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Starting today, Nexus 7 (2012 and 2013) and Nexus 10 will be getting a tasty update to Android 4.4, KitKat. Stay tuned, Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 versions with mobile data will be getting the update soon!

Learn more about Android 4.4, KitKat:
Android - 4.4 KitKat
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TZig Adam
SWEET! Now I just have to get home to my Nexus 7. 
so theres still no KitKat for nexus?
aaaaaand no transparent bars. Just as I have been saying for weeks.
No nexus 4 yet :(. But having used an aosp 4.4 and I'm glad that its not out yet. Buggy
Erick R.
Still no kit Kat for nexus7, false advertising man! Lol
AHHHHH why the delay on LTE???? First T-Mobile screws me around trying to activate the LTE (still haven't got it) now I can't get KitKat when everyone else does... sigh...

Come on Google, don't create a poor subclass of users out of those who bought the MOST EXPENSIVE version of your tablet. If this is because of Verizon's "demands" on the LTE version, then @(#&&&#!!! Verizon. I have T-Mobile and shouldn't have to wait on Verizon's approval.

And, then, my N4 has to wait also ... :(
Anybody know when the N10v2 is scheduled to come out? I think I heard it could be this December, but that's just a rumor...
It's about time.... Thing is I just checked and there is no update (nexus 7 2012)
.... :D

Clearing Google Services Framework data, force stopping, and checking update.  ;) 
Checking for System Updates like a mad man.
Finally...... I hope I get kitkat soon....
I want KitKat on my note 3 please sssssßsssssssß
My Nexus 4 say it cannot wait !
+Max Morales Samsung already listed the Note 3 as their current devices to implement KitKat on a few weeks back, just be patient.
Are the factory images going to be posted soon? OTA system updates always take too long for me 
Googles site still says currently only available on nexus 5. So I don't think it's out yet
I love Kit Kat! Nice Job Android team and Google! 
When is the next Nexus 10 coming out??! 
+Ryan Paul Naw, but it ALWAYS works for the updates.  That's how I "sped" mine up in the past.  Just be careful though, doing that without re-agreeing to location services, might make Now and the Play Store act weird until you check the location box. 
This is madness, nexus 4 is behind. 
Put up the factory images soon. Especially for the Nexus 4 please. 
Wait you say the Nexus 4 ISNT getting the update tonight...? MINUS ONE FOR YOU!!! Gosh at least Apple can get their updates out at THE SAME DAMN TIME. Get it together Google, you've been acting up lately.
+Android soon mean in the next days or weeks? A rumor said that the update for N4 are available on 15th november.
Cool notice, now i'm waiting this update to the Nexus 4
Staged update rollouts can take weeks to complete :-/
Wtf. When are they releasing 4.4. ROM for galaxy s4?! 
+Major Harris Jr. I know how u feel, but I think Google has been doing a great job getting the updates as early as possible. Dude, It has been less than two weeks since the nexus 5 came out.
So only the Nexus 5 is getting transparent bars? WTF Google.
So it looks just like Jellybean. Disappointing.
where isbthe factory image???
Yes +Ali Alawadhi I know that BUT when 4.3 came out on the Nexus 7, I was able to install it the same day. What makes this any different?
The nexus line is looking more and more like a OEM line. 
Will there be a factory image available for grouper today as well, or would 4.4 be only available today via OTA?
When is the update rolling out for Galaxy S4
Heads up: clearing Google Services Framework does NOT trigger the update.
+Major Harris Jr. Apple announces the new OS months prior to release. Google announces the new OS weeks prior to release. Which model is better? 

Also, Apple's servers can't handle the pressure of everybody trying to download the new OS. The download speeds are slower than slow. Google's staged rollout means plenty of bandwidth for everyone. 
Where does it say no transparency? I've only seen people say so, without any images
Looking forward to giving my Nexus 4 a sweet treat..
Does anyone know if I'll be able to update a Nexus 4 over Wi-Fi. I currently don't have mobile data. I know the last update I received was over Wi-Fi. Don't tell me they changed it.
Is Google really so into the sell of their precious Nexus 5 that they want to keep 4.4 an exclusive to the PHONE? Like damn, iOS 7 released to old devices before the iPhone 5S was even on sale! I think Google is aware they did a crap job with N5 software (according to reviews) and they insecure about putting it on N4. All I'm saying is 4.3 release wasn't as screwed as this so why change things now...? What's that? Oh.. TO BOOST SALES!!!
Maybe I'll by a Windows phone or a Blackberry.
"Stay tuned Nexus 4..." like tomorrow or next week? My N4 needs a break of that Kit Kat goodness.
Is there any chance of galaxy nexus to get it ?
Every Nexus4 have mobile data??
+Major Harris Jr. I hope Google chooses to specifically never give your Nexus 4 the update. Entitled trolls like you, demanding free and instant gratification, are ruining it for the rest of us.
混蛋 快点推送四儿子
+Redwan Huq troll? Really? Forgive me sir if I speak my mind and in all honesty can give two fucks what you think of MY opinion 🙊. And FYI, I already have 4.4 installed.
Considering the only devices that don't have the update yet are devices using mobile data (excluding N5), so there must be something wrong to do with that.  Hopefully it can be fixed soon.,
Where is the update being rolled out? North america or Europe 
I didn't get any update
I have nexus 7 2012 and it says system up to date.
+Yvette Mendieta that has to do with your carrier and or manufacturer as this is for Nexus devices which get updated by Google
+Aadil Akbar They roll out their update in stages, so their servers don't get demolished by the sheer amount of people trying to download the update.  I heard somewhere that it goes by the date you purchased the device, first to last, but I could be wrong.
Not coming up :( (n7 2012)
Anyone receive the update yet?
Please reply is note 10.1 2012 edition gonna update to anything
Saying coming "soon" makes me sad. Disappointment each day when it hasn't come.
i even tried connecting thru a VPN in Amsterdam still nothing
Why can't I have it now? Why do i have to wait for an update if i purchased the Nexus 4? iOS 7 ws released to all Apple devices why can't Google? Thats the whole reason that i bought an Nexus device.
When will the update be coming to Nexus 4 in India?
Mr. Cat
lol, wait for it!
Looking forward to seeing whether they've fixed the IPv6 on WiFi issues that have been logged in the issue tracker for nearly four years.
My nexus 7 2013 has not gotten 4.4 update yet 
+Rob Hamilton On current Nexus 4 and 7 clearing Google services framework now forces a fatal PlayStore error. You then have to to a full reset on the device.
Time to start mashing the update button. 
nexus 4 in next months, with no n5 launcher, no battery and no system improvements... Even more, with no android... With tizen maybe...
Im scaried google... We need so much time to update. Apple Wins
For those of you on a Nexus 4, once the 4.4 OTA rolls out you can install the APKs for GEL and velvet/search from a N5 dump to get the missing features (just don't forget the library files!)

Not a perfect solution and a little buggy, but better than nothing and it works well enough.
come on dude, my nexus 4 is ready ... :((
YES! Does anyone know exactly when, cause I just checked and nothing came.
relief! good god! now its coming to nexus 4 soon :p

Nothing yet for me

Gonna be checking for that update on an hourly basis from now on! 
I'll just check in the morning
+Nicholas Barras Not true. I've cleared the framework before due to a Play Store error message. As long as you agree to the location consent again, there are no "fatal flaws" that force a factory reset. I'm stock and unrooted. 
Come on push out the update already! My Nexus 7 can't eat Jelly Beans forever! It needs a taste of that Kit Kat!
I just flashed back my stock ROM and I cannot wait for Android 4.4))
Nexus 4 Will be update sooon, soon soon, soon. Fack
+Ian Wood lol settle down bud, some ppl haven't even gotten their N5 yet
You wouldn't download a KitKat would you?
Hopefully nexus 4 & 7 w/data updates come tomorrow! One can only hope...
Bueno, bueno ya solo falta el turno de nosotros los nexus 4...
Wat does it mean by coming soon
cop con
Check 3 times, see nothing ... cant wait
looks at update screen on Nexus 7.. no update available.. sigh. turns tablet off and carefully puts dust back on it.. so sorry for turning it on. the wait is not yet over.
Yaj Y
w00t! updated!
Finally got Kitkat for Nexus 7...
Google Services Framework... your soul is mine!! Muahaha
is this avilable for another device...???
soon means what,
+Ken Sullivan Does nexus7 have transparent bars? BTW how do you there are none in this update?
Still "Stay tuned" WTF Google you pushed the 4.2 update next day now your making your nexus 4 customers, who have already Ben through hell with short supplies and fargile glass backs wait for almost a month for an update of the scale that I wloud have had by now back on my galaxy nexus! That's messed up., Not to mention you released the updates in the opposite order of manufacture date. The N4 is newer than the 7 & 10
Nexus 4 等唔切 ota , 要 factory image 啊
Can my droid RAZR maxx have an update plz? That would be rad. 😱
Cool but people should know why there are no transparent bars and no launcher. Even though people hate for the delay.. They are anyway going to buy Nexus :p
Nexus4 is obviously the previous Gen. But I cannot find any reason that the update to put off,u say that because of the hardware so galaxy nexus gets no upfate,but for nexus 4 there is really no reason,except that u give up us
So all nexus 7 with LTE will got the update late? Or is it only the one subscribing with the sim provider company such as t-mobile?
我的N7(2013)已经饥渴难耐…My nexus 7 2013 can't wait anymore
will apps be compatible with the 4.4 update? or it depends on the apps developer? i hope they're just preparing the apps for compatibility.. :)
Zli Zi
Wheres my Galaxy nexus? need special annoucement? :)
Is android 4.4 Kitkat available in India for Nexus 7 2012 wifi 
My Nexus7(wifi) does not receive the uqdate! does anyone receive it? 
+Ole I. Christensen You do realise that this was posted by the Official Android account from Google right? This is the source. 
+Sabeeq Karim there is a beta available on the xda forums for the T mobile and att version, hardly any bugs. 
Bullshit. My next phone WON'T be android. That's for sure!
Thanks a ton Google... Hoping for Android 5.0 also for Nexus 7 2012.
when will the nexus4 get the ota of kitkat?
I was supppse to get a nexus7 (2012) noooooooooooooo!!!!
When I dropped on the n7 2013 LTE I thought I was getting the good one!
Google experience launcher is an exclusive for nexus5, isn't it?
Why such a delay for the Nexus 4? Can we at least have a detailed reason?
If kitkat is different for nexus 5 and all other nexus devices? Then why all google devices are called nexus? Shame on google, truly and badly disappointed for being a nexus fan.. It's almost 2 weeks, still i have to wait to get update on my nexus4.. We want justice, we want the same kitkat experience on our nexus4.. 
Google failed big time by not at least giving people the option of the new experience launcher. 
The new launcher has the "always listening" built in. This would be a battery drain for the Nexus 4 and other devices other than the Nexus 5 because the N5's processor was made to handle this. 

You can still side-load it if you want to kill your phone faster just to show off. Or tap the microphone icon. 

I've tried it on my N4 and personally I feel this new launcher is quite a few steps backwards. I'll stick with Nova or Aviate. 
more obstacles for rooting, why?
Amazing the amount of complaining over a software update.  

Hey +Android, I appreciate you guys updating my N7.  Glad to hear it's coming.
All those who got update... Did they get transparent Nav status bar?? 
when will it be available on GE devices ? 
Finally! Since you always take forever to release this stuff OTA, where can download the image?
Somebody pull the OTA before flashing!
Do I need to say more: KitKat for Galaxy Nexus, please. Even though the phone i 24 months it still received 4.3.

Also the Nexus line should receive newest update until the HW can't keep up good Google experience - and the Galaxy Nexus has proper specs to run 4.4..

Google should use the GNex to proove the new KitKat can run on older phones or phones with lower RAM.
God, still wait for update of my nexud 7 2013 version mobile data. 
What is with the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 7 (2012-3G)? Why so late?
Give us KitKat!
Nexus 7 wifi is updated because there is no testing required. In fact if you own a unlocked phone you will be the last to get the update. They need to make sure it works in all networks. But they will release the factory image for those who are impatient for sure when it is ready.
That means no update on galaxy note 2 ?
I wish I could get a perfectly stable Kitkat on Nexus 4 since we've waited so long.
Got it :) However, no updated launcher visuals? I thought it was just the Now integration that was going to be missing..? 
Agreed with above post......whats with the delay on Nexus 4?
Nexus 7 2013 WiFi 32GB... Nothing yet... Grr whilst I love staged rollouts as a developer, I hate them as a client.
-1 for not updating Samsung Galaxy Nexus!
Nexus 4 is what I'm looking at, make it too soonerrrr, waiting with so much excitement...
I was buying my Galaxy Nexus feeling that not only my phone but I as well was supported by Google. It turned out that my phone doesn't differ from other regular ones. It's sad!
Does have the Kit kat version for Nexus 7 2012 the transparents bars? Or Google prefers to fragment Android a little bit more? 
No transparency!? That is BS!! This makes me really angry as a long time nexus phone & pad user. Now I will NOT buy the N5 in despite. F.O.G.
my nexus 4 just forget how to be nexus .. rest in peace , iphone 6 or 6s will be my next
Can you all read? That's good, this is for Nexus devices only, and currently only the Nexus WiFi tablets. Google stagger the roll out so their servers can still be energy efficient.

Yes, for some OCD people, not knowing when the n4 will get the update is difficult, deal with it. It will be released when it is ready
A lot of "Check Now" button will be raped today.
Y mi galaxy nexus que?.......que t den porculo google de mierda open source

My Nexus 7 2013 says up to date at 11:30 pm???
Should we expect more announcements from AnDevCon?
update first nexus 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!will soon end up in oblivion...f..k!
Well, according to Google, they support the device for 18 months. Which means that this is probably the last update the original Nexus 7 users will get. Enjoy!
Still waiting for Android 4.3 !
Yessss! It seems my belowed Nexus 10 will get it first. So, my Nexus 4 will have to wait a little more? No way - it already runs 4.4. port from Nexus 5 :)!
Right, and the Galaxy Nexus ???

Thanks Google for nothing
I wonder why the 3G version,, being the most expensive, is the last to get all the updates? Damn it, Google
Still nothing on my nexus 7 wifi in India
xin sun
waiting …nexus4
Nexus 4 -- "...will be getting the update soon" How soon? Please, no more waiting
My Nexus 7 (2013) say : Your System is up to date. Last checked for update on 1/1/1970 !!!!!!
And check now not work !!!
Any Solution ?
Why not for Nexus 4 ??? Its been nearly a week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why you do not update samsung galaxy nexus? do not leave us!!!! apple is updating their equipment ...
What!? My Nexus 7(2013) can't update! I'm using Japanese. I think that reason is it. Umm...
+Ian Wood What are you on??? You only have to wait a couple of weeks to get an update for nexus 4.
If you're that impatient go get a boring and inflexible iPhone.
Hope more. Disapointed about features and Nexus 4 waiting. Bad points here even a good experience. I'm seeing too much bad strategies for user. Only Google's profite is seeing.. 
Xu Xuan
why u don't tune all well then release the android4.4?thus u just make N4 users angry...
Where is the new launcher?
Where are transparent bars? Is this a 2 class update? :-(
आखिर कब होगा अपडेट 4.4 में  मेरा नेक्सस 7
Still waiting for it here in California. Nexus 7 (2012) 16GB WiFi only.
Come on! Google you have make my nexus 4 waiting too long. And you should treat Nexus 4 as the same as nexus 5. We need the same perfect performance 
Can't wait however apparently using hangout for SMS needs a fix cause sometimes shows SMS and messenger separately when it meant to show in 1 chain what's the actual release date for nexus 4?
Why the faq are you asking under Android page when you get update to Xperia?
You should redirect your questions to your manufacture, because these messegaes concerns only Nexus devices. 
Hello please tell that time for nexus 4.. Soon ? What soon mean ? Many soon wrote on the blog...
People moaning about the n4 update, root your phone install nexus 5 port rom. Its just as stable as 4.3 and battery is amazing. At least your phone will actually get updated and when its finally dropped xda will be there. Samsung s4 people go and bitch to Samsung and wait a few months.
+Rory McGlone Yea, you obviously know nothing about ROM itself. 
What's the meaning to install port of Kitkat to N4 If we doesnt have - binaries, kernel?
Just for "feel" of (no) kitkat?
kw shen
Why be so vague with the nexus 4? Just say a rough estimate as to when it will be released eg a week. Saying it will be updated soon could mean will soon be Christmas and that's 6 weeks today.
I will think twice before getting nexus line again. With my old "nexuses" i didn't have to wait that long. Now I don't have latest version and can't use my heart beat monitor because 4.3 have a bug (galaxy s4 do not).
Come on Google, factory images and/or OTA links please!
Does anyone have the update for nexus 7 in the UK yey
why my nexus 7 can not be updated, when I go in setting and updating the system, but there is no renewal,, help me
For Nexus 4 soon? How soon??
I hope kitkat is equal for all and not a hybrid!
would remain disappointed since I switched to nexus for the allegiance of operating systems ..

you want to lose customers?
Finally my nexus 7 is getting the update ! i can't wait to see the new Android KitKat ^___^ 
Sven S
Yes, I do solemnly declare to update :)
I did not get 4.4 for Nexus 7 2012
+Chris Payne with all due respect please try to find a better argument because the 'always listening' option can be disabled. And for what it's worth it only works with the US English language. With that said, the battery drain isn't really an issue for other Nexus devices.

If you dislike the new launcher, well that's your personal opinion. My opinion is that Google should let Nexus users decide what launcher they want to use, without the need of side-loading it. I think this move is disrespectful to other Nexus users. Arguing that they want to see how people react to the new launcher on the Nexus 5 is IMHO complete nonsense. I had another word in mind but will try to keep my language politically correct.

One of the reasons for buying a Nexus device is the 'guarantee' of timely updates, without (until now) the fragmentation and differentiation of devices that affects other brands.
Now Google is tearing apart the Nexus family and that sucks.
Why make the launcher specific to the Nexus 5? Don't tell me that the Nexus 4 can't handle it. The hardware specs are more than enough for anything that I've tried to run.

It sounds like Google is trying to change Nexus 'concept' to something that I really don't like. A mean money-making machine.

Please Google, get your act together. As other people said we already suffered from many problems, specially us Nexus 4 owners. Very poor logistics, low quality screens on specific production series and some very fragile devices (poorly built/poor QC) are just a few to mention.
Now please don't let us down with a cut down update to Kit Kat.

no transparent status bar for n7? Then why do i have to wait for this update?!
Waiting for nexus4 update :-( ..there will be no time frame when it will !!
Soon? What does that mean. Another 12 days?
Its not ready here in Germany. Can't download it even with forced updates 
Germany N7 2K13, Dont have update to time. 
Still can't find update on Nexus 7. Don't know when can we get the OTA update.
Heard no Google experience launcher on these they have in nexus 5 this is crap...will kitkat update for nexus 4 will be the same?....I mean no features as in nexus 5
What About Galaxy NEXUS ?
Does it able to store apps to sd card? My z1 oni hv 16 gb internal storage..
How soon is "soon" for the nexus 4?
I can't believe that they decided to make the Google Experience Launcher a Nexus 5 exclusive. I'm ready to wait for a few months if they eventually make it available for all....
Let the "Check for Updates" every 5 minutes commence!
no update yet for my nexus 7 (2012) & nexus 4... does the county matters? i'm from romania.
I am Ready along with my Nexus 7 2013
Can't wait! Especially for the multitasking thing; mines been really weird lately. 
sea cn
Why not Google Experience Launcher in Nexus 7? :-( I want it... We want it!!!!
+Casper Hjort Wilson Hop on xda some time and read about the real reason KK won't run on the GNex perfectly. I personally own one running it, but it is buggy.
When will this "today" that you mentioned occur?
Been running the Nexus 5 port on my N4 for a few days now and loving it. Just can't wait for Google to take ART out of beta and convert from Dalvik. ART makes everything smooth like butter! Patiently waiting on the official update...not to mention the custom ROMS to follow! ;-)
It is "today" today isn't it? Or was "today" yesterday? Or is it tomorrow? Maybe Friday?
I hope soon comes pretty fast so I can stop pressing my system update button
Factory images posted for nexus 4 NOW.

Note to all the IDIOTS that were complaining that they didn't bring it out along with the nexus 7/nexus 10, I hope you apologise to Sundar and those from Google for your incredibly immature behaviour.

+Jennifer Zeng it is now rolling out as we speak and it is a new version since last week. There was a problem, if you didn't realise, with the ota and now they have fixed it and are pushing it out to all nexuses. Oh and you are still completely immature.
My android 4.4 is not downloading since two days says waiting to download and then could'nt download appears..i retried alot of time..i'm using nexus 4 in pakistan..any suggestions?
Sir when android 4. 4 start on karbonn A21
dear, after i updated the os to android 4.4.2, i cannot change the airplane mode easily, i have to go to setting, and then on or off the airplane mode. I am nexus 4 user.
4.2.2 is more good 
+周世一 there should be an option under quick settings just pull down notification bar and press on the icon in the top right
se ve que esta version de android estara muy padre y por mi punto de vista la #Kitkat   es la version mas nueva 
I want to use Kitkat on my smartphone dual chip! When will release this update?
I'm yet to get the KitKat update on my nexus 4. 
Don't update! Kit Kat will destroy your ability to use an SD card on your device at all. Unless you root thus destroying your warranty with whatever manufacturer. Seems like a step backwards to me. SHAME!!!!!
;( no marshmallow on nexus 7 2012 now
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