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New in Google Now: news topics, website updates and what to watch

Google Now brings you the right information at the right time, and today we’re adding some new cards that tap into the richness and comprehensiveness of the web, putting it at your fingertips in a new and unique way.

If you’re a fan of a particular blog, the Website update card can bring you things like the latest post so you’ll never miss a story, and the News topic card brings you fresh articles from the web on topics you care about. The What to watch card gives you Movie and TV recommendations when you’re staying in.

There are a few other great additions in Google Now with today’s update: you can see traffic incidents on your commute using real-time data from Waze, set repeat reminders, get real time scores for rugby teams, and also see when your packages are ready for in-store pickup.

The update is available as part of the Google Search for Android app, which you can download now on Google Play:
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Hopefully this update will hit my device in a timely fashion. I'm still waiting on the Hangouts app.  Cool features!
A bit creepy on the updates part on our favorties sites though. Thanks though.
+Android why am I not seeing shipment cards for shipments from Amazon? I can see order confirmation emails when I search my orders but don't see the shipment emails.

EDIT: looks like shipment cards are working again.. I got one for a shipment from amazon. 
So, new Google Search app is here, launcher next? :)
+Nick S no Google now is just a Google search app with cards for things you search and are interested in it. Its nice and in kitkat on nexus 5 it's integrated in the launcher gel. But that's exclusive to nexus 5 officially though you can still download it and install it on your own device as well. 
Just got it on my N7, looks just like the N5 version. Very nicely done.
Edit: Wow even the toast messages are like my N5. I really hope this becomes the launcher one day like we suspect.
Finally Rugby is added to the cards, great update the other features look great too.
+Danny Holyoake none of em suppotrted in China we cant even activit it ,we can not even access to Google due to our country,s policy 
Funny. This update fixed the 'ok Google' when using the n5 launcher but with out it it doesn't work
I just got the Google search update but it doesn't have a what to watch feature :-( 
+Nick S If all of your Google apps are up to date, you can side load google home (Google experience launcher) just like any normal app and it will work fine, i have been using it since the system dump was released, and all my features are working. I had to use the same method that was used for "google now for ics" to get the okay google feature to work and I have a Samsung Galaxy Rush running JB 4.1.2
Hmm, another US only update? When will UK English be supported? We did invent it ;)
I just checked at the store and the update isn't available yet. It still shows Nov 8 was last updated
Tried it for 2 periods of time and turned it off after the 2 tries. Simply of no use to me.

Plus turning it off gives my hardware better battery life and takes away the many location tracking wakelocks.
Nexus 4 and I dont have the update yet. Rolling in phases?
Finally! Rugby scores. Been waiting for that for the past ages...
The update changes my app drawer in nexus 4. Even the ok Google works now
Did 4.4 come out for Nexus 7 (2013 WiFi) yet? I didn't get it and it says they already rolled it out?! Help
Any support for the website update/news/gmail cards anywhere outside the US yet +Android? 
Since the update, couldn't use it on my tablet anymore. It keeps crashing on my Galaxy Note 10.1 (N8000). Help +Android ?
SO when does the rest of the world end up with all these features?
I use English AU and get nothing, I have the Nexus 5 and can't say "OK Google" because its been restricted. 
I find it so very odd, there are no legal restrictions or licensing issues. Can you please just turn them on so we can all enjoy.
You've now got the Australian rugby league teams available...Well done.
Still US only and that's suck so much guys !!
+Dan Rayner just use US English if it's important, it picks up the Aussie accent quite well. Otherwise the only difference is you have to press the microphone button...
I would love to see AFL and cricket for Australia added to sports cards
Thank you for the rugby (union) cards
I have a nexus 5 but didn't notice this update. BTW package tracking worked once for me long long ago; despite having a few packages a week now and again it still never works. A Google search shows that it's a massive problem, hope it's fixed soon
Can you post a photo in which the Waze traffic info is shown? I don't seem to get it on my phone.
Let me guess, this new feature is only for Americans...
Stupid american companies releasing products and features in their home market first...who do they think they are?!? /sarcasm
Great addiction, can't wait to get that on my phone
Awesome update. Also if anyone was wondering, this fixes the google search crash when using the new Kit Kat launcher :)
be nice to get a fix on sport cards displaying properly
我日啊 n4还不更新4.4
I think that Website update card used to be called Reader.
I don't think this has hit my S4 yet. But we have been waiting for 4.3 for a few weeks now. Sounds like great, new features.
As per usual... GOOGLE ROCKS 
well done on adding in Rugby cards, but how about international rugby teams?
Still not seeing this update on my Nexus 5 :(
Really do like using Google Now, it shows lots of promise.
Matt S
+Vic Gundotra +Android I have a problem with above images when trying to scroll ... They go blank (black background only) on touching them. Nexus 5 with latest g+
It doesn't show anything but weather for me
Installed on ATT note 3 (new launcher and Google search) and OK Google as well as TONS of new cards for sports travel etc etc all work fine. Now I wish the new launcher could shrink icons and add colomns and rows like other launcher. I can use Apex with the latest kit kat them which is perfect but have to push home button to trigger Google now instead of just saying OK Google but not a huge deal.
Disappointed to see the OK Google functionality is still us English only. How about supporting proper queens English? We say OK Google in exactly the save way. …
I still don't have it on my Nexus 7 (2012). I thought the whole point of having a Nexus is so that you get the updates first? :P
All of these new card additions never appear on my Google Now screen. I only ever get weather, score updates and the commute cards. Living in Edinburgh. 
+Chris Lee Well I know it's not the main point, but it's one of the reasons I got one. Besides the amazing price. 
I cant wait til I get an alert, it tells me "its time to eat, today u want Chinese, turn right at the next light, dont argue, TURN!"
+Android I've got a lot of troubles with Google Now since the last updates I had to uninstall it so it could work properly ( Algeria with a Sony Xperia SL )
Still waiting for 4.4 Kitkat, for my Nexus 7 2013, hopefully today. 
+Paul Healy Thats because we are in the UK and most of this useful stuff only appears to work for people in the US :/
I am not getting transparent notification and navigation bars after the update! why? Any ideas.
Is there any way to make Google Now understand that I work in several places, so my work location changes depending on the day of the week? it would be great to be able to set my work location(s) properly. 
Now we just need support for more languages so the update is not just a huge wast of space for a lot of people 
Is there same to ice cream sandwicg
olin J
English is the 1st or 2nd language approx. for  9% of people in the world.  For not native English speakers or for people who do not speak English at all (91% of human population!) this feature that is positioning as one of the most attractive things  in the new Android concept is absolutely useless.  

Has anyone heard why Google since the birth of Google Now service do not support other languages?
Or were there any announces for support other languages?
can you make it available in the Philippines?
Would u Tell me when I can use art on nexus10?
When will all the other droids get KitKat? This seems like they should give all droid users the same.
Will there be Google Now support on Google Chrome?
When are we going to have nexus 4 update to KitKat? 
Al Eyza
Waiting for Nexus4
Now waiting for this and hangouts to roll out for my nexus 4 :-\ 
I hope that "Now" will work outside the US some day (looks like it does in UK and Canada?). Alas, in Brazil it's nearly useless.
The ok google stuff in us English only, I can understand, barely. But all the other now goodies missing outside US is really unbelievable
When update nexus 4...?it's incredible
+Google I Keep getting less and less content. Widget never refreshes, usually shows empty. Used to get driving directions, now stopped. Only sometimes do I get sports, events. Only thing reliable is weather. I'm in the US, keep WiFi on, even with refreshing often doesn't help. I keep hearing of these great updates other see, what up??? I see great potential for this app and I keep wanting it to work but it needs a lot of improvement..... Please work more on this app!!! 
Really plz tell me how can I downlode this software. 
I love your post & .........
+Alexander Gontar We support a bunch of other languages. Unfortunately not all features are available in all languages. We're working hard to improve coverage. Thanks for your support, and stay tuned!
I speak french and Google now doesn't have all the new cards. Most of the cards we don't have. We don't have "Ok google", we don't have reminders. WTH!
+Laurent Dinclaux - yes, L10N tends to get short shrift in the IT world: to paraphrase Henry Ford, you can have any language you want, as long as it's American English.
Cool but now it would be great if you could update my Nexus 7 (2012 wifi only) to the Android 4.4 Kitkat like your post the other day said you were going to do.
How are you doing everyone.

there is no Google experience launcher in the official rom of Nexus4,why?
Ahhh I have rooted galaxy nexus wanted the nexus 5 @#$%& not going to Verizon!! Nexus fan oh well lg g flex
For Nexus 4 owners, I bet that there has been at least one moment we all have thought of upgrading up to the new Nexus 5. However, for now, I guarantee that all we have to do is waiting for the new firmware update coming. I have just figured out that I truly love my current Nexus 4.

Someone might get disappointed when finding that some features would be missing in the Nexus 4 Kit Kat firmware. But honestly I say those are just minors.

When I want to talk to my phone, example, saying "Okay, Google", I really want to use the function as it has been already common for all end users. I love to see the kinds of it become popular, not just exclusive to one or two devices.

It should be wild, shared. That is the road Google and Nexus lines should walk on.
why Nexus 4 are not updated with new launcher as nexus 5???? Google, you gonna to abandon nexus 4?
i still have not got the update on nexxus 7 2013 wifi :( whats wrong
Why is not Nexus 4 updated with new launcher as Nexus 5?
I think Nexus4 fell out of favor. The another problem is that galaxy nexus is not updated to Android 4.4. I wanna ask something to google officials. Will Nexus4 be uptaded to Andorid 5? Iphone4 is uptaded to ios7. Google should take charge of Nexus... 
Although if you are in the wrong region, Google now is no longer available. The update should come with some kind of warning +Android !
And yet punctuation when you send messages and emails still does not work correctly.....
I'm waiting for Kit Kat to come to my Nexus 7. When will I get the update?
Have the Nexus 7 .2 still waiting for the update to kitkat 4.4 
Works flawlessly in India with nexus 4!!!,can anyone tell me the official dates on which nexus 4 (US version) will get android 4.4 kit-kat update.
Do these cards only work in the us? What if you have language set to English us?
Where is the nexus 10 is what I want to know.
A constructive criticism, please don't get me wrong... on Google Now you have the 2nd and 3rd greatest Portuguese soccer/football teams. The greatest fan base, the team that has won more Europe Champions League's cups and national league trophies, the only team that is in the Guinness book of records (for having the greatest number of paying associate members in the world) is Benfica (Sport Lisboa e Benfica). This major team doesn't appear in the cards or searches. Porto and Sporting are present but Benfica is not. Please take into consideration that the Portuguese population is about 10 million people and there are about 6 million Benfica fans! :-) it's the team with most support, last year we played the Europa League final with Chelsea and despite the result was positive for the English team, we played better football according to all journalists, commentators, analysts, etc. To ignore Benfica is like ignoring Bayern Munich in Germany. I don't know if Google Now uses a team database from another provider... or if this info is collected by Google itself. Please consider adding Benfica to the Google Now cards because there is no excuse for excluding the team where Eusebio played. Almost as well known as Pele in Brazil... Thanks a lot for reading my huge posts. Please don't block my comments. I'm just trying to improve the Portuguese users experience... +1 for Google. Thanks again!
Can developers make Google Now cards?

Google now seems to expand slowly, only depending on Google and what they thing should be init
2013 Nexus 7...not updated to KitKat yet...gimme a break...
I put together a how to guide for getting +Google Now's news cards to work on #iOS and +Android devices. Would love some feedback, and some comments on how/if you use Now to get the news. Cheers!
+Android how about the Google Experience Launcher when will it rollout on Google Play Store?
Когда будет доступно обновление по воздуху 4.4 kitkat? Это смешно. После анонса обновления для ios все обновились сразу, а обновление для nexus устройств - должны ждать с моря погоды!?
Still waiting on Kit Kat update for my Nexus 7. US was supposed to get it first, so where is it???
Good news. But still don't support fully others languages... 
Everyone seems want to taste KitKat urgent, calm down guys, just about time.
So much for the full android experience! Now ever nexus devices are fragmented! 
Como se descarga play store no se como se hace
I'm Polish, I have a Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 II gen and still no updates to kitkat...
Nothing new for me in Iran. Google has blocked Google now services for us. 
I have tried the new Google Now and all I have got has been just about weather. I did set the following sport team is Liverpool FC but it seems to have no effect. The Google Experience runs well on my Nexus 7 but it is just a failure on my Nexus 4. I don't ask much from Google but the Nexus lines should be treated fairly. They say that the Kitkat is on purpose of killing devices fragment. But, well, the fragment occurs from inside the Nexus lines for now. What could be the point!?
С 13 ноября неб обновления по воздуху. Почему Google ещё не прокомментировала с чем связана эта задержка? Видимо Google не интересует обновление других устройств. Apple уже обновила ios до 7.0.4, а Google ещё не может родить обновление для линейки nexus 2012-2013 года.
I love GoogleNow. Of course, now it tells me to leave uni early because I've been ditching one of my classes. It knows I'm a bad student.
I am too, I am in vn, and it still don't have any update for my Nexus 7 2013
Wish google now had Scottish football, but besides that absolutly perfect and can't wait for 4.4 kit kat where, I believe it gets its own page on the homescreen, not sutre if that feature is specfic to the one device.
I need Nexus4's Android 4.4 OTA.Waitting is the hell.
+Vietor Liu
Same here .. where is it? Update the "Firmware Update"-Section twice a day .. but huhuhuuuuuuuuu
rather have a slice of key lime pie...    :-)
Nexus 4 kitkat please :(
where is the update for nexus 4!! it's been a month!!
google is disappointing nexus 4 users. Should already release the KitKat via OTA!!!
Wtf..... 6 days is no soon...I'm still counting...fucking at least release n5 in India wonder people say apple rox....I'm tired fighting for android/Google...
Please fix the bug on the Galaxy s4 that keeps asking which default touchwiz (or any other launcher for that matter) I wanna use every time I press the home button! 
سلام وی چت کسی میتونه واسم ایمیل کنه؟
No more Nexus devices for Google's delaying on 4.4 update for other Nexus devices !!! Why are some features exclusive for Nexus 5 except those which should be surpported by hardware ??? 
All I wanna say to Google at present is FUCK !
Google is no longer what it used to be . Google is the EVIL now!!!
iPhone 6 is right my next mobile device .
Hello Developer , why have Google Now a new Permission " Google Now Remote "....please Info.
Please make it for ice cream sandwich
Hi Android Team... after upgrading my Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 to 4.4 (manual update, wiped and flashed factory image) I am unable to enable Google Now. However I am able to do it on a Google Search app if it is older than Version 3.XX it seems. Have you disabled Google Now for Iceland???
The newest update is kind of a step back, not only do I really miss package tracking but now there's no way to configure a card until I've already seen it. I also wish my settings wasn't all bloated with what events and shows and whatnot I've told the app i'm not interested in, it'd be nice to have a separate tab for that sort of thing.
It's still not available in Israel
I have android 4.1.2 and 4.0.4 does that get Google now
Its been a week now Android 4.4 OTA update has been rolled out for Nexus 4, I still haven't received it after checking several times. Where as all previous updates I received quickly. Its really sad. Can any one please help me out with this?
Yes I like a good one way to have the. Good service of interneth I been always have interrogated and I just want to have service with out interruption
I feel disappointed on Google search just stopped working in my samsumg note!
Google nexus 4 has started hanging after the kitkat version update. The games ofter hangs, also dialer gets broken at times and the home button doesn't work. 
Please suggest whom can i approach to resolve this problem. 
The biggest of all is that the phone get overheated again and again at a little usage. 
Pada 07/12/2013 5:24 PTG, "Mustapar Jaffar" <****@**> menulis:
Both the website update and News topic cards are great, but there's a big opportunity being missed by not having them available on Chrome on the desktop.
How do I enable the update feature for a website?
Nexus 5 looks way slicker compare to Samsung GS4 and it has a 2.3 GHz quad core Qualcomm snapdragon 800 processor compared to 1.9 GHz quad core Qualcomm snapdragon 600 processor.
When I switch my phone to English language i get a lot of info through Google Now (sports, scores, tv shows, etc), but when I have it in Catalan i only get information about weather and maps. Is there any explanation to this? How could I get the same info having the phone language in Catalan or English?
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