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We're rolling out Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, to GSM/UMTS Nexus S devices over the coming month, starting today. Enjoy the tasty update! Once you get the update, check out some tips and shortcuts for getting started at the Android 4.0 Help Center:
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I'm sure the OG Droid won't be far behind. Right?
Jacob Brown
Wish it was on the CDMA Nexus S :(
Woot! This is why I love Google, Android, and Nexus devices.
YAY!!!!!!! (though my Galaxy Nexus is watching me typing this message...)
YEAHHHHHHH in spain we still waittinggg come on
Get HTC to do it for their phones, too
How should I put in words how much I love you? I'll be hitting system updates button until I faint of fatigue, than start again and repeat until ICS goodness runs on my Nexus.
RJ Marsan
CDMA/WiMAX sometime soon?
+Ivan Vargas The fact that it is GSM/UMTS means those of with us with Nexus 4G still have to wait.

+Android Anytime frame when those of use with 4G will be getting our Ice Cream Sandwich
Ye Wang
How about my ancient Nexus One?
+Ye Wang no ICS for Nexus One! I too own one, but recently switched to Nexus S 4G!
Will this happen for Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch!?
If you get the update, please pull it from /cache before you apply it.
This announcement ONLY applies to Nexus S devices. All other phones are bound to the manufacturer and carrier for updates.
Samsung galaxy S users can have it from cyanogemod 9
I don't even own a Nexus.. but I'm excited XD Nice!
I bought this phone also for moments like this. Please update soon in Italy.
YESSS I will be refreshing "system updates" every 5 minutes until further notice, ps did anyone else notice they posted at exactly 4:00?
got my galaxy nexus today and retired my nexus s:d
Is there any word on when the Nexus S 4g will be receiving the update?
I thought the Nexus S 4g was the flagship Nexus S?? Im hoping there is a following post that says NS4G are getting ICS this weekend........
Awesome, hoping it's available soon to Canada/Koodo, guess I'll be un-rooting soon.
finaly so anyone knows does that supports 19023 devices :) (europien updates :P )ty
I want I want I want I want I want!!!
anyone knows does that supports European Nexus S (I9023)??!? thank you!
Do you still need a voice plan, or a data plan alone will be fine?
The entire Evo family of phones need this update, not just the 3D and Design.
So glad to hear that older gen devices are getting the ICS love! I just hope my AT&T Galaxy S II gets it too.
+Alberto Vena Yea but with this roll is update for I9023 devices or this update doesn't include us
can i ask something the ZTE Blade did they take 2.3.4 ?!
Thanks, finally. Can't wait for the notification.
This is going to make waiting for a US GSM Gnex way easier.
Zamir P
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is there anyone with the update yet?
What about for Sprint? Any timeline for that?
Thanks a lot, Google! my christmas holidays are saved now!
Yeah! for my wife. Guess I'm still waiting for CM9 to hold my Nexus One over until the GSM version comes down to a sane price for the unlocked version.
Sorry guys they already said no official update for nexus one. Will have to root/rom.
+Alberto Vena Thanks alot ;) I hope when i wake up in the morning there will be ''Your device is ready for update '' :D
When we will see the update for the 4g version of the nexus s in sprint?
Always buy Nexus devices for some unadulterated and quick Google lovin.. :P
Still waiting for 4.0.2 for my Galaxy Nexus: )
M Doza
What about nexus cdma
Excellent! I'll be watching the notification bar constantly until my device updates :-)
any way to force the update .. pretty please
+Android my Nexus s won't power up anymore, when I try it, it stuck at the Google logo and stays like this for hours! Have even tried wipe data, but didn't work! =/
irish d
i hear a lot of apps are not compatible with ICS.
Hopefully the fact that I'm not American won't hinder this update on my Nexus S :-/
my #Checkin# speed is getting a workout
Will Verizon's Droid Charge will get ICS eventualy?????
Excited! I still have 2.3.4. I never received any of the 2.3.x OTA updates on my I9020AUCKE1 (Build GTJ61). Purchased from Best Buy during free promotion (for AT&T)
Kickass, getting rollouts first is why I have a Nexus S on Tmo.
irish d
+Regan McCullough thanks. not ALL though. so i'll start seeing some of my apps break. but that's fine. just give me ICS and i'll deal with the annoyances later.
feeling giddy already :-) Xmas will have my nexus for my stocking :-)
4G Please! Just share whatever the guys over at XDA developers need to modify the GSN OTA for the 4G, I can't take hitting refresh anymore (every 5minutes of the day) on my Nexus S topic on the Android News and Weather app.
Its downloading I'm on CM9 it showed up in my settings>about page
i have a nexus s. there is no update yet! come on +Android , enough wait!
Even tho we NS4G owners have a "nexus" phone, Sprint will still delay things a bit whole they make small modifications. Remember free tethering? :\
Great news !!! Can't wait to get ICS on my Nexus S.
Galaxy S II. Lets GOOOOOO
If your not giving the CDMA nexus 4G ICS today, at least give us a date or timeline for us getting it, something, anything
is there a possibility to "initiate" the update/upgrade process? :)
My htc evo 4g is waiting for some ice cream
Looking forward to it on my Galaxy Tab 10.1!
Any idea when?
Awesome... One fat reason to cancel Spring contract...
Is the Nexus S that's compatible on AT&T's network GSM or CDMA?
Hope it fixes all the screw ups that the last update caused on my Thunderbolt!
Hopefully update for thunderbolt...
no galaxy nexus for sprint and now my ns4g still has no word on a update
Wtf . I bought the nexus one because it was supposed to get the latest and greatest before any other phone. Then the nexus s came out and I had to wait 2 months for gingerbread. Now the galaxy nexus is out with ics and I have the nexus s 4g and now I'm not even getting a timeline wtf Google?
Does rooting influence automatic update?
I'm still hoping any kind of information about Nexus one :(
+Rodrigo Ark The Nexus One won't be upgraded... Sorry mate.
In other news, I am giddy with anticipation!
+Adam Batt I'd imagine so, the announcement only said GSM/UMTS rather than being location specific **goes to check for updates on Nexus S**
I sure would appreciate some way to get ice cream sandwich on my motorola triumph :( Throw us non contract people a bone once in a while please <3
i tried that checkin thing, it says checkedin but there is no update. any suggestion to force early update?
Might be my favorite Christmas present this year haha.
just bought a brand new Nexus S for T-Mobile about few days ago and within 10 minutes i already got Ice Cream Sandwich.loving the whole ICS coloring scheme and everything smooth and fast.thanks Big G
O yes bring it on
I want it for my Xoom and my Atrix 2!!!
What about Nexus One?
Please,don't forget us!
HTC EVO 3D please and thank you. My clock gains one minute a week. Smmfh
Hope the Xoom wifi gets it soon (followed by the rest of the tegra 2 tablets)
Android 4.0 on Bionic? Pleeeeease?! Thanks! :D
When it'll be available for HTC Sensation?
off topic but wtb another update for bionic, i went from atleast being able to turn off the thing and back on to get data back to (post update) turning off wifi before putting it in the car dock, only to find out as im driving through town that im constantly losing 3g because the phone turned wifi back on its own and keeps trying to connect anytime i drive past a house. When i power cycle or do a hard reset it doesnt even get me data back, its already turned wifi back on and starts searching, in turn raping my battery life

ive used nothing but androids since the g1 came out because it was always easy for a tech savvy person to cruise through the forums and fix it but this is bummin me out.
Wonderful news! I do wonder though just how closed-minded one has to be to suppose that the Android dev team would focus on a fringe device like the "4G" (btw. only in the US would something that slow tout that moniker) which is available on one single carrier in one single country as opposed to the the UMTS version which is available is available worldwide?! The self-centricness of most of the American populace continues to amaze me. ><
Looking for it to be able to work on Samsung Galaxy Ace.
This is very exciting; thanks Google!
Greg S
Hoping for some Sprint Nexus S 4G love soon!
Great news! Oh wait! Once again, where is my GSM GN in the US?!?
+larry grumbles I have to agree with this guy. The entire reason I got the Nexus S 4g was so I could get the updates right away. Well the Galaxy Nexus has been out for some time, the source code released for quite awhile, and now they are finally telling Tmobile users that they are getting the update, but still no word on my phone.

It looks like next time I might as well buy an HTC since the Sprint nexus is going to be behind anyways.
Had the nexus one,then got the nexus s.And now, waiting for the galaxy nexus:-)
The phone looks great! The plan sucks!
+Android I love you for this and for the love of God give it a bit before releasing ICS to tablets cause if I get news that it will be out next week I might die from the excitement.

ICS really does need to be on tablets ASAP giving all the honeycomb issues
Oh, and the 4.0.3 supports the Xoom too
NS4G users are bitter but no need to be since they will be next inline plus sprint still has a say although not much of one it's the price you pay for being on a specific carrier rather unlocked.

I didn't say anything when NS4G users were using google wallet
i'm hoping i get ice cream sandwich before Christmas... (ns4g owner)
Harry Taylor if you read all of my comment you would have seen that I said I have the nexus s now.
Wow, just updated and it's simply amazing.
Would rather have an I-Phone :P
I'm rooted so should I just flash it or wait officially I'll let everyone here decide
Yay that means the nexus s drivers are out witch means video recording on custom ics roms
Just updated, amazingly smooth so far
I have one still in the box as xmas present for my wife, lets see if it gets ICS when first used ;)
Any word on a CDMA update (Sprint)? :(
Can't wait to see it on Nexus S 4G.
at first I was like, how do you know I have a droid?! then I remember it's connected to my g+ account! wacky!
You should provide a download link... for those who can't wait for the OTA update (like me). Anyway, you did great with ICS :)
Wait wait wait.. I think I got excited a little too soon.. I have a Nexus S 4g from Sprint.. So this announcement doesn't concern me?.. :(
I bought my Nexus s for This Day! Jippie :-)
I think Google has enough clout to start putting pressure on the carriers who roll out updates and such as an afterthought to their customers.
It was worth the wait! Ice Cream Sandwich on my nexus s feels smooth and divine!
This is amazingly awesome =) but any word on the update for CDMA?
Bin Hu
Are the updates rolled out to the U.S only today ?
Jae Lee
Yes !! I have just got OTA 4.0.3 ! Look very nice and fast. ! NEXUS S i9023
What happened to nexus s 4g not good enough? Don't ruin it like you did for us when you launched galaxy nexus only on Verizon whoever was the sales coordinator should get pushed out of a building
LOL, I just got the Galaxy Nexus 12 hours ago.
So how will I know if it's out for my phone or not, will I just get a notification that says available update? And I must say I'm SUPER EXCITED !!!!!
please provide more details, which carriers will have it when?
and why can't we do this manually? (the manual method mentioned above didn't work for me).
All I want for Christmas is ICS update on my nexus s. Heaps Thanks to Google Android Dev.
Awesome google! I will wait for my version receive OTA...
Runs great on my Galaxy S captivate. Did someone say XDA? no?..guess that's just me.
How about letting us Infuse users get on that..
Yehaaaa!!! I´m waiting my OTA in UK. Thanks Google
Why choose nexus again when others ca run ics before nexus s 
Is the update U.S. only or can i get it in Peru with my GSM carrier?
Is the update U.S. only or can i get it in Peru with my GSM carrier?
Damn you Google for making ICS so irresistible, now I have to download and flash an Rom in Alfa for my OG HTC Evo 4G!
Mo Aziz
Galaxy S i9000? Any news?
Ooops, I have no baseband version and no network:(
I'm in Australia and have i9020. Will the manual update work for me?
God! Damn it! I have been waiting for a long time, now it comes!!!!
i9020A isn't supported on the update that's being released :-/ So no update for Canada yet.
yeah ! hope the i9023 will get it soon !!! :D
Jie Liu
Is there any compatibility issue in android 4.0?
Beautiful self-advertising you got there, Google.
Aries Y
yahoo!!we are running it
after applying manual update on my i9023 it won't turn on, any suggestion?
Where is facial unlock? Did you take it out of nexus s build?
And Where is Adobe Flash Support in Android 4.0 ICS?
Can't get ota info(China mobile )
Trey Hu
what's the schedule for Xoom ?
Plz Reply is there Adobe Flash support?
Trey Hu
unfair for Nexus One!!
+ Disha yes there is flash support. Just update adobe flash after
@ Van Vincent Casipong : Thanx dear but can u tell me is it work in 4.0 or 4.0.1 or both?
Van Vincent Casipong @ yes dear i got answer, according to PC world : Adobe Flash 11.1 version is there?
just bought my Razr today. when is that update coming?
I want an ice cream sandwich.
Maybe they meant The Nexus S 4G, but they left it out of the post by accident! I hope so...
I can confirm that it works great on my T-Mobile Nexus S (yay!) but I can also confirm that there is no Face Unlock (boo!). Also, I really wish Google Wallet worked on this phone (boo again!).
Is that including Nexus S owners of Australia ?
+Travis Faubel no face unlock on Nexus S, I haven't got my update yet (AT&T Nexus S) but from what I've read in the forums no Nexus S has face unlock yet
+Android when update for nexus s will be available in Spain??? I am desperately waiting :)
Guys great news : Android 4.0.3 is OUT for developers
Please update my Nexus One to Android 4.0 ICS.
:D Best x'mas gift ever!
Are You Nexus S owner? then great New for you, Today Nexus S will get Android ICS 4.0: bear in mind Only in GSM Version: D
Why No Faceunlock T.T
What's New in Android 4.0.3:

Social stream API in Contacts provider: Applications that use social stream data such as status updates and check-ins can now sync that data with each of the user’s contacts, providing items in a stream along with photos for each.

This new API lets apps show users what the people they know are doing or saying, in addition to their photos and contact information.

Calendar provider enhancements. Apps can now add color to events, for easier tracking, and new attendee types and states are now available.New camera capabilities.

Apps can now check and manage video stabilization and use QVGA resolution profiles where needed.Accessibility refinements.

Improved content access for screen readers and new status and error reporting for text-to-speech engines.Incremental improvements in graphics, database, spell-checking, Bluetooth, and more.
@ Mohammad Hajjat : Yes dude but Google has yet not said about anything for CDMA version but as per my consideration you will have soon, means before year's end: D
Just completed my OTA update very smooth everything but custom ring tones working fine
WL Wong
Why Google why? Why did you turn the background color of the contact list, youtube app, email app, etc to white color when all of the Nexus devices have AMOLED displays that have 0 power consumption when displaying black background and white color is just kryptonite for AMOLED? The screen draws > 1 watt just to display the white background!! (Source: That's a step backward in synergy between hardward and software when Gingerbread is so well optimized with black background. If someone is smart enough to add the option to invert the background color of a webpage to black, why not add the option for people to choose a black background for the Google Apps too?
Come on Google with Nexus s4g ota!
Just got my Galaxy Nexus today. It's been 5 long months since I had my Nexus One. I'm smitten.
+Android can we get the nexus s 4g ota this weekend or early next week plz!!!
Cool, look forward to it.
Any chance for the X2 getting ICS? I'm fine with a delay for Motoblur stuffs, but I think the hardware is really compatible.
Cool! The manual update works on Nexus S from Globe Telecom Philippines. No need to wait for OTA.
I realize it takes more time to deliver it to the NS4G, but not even mentioning in the post seems ridiculous to me. Going on without any kind of word on the matter is just silly.
Google adds that it'll be directing all of its partners to think of Android 4.0.3 as the base version of Ice Cream Sandwich from now on
Alright! I've been waiting all morning (Since 8:00 am) on my Nexus S and trying the #*#CHECKIN#*# trick every few mins. Now it's 4:05 and still nothing. At least I know that it's going to be on the GMS/UMTS by the end of the month. I'm just going to be with my Nexus S everywhere I go until I see 4.0 in my hands.

I have a UMTS version but it's also I9023XXKF1 baseband version. Will I still get the ICS?
hey +Disha Patel can u share the topmost post in my profile? its really interersting but i don't have a vast network yet !
Golly L
still waiting in Indonesia :(
Fail. CDMA? I bought this phone to have updates first. Love Google, but epic fail here.
Damn.. I tried the manual update method and it doesn't work on i9020a on Rogers. :-(
can I update a gingerbread Samsung Galaxy Y to Android 4.0???
Where is the love for GT-I9020A Telus/Koodo #Google
so try un-manual update method:

Just Kidding Dear: Plz dont Mind
got it in my t-mo nexus s! app launcher looks so nice, even smoother than gingerbread!
Zli Zi
u gays should add some photos in this post
but google+ can‘t do that
So far it looks like only the i9020t's are being updated.. anyone with a i9020a got their update yet? +Android
+Wilson Ko Maybe because not all Nexus S have AMOLED, like all the versions in Europe, plus user complained about the black background. I like it, too, but many are not very satisfied with black. Peopel want black on white, not white on black I guess. Sadly... But you still can save battery by using a black background on the homescreen. If it's essential, you could use a launcher replacement like GoLauncher EX with the ICS theme, and replace the apps with alternatives.
flashed the latest OTA and its smooth so far! The only issue i have is, I am unable to get back the root!
Do you need to back up any data/apps on your phone before the update is pushed to the phone? or will it take care of that for me? :S
Those with 9020a and GSM versions in Canada (I9020AUCKF1 baseband), the OTA will take a bit more time (and manual update won`t work, the package is signed only for 9020t at the moment).
I'm hungry for ice cream sandwich
Although I am sad ICS wont come to my nexus one, I think an upgrade to the Nexus S with ICS will be my next move. The Galaxy Nexus is too big, I preferred the smaller screen of the original phones. This is good news for me.
BTW the android version easter egg is now a nyan cat parody)
Dear Android! How to report bugs and feature requests on your Page on Google+? Did not find anything available...
why I9020a can not???I waited all day.
Instead of Rolling ICS on the Nexus S, could you please roll out the Navigation in Finland.
when will the ice cream sandwich update will be released for HTC SENSATION in INDIA ?
Has anyone already got the ota with the i9023? Thanks
where is ICS for my i9020a?????????????????????????
Wish it was going to be on the Nexus One, still love the phone, much nicer size than the Galaxy Nexus.
And galaxy owners still have to wait....soooo unfair!
How about malaysian user?when can get ics for nexus s?
Updated my nexus s to ics last night ready to give my girlfriend as my galaxy nexus will be in my hands on Monday
I'm waiting for the OTA update from Vodafone Romania .... anybody knows when would the update arrive? :)
I have a feeling that this is being released by Nexus S GSM/UMTS AND place by place. Makes suspicious face Hurry up update, I can't wait by the end of the month! My phone is at 26% battery now
太刺激了,确实美味 :)
YAY! I cannot wait to get it on mine. That would be a lovely Christmas present from Google!

Overall rating
Is it soon to be available on nexus One? 
Does anyone have any idea if this update will be pushed out onto the samsung galaxy note
and also does anyone know when this update will be applied to the asus transformer EeePad
when will Nexus S 4G got ICS update?
Hi,when will gt9020-a get the ota?
Will there be an Android update for Samsung Galaxy S2?
Not sure how many times a day I can find the time to check for system updates on my Nexus S, but I'll be doing it plenty till ICS rolls in. Thanks for the great Xmas pressie Google!
What about the G2? It's also stock. C'mon Google
When will i9020a (AT&T) get the OTA? ==.
no face-unlock for the nexus s ? O_o
What about UMTS version???
Anyone know if I can activate a Sprint Nexus S on Virgin Mobile?
Don't forget about us Nexus S 4G users
Got it, installed it manually, and it runs. The recoverymode-bug is also there, but i don't bother.

I like this update. Most essential apps seem to run more smoothly, but some(eg the original Twitter-App) seem to run more sluggish than on 3.3.6. Propably because these apps don't support hardware accelerated scrolling or sth like that.
I installed the update on my Nexus S last night and I have to say: This version really rocks! I love the superior graphics performance and smooth animations, and the new stuff for developers (screenshots, showing finger gestures for capturing screen videos, blinking the screen when apps block the UI thread, etc.).
However, I noticed that my fully loaded battery was gone today after modest usage for less than 7 hours. Anybody having the same issue? The Android system itself used more than 20% of the battery (only topped by the LCD)...
Any idea when CDMA/Wimax update will start rolling out properly?
Have a NEXUS S and with the new 17th Dec.2011 ICS update i am happy. Good x-mas present from google. merry x-mas from Germany.
I expected that smart dial will finaly be integrated at last, but no. I dont get it!
And if I wont to search for someone by number I have to know exactly how it is entered (with or without country code, ect.). Everything else fine for now.
+Marc Reichelt Same here. After 1 1/2 Hours of exploring the new system(heavy usage), 22% of battery usage went to Android OS, 15% to Android-System, 43% to the Display. In this time, the battery has been discharged by about 30% of the overall capacity.
+Benjamin B. Thanks! Good to see that I am not the only one having this problem. At least now I know why I purchased the spare battery a couple of months ago...
I really hope they are working on this issue and deliver new updates that should improve the battery life. Until then I will enjoy the goodness of ICS using two batteries.
How do I take snapshots with ICS running on Nexus S ?
I will like have one nexus (any nexus) but i do not have money, soo i live in xda waiting for a unnofficial rom. PS: If someone bothg galaxynexus and have a older nexus and donot know what do with it. I accept donates. Xd
First of all the ICS update is delicious! Well worth the wait. It runs beautifully on the Nexus S. Love the tweaks in the UI and almost everything.
Been using it for 12 hours now and have run into a few small issues. Maybe it is just me missing something but here is what I found.
1) the notification icons in the notification panel seem to be a little dark. The ones on the left. Brith when they appear but diminish.
2) the gallery does not come with the Fx option like the Galaxy Nexus.
3) No extra features in the video mode like those found on the Galaxy Nexus.
4) No face unlock.

Apart from these minor things defintely a must-have upgrade.
I just wanna know when it's gonna come to my Bionic!
I am getting error 7 while installing. my nexus s is rooted. Is it the problem?
the new ice cream sandwich is delicious but why no face unlock? and the extra camara effects?
After 7hours my battery is from 95% to 16%
What the heck? Why couldn't they roll out GSM and CDMA at the same time? Uuughhhhh, so I STILL have to wait for my CDMA ICS update :~(
Please, I want a ICS! Can't wait! I'm a Nexus S user! I love my Nexus!
Are Nexus S 4G users getting the update next week????
Update work very well. But I lost all the pictures from the camera folder! Any one knows something about that??!
where is ICS for my i9020a???????????
Proud owner of Nexus S the minute it came out. Must say I'm reaping benefits while my friends stay jealous. Winning!
All CDMA users inbox me if you want to know how to get ICS
Nexus s 4g? Please say yes. It would me so happy!
google could you please give us any indication about the ics ota? its been a month and u have not said anything about why the update was halted. even a small comment would be nice.
What's the point of using vanilla when it looks like HTC are gonna get ICS before Nexus S?
ICS already rolled out for NS4G I believe on the 16th.
It is March 4, 2012 and my Nexus S 4g is still running Gingerbread. I hope Google and Sprint have not decided to pull the plug on ICS for this phone. Whatever they decide will help me choose my next phone / carrier. I have patiently been holding out as long as possible for the update but other issues I've been having with Sprint service may force me to move to Verizon where I can just get myself a either a Galaxy Nexus or Windows phone. I don't like the iPhones ...
when is this getting sorted? this is my first google phone and might b my last
Monday, March 5th, 2012, 4:50 pm CT, and still, no ICS update for Nexus S I9020A; why the lack of information regarding this update delay?, Is it really coming to our devices?, Is Google finally stepping-out to the plate and really deliver us a long-awaited and promised upgrade according to the Nexus family?, C'mon Google!
When will Google resume the ICS update for Nexus S owners? Don't leave us behind!!
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