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Sharing what’s up our sleeve: Android coming to wearables

Today we’re excited to extend Android to wearables. And we’re starting with the most familiar wearable—watches. We’re already working with several consumer electronics manufacturers, including Asus, HTC, LG, Motorola and Samsung; chip makers Broadcom, Imagination, Intel, Mediatek and Qualcomm; and fashion brands like the Fossil Group to bring you watches powered by Android Wear later this year. If you’re a developer, check out to download a Developer Preview so you can tailor your existing app notifications for watches powered by Android Wear. Look out for more developer resources and APIs coming soon.

Check out our blog post to learn more:

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This made me smile BIG. I want!!!! I have the Sony SmartWatch and I love the concept. 
looks promising if it's as functional as shown
No thanks, give me a Rolex any day!!
So does this connect to our smartphones via bluetooth or is it standalone?

What about the battery life?
We need speech recognition in Denmark. Otherwise this is just garbage.
+Lars Stokholm Voice in its current state needs to die already and be reincarnated into Hangouts.
+TZig Adam I mean the voice control shown in the video. What do you call them? The ability to talk to the device.

Edit: Speech recognition. :-)
As long as I've hands and pockets, I can live without wearables!!
+TZig Adam which is fine with me, so long as we don't lose crucial features such as web management of texts and voicemail transcription - two feature that are a big part of the service for me and most everyone else I know who uses Voice
I like that there was one with a circular display
I know I'm true when I say "Google is the best company in the world" 👍👍💖💜💖💜💖💟
What do you need to make your watch open the garage I want this so bad?
Very happy with my $150 +Pebble for now...
Can't wait for my Android Wear Round :)
Better then gear watch from Sammy
Hope it'll be available in Europe soon after release
I already have Sony SmartWatch 2 and it's gorgeous device! 
That airport barcode, damn.... Great one. 
It's like having "Jarvis" on your side. Just comfirm it and Boom you got it. 
I really hope you "fingerprint" a users' voice for the "OK Google" hotword...
I love you Google!!!! I really do! ;-)
Ed H
this is insane!
Not bad.
But I'm probably not the target customer for this kind of thing.
I'm not really comfortable speaking to a wrist watch...
Open source is ruling this post-PC era, thanks to Android and Linux
Another set of computing possibilities.... Android Wear
Open Source Smartwatches, finally. Google FTW! 😀 😊
Now finally I have an excuse to buy a watch. 
The Moto 360 looks really nice.
When my watch opens my garage, I will certainly buy one.
Wow! We didn't have that when I was a kid? All the new stuff that comes out?
+Connie Budde when we were kids, there was only one man with something like that... and that was david hasselhoff aka michael knight ;)
Zelo sodoben način upravljanja . lep pozdrav ..
Great. Not allowed to see in Germany.
Racist. .......purely racist. .....I need a rolex it is a lot better in looks. .... Rod looks like a niggers shit
Ken Caz
That thing looks so ridiculous...
As long as the battery is long and it rocks Ingress, Ill get one
The battery will be a fusion fuel cell.
I'm still looking forward to the Monsieur Gayno gig 
Any news on if the LG G Watch is waterproof?  Is it connecting to phone via BT 4.0? Interchangeable bands?
Buying one if it's as easy to use like on the video
Hope this one gets more traction than Google Android TV.
Looks nice but the time seems too small for a watch.
woe woe woe woe!! slow down.. since when could google open a garage?!
That looks awesome... a couple of questions:

1. Will my arm get super hot because it's on?
2. Will it have privacy settings?
3. Can I sync it with Google Glass/bluetooth?
4. Can it read my text and email aloud?
5. Is it water proof?
I don't currently wear any kind of watch, and that behavior actually started when I got my first cell phone with a time display.  Not sure how well I'd take to this, but I do think it is very neat and a big step forward.
So its waterproof right?
She's wearing it to the beach so it looks like it. 
+Andrew Krause It looks like Google is trying to get into the home automation game too. They had Android@Home(I think this was the name) and they bought Nest Labs recently so they could just be showing us their vision of the future.
Awesome! I want one! Like, now. right now!
My mako is waiting for you, come on!
I hope Google makes an official watch for the OS. I love the Nexus line; it would be nice to see a smartwatch that becomes a member of that family.
Everyone is talking about Android Wear today.
Wooow I wNt it "Ok Google"
I would like to upgrade the game pet rescue
I'm excited to get my hands on a android watch. 
I can't wait for this, so awesome! Already looking at the Moto 360 watch :)
make android also gesture based OS like android wear.
Too little, too late. Why would we want to go back to wearing clunky watches when many of us stopped doing so years ago when we realized that the clock on the phone we all carry does the same job, but better? The watch is a thing of the past.
The phone that's in my pocket or in my bag or back on my desk or on the counter on its charging pad or on the car seat don't work very well for a quick glance at the time, but they would all still be synced to a wearable.
Wouldn't think I would like this but I do.
Samsung, Motorola, LG have their own watches. I expected they're really excited to be Google hardware partner to help build competition to their own products. 
Samsung used tizen and not android in their smart watches
If only we can train it to listen for 'okay jarvis' instead of OK google
Know what, i like the square one better than the round. It seem so minimalistic and really legit. Wish it had a cheap price tag for the great features and specs.
I love how we all depend on technology, but most of us can't even sit through commercials on YouTube or the TV for that matter. It's good, but put this ad/video before a YouTube video and it will get skipped over and over. That's just one of my many opinions. 
Can't wait. The smartwatch war has begun. 
I thank the Pebble for lifting the bar.
Information on Google now and Google upkeep is very relevant to tody`s transformed Google world.

Alfred Kesenwa
(Lecturer Catholic University of Eastern Africa).
About time we have these xD I can finally almost have a PipBoy 3000 in real life. 
+Sivan Rehan did you notice the jump in price on the live view and smart watch when the Samsung watch came out? I purchased the live view for $20 now $70+ and my smart watch $100 now $160+... Talk about price gouging...
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Z Zerom
.download monograph 
exciting..v r awaiting
I have always said that Android is the best in internet mobile. But why haven't you mentioned Huawei mobile too. But I just love the Android. 
Looking forward to this but I still love my G-Shock. 
This is the future . Great job like it .
hi how to create dictionary for android
awesome!! cant wait for it to arrive, hopefully its not a ridiculous price point
A Brown
that so cool , looking good 
So how come Samsung gave up on Android for smart watches?
They might be back. They decided their own flavor had a better chance to slim the OS down and conserve battery. They were more ready before Google had their own wearable OS for developers. At the same time they are feeling the patent war sting from apple over the android OS which Google is somewhat immune to since they are providing it free and there is no immunity for the hardware.makers who use it on devices.
there might be privacy issues in replying the massage by speaking but tthis is a seriously awesome technology.
How to inprove to 4.4
The best concept!!
Looking forward to it!!
wow   google  anderiod  are  very  fast
My Samsung Galaxy Preville 2 is exellent and goog I do everything with it
Although I said "I'd never" this one makes me want that wrong?
I have a Sony smart watch 2 , its OK but I want to moto 360 so bad ! 
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