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New cards in Google Now: TV Cards and Google Offers

Google Now brings you the information you need before you even ask, and today we’re adding a few more cards to help connect you with more information throughout your day:

TV Cards: If you have an internet-connected TV, Google Now can help unlock more information about what you’re watching. Just connect your Android device to the same network that your TV is on and tap “Listen for a TV show” in Google Now. We will show you information, like where you’ve seen an actor in the cast before, or more information about the people mentioned in the show. So if you were watching Nik Wallenda cross the Grand Canyon this weekend, with Google Now, you could learn that the “King of the Wire” in fact holds seven Guinness World Records, including highest bike ride on a high-wire. 

Google Offers: Now you can get reminders for your saved offers when you're near the store -- right when you need it. Google Now will pull up the offer so you can use it quickly and easily.

These new cards and more are available in the latest version of the Google Search for Android app, rolling out today on Google Play:
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Can I get SEC Football Teams for the sports card please...
NCAA Football before August please.  Ok?  Thanks!
i would use it so much more if it had more cards available, come on its not hard to open it up to dev's or even start pulling feeds from loads of places
Why does one need an Internet-connected TV? Is Google Now somehow communicating with the TV? I'm a bit surprised that Google Now couldn't just "listen" and to a voice print on what's playing.
Got a breaking news one. That was new to me.
Can this be made to work with XBMC?  That's how I watch my TV shows/movies...
Would be nice to have Rugby Cards with the Sport Cards
When I ask to play a song, it takes me to youtube rather than playing it using Play Music as the music is on the internal SD card. Any fix/suggestions?
Damn staged rollout again :/ Google updates became a nightmare since this feature was added to Google Play.
+Shorforaj Rajib
Sounds like you have youtube set as your default music app. Go into Settings->Applications and clear the defaults for youtube. Hopefully Google Now will then ask for what app to use.
I got the Breaking News card! Never seen it before :)
There should be a new card saying "You're outside the USA, Google Now is as useful as a weather app here. Come back in 24 months to see more."
Russian version of Google Now on Andorid is much worse than the same version on iOs. Good job, Google.
+Michał Jakubowski It's only a nightmare if you read the blogs/news articles before your device can download.  Otherwise, you'd probably never know of an update.
What are you defining an "internet-connected TV" as? Does that include internet-connected DVRs, like TiVo, too?
Some time ago all Google services and products were "Beta". 
Now almost every Google product is "US-only". Please, bring the "beta" back Google!
Why does Google finally realise the world is larger than the US? Voice commands are only available in English and this new stuff is US only? A big fail.
The action bar in the second screenshot looks wrong. Is it a custom implementation?
I would find a TV card much more useful if it would just keep track of when SHOWS ARE ACTUALLY ON.  i dont think what they are adding will be useful at all, and is limited to only people with wifi connected TV's?  Why not add features that are useful to a much wider user base?
+Android , on the topic of Google Now cards, is there a way to fix the time to leave notification appearing well after the calendar event time? As much as I love this feature when it works, it is useless to me if it only appears after the fact.
+Jason Martin Exactly my question. Is Google Now somehow sniffing network traffic to determine what show is on? Does it work with streaming boxes like Roku or AppleTV? What about GoogleTV? Is it using manufacturer APIs to ask the TV itself what's on? Hey +Android, please clarify!
+Seth Long I doubt your internet TV is even capable of transmitting via WiFi what is being watched on it. That information is probably locked in your cable / satellite box. I'm guessing Google is simply looking for some kind of signature that tells it there is a TV nearby which you might be watching.
+Paul Carlton I don't even get any type of Calendar even Cards in Google Now. I get messages in the Notification bar, but thats about it.
Is there any reason why my Google Now seems to disconnect daily on my devices since the last update?

I'm guessing walking stats are going to be messed up this month
Just a shame that most of the
cards dont really function in the UK! !!!
 The Real Estate listing card was ok... until it stopped working. I just set the Stock one up today. We'll see how the data refreshes. If it's anything (slow) like MLB/NHL watch out!
What do I have to hack to get these features? 
+John Holme If you don't have vanilla android - then go to the play store and install Google Search
Annoyingly, Google now isn't available on my Xperia S. :-(
I know +Marshall Baer
But, I live in Norway.. Google hasn't even enabled Voice, nor Music All Access.. And I'd love having Now showing me overview of TVseries etch.. 
+John Holme Ah, I see.. was not aware of the limitation base on locations... Guess being from the US I never took notice of that. Sorry to hear.. Maybe there is a law where you are that is prevent Google from opening certain features to users.
I don't understand why people bitch and moan about anything from Google being US only....It's a US company, you're lucky they make products that are worldwide at all. So quit bitching about it.
+Woody Johnson Well maybe the people outside the US would like to use their Device in the same way everyone else does - After all they did pay for it! So why shouldn't the have the right to "bitch and moan" when they are denied the ability to use there device to its full capabilities... 

How would you like it if Google said "All but US Nexus device owners get FREE insert awesome service here for life..." you think you wouldn't bitch and moan? Pretty sure you would...

And its ironic that you are Bitching and Moaning about other bitching and moaning... Is it that time of the month for you?
Idk but the Samsung s4 lte-A is only for Korea when it could be used on the lte bands on at&t and t-mobile. So wtf.
Why it's not available in galaxy chat in indonesia?
There's actually an app that you can change your Sim card settings to make your phone think it's from a different country. I bet if you use that and change it to the USA you'd get access to more cards and stuff+Danielolsenthis is being done on my +Nexus 4 
yea this is about clear as mud guys ...
mar wan
نظام فاشل
Love the card when my samsung washer and dryer alerts me when the laundry is done or the card alerts me when my cat craps in the litter box.
Just got a breaking new update relating to a story from another country.
Im surprised its not using location services to only display relevant breaking news from my state and country.  Perhaps google still has some fine tuning to do.   Despite this google now just get smarter and smarter every day, keep up the great work!
when the Google Now will available for Brazil? Where (the soccer country) we can't find any soccer team on card, we can't follow the share market, we can't use this new cards... Please, support us, we love Google ><
Sure wish the Transit cards could be customized with favorite stops.
Robby S
Not sure how smart TV will work, I have a Samsung smart TV but it doesn't know what I'm watching since I have a cable box.. hmm curious to see if this will work
TV card not recognizing connected Vizio smart TV or Logitech revue on the same network as my Nexus 4. Please specify what "internet connected TV" means.
Shame its US only, also Google please realise there are sports teams outside of the US and that arent just Football Teams...what about following the F1, Golf, Moto Gp etc? 
Too bad my phones battery is always dead
Don't feel bad non-USers. TV cards don't work in the US either. Unless you have an undisclosed, specific Samsung TV.
The TV Cards are using SSDP to know if there is a TV that the user could be watching( and then using the mic to identify the program being watched. The trouble is that not all 'smart' TVs actually support SSDP. However, YouTube on both of my devices was able to find the TV, which leaves the question as to why the TV cards can't use that same mechanism to find a TV when it doesn't support SSDP at least as a backup? (Vizio 2013 M-Series TVs)
It needs to just have a setting to turn it on. This may not have the "wow" factor, but at least it would work on more than 1% of TVs. At least a setting that if you're connected to a specific Wi-Fi network, the feature is enabled.
you need a Google tv everyone but I will be buying one, suggestions welcome for future updates too like key lime pie etc .
I can't seem to get the card to show and I'm wondering if it's my TV or it's my setup. I've got a LG 55G2 connected to wireless, cable coming in via a Time Warner DVR/Cable box.  I'm still kinda confused as to why the TV needs to be connected to the net anyway, since the search is one done by audio. Anyone have any insight on this?
I would love if it worked on my device in Canada while I watch US television on my TV -- but unfortunately, card doesn't show up this side of the border...
Looking good. With more use gets easier and better 
Can anyone on here recommend a good Google TV thanks 32 inch or do I need to go bigger thanks for all your help in advance or just email me.
M nt able to get cards. Using galaxy grand. Cn nybdy tl hw to get cards? 
How do I get my motorola RAZR m to go from sim lock window been trying for awhile.. its Verizon
A Dam
How can I get gps on my phone I lost and I can't download anymore
my news card hasnt updated since july 10th, i'm sick of hearing the same damn story, how do i force it to update!?
On google now: Why is the sound search option removed from the voice search screen on nexus 4 since update? That was cool way to quickly search a song playing. Also why don't previous searches clear/hide? They get in the way of cards
TV Cards not working in germany :(
If you are outside of USA or Canada use a VPN to get an IP address in the usa. Check YouTube to see how to set up VPN 
I love bike please offer other sports, like moto GP and tennis and stuff like that. 
Toni Grau
+1 for Motorsports cards in Google now 
Hi what's up with the following 
What about not team-based sports? Like tennis, motogp, boxe and more???
Moto gp, f1, w2r, supercross, nascar, etc
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