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The newest version of Hangouts for Android is rolling out to the Play store ( over the next few days. Learn more:
Hangouts 2.1 for Android: SMS improvements and a homescreen widget

Today we’re launching the newest version of Hangouts for Android, rolling out to the Play store ( over the next few days. Highlights include:

- Merged conversations: SMS and Hangout conversations with the same recipient are now combined into a single conversation. You can control whether you want to send a message via Hangouts or SMS with the flip of a switch, and different message types will be easy to tell apart in the conversation. Of course, you can always merge and unmerge conversations if you’d like.

- Simplified contact list: now there’s two main sections in contacts — People you Hangout With, and Phone Contacts — making it simpler to navigate, and easier to use for SMS.

- Homescreen widget: add the Hangouts widget to your homescreen for quick access to your recent conversations.

- Performance improvements: today’s update includes better quality video calls, as well as improved SMS and MMS reliability.

The new version will be available in the Play store ( this week, so download or update and let us know what you think!

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Baaaaaaam! What I was waiting for. Just that! Now gimme the update, please.
Please give us the ability to record up to 20sec or even 1min video clips. It'll give us a choice of longer or shorter video recording. This will also give Hangouts the advantage it needs over Vine (6sec) and Instagram (15sec). While you guys are at it, give us Drive integration or ability to send files over Hangouts. Now that, that would be awesome! 
Nick Stringer
This is a great update! Will we eventually see SMS synced to other devices? I'd love to be able to see a complete conversation history from my phone on my tablet, even if I could only reply with Hangouts messages.
Will there be a proper icon for the online status of my contacts? Somehow all my contacts are always online although I know they are not...
That Green highlighted messages  .... UGLY!!!!!! UGH!!!!
Seems alot snappier now as well 
Still not integration with Google Voice :(
Please merge hangouts with Google Voice or update Google Voice. It's total garbage right now on mobile. I now know 3 people who have died using Google Voice on their phones!
Finally got a widget been wanting this from the beginning. All that is left is Google voice integration at the same damn time +Android.
Could we please have the online status setting features of Google Talk in Hangouts? And people's online/away/offline status needs to be clearly visible even in conversations, not just in the full user list.
I wish they do this for android:
-Voice call
-Voice message
-Status (Online, away, busy and offline)
-timestamp last seen
-Google voice
-draw messages
Does this mean that Personal Assistant apps can now handle IM's where before they could only handle SMS?
Hate the green text background. How about giving us color options? 
I just want to know if the recipient got the message and if he's seen it. What'sapp got that feature and threema does it even better. IMPLEMENT IT please. That's just hygiene.
The status next to the typing box is also very useful. Do people have to merge the SMS and hangout sessions by themselves?
Didn't do it for me, I had to manually merge them.
Finally !! Conversations are merged! It is time for me to use Hangouts again. That was the main reason i stopped... 
So wait, if the G+ name and Contact name is different, but they are linked into the same contact in Google Contacts, will I still be able to send the merged message?
Just got it. Just needs Google Voice. 
Nobody I know uses hangouts... Kinda sad tbh
+Jason Diolatzis  its easier if you change ur desired contact name exactly to their G+ contact name , you get the option to merge them there.
+Daniel Lottes they already have that. Shows you how far the person read your messages in the conversation. 
Thank you Google, great sterp forward
+Daniel Lottes , Hangouts does a better job of this than WhatsApp.  WhatsApp only shows you if the message has hit their device; you have no way of knowing whether or not they've seen the message.
+Brent Pelky Why is that. you can still use it... No need for both  parties to run Hangouts to chat, like with BBM... ;)
Yay this is what we've all been waiting for !
Can't wait. I always come back to this sms app. 
Only missing thing is SMS sync over hangouts network for tablets and computers!
It's getting there. Still behind the iOS version, though. Maybe in the next version the Android version will be caught up.
Is it faster now? i mean to use it as your main SMS app?
Can I choose what contacts to merge?
Esce il nuobo hangout per Android ... il mondo ora è più bello ;)
My annoyance with hangouts stems from 1. Lack of people whom I know that use it (& I don't use sms) 2. Being slow & very graphically disturbing (the waist messages keep moving to show where the others have read to) compared to WhatsApp which is way more visually pleasing, simpler & faster. My annoyance with WhatsApp is that I can only use it on one phone & can't use it on tablet or computer & that they don't have gif support. 
Is there an APK for download
Not available on Playstore in my country yet :(
+Wajd Tohme - "... compared to WhatsApp which is way more visually pleasing, simpler & faster."

I just want to see simple list of users with the info if they are online or not just like other jabber clients do
I wish they had a dark (black) theme...superficial...I know
I would use hangouts as my daily driver if it had pop up messaging, and (more importantly) google voice integration so I can send and recieve texts from my google voice acct thru hangouts.

as it stands, im using xposed to route my voice messages through evolve sms, which works like 90% of the time. not ideal, but okay. 
It's now officially my favorite messaging app. 
It's nice but sometimes it had a lag or MMS issues
Foreign character support would be nice. I'm getting charged for two and more sms after sending more than 5 words. 
Cool! I have question, how can I disable MMS?
+Nick Stringer Don't know if this will help, but using stock SMS and downloading the "Mighty Text" app, I can see & send text msgs from my computer, chromebook, tablet, etc.  I usually only use hangouts for "live" conversations.
All that's left is 100% Google Voice integration, and it will be perfect.
Is this rolling out to iOS? My gf has an iPhone 5s and I got her using hangouts. This would be great if it did. 
Very cool update. I just got the notification! I agree with +Adi Peshkess that this will be perfect once they add Google Voice integration.
iOS version is so much better. There are stickers and font format (bold italic, underline).
Pourquoi mettre à jour hangout alors qu'il y a une mise à jour 4.4.3 qui se profile à l'horizon parait-il ?
Dan K
I wish it was cross platform, but Google will forever leave out the 10s of millions of Windows and BlackBerry phone users, so I can only use it when I'm using an Android/iPhone.  Viber understands cross platform.  WhatsApp also, but they need a desktop client.
+Mike Dodd +Android unfortunately I still can't send a hangout message with voice recognition via Google now. Why is that not possible? Are you getting paid by the mobile networks for only supporting SMS? 
love hangounts, since i started using it few months ago i cant go back to anything else, its an amazing app!
now, one day you'll notice the need for full, old style roster in hangouts on chrome... 
+Android +Mike Dodd +Google+ I'm sure this has been asked, and I'm sure that no answers going to be given, but I feel I have to ask all the same. When are we going to see Google Voice integration? The Google Voice app hasn't been updated with new design our future improvements in forever. I don't even use my carrier provided SMS, I use Google Voice.
They always just show beautiful pictures of pepole on these examples. 
What about notification improvments? no popup option is the reason I dont use it
So... Hangout widget is good , gmail, keep, Google+ too.... Calendar is missing somewhere? Well I'm speaking about the widget look! That Google calendar widget layout and color (blu) is so old! Keep going with the good work our beloved +Android
+Daniel Lottes WhatsApp doesn't show if a message has been seen. It shows if it's been received by WhatsApp servers (one tick) or if it's been delivered to the handset (two ticks).

Hangouts on Android already shows where the recipient has read up to, therefore it goes further than WhatsApp
How on earth have you not added custom notifications yet (configurable per contact)? It has to be one of the most requested, and easily integrateable, features. Please stop ignoring it.
Any chance SMS will eventually be synced to MULTIPLE accounts? I currently have a personal gmail and a university gmail, and I'd love if hangouts respected which account has which contact associated with it
Elephant in the room = Google Voice.

Every day is another day closer to the day the Sun burns out and destroys the Earth and all life. Before that day comes, it would be nice to have Google Voice integration with Hangouts. Or at least before Jesus comes back! 
Is it going to fetch my gif given a link, or am I still going to have to freaking save it locally first?
Why can't we as android users send stickers.. and those apple users can? Can you explain that???
Should have made green only the messages sent as SMS imo. At least the conversations are finally merged.
Do you have correct the problem with smileys ? Yes, when you send a SMS with Google smiley, my contacts have squares...
This sounds and looks like a great update cheers 
I miss Google Voice with the directly Voice VoIP Call (no video) feature.
Will it allow you to unhide contacts?
Still not fully merged with Google Voiced then?
I can back up SMS but is there anyway to back up MMS?
Thanks for these updates. Hope the next things you're working on are Google Voice integration and MMS send/receive (and iPhone-compatible group messaging) using Google Voice number on all carriers.
Will S
Cool I guess? I really don't SMS anyone I can Hangout with though. shrug
When I send an SMS my boxes are only white no green at all.
It's going to backup sms to gmail or it's just merged hangouts?
Can I see the texts on hangouts in the browser?
+Android will you ever add a feature "a la" imessage on the iPhone where it auto through sms when the recipient is not reached through the Internet? 
Waiting in voice chats so and status as in available or busy. I still like the improvments, thank you :-)
I want personalized text tones as an option!! 
Would love it if the Hangouts icon on the home screen of my Android phone showed the number of unread SMS messages. Then it would be easier to use as a substitute for a conventional SMS client, many of which have this feature. Otherwise if I haven't heard the tone when a text message comes in, I may not realise there is one there for me. Thanks.
Will video voice mail ever make it to Android? iOS users can do this....
+Android here's hoping that we will be able to do simple things like see if the person is online easily within the conversation thread. Also, please make it easier to do voice only calls!
Voxer. No texting here
thank you google sms was kinda difficult going through all those google + contacts to find my phone contacts
wait a moment please... how long for this update?
I want option to ignore unwanted groupchats (don't leave them and don't unarchive them on new messages)
Just waiting on Google Voice integration now :)
This is great.
Will we see the SMS in Gmail Log?
Will you arrange Gmail Log? It's a mess...
Next can you guys put an option to disable that location sending thing? I don't use it and I always accidentally click it while trying to select attachments.
Who does use it? 
I only wish my Hangouts Smilies reflected what was being sent to the other person I send them to.  I sometimes send one, and it shows something similar, but completely different.  Be nice to have that more unified.
+Anton Budishevskii there's an ignore option in the individual conversation settings. I do it all the time when my bro adds me to group messages.
+Mark Lastiwka Umm, what's funny? I have a nexus 5 & the time hangouts took to open & send messages, open keyboard or emoji charts, etc. Is enough to write another app. You can't put a background in hangouts. It's really annoying having messages move around the screen when finally someone reads till the end of the chat and you get their square at the bottom. 
One thing I really want to be able to do with this app is turn off the swipe to archive function. I'm always accidentally archiving my conversations.
+Ben Ferguson I was hoping for that, too, but as time goes by, I'm less and less optimistic we will ever see it happen.
MMS picture handling issues re-introduced. Sends portrait orientation sideways from Samsung phones. Multiple image MMS messages aren't appearing. 
>First major update fixing the biggest flaws in the app
>people complain about not adding useless features

It's a texting app, for fuck's sake
+Wajd Tohme - WhatsApp is probably the ugliest app I have seen. It's UI is pretty much the only reason I don't use it. That and no one I know uses it. 
And yet the official voice app is still total garbage.
This is going to be an AMAZING update and I'm really looking forward to having merged conversations
Finally, accidentally sending a hangout message rather than a text was doing my head in. Clear separation has been needed!
Maybe replace the emoji button with a new line button
Anyone else think phone contacts should be prioritized above hangout contacts?  The contact picker really isn't very good yet.  I'm happy about the little 'comm mode' picker, but contact picking is a pain!
Will SMS ever be merged into Hangouts on the web? (Sending an SMS message from the browser, through the phone). Basically a full synchronization. 
am not very happy with it!! :(
Phone is too slow when trying to unlock it! sometimes it feels like its switched off for a few seconds! :(
Integrate my ass. Works the same.
Has anyone noticed a sight change to the hangout notification sound? Mine sounds a bit higher pitched after the update. 
Excellent! Just need voice only calls now.
Sms for desktop. 
A lot faster now too. I like it a lot. You can download the apk from android police 
the only thing that matters to me (and most UK residents, I guess) is has the damn thing stopped converting multiple-recipient SMS into MMS? If not, shove it where the sun don't shine ;)
What about Google voice integration?
Quan C
Using 8sms. Let me try and see if hangouts can take over.
Well won't leave my stock SMS cause with the stock one I can reply on my watch with the hangout one I can't so until then I'll keep using my stock SMS .
I avoided using hangouts for a long time cause it seemed foreign and wierd. Then while trying to diagnose a sms issue a few months ago i fell in love with it. Mms messages were my only issue and it was only over wifi so if thats fixed then ill be happy. 
Can't wait for Google voice voip integration 
Merge conversation, that's what I have been waiting for. 
If I could change the background, schedule text messages and select a different tone for each person, I would ditch my text messages app (Handcent) completely. 
Still waiting for the possibility to set my status (busy, away, etc..).....
I thought there were already merged convos lol
And I still don't know why can't link my mobile phone number with Hangouts yet. Receive the code but don't link automaticaly
Is it just me or is the merged conversation already a feature? I've had threads from sms and hangout combined into one before, so I'm curious to know how this differs? 
i just got the apk, and they did a good job with organization of SMS and Hangouts. But i think google should make hangouts like imessage. People who use google chat and hangouts could receive messages from hangouts when on wifi and receive SMS when on mobile connection. But this is a very nice update. 
I hope they add the feature/option to SMS again soon miss that
When will you guys release a proper windows desktop client that doesn't rely on the chrome browser?
wew lad
Finnaly! A widget! 😃 
Will this update allow us to disable inbound Google Voice or Chat calls ?
How to easily chose between Hangout and SMS? For same person...
Please leave an option for sign out completely
How to bring back the disabled contact
How to turn off the mail from hangout chats
Definitely want Color options and the green is a start. The white on white on white is driving me nuts. 
Still waiting on Google Voice integration 
Great! Palm did this years ago and I really missed it with Android.
Erik L
Need ability to set custom SMS sounds per contact. This alone keeps me using 2 apps still. 
what about slow response? no improvement on performance?
+Bryan Walker it says: today’s update includes better quality video calls, as well as improved SMS and MMS reliability.... nothing on better response on opening and no lag..etc.. which is a huge pain currently.. it takes some time to load and start operating.
Boom. IMessage replacement achieved. 
Thanks! Can we invoke chat via Intent from our app now? 
I gave it a shot on my razr HD, but it runs too slow and laggy for me. I cant wait till i get Kit Kat in a few weeks. Hopefully speeds will be optimized.
You now have brand identity issues by using pale green for messages - why do you want to emulate WhatsApp??

It's good to differentiate, but the original white was crisp and clean, this green color looks like hospital walls from the war days.

Please allow the option to invert the green/white color between hangouts/sms messages or allow users to choose their preferred color.

Furthermore, as an +Ingress user, the choice of green over blue has sure got to irk at least half of the 100k+ players that use hangouts alongside the Ingress scanner app.
iOS already received this update a few weeks ago - just no SMS integration or widget. Its performance and interface is superb! 
Home screen widget? WELL IT'S ABOUT TIME! 
I'm happy to hear about the improvements they made. 
Not too pleased with hangout can't search through SMS.. You can't share contact details through..starting a new SMS is a bit tricky for newbies..
No one I know is on it :-( 
Still wish I was able to turn of Google+ contacts all together. Also an option to hide contacts without phone numbers would be a welcome addition! 
+Simon Futo +David Perez it's a bit of a fudge, but you can effectively do a VOIP call by instigating a video call and then simply turning off the camera. A bit awkward though. 
+Mike Blow Thanks for the tip. I think though the sound still keeps coming through speaker rather than the earpiece. 
+Steve Giller AFAIK there's no such thing as a multiple-recipient SMS. If you want to send an SMS to two people you actually have to send two individual SMSs. Messaging platforms that appear to offer this functionality can use MMS as a work around. 
About time u fixed the sms hangouts duplicate streams issue. That was one of the main reasons I would not use hangouts as my SMS app. 
Will the ability to attach more than 1file be go to send someone 10 photos you have to do 10seperare msgs
+Mike Blow please don't be pedantic.
Every other app allows you to select a number of recipients and send an SMS to each one, hangouts converts to MMS. Converting to MMS incurs charges to people on a text bundle, so the software should send an SMS to each recipient, or at least allow the option.
Nothing changed ?
Just a bug fix what is the awesome thing ?

I wonder if this will reintroduce the sms feature to the nexus 7? Really hope so!
has anyone noticed "keep me updated" for celebs tv shows etc is missing ! any suggestions on how to get it back ?
I love the color distinctions of the chat
+Steve Giller there is an option under the settings of the app where you can unchecked it. It's been my issue too, that's why I looked for a solution. 
the option's been there a while +Steve Giller under Settings>SMS>Advanced Settings>Group Messaging then untick box
Still no searching functionality for SMS?
You gotta be kidding me!
Thank you +Kristian Lim - how long has that been there? I've been using alternatives for a while, but I'm surprised that addition wasn't publicised more!
Can't find out how to change colours for the conversations. Mine is just white. Any ideas? 
Eew! Everything is great except those ugly green bubbles!!! Don't like them at all!!! 
Some nice improvements, but I feel it's missing something still... For example, I don't seem to be able to view contact details from Hangouts...
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Hope this fixes the can.t recieve mms bug. I only recieve text that tells me to press here to view the image....
Already enjoying it. Thanks for the improvements and timely rollout. 
When would Google allow higher resolution profile images in Gmail contacts....
Hangouts is the WORST software that came out from Google, EVER. Recently I wanted to send SMS to a person, who can also receive hangouts... Had to type her phone number directly, unable to select my way of contacting her.

HO is aalsooo soooo sloooowww.

Generally speaking, I like Google and its products very much... except for HO which pisses me off!
Does anyone have any information on about the widget? Can you read through all of your conversations without opening up the app?
Also is it noticeably smoother?
Hy guys,are you oky?
Its so crazy men,its so imposible
Wait so are we going to get message search or not? (Chat and SMS)
+Steve Giller I'm not that sure when was it added. I agree with you, this should have been explained to the end users clearly. Like putting it in the changelog in the play store or something like that. 
+Kristian Lim Well, I've made the switch back to hangouts, I'll be keeping an eye on my bill and seeing how I enjoy using it, but apart from the MMS issue I was happy with it before so that could be another party of my soul sold to Google ;)
I love this!  I still wish there was a color selection option for the bubbles but this is so much more streamlined and works great... thank you Google!
+Steve Giller I'm also happy with hangouts maybe I'm also sold to Google as well because I use every application they publish. 
Now if hangouts would stop changing my notification sound by itself... Hopefully this is fixed to with the update
We need a popup notification option. That's the main reason i still use 3rd party message apps.
In greek we cant send sms in 160 characters ,just 60/message
Can we talk about how annoying the new notification tone is? Maybe its just me, but it sounds like there is a high pitched ring quality to it.
this update is nothing compared to what ios phones can do with hangout! where is Voip??????
...Does it fix sending mms, saving multiple picture texts, and sending group MMS texts?

If so I'm in!

Still no update. Still have 2.0.303
I would use it if it had more customizations
Still shit without Voice.... Charity begins at home. . It's available on hangout for iOS.  Apple will never write software for Android before they do for iOS.
I can't really get into hangouts. I prefer my stock messenger.
Pretty stoked about merging conversations. Love the app.
I am concerned about how the new Update to my phone is horrible
Google voice integration like iOS has please...
wait why do they "roll out" updates instead of just updating all at once?
VoIP and Google Voice integration would = the perfect Hangouts App
Hi Google,
I use a Google Nexus 4.
1 Day ago, Google hangouts was updated to 2.1, after which I'm unable to receive background notifications. I can see new messages lying when I open the app, but for which there is no notification. Tried on 2g and 3g. Even clear app data didn't solve the issue. Worked out both ways by first uninstalled updates and them completely uninstalled, rebooted, then reinstalled, switched off for 20 mins.. Nothing worked. SMS Notifications are working, but not hangouts notifications. No notifications for every new message from hangouts.. Also posted the same on product forums no solution yet..
Kindly give me solution.
Also ther is no way to shut the notification flashing light. 
Hangout is very slow compared to native sms app... am using note 2 I tried using hangout and removed from sms. 
its look cool and have good graphics and design :D
This update breaks Voice+ on CyanogenMod. I'm sure the CM team will release a fix soon, however.
Ugh waiting impatiently... Keep checking for update and no update.
I wish I new what they have planned for Gvoice. Does anyone know if it is going to be incorporated into Hangouts after May 15?
You need to make this more customizable. 
But still no transparent nav bars...
my Hangouts on the S4 looks nothing like above, no pics of my contacts......
+Ryan Tervo it's dosint have that i have the app and when i text it doesn't have that
If hangouts team is looking. Add more! Firstly photos sent over WhatsApp especially ones that you write on a paper really gets blurred. So give options for higher quality sending of photos. Videos too. Able to record short video clips. Google drive integration for sharing of documents. And ability to unsend the message on hangouts If the other person hasn't seen it! 
I don't care much for fancy features, please just make hangouts faster, it's way too slow to use for sms. I switched back to the old sms app, i really could not bear it anymore.
People it says it'll be out over the net week. Calmed own. It'll be available sometime soon. 
Question I have a Straight Talk Phone Android Version 4.0.4 Jelly Bean 4.0 can I download like Version 4.2 or whatever firmware on my phone and have it still work if I do it manually? Its a Samsung Galaxy Centura is it possible to do if so can anyone help me plz thanks really want to try updating it I have a 32GB micro Card if that makes a difference. Plz help
So once again those of us that have older phones are left out of the update... If the app works on my device I should get the update too... Just another way to make us think we need to buy a new phone when there isn't anything wrong with the old one... Sheesh!
Will there be the ability do a search in my SMS ? The old text program prior to hangout did!
I've been waiting for this. I might switch back to Hangouts just for the ability to merge hangouts with texts. 
My android cut all my apps off how do I fix it

it would be awesome if you added the feature to call from hangouts both from sim network and internet or wi-fi
It's easy to use doesn't need open message application and verification code automatically added. ..
When we get the 4.4.3 update please tell us google
Please for the love of all things unholy.. Fix the notications. Since the update when I'm in a conversation and it's open it continues to notify you of each message. So if in a group hangout there are multiple notifications going on. Only way around it is snoozing it or Turing it off. Please fix this
Nice to see you there. ..
How do I update my phone to android 4.2.2
When android update (4.4.3) for Nexus?
It should have an option to choose display name of a contact. It stocked with g+ display name and picture.
Android printer drivee
I tried it as a messaging replacement at first but the native is faster than this.
Why can't I respond to a group if someone sends me a group message from another phone? It looks as if I am the only one who received the message. It wasn't like this in the last version of the app. Help!
Hello ppl, how can I download the new Kitkat to my droid razr M?  Thank you.
My Google moto x works great. Have to set the sensitivity or it is garbage and will drive you crazy.
My android is 4.2.2 and I just got it. There is a newer version?

I don't understand why Hangout on IPad can call phones, but it does not have the same feature on Android. How come it's better on iOS, given this is a Google app?
Widget says that i MUST have SMS as default messaging - DONT WANT THAT as i have been using Hangouts for a long time & prefer it .  Widget dumped.
is it cost something to send SMS via Hangout
+Panos MOS change character set certain sets have some characters as enhanced not on std keyboard if you find a good 1 should get 160
Still can't attached multiple files if you want to send at once. Also type of files that can be attached is restricted. This has to be fixed
can anyone help me i wanna down grade from kit kat back to jelly bean plz contact me if you can help
why i cannot use hangouts in china? I cannot send message successfully
Still can't make a simple line break (enter).
That's a pretty basic problem that every other messaging app I've used can do. And it's a dealbreaker for me not to use Hangouts.
I understand the problem is with the keyboard and not the hangouts app itself, but I got the enter button in every other app I use on my Samsung Galaxy S4.
+Leon Jurgens Thanks!
Tried that and it worked.

Really bad though that you can't use Samsung own keyboard. I've got a built in keyboard with swipe function, but I can't use it.
Dan Wiz
looking for some friends here 
Unfortunately, I switched back to the stock app because Hangouts wouldn't send pictures. Fix that, and I'll use it again.
I would like to use it in my dual sim phone
To bad android sucks now took away sdcard access now my phone is useless it feels like a iphone now such bs I want my old phone back
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