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We just launched a new device, the Moto G, Google Play edition, available now on Google Play in the US:
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Raj Shah
Can I marry a company?
James P.
Awesome...especially the 16GB for $199
Smh what can you do with 8gb. These people need to stop.
Will Maize
obvious question time : can i load the system image of the Google Play edition onto the device I already bought from Motorola?
The G is already close to stock so I'm not sure what the point of this is. Can someone enlighten me?
+Eli Claiborne IV do you read more than the title of anything posted on here. If you go to the site you'll see that there is a 16 GB version. For 199.99$ what a deal. 
Can I flash the Google Play Editon on my normal Moto G
but it alteady ships with vanilla android and has an update to 4.4 kitkat. so, what's the point? and no need for 8GB Version.
Isn't basically running stock android anyways?
Wow!...ok! Cool! ..but kinda confused since the original is basically a Google Play model + 2 moto apps ..
Still unable to buy hardware on Google Play here in Denmark. We have been waiting for years, Google. 
The battery life, it's amazing.
Dear Google: are you aware 'earth' consists of more then one country? Why are you forgetting European countries?
+Leonardo Benveniste Moto have already updated the G to 4.4.2 and the camera app (one of the few differences) is better than the stock one. I have a G and really don't see any benefits here...
Perfect timing. I just shattered my screen on my Samsung Note which has been turned into an absolute dog since the last OS update.  I hope it gets here before the weekend. 
+Mariano Simmons You answered your own implied question; there are Motorola applications on the regular Moto G and it's more than 2, if memory serves. It's not a huge amount, but still. Plus it will get updates a tiny bit faster.
Whats the price in US$? I'm from Europe and it seems I can't see the price on the Google play site, since its not available for buying.
+Android in the US, the land of outdated iCons hating innovations but love suing? why? :)
but a phone with 8gb we really don't need
+Robert Caldecott it will get updated quicker other than that no benefit. Everything don't have to make sense 
Motorola doesn't run stock Android.. Motorola blur is the UI and it's close to stock. Also, not everyone needs 455GB of storage in a phone, as some have a more powerful machine to enjoy content on, or use the cloud heavily for content. 
Really don't understand the point of this phone..
+Joe Maring Google is selling it on their website. What do you mean. Y'all complain too much. Its the same device. 
8Gb with no MicroSD? really?  #moto   #google  what are you thinking? Oh wait, I can pay for Google Drive storage!
I totally was checking out this phone on motorola right now when this came up!
Flo Mi
Cheap thing, I'd recommend that to people around me - if it was available in Germany 
This is a new device? Uh, okay... ಠ_ಠ
It is exciting to see more offerings with vanilla Android and even better to see something reversing recent trends.  The Moto G is less expensive and smaller.  A lot of people do not want an $800 phone with a 7" screen that cannot find in their pocket.  I look forward to seeing more inexpensive and small phones. 
Very nice. For once I think I'd prefer the phone with the moto add ons rather than a play edition. 
Its just a Moto G with a different camera app.
+David Juarez 8-16 it's about the same to me. I read it & I saw that, what's your point? Not everyone loves doing things through the cloud. 
+Mike Munoz ever heard of a burner phone? You don't need memory on a phone that only exists for making elicit phone calls.

Yes, the G stands for gangster.
From my memory this phone has the same insides as a Nexus 4 right? I have the 16gb N4 and still have a lot of room left so I could see this one as a good replacement.
Pretty soon all Motorola devices will be on the Play Store.  It was only a matter of time.  Google did buy them for a reason.
This is kinda weird, considering that the Moto G already runs stock Android and is already running 4.4.2
Pointless... But obviously it makes a few folks happy. I guess that's all that matters.
+Brett Daugherty
Agreed. Moto Blur is extremely close to stock, but it's not. It's the closest thing to stock from an OEM that's not a Nexus or a third party ROM like CyanogenMod (as just one example)
Lamentable, Google es para USA unicamente...a los demas que nos den. Yo, personalmentr me he desecho de mis Nexus (GN y N4) y nunca mas volveré...Siempre por detras en todo, y si lanzan algo apetecible, en Europa ni lo hueles...Gracias por todo Google, hasta aquí hemos llegado...
Please bring Google Play devices and Nexus devices to Belgium officially.
when coms new android update 4.4 for galaxy note 3???
I'm in Mexico on vacation and the link said it wasn't available in my location. Figures. 
+Android +Google I really like you and all, but u know one thing that Apple really really do soo much better? Get their products out worldwide at one single day! This is something you could learn from them. 
Why not UK!! We what the good shit now too!!!
Motorola and Google why ain't you releasing worldwide?
+Stuart Evans the UK version won't happen, I'm almost certain. But it's basically stock anyway with a better camera app and Motorola Assist. Other than that I'm struggling to see any differences between the G and a mate's Nexus.
I hope it will be available also outside the US...
STOP hoping for versions outside the US. Unfortunately it won't happen :(
why non of the gpe make it pass USA? they should google USA and realise that is only a country not the world 
+Android Honest question - If Google Play Edition devices are for sale only in the US, why is the Global GSM Moto G hardware being used? Why wouldn't you use the U.S. GSM Moto G hardware instead? +T-Mobile and their MNVO's are not going to have HSPA 1900MHz coverage across the whole network and there is no LTE in this device. Unless it is a typo, a lot of folks are going to be enjoying EDGE service with the Moto G GPE.

Global GSM Model
GSM/GPRS/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)
UMTS/HSPA+ up to 21 Mbps (850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz)

US GSM Model (AT&T and T-Mobile)
GSM/GPRS/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz) UMTS/HSPA+ up to 21 Mbps (850, 1700 (AWS), 1900 MHz)
The moto G is already mostly stock, why make it a GPE?
Bring them to the UK!
All I read was Wahhhhhhh Wahhhhhhh I wish I lived in the US Wahhhhhhh why aren't we as good as the US. Lol. 
And yet again US only Google and Motorola are getting more and more Xena phobic with each product release no wonder Samsung are kicking their butts what a shame
Moto g exceeds expectations! Really like Assist!
Sorry! Devices on Google Play is not available in your country yet.
We're working to bring devices to more countries as quickly as possible.
Please check back again soon.
Sounds cool. I wish I could actually access Play Store devices though.
No 32gb version or micro SD slot. Bye.
Great move on covering the lower end of the price spectrum to round out the phones offered on google play. The mega phones recently added were a shocker, so this will bring a better balance. 
Bravo! Now make it available in Serbia and other European countries and we have a deal.
+Piotr Czarny you can get it on amazon even with a better price as I did. In amazon 16gb was 199.99 and in gplay it was 199.99+shipping+taxes
TBH, if the standard Moto G is available in our country, you're better off getting one instead of pining for the GPE, as the GPE really doesn't do that much for it since the OEM UI is almost stock as it is. Not only that but perhaps someone at +xdadevelopers is working on a root/ROM for this device.
I really hate how we Europeans get fucked in our asses by Google!
I thought Android was global? Is it now only for the US?
No Google just love to tease... Why is Google always selling their devices first in the country with the most debs world wide... I just don't get it.... Google your business strategy sucks balls 
Uggggh....want one sooo bad!!!

+10 if I could!!
always the same issue... 
release these devices world wide.... We would all benefit. 
Not sure if anyone has mentioned it or not, but not only is it 4.4 it also looks like G.E.L.  This would be the only other device with that accept the Nexus 5.  I think.  BTW people in Europe cry because they can't get one I live 30 minutes from the US border and they are not available in Canada. 
I don't understand why anyone would be upset about a phone whose specs would have been considered good 5 years ago. You are missing out on nothing.
Mart H
+Dan Smith pop over to tesco and get a Moto G for £99 and wait for the XDA devs to do their magic
I'm sorry but i can't see the point, the Moto G allready has fast updates (one month after the Nexus) and a 98% Pure Android Experience. I can't see what's the point of making a GPE out of a device that's allready pure Google.
Plus, when you update KitKat on the Moto G, you can install the apk of Google Experience Launcher and it stays exactly like the Nexus 5.
Googlers please consider people outside of US also for devices in the playstore. If Apple can do it why not you ???
+Bjorn Pauwels there hasn't been a Google Experience device since the Moto Xoom and that was a tablet. How about a little love from Google for those of us stuck on VZ?
It was already running stock to begin with...
I wish I lived in the US D:
Que venha a nova atualização logo para o Brasil!
Nice! But honestly the regular version of already almost stock. 
Cuando tendremos la tienda de google play para adquirir equipos celulares en latino América???? Seguimos siendo mercados emergentes???
My parents need these, badly! They are just about ideal for them and their needs. If I had an income, I'd already have a pair ordered.
I wonder how Google would mark down the price of this already cheaply priced phone.
Wants in India. Please inform if available
Please bring moto x to another country , not only in US
It probably won't be much of a dereference but I still wonder how much more available space we'll have with the play edition.
you should have a section for devices in google play .apk, just saying.
This phone should be targeting Africa. THEY WOULD JUST DISPPEAR FROM SHELVES! +Google Play knows better.
Dont u think india is biggest market for mobile buyers?
To summarize 99% of the comments:
1)Why is it US only?
2)Only 8GB and 16GB? pass
3)Wasn't it already running stock android?
These Google play versions should be available worldwide
Is it kitkat android version?
Is that really necessary, the moto g is already close to stock android. If anything the only difference might just be the camera app , because there is like no skin on top of the moto g like touchwiz and HTC sense
Not that I don't love my Nexus 5, but when I bought it it was because I was looking for something less breakable than last year's N4. This would have been awesome at the same time the N5 launched.
Todd J
Never buy anything from Google, they refuse to exchange defective nexus 5 products and threaten to "suspend" (AKA delete) all your google accounts if you disagree with them.
Ya its nice mobile its worth buying like canvas hd
Sooo... this will be updated for... how many months? I mean - Google OWNS Motorola....

Also.. 8GB? AND no storage expansion?

And no AWS1700 support? Or LTE?

For once I'm kind of glad a Google product isn't available in my country...

This thing had better be really, really inexpensive...
It´s a shame than in Mexico don´t have the chance to buy it on Google Play. I hope someday we can buy this kind of devices on-line in my country.
+Theo Werwolf your comment about the AWS support I don't believe is true, I think the mention 1700mhz is overlooked, as it doesn't mention it for the N5, but I sure as heck catch that frequency on mine.

To be sure, I'd ask customer service.
Xue Yao
Singapore pls 
I guess Google should do some market research and realize soon that Nexus line of phones and tabs have been sold in India probably more in India than US and should also consider putting more products on sale on Google Play India. C'mon Google I own a Nexus 4 and I had to get it from US. I want Moto G but want to buy right from India.
what about launching in india.
What's the point guys...Isn't the Moto G already running on the latest version of stock Android?
I'm happy with the phone I have
I'm happy to see a lower price phone, that works so great and thank you for having a great phone that's not just for the rich and famous. 
+Android +Motorola Mobility +Google Play Now that you have Moto G available via the Google Play, can we expect a similar launch asap in India? Still waiting for that early Jan-2014 launch of Moto G in India - no news yet! Most of the major holidays at beginning of the year are over. Would have been good to have it launched mid-Jan at least during Pongal/Sankranthi. Any news on launch dates?
+1 for outside US Google Play Editions! ;) I just wonder, I though the Moto G is 99,9% Stock even without Google Play. I see a benefit for models with heavy software changes by the manufacturers (like Sense or TouchWiz) but in case of the Moto G I would still hope for fast updates by Motorola itself, due to relativley small changes (I suppose...). Which they did very well with their quick 4.4.2 update! :)
Great that google is expanding its products overseas, but please bring the entire Nexus line to singapore
Hey Google, have you noticed that just 4.45% of the worlds population live in the US?
Why do you sell the bloat free phones only in the US, while the rest of the world is stuck with SAMSUNG plastic garbage from different galaxys?
+Thomas Posern I certainly do agree with your point, what the world needs is a proper OS not filled with so much bloatware and alternative user interfaces that makes this open source operating system closed source.
Stop launching new devices and provide software updates for older ones.
still waiting for software update on gt-i8262
When come moto g in The Netherlands???
This is a reborn Galaxy Nexus 
+Theo Werwolf the G has already had the update to 4.4.2, and a 16GB model is available. This isn't a flagship device and yet it's smoother than devices like the GS3 and Note 2 (which were nearly 5 times the price).
LTE might be important for the US, but elsewhere it's basically irrelevant (such as here in the UK). The lack of an SD card slot is a shame, but USB OTG is supported. The G is under £100 in the UK so no-one can really complain about the price! 
John B
if I an not mistaken you get 50G of cloud storage for 2 years.. at least the motox came with that
Buddy I have it already MOTO G 16gb. And its so cool n fast to work.
Whats the difference? The original moto g is also having stock android, no?
8GB and no SD card slot i dont think this is gonna make it big may be the 16GB one
Hope to have the moto X Google Edition
The Google Play Moto G (16GB) costs about $224 with tax and shipping, whereas the Amazon Moto G US GM Unlocked costs $200 OTD. Is it worth it to spend more to get the Google Play version?  Besides the closer-to-stock Android and perhaps quicker Android updates on the GP edition, what's the difference between the two?
I was planning on buying a Moto G becuase it was so cheap, and it was already running close to stock. So, this is just icing on the cake, and for the same price too!
I hope that at least by next November Google will have Nexus shop open in all of Europe and especially the Nordic countries so we can all buy Nexus 6, the Roy Batty edition straight from Google with a fair price.
Ugh, release INTERNATIONALLY... or just to Canada. I'd be fine with that. 
8GB-16GB is good enough for the people looking for an inexpensive prepaid/contract smartphone. The rest of the specs blow the competition in it's category out of the water.

While the Moto G is nearly stock, this makes it all stock. Some people will like it but it isn't too huge. I wonder if the play edition will have more space left from a reduced size? Probably not too much but there is that.

The big thing for Google is more exposure to Android products made they way they like. It's like the reference point for what they consider an acceptable cheap phone.
Only thing with google there phone ezy to crash i found
Just I had one LG NEXUS NOT REALLY good phone I look motor g yeah is ok in all same thing Android kitcat not good up date goolge Fried there phone wen thay send updates
Will give to star's in half
There lot of questions a bout google phone no support number that's really smart
To do that. lots of ERRORS
I HADE nuff of ERRORS there os stupidity with google phone
Yes I know Google made android but thay should look in to japanses cellular like Mitsubishi electric 
Are any play edition devices ever going to make it to the UK?
What's the use ? Number of times it's not available in India . Or on later date company doesn't support Android Upgrade . In another case in India we have not received Android Upgrade on HTC One too 
They dont have much budget to release worldwide..
+Pravin Patel may be after all their economy depends on Sell in South Asian Continent ,where consumers purchase these products
Its pretty anoying I cant even see device on market while its not available in my country
Will it in Hong Kong play store? 
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I will only get GPE phones from now on!!! Love how Google is doing this and giving us options for different phones!!!
too bad  that we don have the option to buy that in Brazil...our google play don't sell hardware yet.
Nice! But I have already bought Nexus5.
How can I choose a phone for gaming puspose I phone or android 
Is the motor set up for straight talk through version?
I have droid Motorola razor Max running. How can I update to 4.4 like apple users can update to newest version. I was recently updated by Google: now my phone crashes approx. 10x per day on basically all APS. Can I get any help on this problem. My phone is; only 18 months old. Is this how Google treats all of its customers?
+William Hendrix uh...that's Verizon and Motorola dude. Just do a factory wipe if its that bad, or get something that isn't locked down.
Wendy W
Maybe you can include a better camera better processor  and nfc in the next version at the same price point?
I like mot g..but when it came India..
Pete K
You have a Moto G phone ? What about it? Please be clear and complete your sentences.
When will devices be available in Slovenia?
what a pitty, not available in china
Hi Android, I'm bing xuen, samsung Rex 80,god google play, red wan?
What about the Czech republic? Will be this model available here or  it's only for USA  again?
This phone is top for price & spec 
Sorry! Devices on Google Play is not available in your country yet.
Not available in the netherlands... :(
Неплохой смартфон но как обычно нет грома без молнии какой никакой а косяк есть
Cool, but there's not much of a point. The Motorola skin is almost stock anyway, but if you like fast software updates, then it's good for that I suppose. 179$ is pretty good, but as I said, the difference between this and the normal Moto G is almost none.
Mike W
While my phone is installing yet another Google  update, I receive a text message. Then I get the error message: "Incoming message rejected" My memory is full. I also get the error that "Some system functions may not wor". Thats just peachy folks. May I please have a little bit of my own phone to use until the contract expires?
You completely fucked my phone's wifi with jelly bean and tell me NOTHING about how you are dealing with it. Reckon I am done with you-end of a great love. 
More options and performance would be the answer;-) 
please support dual sim device on addroid
I love android, dnt get me wrong but the app are pretty boring. Why does android not make their own apps like apple. Secondly most apps in the store are not well tested, they crash a lot of times. Pls can someone assist on this
Corom D
+Thabang Owen Masemola Google does make their own apps (YouTube, Google Maps/Music/Earth/Sky/Goggle/Keep/Gmail/Voice search/Google+). The reason some apps crash more compared to iOS is because every iPhone is a clone, compared to Android phones which there's like 20 major brands of with at least 15 different phone models which all have different hardware.
Android memang bagus tapi kenapa battreynya selalu cepet habis kalo buat akses internet,maksimal cuma 4 jam.
+Juliana Lúcia. Perfect what
+Juliana Lúcia. U look perfect
It's not available in our country.kindly make it available in Pakistan...
Is there a Android repair certification program?
I don't really know,maybe if u search u may find out.
No BMO plop mm hi H / ///

NLP hip nmmj

I got the moto g 16 GB and it is amazing
how can i take a backup from my phone contacts to gmail and then restore them to an android phone.
if their is any videos i will be glade
thx in advance
I just bought this phone and I love it. Incredible all the way around !
Can u tell me about moto g ? Please tell me 
„Sorry! Devices on Google Play is not available in your country yet.
We're working to bring devices to more countries as quickly as possible.
Please check back again soon.“

No EU? Ssssssssssssshhhaaame!

„Soon,“ ...really? How long? Next year?
when this device will available from google play at india?
i wanted to update my android phone 4.1.1 to kitkat 4.4. my phone is high copy of samsung galaxy s3 and detail via ANTUTU BENCHMARK v2.9
Phone Model : GT-19300
CPU Hardware : SMDK4412
CPU MODEL : ARMV7 Processor rev 2 (v7l)
CPU Frequency : 200.0~1400.0 MHZ
Screen Resolution: 1280x720
GPU Renderer : Mail-400MP
Gpu Version (Opengl): Opengl ES-CM 1.1
Memory size 2828.1/4000 MB
Ram Size : 109/998MB
Android Version : 4.1.1
2D Graphic : 283
3D Graphic : 1184
Please Help ME
+Don McCollough Don't call it Motoblur. Motoblur was from when every Moto phone sucked because of all the poop Moto put on it. Since the X, though, Motoblur was cut out. GOOD
+Omar Ahmad
That's the only name I recall for Motorola's UI on phones. I do remember how the older ones were horrible. I'm glad it's extremely close to stock these days.
after kitkat update wifi go of and of and of and of  :O|
do something 
I've had this phone now for 2 months...and I'm still impressed. I was with Samsung for years before switching completely over to Google and now my I run everything with Chrome. I love how all my devices harmonizes in perfect sync.  Good job Google.
how to update android version from 4.0 to latest version 4.4 kitkat plzzz rpl me quick
Yeah, and I launched my useless device right out the window!
Hi, does aynone know if GPE version will work properly in Europe, especially in Czech Republic? Thank you.
What is the point? Barely any difference between the first version of it. Another pointless remake of a phone .... :/
what about kit kat 4.2.3 when will be able in mexico lázaro cárdenas michoacán méxico ? thanks in advance
I own this phone 100 dollars at Walmart but I have the boost mobile which I think is better unlimited talk text n data for 55 a month u can't beat that shit
Battery life is pretty neat I go into work from 7 a m to 5 sometimes 6 p m n listen to music n play around with the phone almost all day n the battery last till I make it back home.I think that's pretty darn good,the iPhone battery sucks big hairy fat balls compared to this
you always forget about Canada. the only devices available here are the Nexuses
Same in Oz. The strange thing is, most devices come from the same warehouse in Hong Kong? All I can think is there are too many local regulatory bodies that make bringing it to smaller countries too much of a burden so they skip those.
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