sprint right? All they need is to throw in AT&T's bands and all will be well. Nothing to do with Qualcomm.

You can't deny the speed increase on an LTE network.
Can I trade in my T-Mobile Nexus S? That would be cool.
+Cory M Toooooooooootally different technologies. And there isn't any Voice over LTE on their devices, so you can't even bring that into the balance.
+Prasad Bakre Its worked out kind of by chance. We used to be an Android and Windows house and my wife got tired with early Android devices and we slowly migrated toward apple. These days my wife is all apple all the time (iMac, iPad, Ipods, Iphone) and I'm all Android (GN, a couple of OG Droids, TP) and Linux. I still have a windows laptop laying around for the rare times I need one and for compatibility with my office. I need a new Laptop, but I think its going to be a new Macbook after the new 15" models are released
Great price, but if you don't work on your international behavior you're going to lose a lot of costumers and support. I get it that some of your services are US only because of copyright reasons and so on, but I believe you did sell the Nexus One internationally, so it isn't impossible... you just wouldn't like to work THAT hard.
Perhaps both android and google play should tell the Google+ team they need to be able to post to US only. Would probably be a good idea for Google+ brand pages to be able to do that, because quite frankly, this is getting damn annoying.
+Taras Mazepa Why not flash custom roms? AOKP is buttery smooth and extremely robust. I'm on 4.0.4 and am seeing minimal crashes..
It doesn't matter if you (or other official google pages) state very clearly that what you are posting is [US Only]. We will not stop complaining!
maaaan i live on a freakin island!
The document you requested is not available in your country.
Great policie, taunt the rest of the world !!! we suck !!! US is great !!! and you just keep reminding us...thank you google for letting us down, again !
Don't tell me Amazon is a cheat! I was dying for this phone and have tried ordering it from Amazon but my debit card which Amazon refused. [A pe ko to jeun, ko ni je ibaje] meaning he that eat lasts will not eat rubbish. I guess this Yoruba adage will hold true this time as I wait for Google to open up!
Come on Google sell it at a discount and will all buy it and you apps.
Hope it's coming to Hong Kong. I'm fed up with Samsung delaying the update of my Galaxy Nexus. If you can read Chinese you will have so much fun seeing Samsung Hong Kong's facebook flooded by angry customers cursing them everyday for still not releasing 4.0.4 update to the Galaxy Nexus. Please, let us free from Samsung's evil policy holding our updates!
thanx you my robot;^)
Won't work on VZW or Sprint. :( So basically it's not compatible with two of the three biggest networks in the country.
Please, start considering to always launch the new products for the whole World.. not only US!

We want the good globalization!
US Only? Globalization: not for plebians.
Can it be rooted and flashed with Cyanogenmod?
Curious fact : US price unlocked 400$, Portugal unlocked 550$... :(
I'm at Brazil!!!!! I want one! :(
Why always everything good happens in US? +Google it is not the way to forget about other parts of world
+Android folks in India, particularly me - we love you tons, why would'nt you let us buy it :'(
no available to China T.T
Please take respond to update existing Galaxy nexus to 4.0.4 1st. After that you just clear your stock last.
Thanks +Google for all the good stuff you are communicating only available in the US. You are such a global company...
Vasi D
Imagine my surprise (near heart attack) when signing into Google+ this morning to see a notification that a photo I took the night before had automatically been uploaded to my account. But, I hadn't intended to upload that embarrassing photo.....nevermind what photo
.....As we learned previously, the default Google+ application settings on an Android phone will automatically upload new photos and videos to a Google+ album,wich sucks......that setting should be enabled only if i want it,not by default....
OMG! we want that also in Europe!!!! and in the lovely Italy as well ^^
Where was this in December??? $670 and 4 months too late, apparently. I'm glad to dump the Galaxy Nexus for the One X, anyway.
I have an OEM battery & battery cover for sale. For those looking for a second battery. GSM Galaxy Nexus only. Send me a message if you're interested.
Just bought one recently in UK unlocked.
Can we make it available to Verizon customers too. I would sure pick one up if that was the case. This is a great offer.
I was hours away from getting HTC One S through T-Mobile. When I clicked the link in this post and saw "Pure Google", I couldn't resist and ordered it. No HTC Sense non-sense for me.
Hey if your out if the country and want it I'll buy it and mail it to you for a price!
"and fastest updates"? That was funny!
Ah Google finally come up with the 32gb version in Europe and I'll buy it.....
Looks like a very cut down version of the phone... no LTE, only $10 Wallet instead of the $50 that comes with a contract, and likely other hardware subtleties

Nice for a no-strings phone, maybe if you want to use it as a service-less Skype Wifi phone or a Dev phone, but for a full featured phone I'll stick to the ones provided by the telcos
Mar uh
us only?
OBTW I'm purchasing mine to add to my nexus line up...
Damnit. Just imported mine a week ago. Friggin unfair. Now these are warranted. Life is unfair.
THIS IS GREAT NEWS!!!... Thanks Google! Been waiting for one for a long time now.
Why US only? Really a bad joke.
Apple can do it better ....
Still using my Nexus One and would get one of these if it supported AT&T LTE :(
Hey +Android why don't you talk to ur dad +Google or y'all cousin +Samsung Mobile USA and get the 4.0.4 on ALL the 100 different versions of your suppose "flagship" nexus phones before releasing a newer one that's only gonna push ours further down in your update process

Sent for an unlocked 2 update behind non-yakju so not good enough for google galaxy nexus
I'm really pissed >'< got my xperia few days ago >"< I wanted GN badly, if it was without contract I would buy it back then. >'<
$400 unlocked! Now that is how it should be, awesome! I am outside of the US but will make a plan to get it sent to me at that price unlocked, thank you +Android
Awesome deal and great phone but I don't want any omled screen phones. With screen burn in within 4 months I'll stick to the LCD screens.
You guys should sell all unlocked android devices on the play store.. Well not all, maybe only the quality unlocked android devices.. This will kind of force oem's to not make crappy slow devices... I'm just saying... But good job either way.
i love that phone my fav neva will break it at a low price just RIGHT!!!!
Ordered one today. Can't get here sooner. I love my Nexus S, but really looking forward to a bigger screen. Nexus for the win!
If you're going to buy an unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus, buy from Google. I have an unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus (yakjuxw) that is not updated by Google. So, I have no Google Wallet and am still waiting on Samsung to update ICS. Samsung "Big Fail".
why would i do that when i can buy a cheaper phone and upgrade to 4.0?
The crown jewel of the android empire, carrier unlocked, and contract free for $400? Best deal ever IMO.
why r y'all commenting on my page do y'all no how 2 comment on ur own page
sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo slow people
Aaaaaand mysid gets pushed down the ladder just a little bit more.
Boo... another Google product not available outside the US. I can't even buy it and send it to a US address, STOP IP BLOCKING :( All you do is make normal people learn how to become hackers.
We're sorry, the document you requested is not available in your country.
Oh De...deeee..deeeearrrrr.... Indonesia has been skipped, again.
Why does these things have to be US only??!!! :(
Until today, I was wondering why these things had to be UK/elsewhere only.
If it comes to Europe it's not gonna be £247 €302. Google never show respect to the rest of the world but we make them so rich.
Will the unlocked device work on GSM in South Africa?
"US only" will only make part of your customers happy. I'm less than happy about how Motorola (the company that built my present phone) deals with non-US markets, and I don't want to see google go that way too.
No CDMA version? I really would like a second one for my gf without the 600$+ pricetag
The world exists beyond USA you know :). In any case, I bought Galaxy Nexus last week in Pakistan. Turned out it had "Yakjuxw" from Samsung. Nevertheless, I flashed over Google's own "Yakju" build succesfully over my phone and everything now working as it should be.
"not available in your contry"... nice joke...

I think it's time to setup a geoip db into google+ so you can restrict the announces to your preferred users without fooling the rest of the world
about to purchase one now!!!! I've been waiting for this moment google
too bad its only being sold in the US I would totally grab one at that price in Canada
Enough with the US only garbage...
$400 is a great deal for arguably the greatest phone of 2011 and early 2012. More physical items should be sold through Google Play, including the previous two Nexus installments.
"Enough with the U.S. only garbage"

I agree. Let's fix the trade policies that prevent US companies from exporting technology and intellectual property on a level playing field and with adequate legal means of enforcing ownership rights.
This phone was supposed to be the one Android phone must have. But I can tell you by experience that its the worst. Loss of signal and random reboots. Worst phone ever.
If you want to have some sanity left, pass this junk!... I was so, so pumped about this phone and now owning it for 3 months.. I HATE IT.. I still really love the concept of it, but the device and experience is just one big FAIL. Network keeps dropping way too often, both WiFi and 3/4g at any location, Horrible, HORRIBLE battery life, like less than 10-12hrs even on standby and I've tried few batteries, Reboots randomly from time to time, still no (4.0.5) update or any news for 5 months now.... And this is not just my device going loco.. two other friends with same experience.. pretty much what everyone else is describing on various forums.

Talk about pure Google experience and premium device..
What are you talking about, +Keith Childers? There are no issues preventing export of the phone to (most if not all) other countries. Why it is not being made available in other countries is a Google issue -- as per most of their other product offerings lately. It's getting tiring.
+Hugo Paz sounds like your on the Verizon version. The cdma gnex has horrible signal. Should have got the GSM.
Looks like a great deal except this version does not appear to do 3G at 900 which might limit its capacity outside the US where this band is commonly used.
Works great with T-Mobile, $30/month with 100 minutes, Unlimited Text and Data (Up to 5GB at 4G speed)! (100 minutes talk is more than enough in my use case)
Arrived today. Wow. Absolutely gorgeous, snappy to respond. Much nicer than my iPhone - happy for my wife, bummed for me! Might buy another! It's that good, and no contract is just crazy at this price.
Please bring this to Canada! Also please put more pressure on operators to approve OS updates faster, my wifes Galaxy Nexus is still on 4.0.1!
why I still stay on 4.0.2? because I unlocked bootloader rooted and installed busybox?
Guys please add Canada to your delivery list
I caved and did it. Was sick of the Sensation and not getting updates and having the software be buggy. Please please keep doing this for future Nexus phones. I had the Nexus One unlocked and it was awesome and had to cave to the Sensation. Don't want to have to do that when this phone reaches the end of it's life. Nexus with pure Google Android unlocked and updated by Google is the best way to go.
Done did it... tottes excited to inbox the bastard tomorrow
When will you allow New Zealand buyers to buy this from Google Play Device?
+Android Samsung has officially announced that Galaxy Nexus wont be launched in India... As a Android fan I am really disappointed and angry at this 'high handed' approach by Samsung. I am sure many others in India will share my feelings

Request +Google India to intervene and launch the phone in India.
I live in the US and I'll buy it for anyone outside the US and shipped the phone to you. Just pay for phone plus extra shipping cost and a fee for my troubles.
can you please cancel the limit of the buy website only to USA?and why you not accept an Israeli international credit card?(i want to buy the Nexsus Galaxy and ship it to an adress in USA)
alot off people not happy due to not selling out side of US just think of the sales they would make if they did. what a shame
Will it with with international/ foreign sim cards if bought from the US
Yeah...about those updates. I have the GSM unlocked version and am not the first to get updated out of non nexus devices. "Fastest updates" is not the words i would use. Also please go back to HTC for the next nexus. This phone is more beat up than my nexus one that is three yrs old. This will be the last Samsung device i buy even if the next nexus is one. :(
I am using Nexus But I couldn't update to 4.0.4 I upraged to 4.0.2 dont uprage to 4.0.4 :@
Unfortunately I'm stuck with #Verizon. Though the device is awesome, #VerizonWirelessSucks.
Hi, Sirs,

I am sorry to write to you as I want to make an complaint (on behalf of most Galaxy Nexus users in Hong Kong) of how poor Samsung Mobile Hong Kong treating Hong Kong Galaxy Nexus Users.

Perhaps, you may not be the one I should write to......however, I would be grateful if you / someone could kindly give me a contact, so that I should write to reflect the poor situation in Hong Kong.

Galaxy Nexus is the third member in the Nexus series......(I had Nexus One first).....I brought Galaxy Nexus because I expected that Galaxy Nexus should receive Android OS upgrade as soon as Google release it (just like what I enjoyed with Nexus One before). I thought Galaxy Nexus was a Pure Google mobile phone like Nexus One....but it was NOT (in some other countries, like Hong Kong).....the Android OS upgrade was NOT carried out by Google thru OTA directly but through Samsung in most areas. This make most of the Galaxy Nexus users could not receive Android OS upgrade from Google directly at the shortest time.

**I am so surprised that Google did NOT mention this upgrade arrangement at the time of launching Galaxy Nexus (so poor was that Galaxy Nexus was launched at Hong Kong!)**

I am so surprised that even Taiwan released Android 4.0.4 to Taiwan Galaxy Nexus users two months ago.....but up to date, Samsung Mobile HK keeps saying that he has NO schedule of the Galaxy Nexus phone is still keeping at 4.0.2......other Android phone, Samsung Galaxy Note, Sony Xperia Arc & Neo.....and etc are 4.0.4 now! So, I believe you could feel how bad Galaxy Nexus users feel at Hong Kong.

Google did NOT mentioned the upgrade arrangement at selling this 3rd Son.....Samsung Mobile HK is NOT able to give Galaxy Nexus users at Hong Kong (may be also in other countries) the quickest Android OS upgrade. The quickest OS upgrade is what I and other Galaxy Nexus users expected from a Google Nexus series mobile phone.

I am so frustrated to see that Google x Samsung gave me this bad experience in Nexus series. The meaning of buying Nexus series phone was GONE.

I would be grateful if someone could give me a reply. Thank You Very Much.

Best Regards,

A Pig Head in Hong Kong.
Same here in Europe, there was absolutely no word about multiple builds and different (or better NO) update schedule for non-yakju Galaxy Nexus devices. As of today, I haven't read a single word of official statement from Google about this and they're avoiding to answer many complaints here or on their support page. Very very disappointed by Galaxy Nexus support and by Google in general.
sir i now have Galaxy nexus in the philippines , i love this fon so much , only 2 thing i only notice is the volume is very low , and wifi is has weak signal .. ty samsung for this Amazing fon....
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